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Transcription Software

Transcription Software automatically turns audio into text from conversations, dictions, interviews, video footage, and more. It uses technologies like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and sometimes a human-in-the-loop (HITL) model to transcribe speech. This is different from voice recognition software, which provides an API or web service to integrate into web pages or other software. Transcription Software usually provides an easy-to-use platform that transcribes speech, also known as speech-to-text (STT). Few platforms might also allow real-time transcription of live video footage. Other features might include API integration, collaborative editing, and analytics reporting on transcription throughput and accuracy.

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Descript - Transcription Software


A word processor for audio files
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Descript pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Descript and how does it work?

Descript is the world’s first audio processor. An automatic, human-powered transcription with industry-leading accuracy and powerful collaboration tool. A leader in automatic transcription, with almost instant conversion and boasting of an impressive accuracy rate of 99%. A word processor of sorts for audio files, you can pull highlights, edit down interviews, and splice together clips – an all too easy process. Its flexible document and subtitle export options also offers choices of customizing, formatting, timestamps and more. Descript makes use of multitrack recordings to create transcripts with automatic speaker labels and keeps your work automatically synced to the cloud, giving you access to a full version history. With Descript, collaboration is made easier. You can share your work with a web link, and grant collaborators access to edit and comment. You can be assured of the safety and privacy of your data. With Descript’s world-class security technologies and services, your information is bound to be secure and private. Overall, Descript makes your computer a fully creative tool capable of utilizing many tracks and gigabytes of media simultaneously. show more

One Transcriber - Transcription Software

One Transcriber

Get real time transcripts
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What is One Transcriber and how does it work?

Get real time transcriptions of Zoom Meetings, MS Teams meetings, Skype calls, Otter.ai conversations, Google Meet meetings and.all the others. And in several transcription languages. Live subtitle generator for online foreign language lectures, remote classes, live events, interviews. Transcribe podcast while listening to preferred episodes or automatically generate subtitles when watching videos in vlc or in chrome. Automatically generate subtitles as well as closed captions with timestamps that get in real time and can review later. show more

Noota - Transcription Software


Transcription and Subtitling
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Noota pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Noota and how does it work?

Noota transcribes audio and video files automatically and generates minutes of meetings. Record, transcribe and generate minutes of meetings, interviews, courses and phone call reports with our AI algorithm. Save hours of tedious work each week with Noota, focus on the essential, and conversations.

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