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Updated on: December 5, 2021

Top Marketing Analytics Software

While running a business, it is really important to regularly check the performance of the business and see how well it is doing. A Top Marketing Analytics Software allows you to manage, control, and study the performance made by the business and optimizes the marketing activities of a business using various tools and algorithms. It increases the return on investments of a business by providing insights that prove to be helpful in managing campaigns and increasing sales and conversion rates. This software studies effort made in all the marketing channels such as social media, web analytics, email marketing, and digital advertising. It is equipped with a dashboard that lets you see all the data gathered about the performance made by the campaigns and other marketing strategies. From the list below, you can choose any Top Marketing Analytics Software needed for your business to grow.

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Make All Your Marketing Data Business Ready
(80 Ratings)

Funnel.io pricing: Starts at $399.0.

Funnel is an automated data collection and marketing report software, offering active integrations with 500+ data sources. The software can be used by IT engineers, analysts and those linked with digital marketing. It collects relevant data across multiple data sources, maps them in real-time and... read more


AI-Powered business tracking

Latana pricing: Latana Offers Custom plan.

Latana is an AI-powered brand tracking software that enables users to gain brand insights and monitor brand performance to elevate growth. It streamlines accessing consumer data, into a single dashboard, thanks to its advanced AI. These consumer insights help the users to scale efficiently in the... read more


A Unified Marketing Analytics Tool
(97 Ratings)

Singular pricing: Singular Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Singular software is a platform used to get a complete view of marketing performance and ROI. Manage cross-platform analytics with your ad spend data accurately reported in one place. The software offers Marketing ETL and Mobile Attribution to track and measure the path to conversion across... read more


Automate your data integration with Adverity
(144 Ratings)

Adverity pricing: Adverity Offers Custom plan.

Adverity is an advanced marketing analytics platform that is designed for the transformation of your data into engaging dashboards and intuitive insights. It eliminates the need for manual reporting and saves a lot of time by automating your data integration from all types of tech platforms. With... read more


A Facebook Ad Cost Analytics Tool That Provides Cost Secrets of Your Competitors

ADCostly pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

ADCostly is an ad automation platform that allows advertisers to analyze their costs based on their audiences and the ads type they choose. It supports cost analysis of different periods, areas, placement, and CTA. The tool helps create costless ads and controls ad budgets. Users can monitor ads in... read more

Pega Marketing

Get your marketing decisions streamlined on the go
(3 Ratings)

Pega Marketing pricing: Pega Marketing Offers Custom plan.

Pega Marketing is an intuitive decision-making platform with a scalable architecture that helps even the biggest of organisations stay agile, streamlined and ready for the next challenge. Thanks to the low-code platform and user-friendly interface, it significantly helps reduce manual processing,... read more


Redefine your loyalty program to enhance daily sales
(10 Ratings)

Punchh pricing: Punchh Offers Custom plan.

Punchh is a top graded loyalty and engagement management platform for retail, restaurants and convenience stores. That helps brands schedule loyalty programs for their customers, in an omnichannel environment both digitally and in-store. Being an integrated engagement platform, Punchh offers... read more


Marketing Software and On-Demand Marketers

DOZ pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

DOZ is an Online Campaign Management Software. They set-up a custom and efficient online strategy to achieve your business goals. Improve your visibility on the internet and grow the number of daily visitors to your websites or apps. Turn your visitors into qualified leads and customers to increase... read more


Dashboard solution on the cloud for marketers
(122 Ratings)

Datorama pricing: Datorama Offers Custom plan.

Datorama is a dashboard software that is based-on the cloud, so it is quite easy to access it from any location at anytime. The software can gather vital data from multiple sources and display it to the users at one place. It comes with visual analytics, calculation functionality, key performance... read more


Collect multiple business-relevant data and identify actionable insights in an organised way

Improvado pricing: Improvado Offers Custom plan.

Improvado is an advanced data centralisation tool that helps businesses accumulate all of their marketing and sales data in a single place. Organisations can depend on the same to pull marketing and sales data at various levels, like geo level, campaign level, keyword level, ad level, etc.... read more

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