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Updated on: September 19, 2020

Customer Advocacy Software

Customer Advocacy Software, also known as referral marketing or advocacy marketing software, enables companies to collaborate with their customers to promote their content or products via the most valuable channels. It helps marketing, sales and success teams to create and manage referral programs in order to attract new customers, develop brand identity and engage loyal users. Customer advocacy software allows customer advocates to share evidence regarding customer’s experiences with the company’s product or services. It encourages companies to continue testing products and sharing feedback. Typical features offered by customer advocacy software include creating and monitoring customer referral programs, facilitating sharing of company’s content or marketing narratives by the users and rewarding them for doing so.

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Manage Affiliate Program for SaaS
(3 Ratings)

FirstPromoter software is a platform used to launch affiliate and referral program in minutes. Engage audiences and track sales by Discount coupon codes, Email or Personalized referral links. Reward promoters for referring sales and manage stats with referral link from their private dashboard. It... read more


Referral Marketing Software for Both Online and Offline Businesses
(2 Ratings)

Incentivit is a referral marketing tool that empowers businesses to share their stories and boost word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Both online and offline businesses can choose to efficiently manage their referrals and rewards either automatically or manually. To make management easier, the tool... read more


Referral Marketing Software
(1 Ratings)

Forewards is uniquely designed for the needs of small to mid-sized eCommerce businesses. Grow your business by automatically asking every customer to tell their friends about you. Boost your store’s traffic by rewarding your loyal customers with coupons they can use and share with their friends.... read more


A better way to enable customer advocacy
(2 Ratings)

Repshift makes customer advocacy a team sport empowering people, automating workflows, and taking sales performance to the next level. They want real conversations with professionals who were once in their shoes, contemplating the same buying decisions. By working with Salesforce and other leading... read more


Referral Marketing Software
(1 Ratings)

AppVirality's powerful referral marketing solution helps you customize, launch, and automate referral campaigns. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth by creating and automating referral marketing campaigns for mobile apps and SaaS. Boost customer acquisition at a reduced CPA. Setup rules to reward... read more


The Engagement Loyalty Platform
(2 Ratings)

Chirpify is a fully-featured Customer Loyalty Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Startups. Create a new, or extend an existing, loyalty program to listen, respond, and reward for engagement, not just spend. Instantly respond with copy, content, and rewards over Twitter, Instagram,... read more

Ambassador Referral Marketing

Referral Software Built for Marketers
(33 Ratings)

Ambassador’s referral platform is built to help overcome the unique challenges facing your organization. Get more referrals, while keeping visitors on your site. Create a seamless, native, and most importantly, organic sharing experience right on your website. Bring your program to market quickly... read more


Advocate Marketing Experts
(11 Ratings)

Zuberance isn't a self-service advocacy tool or widget. Boost your ratings on third-party sites with SEO-friendly reviews. Get valuable Advocate testimonials, case studies, videos, and more. Generate thousands of referral leads that turn into sales. Get Advocates to answer prospects’ questions,... read more

Mention Me

Engage customers and maximise lifetime value
(22 Ratings)

Mention Me is a referral marketing solution that aims to help medium to large businesses acquire new customers through refer-a-friend programs. Furthermore, there is a feature that is unique to the referral marketing platform. This feature is called “Name Sharing.” In this feature, a customer... read more

Referral SaaSquatch

Customer referral program software
(14 Ratings)

Referral SaaSquatch is a cloud-based referral marketing system that offers SMBs a single and centralized platform from which to track, manage, and reward referrals from their customers. With Referral SaaSquatch, users can design and integrate digital referral touchpoints across any of their... read more

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