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Updated on: April 9, 2020

Customer Advocacy Software

Customer Advocacy Software, also known as referral marketing or advocacy marketing software, enables companies to collaborate with their customers to promote their content or products via the most valuable channels. It helps marketing, sales and success teams to create and manage referral programs in order to attract new customers, develop brand identity and engage loyal users. Customer advocacy software allows customer advocates to share evidence regarding customer’s experiences with the company’s product or services. It encourages companies to continue testing products and sharing feedback. Typical features offered by customer advocacy software include creating and monitoring customer referral programs, facilitating sharing of company’s content or marketing narratives by the users and rewarding them for doing so.

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Influitive - Customer Advocacy Software : SaaSworthy.com


Customer referrals, references, and reviews at scale
(185 Ratings)

Influitive is the world’s most engaging customer communities. This easy-to-use platform combines industry-leading customer advocacy tools, expert services, and training with intelligent automation, gamification, and personalization features that drive extreme engagement and customer growth at... read more

Referral Rock - Customer Advocacy Software : SaaSworthy.com

Referral Rock

Referral Marketing Software for Any Business
(1 Ratings)

Referral Rock is a marketing tool that empowers companies to leverage the benefits of referral marketing by automating the ask. With a pack of handy features that are aimed at saving time, it is possible to launch full-fledged campaigns within days. Users can run various types of referral programs... read more

Incentivit - Customer Advocacy Software : SaaSworthy.com


Referral Marketing Software for Both Online and Offline Businesses

Incentivit is a referral marketing tool that empowers businesses to share their stories and boost word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Both online and offline businesses can choose to efficiently manage their referrals and rewards either automatically or manually. To make management easier, the tool... read more

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