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Updated on: December 1, 2021
ChurnTarget Assists businesses to develop better customer retention strategies

ChurnTarget Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to ChurnTarget.

Top 5 ChurnTarget Alternatives


The advanced customer success platform
(3 Ratings)

Akita is a smart customer success platform, developed to function as the center for all your customer information, activity, and analytics to enhance your customer engagement and elevate your revenues. It allows you to create an unlimited number of client alerts so you can respond quickly when a... read more

Akita Alternatives


Your go-to customer success platform
(30 Ratings)

Amity is a robust customer success platform that enables you to show your clients the benefit of utilizing your product on a daily basis for improved growth and revenue. It enables you to showcase what success means to your clients and how your service can assist them in achieving it. With Amity,... read more

Amity Alternatives


A Customer Success Platform To Manage, Retain, and Grow Customer Base
(170 Ratings)

ClientSuccess is a software that provides companies and organizations with a tool to handle customer retention and growth. With the tool, there’s no more logging in to help desk, CRM, data warehouse, and spreadsheets to know what’s going on with a customer. Businesses can stay on top of their... read more

ClientSuccess Alternatives


Customer Success Software for SaaS
(125 Ratings)

Custify's Customer Success Platform is designed for B2B SaaS businesses and enables them to reduce their churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value. Your most successful accounts are likely to expand. Reach out to them to upsell and grow your business. Never wonder who to talk to or when.... read more

Custify Alternatives

Quality Driven Software

Client Satisfaction Software
(32 Ratings)

Quality Driven Software is a client satisfaction and survey solution that helps companies avoid getting negative online reviews by helping identify issues before they become complaints. The software allows you to create and send out surveys internally to employees, or externally to customers. This... read more

Quality Driven Software Alternatives

Products Similar to ChurnTarget


Mitigate Cancellations. Reduce Churn

EasyCSM is an adaptable offboarding platform. We make it easy to create a no-code, smart cancellation screen. Reduce cancellations by serving up the right offer at the right time. Save customers at the moment of cancellation with dynamic offers designed to keep them subscribed.

EasyCSM Alternatives

MHC EngageCX

Engage Customers with Documents

MHC EngageCX software is a platform used to generate documents. The software offers tools to send your communications and automate workflows in minutes. Collaborate with teams to capture customer’s attention via Omnichannel Communications. Create documents with interactive data analytics to... read more

MHC EngageCX Alternatives


Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

APertain is a mobile customer engagement platform. APertain Push Notifications allows targeted notifications to be pushed to the first time App User. Smart Rating Prompts are shown via a process through which positive user experiences lead the users to rating prompts and negative user experiences... read more

APertain Alternatives


Customer experience made better with Totango
(656 Ratings)

Totango is a smart customer success solution that will assist your team in achieving their objectives and goals with real time results. This customer data platform continually monitors all customer health signals and engages them proactively at scale, leading in more focused, proactive customer... read more

Totango Alternatives


The Easiest Way to Create Product Tours
(88 Ratings)

UserGuiding is a tool that lets website owners create interactive product tours without coding within minutes. It’s a user-friendly tool that is largely meant for three prominent use cases, namely onboarding new users, promoting newly launched features, and onboarding new employees to internal... read more

UserGuiding Alternatives
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