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Property Management Software

Property management software, as the name indicates, is a one-stop suite for everything that a property manager may need to maintain one or more properties under them. Also known as real estate property management software, such tools help in managing the entire real estate business operations, be it monitor accounting, checking vacant properties, managing insurances, or even offering a neat interface for tenants to pay their rent. Property management software also offers a simple way for tenant/landlord communication.

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Fixflo Lettings - Property Management Software

Fixflo Lettings

Repairs and maintenance done right
(1 Ratings)

What is Fixflo Lettings and how does it work?

Fixflo Lettings is a repairs and maintenance platform that offers you a communication tool to easily keep your landlords informed and show exceptional property management service with concrete facts. It allows property managers to focus on building long-term connections with landlords and tenants by automating monotonous chores. With Fixflo Lettings, property managers can train contractors, manage work orders, schedule scheduled maintenance, and get landlord permission easily. It allows you to simply assign certain contractors to specific portfolios. With Fixflow, contractors get their own app where they can quote, update, be updated, and charge property managers. You can set up one-time and recurring scheduled maintenance activities, and the system will notify you when they're due. It also offers a phone line utilizing IVR technology for vulnerable occupiers or those with limited Internet access, enabling all occupiers to benefit from a smart repair reporting experience. Fixflo's in-system instruction assists you in securely resolving difficulties without the need to contact the property management. Additionally, occupants can report repairs in 40+ languages using Fixflow’s online, white-label reporting platform at any time and from anywhere. show more

Console Gateway - Property Management Software

Console Gateway

Manage all of your trust accounting and property management
(1 Ratings)

Console Gateway pricing: Starts at $49.95.

What is Console Gateway and how does it work?

Console Gateway has a rich set of features that can help any agency manage a mix of residential, sales, commercial, and holiday letting, all in one place. From business development and advertising, right through to lease terminations and exits, Console Gateway handles everything. Console Gateway is so efficient that once you’ve got it all set up, your staff will have more time on their hands straight away. Reduce time spent on receipting (reconciliations and disbursements) with bulk receipting that’s compatible with all major banks. show more

DoorLoop - Property Management Software


Manage your rental property easily with DoorLoop
(21 Ratings)

DoorLoop pricing: DoorLoop Offers Free-forever plan.

What is DoorLoop and how does it work?

DoorLoop is a one-stop, complete rental property management software. It provides its customers with easy and affordable software to manage their rentals, collect rents, screen tenants, track maintenance, grow their portfolios, and much more. It combines several different programs into a single package. With just one login, you can streamline your processes. With DoorLoop, you can track prospects and active renters, all communications, renewals, and more with an integrated CRM and tenant portal. Some other important elements are custom reports, document storage, online advertising, and role-based access controls. Its accounting software allows managers to view financial data and collect rent using credit cards, automated clearing house (ACH), and other methods. Managers may also receive maintenance requests, oversee the status of work orders, and create a personalized website for property listings. From listing units to evicting renters, and everything in between, you can automate everything with DoorLoop. Additionally, DoorLoop is one of the few systems that has an open API and Zapier connection, allowing you to link and sync with tens of thousands of apps around the world. show more

Schedule My Rent - Property Management Software

Schedule My Rent

Spend less time managing your rentals
(4 Ratings)

Schedule My Rent pricing: Starts at $2.0.

What is Schedule My Rent and how does it work?

Schedule My Rent is a property management platform that makes finding and screening renters quick, along with collection of rent, keeping track of costs, and handling upkeep. It uses multiple websites to advertise your unoccupied flats and enables you to personalize your online rent submission with disclosures and requirements to match your company needs. With Schedule My Rent, you can pay stubs and previous leases as supporting paperwork. It enables tenant screening via a national background check, trade lines, and credit score for improved security. You can customize the disclosures, criteria, and questions in your online rental application. It automated rent collection with e-mail reminders, custom late and return fines, receipts, and payments to various bank accounts for pre-paid rent, security deposit, and rent. You can upload spending receipts, divide them into units, and classify them for tax purposes. You can allow your renters to pay their rent in a variety of ways. Tenants can pay with cash at CVS, Walmart, and other stores that accept MoneyGram. Additionally, you can upload and save move-in photos, leases, and other papers. show more

Arize - Property Management Software


All-in-One Property Management Tool
(3 Ratings)

Arize pricing: Arize Offers Custom plan.

What is Arize and how does it work?

Arize software is a platform used to manage secure tenants with smart lock access control. The software offers smart sensors with real-time alerts to resolve issues for property protection. Schedule property to manage water leak detection, staff trips, to increase automated systems to conserve on wasteful utility usage. Property Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Hemlane - Property Management Software


On Hemlane, you can manage existing clients and meet new ones.
(135 Ratings)

Hemlane pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is Hemlane and how does it work?

Hemlane is a small business-focused cloud-based property management service. Property marketing, application screening, lease tracking, rent collecting, and maintenance coordination are some of the solution's core features. Hemlane's features include the ability to sell listings on more than 40 websites, manage leads, impose automatic late fines, save documents, coordinate maintenance, and interact with tenants. It also makes it easier for tenants to apply for rental units online and set up automated monthly payments. Hemlane uses a system of alerts and messages to help users keep track of their leases and their renewal dates. Property and tenant-specific records can also be stored in the cloud. Other financial capabilities supplied by the system include instant bank verification and income and expense reporting. Hemlane charges a monthly subscription fee for services that include email, phone, and online knowledge base help. Long-term rental property management at an affordable price. Hemlane is an all-in-one property management solution for managing rentals in the United States. - Best-in-class marketing tools to help you manage your properties more efficiently - Automated rent collection and late fees - Comprehensive tenant screening - Repair coordination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - End-to-end tenant placement. show more

Innago - Property Management Software


Get access to an exclusive set of property management tools facilitating seamless business
(410 Ratings)

Innago pricing: Innago Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Innago and how does it work?

Innago is a powerfully built online rental property management software enabling property owners and landlords to perform various operational tasks with ease. It delivers a wide range of impressive features to help enhance the property management tasks for individual owners with small and midsized portfolios. Innago helps users collect rent online easily with a domestic portal of their choice. Landlords and property owners can accept all modes of payment easily, generate and track payments with highly encrypted payment portals. Furthermore, with Innago users can also collect leases online and allow tenants to sign and send contracts directly to and from the platform. Cross-device functionality helps rental owners edit and access leases on the go. Comprehensive capabilities delivered by the platform let landlords create custom applications, run credit checks and access criminal and eviction records of all potential tenants. Moreover, property owners can also get access to multiple property maintenance tickets in one place and respond or close the ongoing tasks upon completion. show more

Remote Landlord - Property Management Software

Remote Landlord

A system to make managing your property easy
(15 Ratings)

Remote Landlord pricing: Remote Landlord Offers Custom plan.

What is Remote Landlord and how does it work?

Remote Landlord is a one-of-a-kind property management program that combines a complex accounting system with a simple lease management system. Its dashboard shows you a visual representation of your most essential data, such as how much rent was billed vs. collected this month and who hasn't paid. The system's basic interface is simple but has the capabilities required to manage even huge properties. You can use Remote Landlord to fill out online applications, collect rent online, manage leases, track vacancies, and track prospects, among other things. It works anywhere there is an internet connection, so you can access your data from any place there is an internet connection. You don't need to install software or buy or manage servers because its program operates on a regular browser. You get all of the information you need regarding a property in one spot. Its undo feature corrects the majority of clerical errors. You'll be notified of upcoming court dates and lease expirations. Paperless papers also minimize problems from misfiled paperwork and put everything at your tips. You can also pay your bills quickly and easily. show more

Zeevou - Property Management Software


Comprehensive software to grow your hospitality business
(38 Ratings)

Zeevou pricing: Starts at $25.04. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zeevou and how does it work?

Zeevou is a compact rental property management software that helps hotels to grow their business through industry-leading training, cutting-edge automation and world-class support. The training programs available enable users to explore top-notch educational opportunities offered by leading experts in the industry. These training programs of Zeevou include webinars, podcasts, sample documents, and templates along with outstandingly written materials. The software allows hotels to automate their everyday tasks in order to increase efficiency, minimize human error, and improve the guest experience. It comes with various self-check-in features that include key safes, KeyNest, and smart locks. Hotels also get real-time reports comprising an overview of their business performance, related to finances, operations, or occupancy. Zeevou also offers relevant guides throughout the entire business procedure, right from getting started to its expansion. An included ‘Set-up Guide’ provides detailed information on how to use various parts of the software, while a ‘How to Guide’ contains Frequently Asked Questions. show more

Seamless Property - Property Management Software

Seamless Property

Maintain transparency with tenants in all elements of the property and payments
(3 Ratings)

Seamless Property pricing: Seamless Property Offers Custom plan.

What is Seamless Property and how does it work?

Seamless Property is a property management software that automates the entire process of renting an apartment, from listing to lease, including personal websites, advertising, lead management, online applications, smartphone tasks, background checks, payments, and e-signature. It's a cloud-based property management software designed specifically for today's landlords, property managers, and asset managers. Best for property managers who manage 50 or more units in residential, student housing, commercial, community association, and mixed portfolio properties. Thanks to a new collaboration between Seamless Property and HappyCo, you can now monitor all of your apartments from the convenience of your own phone or tablet. With a free, customizable website, you can build your brand and post rental listings. Conduct thorough tenant screens, including criminal, credit, and eviction reports. In just a few clicks, you can manage all of your rental listings and syndicate them to your partners. show more

Rentler - Property Management Software


A comprehensive property management platform for all your rental needs
(48 Ratings)

What is Rentler and how does it work?

Rentler is an innovative rental property management software designed to help landlords and property managers streamline and optimise entire rental lifecycles. Powerful features delivered by the platform, automate and simplify workflow and help tenants find the perfect property for their needs. Rentler enables landlords to create detailed listings for their properties and upload them easily. The platform's clever algorithm pushes properties to the front for potential tenants to view and select every month. Moreover, it enables tenants to submit applications online directly to the platform and lets landlords learn about potential tenants to pick the best one. Also, property managers can instantly deploy screening facilities to run credit and background checks on potential tenants to select the right match for their properties. Beyond this, Rentler provides online payment options letting tenants and landlords engage in secure transactions for easy rent payment. This platform also creates a list of all maintenance needs that landlords need to attend to, helping them assign tasks to the right party and tick each item off as it gets done. show more

Property Vista - Property Management Software

Property Vista

A comprehensive platform providing holistic solutions
(69 Ratings)

Property Vista pricing: Starts at $1.25. Offers Custom plan.

What is Property Vista and how does it work?

Property Vista, designed for property managers, offers integrated and holistic solutions enabling proper business growth. This platform believes in the idea that tenants are the most valuable assets of a company. So, to make tenant communications seamless, Property Vista fosters an overall community. Featuring a complete rental payment system, this property manager can be used to set up pre-authorised debit, pay via direct banking, credit card and EEFT modes. Property Vista helps users to promote vacancies quickly and easily on its Internet Listing Service. Furthermore, tenants can also customise their ads and refresh them as needed. Property Vista’s unique approach turns the screening process into a series of automated steps that lifts the burden, off approvals. Its lease management system also makes signing a lease seamless. Property Vista presents customisable and flexible website templates. Thus offering a distinct look to individual properties. This platform provides a dedicated tenant portal so that the latter can post announcements of the recent updates. show more

INFO-Tracker - Property Management Software


Optimizing the property management space
(2 Ratings)

INFO-Tracker pricing: INFO-Tracker Offers Custom plan.

What is INFO-Tracker and how does it work?

INFO-Tracker is a property management software that provides its customers with the reporting tools and insights they require to grow their businesses. Its sophisticated accounting modules employ automated workflows to provide faster, simpler, and more accurate payments and billing procedures, increasing productivity and lowering administrative costs. Users can access reports that are clear and informative from anywhere using INFO-Tracker. With simple drill-down features, users can quickly prepare error-free reports for the board of directors and members of the executive team, as well as provide front-line employees with on-demand access to current and historical data, allowing you to make more informed business decisions. You can create and send text messages, emails, broadcasts, and alerts that allow property managers to communicate with anyone, including owners, tenants, residents, and suppliers. You'll be able to access your sites from your phone or tablet, and you'll have the tools you need to keep track of job progress and communicate with owners, residents, and vendors in real-time. You can also use your phone to take notes, receive, approve, and update repair requests in the field. show more

ResMan - Property Management Software


Software for property management
(449 Ratings)

ResMan pricing: ResMan Offers Custom plan.

What is ResMan and how does it work?

ResMan is a property management software suite that allows you to manage all sorts of homes. Commercial, residential, and even cheap housing are all supported by the system. The software also includes built-in accounting features for better budgeting and a practical maintenance management platform that boosts tenant happiness, retention, and revenues. ResMan is a cloud-based property management software solution that is available as a software as a service (SaaS). Real estate, property management, accountancy, hospitality, non-profit work, and healthcare are among the industries that use the software.ResMan offers a wide range of properties so you can take care of your customers regardless of their leasing requirements. The features differ depending on the sort of property you manage Multifamily units are supported under the programme, making it easier for big groups of tenants to split the expense of rent. Affordable housing modules enable you to rent units to low-income tenants. It includes a useful Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) compliance tools. The residential module assists you in filling residential vacancies with high-quality tenants. Commercial, a useful commercial leasing module, makes it easier to find renters for vacant retail, industrial, and office spaces. ResMan has a full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) module that allows you to promote your available properties and keep loyal customers for the long haul. Engage is a user-friendly web interface that makes property administration easier. From a single work environment, you may publish opportunities, communicate with tenants in an active online community, and vet potential renters. Care, ResMan Care, allows the vendor to help you get the most out of your purchase. It includes installation and a large library of on-demand training resources to help you get the most out of your money (ROI). show more

Console Cloud - Property Management Software

Console Cloud

All-in-one real estate software
(54 Ratings)

Console Cloud pricing: Starts at $49.95.

What is Console Cloud and how does it work?

Console Cloud is an all-in-one real estate software. The application's workflow makes choosing tenants and creating a new lease a piece of cake. Upload application details and process through Cloud. Smart transaction matching means you only have to receipt the exceptions. A powerful reporting suite designed to save you time when evaluating key performance information. Advanced filtering capabilities allow PMs to quickly understand portfolio performance for both single and multi-office operating environments. show more

MultiSite Property Management - Property Management Software

MultiSite Property Management

Easily manage properties with multiple subsidy contracts
(6 Ratings)

MultiSite Property Management pricing: MultiSite Property Management Offers Custom plan.

What is MultiSite Property Management and how does it work?

Affordable Housing Property management has never been faster, easier, or more cost-effective than with MultiSite Systems. You can also set security levels so that specific employees can see only the properties that they manage. The AP module helps you keep track of vendors and invoices, as well as write checks for outstanding payables for 1 or 1000's of properties. Managing personnel details and looking up contact information is easy with the MultiSite Employee module. You can record, track, and report on all your employees, from corporate staff to regional managers, site managers, and maintenance staff. show more

LandlordStation - Property Management Software


Manage property and payments from a single place
(483 Ratings)

LandlordStation pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is LandlordStation and how does it work?

LandlordStation is a comprehensive property management software that helps property owners and managers to monitor property-related tasks easily. The software comes with a tenant screening system that enables users to evaluate the prospective tenant within minutes. LandlordStation comes with a file vault that can be used to keep documents organised and managed, all the time. In addition, this file vault also assists managers to streamline the tenant signing process. LandlordStation offers a simple and secure way to collect money from tenants. This payment system can be added to the software’s dashboard for easy access and can be used for any payment collection, such as rent, HOA dues, security deposits, application fees and more. LandlordStation comes with amazing features that enable users to streamline various processes and allow them to share their work order quickly, without external support. Finally, the software also provides Sure Renters Insurance which covers owners’ properties in case of any damage. show more

Landlord Vision - Property Management Software

Landlord Vision

A one-stop-solution for landlords in the UK
(95 Ratings)

What is Landlord Vision and how does it work?

Landlord Vision is an intuitive property management software, helping out landlords manage their responsibilities, tasks and finances with ease. The software comes with an in-built reporting and accounting engine that helps users easily track incomes and expenditures from different real-estate assets on the go. It removes the need of going through time-consuming and confusing spreadsheets to manage finances and other related data alike. Moreover, Landlord Vision provides multiple property holders with an organised way to deal with their workflow and proceed with systematic decision making in real-time. It also helps real-estate owners to meet every financial and legal obligation that comes along. This way businesses get to ensure that they are abiding by stringent regulations and not practising any illegal activities. Moreover, users can even automate rent collection and get access to timely notification in case of missing payments. Automatic reminders, keep businesses aware of the new, important property or tenancy events alike, enabling owners to grab the right opportunity at the right time. show more

UnitConnect - Property Management Software


Simple Property Management Software
(3 Ratings)

UnitConnect pricing: Starts at $34.0.

What is UnitConnect and how does it work?

UnitConnect is an online platform for commercial and residential property management. UnitConnect makes it easy to manage properties of all types without superfluous features you'll pay for, but never use. Reconcile your Tenant’s CAM Payments against your Common Area Maintenance expenses with a simple click. Manage requests and assign them to others. Share status updates with Tenants immediately. Track important Lease dates including Commencement, Expiration and Option. Set up automatic rent increases. show more

Caliber - Property Management Software


Manage accounts and communities with ease through Caliber
(4 Ratings)

Caliber pricing: Caliber Offers Custom plan.

What is Caliber and how does it work?

Caliber is a highly integrated accounting and community management software. Caliber is operational on all electronic devices along with popular web browsers to allow seamless synchronisation of data regardless of the platform. The software as a service aims to provide a customer experience that is unparalleled, thanks to its state-of-the-art accounting solution. Switching to Caliber from any other accounting software is made easy with its highly experienced transition service team. That helps with seamless data import and configuration. Further, Caliber offers unlimited access to personalised training with trainers who have perfected this entire operation backed by innovative learning techniques. The software’s training module aims at providing the client’s personnel with the best possible education and time utility techniques, besides helping them utilise knowledge with their best calibre. The support team takes pride in providing industry-leading service through phone calls, emails and online chat. The support website is extensive enough and provides self-service options with guidance videos at every step. show more

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List of Property Management Software

Fixflo Lettings 5
Console Gateway 5
DoorLoop 5
Schedule My Rent 5
Arize 5
Hemlane 5
Innago 4.9
Remote Landlord 4.9
Zeevou 4.9
Seamless Property 4.8

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