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Top Property Management Software

 Landlords and professional property managers use property management software to manage rental properties. The software usually allows you to keep track of all elements of property maintenance as well as handle tenant information. Mac devices are particularly popular in real estate. If you are currently looking for property management software for Mac then we have you covered. Check out our list of top property management software for Mac and choose the one that suits your needs. The list also highlights top features, product reviews, pricing options, and alternatives to simplify the decision-making process for you. You can also compare each software with other tools in the same category and choose the one that fits your needs.

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Hutstack - Top Property Management Software


Property Management Software
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What is Hutstack and how does it work?

Hutstack helps you run a more modern and efficient business through automation, easier access to all your data, centrally manage your properties, financials and more, from anywhere, anytime. Provide easier access to detailed reports and documents via a mobile portal. Manage and message your contacts easily. Automate rent reminders and communication. Create a customizable website for your brand and projects, and post rental listings. Securely share agreements and easily access important documents anywhere, anytime. show more

Yardi RENTCafe - Top Property Management Software

Yardi RENTCafe

Capture relevant prospects with Yardi RENTCafe
(36 Ratings)

Yardi RENTCafe pricing: Yardi RENTCafe Offers Custom plan.

What is Yardi RENTCafe and how does it work?

Yardi RENTCafe is a multifamily property marketing software that includes dynamic marketing websites, convenient self-service options and integrated applications. The software serves various markets including social housing, military housing, student housing, senior living, parks & recreational places. It has more than 35 years of experience to optimise every aspect of differential marketing operations. Further, Yardi RENTCafe also offers a plethora of tools to drive leads, leases and renewals to reach online renters and deliver outstanding services to prospects and residents. Furthermore, this multifamily property marketing software helps businesses to save money, improve productivity and mitigate risk on the go. Powered by a repeat ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year, Yardi RENTCafe manages cost, consumption, risk and sustainability. With reliable resident screening and comprehensive renters insurance options, this software reduces risk and makes leasing workflow safe and secure. Furthermore, Yardi RENTCafe provides a chance to unify senior living operations as well as provide the quality care that their residents deserve. show more

RentLinx - Top Property Management Software


Online Apartment Advertising
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RentLinx pricing: RentLinx Offers Custom plan.

What is RentLinx and how does it work?

At RentLinx, we save property managers time and money by syndicating your rental listings to dozens of the most popular apartment search websites, as well as your own website, with a single click.

Seamless Property - Top Property Management Software

Seamless Property

Maintain transparency with tenants in all elements of the property and payments
(3 Ratings)

Seamless Property pricing: Seamless Property Offers Custom plan.

What is Seamless Property and how does it work?

Seamless Property is a property management software that automates the entire process of renting an apartment, from listing to lease, including personal websites, advertising, lead management, online applications, smartphone tasks, background checks, payments, and e-signature. It's a cloud-based property management software designed specifically for today's landlords, property managers, and asset managers. Best for property managers who manage 50 or more units in residential, student housing, commercial, community association, and mixed portfolio properties. Thanks to a new collaboration between Seamless Property and HappyCo, you can now monitor all of your apartments from the convenience of your own phone or tablet. With a free, customizable website, you can build your brand and post rental listings. Conduct thorough tenant screens, including criminal, credit, and eviction reports. In just a few clicks, you can manage all of your rental listings and syndicate them to your partners. show more

DoorLoop - Top Property Management Software


Manage your rental property easily with DoorLoop
(21 Ratings)

DoorLoop pricing: DoorLoop Offers Free-forever plan.

What is DoorLoop and how does it work?

DoorLoop is a one-stop, complete rental property management software. It provides its customers with easy and affordable software to manage their rentals, collect rents, screen tenants, track maintenance, grow their portfolios, and much more. It combines several different programs into a single package. With just one login, you can streamline your processes. With DoorLoop, you can track prospects and active renters, all communications, renewals, and more with an integrated CRM and tenant portal. Some other important elements are custom reports, document storage, online advertising, and role-based access controls. Its accounting software allows managers to view financial data and collect rent using credit cards, automated clearing house (ACH), and other methods. Managers may also receive maintenance requests, oversee the status of work orders, and create a personalized website for property listings. From listing units to evicting renters, and everything in between, you can automate everything with DoorLoop. Additionally, DoorLoop is one of the few systems that has an open API and Zapier connection, allowing you to link and sync with tens of thousands of apps around the world. show more

Entrata - Top Property Management Software


The Best Option
(77 Ratings)

Entrata pricing: Entrata Offers Custom plan.

What is Entrata and how does it work?

The purpose of Entrata is to make life easier for property owners, managers, and occupants. Property accounting, facilities management, and resident management are all included in Entrata's cloud-based property management service. Invoice production, vendor management, bank reconciliation, lead management, intercompany transactions, and work order management are all included in the system. It also has open APIs that may be used to integrate with third-party applications. Entrata enables accountants to make real-time changes and payments, as well as construct income statements and balance sheets based on current data. Property managers can also establish new budgets, assign specific items to portfolios, and send or download duplicate budgets. Leasing agencies can also use the software to keep track of available apartments, send bills to occupants, calculate late fines, and collect rent. Users can use the system to store papers, find relevant documents, and export documents. Users can also use a mobile device to create work orders and track their progress. show more

Guesty - Top Property Management Software


Property Management Software for Short-term Rentals
(434 Ratings)

Guesty pricing: Guesty Offers Custom plan.

What is Guesty and how does it work?

Guesty is an end to end solution to simplify the property management needs of every business. The tool claims that users can increase their listings by 100% every year and boost their revenues by as much as 150%. This can save them more than 50 hours per week on average. Features include a channel manager that enables users to distribute & control listings across all channels. This includes Airbnb rentals, Booking.com listings, and much more. It also comes with a unified inbox that acts as a centralized dashboard for guest communication while it syncs the listing data. Users even get a multi-calendar view of all reservations in one place. With an associated mobile app, users can run their business on the go. They even receive a branded website that allows direct bookings with just a click of the mouse. With an Open API, users can build tools with specific capabilities. show more

Octo Property Management - Top Property Management Software

Octo Property Management

Get the portfolio profitability enhanced with OCTO in real-time
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Octo Property Management pricing: Octo Property Management Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Octo Property Management and how does it work?

Octo Property Management is an advanced property management and analytics platform that helps landlords and managers to monitor all of their assets. The platform helps to analyse earning reports and figures quickly. Users can track their entire portfolio from commercial to residential from a single place. They can also monitor business-related profits and losses by getting a detailed breakdown of their most profitable properties and areas of improvement. Octo Property Management helps users to migrate their workflow from the current online provider to a new one. It can also migrate both current and previous data to a safe location. The platform adds all of the previous tenant history, invoices and expenses to the new location. Users can connect multiple bank accounts and easily access and view all their financials in one place. The solution provides accurate safety and security, during the entire process. show more

MIMO by Nestaway - Top Property Management Software

MIMO by Nestaway

Complete home management software
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MIMO by Nestaway pricing: Starts at $14.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MIMO by Nestaway and how does it work?

Nestaway strives to overcome the trust gap between landlords and tenants, resulting in the development of a social infrastructure for affordable housing. They began in 2015 with five employees and four residences in a small Bangalore office. Nestaway has developed to become the country's largest managed home-rental market, with 60,000 tenants, 35,000+ houses, and 800+ workers spread across 13 cities. You won't have to worry about getting your rent on time thanks to online rent collection and follow-up systems. Do everything online, from tenant background checks to maintenance requests, and do rid of those annoying phone calls. All expenses and revenue are reported in one spot, and reports can be exported to most accounting applications. Major uses of MIMO by Nestaway include, listing on key platforms with a single click, tenant application forms are available online, checking the background of the tenant,keeping track of move-ins and outs with video, rent collection using the internet (ACH and Cards), history of maintenance and expenditures, receive tenant information by RentKarma, file storage is limitless (Photos, videos, documents) show more

Soft4RealEstate - Top Property Management Software


Empower your property management business
(1 Ratings)

Soft4RealEstate pricing: Starts at $148.0.

What is Soft4RealEstate and how does it work?

Soft4RealEstate is a cloud-based property management software. Manage your sales pipeline: track and monitor leads and opportunities in the pipeline for all vacant premises, generate reports to visualize information about sales stages, analyze the sales team’s performance and manage communications with existing and potential clients. Create a multilevel unit structure and keep track of unit area changes. Store tenant data: company information, contact information, personal data (as per GDPR requirements), bank accounts. Track due invoices, debts and payments. show more

List of Top Property Management Software

Hutstack NA NA
Yardi RENTCafe NA 4.2
RentLinx NA 0.7
Seamless Property NA 4.8
DoorLoop NA 5
Entrata NA 4.4
Guesty NA 4.4
Octo Property Management NA NA
MIMO by Nestaway NA NA
Soft4RealEstate NA 4