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EHS Hero

A Comprehensive EHS Management System
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Save hours of research by quickly comparing federal and state EHS regulatory information. Easily search through MSDSonline’s extensive database of Safety Data Sheets. Create custom plans that meet the needs of organization. Quickly report a spill using state’s specific reporting information. Schedule OSHA safety meetings, manage notes, and streamline compliance obligations.

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Conduct inspections, flag issues
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iAuditor is a mobile-first application that allows to digitize all the elements of operations. As an inspection management software, iAuditor lets team capture consistent data, identify areas of improvement, share reports and collaborate across working teams all from one easy-to-use app.

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Our Solutions - VelocityEHS
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VelocityEHS is the leading global environment, health and safety (EHS) software provider. Its cloud-based software platform and innovative mobile solutions revolutionize how companies recognize and manage operational risk. More than 13,000 customers worldwide across virtually every industry trust VelocityEHS to improve EHS performance. The company's solutions are recognized by the industry's top independent analysts.

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Intelex EHSQ

EHS & Quality Management Software (QMS) - Products Intelex
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Intelex's EHS and Quality management systems optimize business performance, enable regulatory compliance, and streamline ISO initiatives.

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Riskonnect Integrated Risk...

Integrated Risk Management (IRM)
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HOW WILL RISKS AFFECT ALL AREAS OF YOUR BUSINESS? With Riskonnect's Integrated Risk Management solutions, you'll know. What Is Integrated Risk Management? Integrated Risk Management (IRM) takes the business of managing risk to new levels. With IRM, risk is risk. Anything that could

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Blackline Safety

Providing a lifeline to workers around the globe
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Nothing keeps the team and worksite more connected and more protected than Blackline. This easy-to-deploy solutions give user a comprehensive and seamless safety ecosystem with unparalleled connectivity, via cellular or satellite. They were never at risk from broken links or missed connections.

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Cority Platform

Cority Platform - Cority
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Cority is the most trusted environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software for assuring client success. With 30+ years of innovation and experience, Cority's team of over 350 experts serve more than 800 clients.

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The Donesafe Platform - mobile app - easy to use | Donesafe
(20 Ratings)

Donesafe is a modern & fresh platform with end-to-end functionality. It works online with any device, including offline with native iOS and Android apps. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter and report HSEQ data in real-time.

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Simplify Social Impact, ESG and Sustainability
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Brightest is the only social impact, CSR, ESG, and sustainability software platform that gives the flexibility to fully customize impact and climate programs around organization's needs, goals, mission, strategy, operations, and stakeholders. Whether need to measure common metrics like Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions, waste, donations, or volunteer hours, domain-specific ESG risk & compliance signals, or unique success indicators like meals served or positive health outcomes, This platform gives the framework to bring work and reporting to life. With Brightest, able to save time, do more with less, engage every stakeholder group, collect data easier, and measure what matters. show more

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Get your company-wise ESG skills managed in an intuitive way
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Goby is a comprehensive Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) management platform helping out businesses establish, discuss and monitor ESG initiatives in real-time. These initiatives enable businesses to attract and retain capital, boost sustainable and responsible growth & mitigate enterprise risk. The platform enables users to make smarter decisions by using millions of data points transformed with the help of AI and RPA technologies. Goby’s hybrid platform comprises SaaS and strategic expertise, enabling businesses to get access to an end-to-end solution facilitating responsible and sustainable growth. Also, an easy-to-use interface makes ESG management simpler and more accessible to everyone. The platform seamlessly aggregates data across companies or their portfolios and provides them with actionable insights backed by streamlined reporting. Goby’s team of experts offer relevant consultancy for improving financial performance, enhancing non-financial returns and leaving a positive impact on the market. Furthermore, the utility data tracking features equipped within help businesses to find new opportunities, identify trends in markets and make better strategic decisions accordingly. show more

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Connect plus Protect Your World
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The EPP delivers outstanding business value by orchestrating different systems, processes, and locations. The platform ensures that the right resources are in the right place at the right time and openly communicating with each other to maximize performance and enhance business advantage. The foundation of this is Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that links together all your existing technologies related to vendor management, security, training, and safety. With the EPP, you connect and protect your most valuable resources people, places, assets, and information as well as preserve your corporate reputation. show more

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Features of Capptions' EHS Software – Build For Doing The Job
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Capptions was launched in 2018 and already serves 75+ companies and over 20K users. Easy-to-use app lets you complete incident registration, inspections, and follow-up in the field.

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EHS Insight

EHS Management Software | EHS Insight
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EHS Insight is the best value in EHS Software available today. Includes offline access, full-suite mobile application, and first in the cloud.

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Integrated Risk Management & IIOT Software Solution | Sphera
(5 Ratings)

SpheraCloud is a cloud-based integrated risk management software built for EHS professionals to perform mobile risk assessments.

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Environmental Management System Software Makes Compliance Easy
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Cority’s Environmental Management System Software helps to centralize and streamline the tracking and collection of key environmental data.

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Functions - Compliance & Management Systems | Gensuite
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Gensuite has helped companies establish safe & sustainable workplace environments for over two decades. Our suite of cloud-based EHS Software Solutions deliver intuitive and robust best-practice based functionality.

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ProcessMAP EHS Management Software - EHS and Compliance software
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ProcessMAP's Risk Management software ensures higher risk visibility and efficient cost management related to operational activities. Predictive analytics, automated workflows, and incident root cause analysis result in fewer incidents, increased productivity, and significant cost savings.

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ProActivity Suite

ProActivity® Suite | EHS Compliance | Dakota Software
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Dakota's ProActivity™ Suite makes it easier for companies to achieve and maintain Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance.

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Model and visualize business ecosystems
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Gain practical insight into progressing digital transformation strategy towards a successful, technology-led future. Identify improvements that need to be made in current business process models. Assess where currently stand in digital transformation transition. Follow a series of modules that guides to new business model. Define the future for business, product, service or industry.

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Company Carbon API
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Bend makes CO2e emissions data programmable and queryable. Track companies as they cut carbon, and measure supply chain footprint. Claim profile, publish emissions targets, and measure supply chain footprint with 1-click.

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List of Environmental Health and Safety Software

iAuditor 4.1
VelocityEHS 4
Intelex EHSQ 4
Riskonnect Integrated Risk Management Solution 4
Blackline Safety NA
Cority Platform 3.5
Donesafe 4.9
Brightest NA
Goby NA