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Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing software is used by medical authorities or hospitals to keep their billing activities in check. The software lets the hospitals effectively keep a clear track of the payments. It helps them set up flexible rate plans, collect timely payments, and create bills. Furthermore, Medical billing software is also designed to issue solid printed bills and receipts, hence helping to maintain records properly. This software is precisely another step forward in automating the healthcare billing process. The software helps the healthcare facilities maintain their overall financial status and optimize revenue rates. Example- TriZetto Facets and Insta Med.

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Cortex EDI Electronic Biller - Medical Billing Software

Cortex EDI Electronic Biller

A complete billing solution for healthcare organisations
(1 Ratings)

Cortex EDI Electronic Biller pricing: Cortex EDI Electronic Biller Offers Custom plan.

What is Cortex EDI Electronic Biller and how does it work?

Cortex EDI Electronic Biller is a medical billing software that helps health organisations to manage and monitor their entire billing system conveniently. The software allows users to easily enter patient payments and insurance charges. It comes with the feature of Real-Time Claims Status Enquiry that enables healthcare professionals to check Medicare claims status. They can even retrieve ERAs from all bill payers. Cortex EDI Electronic Biller improves the process of claim submission towards insurance companies to make this process quick and error-free. Health organisations can even verify their patients’ health insurance eligibility instantly. With electronic medical records, health organisations also get a chance to reduce paper waste as well as save storage space. Cortex EDI Electronic Biller comes with an inventory feature through which users can instantly check their stock quantities, create custom inventory reports, know when to place reorder and quickly find recalled products. Finally, the software also helps to create appointments using its drag and drop feature. show more

expEDlum Medical Billing Software - Medical Billing Software

expEDlum Medical Billing Software

Automate Medical Billing & Practice Management
(1 Ratings)

expEDlum Medical Billing Software pricing: expEDlum Medical Billing Software Offers Custom plan.

What is expEDlum Medical Billing Software and how does it work?

The expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) comprehensive, secure Web-based Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Solution that allows medical billing companies and healthcare providers to effectively manage the practice, automate complete Medical Billing and Claims Processing workflow. This Medical Billing Software is HIPAA Compliant and supports both CMS-1500 and UB-04 claims in electronic & paper. This solution is ICD-10 codes ready and meets every standard based changes in the industry without any additional cost to clients. show more

Practice Management Bridge - Medical Billing Software

Practice Management Bridge

Secure healthcare technology platform
(1 Ratings)

Practice Management Bridge pricing: Practice Management Bridge Offers Custom plan.

What is Practice Management Bridge and how does it work?

Allow patients to make online payments through text message links. Easily post payments to the patient ledger in practice management system. Let patients fill out forms electronically before visits through text or email links. Safely store preferred payment information for future charges.

AlphaFlex - Medical Billing Software


Behavioral Health Software | Wellsky
(1 Ratings)

What is AlphaFlex and how does it work?

Achieving higher ROI, increasing efficiency, and locating data at a moment's notice can be your new reality with AlphaFlex.

Cvikota MBS - Medical Billing Software

Cvikota MBS

Medical Billing Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

Cvikota MBS pricing: Cvikota MBS Offers Custom plan.

What is Cvikota MBS and how does it work?

Cvikota MBS is a platform used to manage medical claims filing, patient billing, and accounts receivable management. The software offers a Client Portal to monitor the progress of patients with Charts and Reports. Make Payments via credit card in minutes.

Brightree HME / DME - Medical Billing Software

Brightree HME / DME

Streamline from intake to billing
(13 Ratings)

Brightree HME / DME pricing: Brightree HME / DME Offers Custom plan.

What is Brightree HME / DME and how does it work?

Brightree's cloud-based HME/DME software solutions streamline operations, improve profitability, and lead to better care for over 55 million patients.Join the many HME providers who put our market-leading healthcare business management solutions to work every day. The results are visible: from streamlined operations, decreased costs, and increased profitability, to the 93 million patients who receive better care. show more

TriZetto Facets - Medical Billing Software

TriZetto Facets

Healthcare Admin for Payers
(13 Ratings)

TriZetto Facets pricing: TriZetto Facets Offers Custom plan.

What is TriZetto Facets and how does it work?

The TriZetto Facets Core Administration platform is a modular system integrating consumer, care, claims and revenue management to help organizations meet their business goals. Find out how Facets positions healthcare payers for growth and change with its flexible platform today.

EZ Claim - Medical Billing Software

EZ Claim

Medical Billing and Scheduling
(11 Ratings)

EZ Claim pricing: EZ Claim Offers Custom plan.

What is EZ Claim and how does it work?

EZClaim software is affordable, easy to use and is designed to simplify and assist providers and billers with every aspect of the Medical Billing and Scheduling process. Committed to providing the latest tech and remaining at the forefront of industry changes.

RXNT Practice Management - Medical Billing Software

RXNT Practice Management

(13 Ratings)

What is RXNT Practice Management and how does it work?

Healthcare providers dedicate a majority of their resources to providing quality patient care. Meanwhile, administrative tasks can prove inefficient, time-consuming, and costly. To ensure both financial stability and long-term success, back-office staff members need to lighten their administrative burden and be as efficient as possible. An organization's office staff manage a variety of essential duties from communicating with patients and scheduling appointments to billing insurance companies and creating reports. Trying to tackle these jobs individually can lead to costly mistakes and frustrating delays in reimbursement. Instead, many organizations have turned to Practice Management systems to help manage their businesses. RXNT's physician Practice Management system combines electronic Medical Billing software with digital Patient Scheduling functionality and is designed to help streamline administrative tasks. believe all healthcare organizations deserve access to the technology they need to be successful. show more

NowMD Medical Billing - Medical Billing Software

NowMD Medical Billing

Professional Billing for Healthcare
(1 Ratings)

NowMD Medical Billing pricing: Starts at $349.00.

What is NowMD Medical Billing and how does it work?

NowMD is a Medical Billing Services used to automate practice management in minutes. The software offers tools to control data and manage electronic claims by send them to any supported clearinghouse or directly to insurance carriers.

CMS-1500 Software - Medical Billing Software

CMS-1500 Software

CMS-1500 Software - $79 paper file, $289 efile
(3 Ratings)

What is CMS-1500 Software and how does it work?

Feature rich CMS-1500 Software. File health claims by paper or electronically.

AHT Financial and Enterprise Management - Medical Billing Software

AHT Financial and Enterprise Management

Nursing Home Management Solutions
(1 Ratings)

AHT Financial and Enterprise Management pricing: AHT Financial and Enterprise Management Offers Custom plan.

What is AHT Financial and Enterprise Management and how does it work?

Software alone can't improve clinical and financial operations. So in addition to the most comprehensive AHT Care Management, AHT Financial and Enterprise Management, and AHT Revenue Cycle Management solutions available to skilled nursing organizations, American HealthTech lets implement them in the way that best meets the unique needs of organization. show more

Clinicmaster - Medical Billing Software


Case Management All In One Screen
(1 Ratings)

Clinicmaster pricing: Starts at $60.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Clinicmaster and how does it work?

Scheduling Effortless appointment booking and scheduling, including client capable appointment booking options. Learn more Charting Efficiently capture your Patient Recorded Outcome Measures (PROM) in real time. Learn more Billing Simplify all financial transactions and accounting functions. Clinicmaster’s billing and accounting functionality includes auditing, accounts receivable, collections, end of day procedures, 3rd party batch billing, direct. show more

ScoreLogix - Medical Billing Software


The New Standard in Rev-Cycle Collaboration - Currance
(2 Ratings)

What is ScoreLogix and how does it work?

Currance Revenue Cycle Management - The new standard in revenue cycle collaboration: Healthcare RCM Partnering, EBO, RCM Consulting

Medical Billing Assistant - Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Assistant

Medford Medical Systems > Medical Billing Assistant
(3 Ratings)

What is Medical Billing Assistant and how does it work?

Medford Medical Systems has provided billing and office management software, as well as practice management and systems consultation for nearly 20 years. By setting exceptional service standards and providing great products, Medford Medical Systems has become widely popular throughout the nation. Providing medical facilities with the tools to be successful is the goal at Medford Medical Systems. Our success is dependant on our client's success. show more

InstaMed - Medical Billing Software


Industry Leading Healthcare Payments
(2 Ratings)

InstaMed pricing: InstaMed Offers Custom plan.

What is InstaMed and how does it work?

InstaMed is a J.P. Morgan company that powers a better healthcare payments experience on one platform. The platform connects consumers, providers and payers for every healthcare payment transaction. Learn about delivering safe and secure touch-free payment options that limit in-person contact. Learn about the healthcare payment trends that are impacting the payer-employer group relationship. show more

Codify - Medical Billing Software


Medical Coding and Billing Tool
(0 Ratings)

Codify pricing: Starts at $8.25.

What is Codify and how does it work?

Codify is an ideal tool for everyone from experienced medical coders to students. It helps them easily review and discuss any differences between documentation and code selection. It provides quick printing features that can be used during meetings to clarify and educate. Additionally, Codify has built-in special tools that make researching and preventing denials a breeze. This makes it a great resource for medical coders. show more

ChartLogic Practice Management - Medical Billing Software

ChartLogic Practice Management

The Collection Center automates many tasks
(0 Ratings)

ChartLogic Practice Management pricing: ChartLogic Practice Management Offers Custom plan.

What is ChartLogic Practice Management and how does it work?

ChartLogic Practice Management is the product to use if want to increase collections and get paid sooner. Easy to use practice management system designed to be more efficient and further increase revenue. Setting up new or recurring appointments with Appointment Scheduler is a breeze, and it’s flexible enough to correlate with each doctor’s chosen schedule. show more

Medcare MSO - Medical Billing Software

Medcare MSO

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Experts
(0 Ratings)

Medcare MSO pricing: Medcare MSO Offers Custom plan.

What is Medcare MSO and how does it work?

Medcare MSO is a trusted name in medical billing services because they believe in providing extraordinary solutions that go above and beyond standard practices. They provide customized insurance & patient billing services, healthcare recovery assistance, and practice management solutions to organizations of all types and sizes. They provide innovative medical software that has been engineered to simplify all aspects of practice management and patient engagement and is currently being utilized in over 80,000 healthcare facilities nationwide. show more

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List of Medical Billing Software

Cortex EDI Electronic Biller 5
expEDlum Medical Billing Software 5
Practice Management Bridge 4.5
AlphaFlex 4.5
Cvikota MBS 4.5
Brightree HME / DME 4.1
TriZetto Facets 4.1
EZ Claim 4.1
RXNT Practice Management 4
NowMD Medical Billing 4

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