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EasyPractice logo


Organise Business with Bookings 4 Based on 1 Ratings

EasyPractice software is a platform used to create appointments directly through online booking. Manage clients, set up invoices and pay directly through via app. Journals used to record all the information and interactions in minutes.

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Valant logo


A Tool for Mental Health Practices Write a Review

Valant software is a platform used to automate patient engagement with measurement. Manage workflows with easy to use dashboards and reports for effective practice management. The software offers a HIPAA-compliant to connect with your patients remotely. The Report Center gives practices with more customizable reporting to achieve their business goals. Psychologists, Therapists make use of the software.

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Ginger logo


Mental Healthcare Software 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Ginger software is an On-demand Mental health support. The software offers text-based behavioral health coaching and Video therapy with evening and weekend hours. Psychiatrists can prescribe and manage medications to meet the needs. It supports Mobile Android and iOS.

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BestNotes logo


EHR and EMR Mental Health Software System Write a Review

BestNotes is the 1 rated behavioral EHR for mental health and addiction treatment software. BestNotes’ collaborative tool features are designed to inform and enhance communication for individual users and departments. Track all medications and indications that pre-populate throughout your documentation. Customize application that auto-populates into the intake and clinical documentation. Track when a medication is taken or refused and capture employee and client signature.

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TherapyNotes logo


EHR Software for Behavioral Health Write a Review

TherapyNotes is an online practice management system for behavioral health, featuring robust notes, scheduling, and billing features. Whereas most practice management systems offer a generic free-form text area, TherapyNotes™ offers an easy-to-use form-filled approach, greatly speeding up data entry and note writing. TherapyNotes™ also offers a powerful “to do” list which automatically directs clinicians regarding what actions need to be taken such as notes to write after sessions, to contact the primary care physician when appropriate, or reminders to schedule treatment plan updates.

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One Step Software logo

One Step Software

Behavioral Health Made Simple Write a Review

One Step Software used software by addiction treatment centers, drug courts and sober living programs. The software offers tools to automate intake, track drug tests and medications for every resident. Residents can view their schedule use the mobile app. Patients continue this habit post-program which gives alumni coordinator a direct link to the patients post-program. Track payments and share resources with clients at once.

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AZZLY logo


A Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Software 5 Based on 1 Ratings

AZZLY Rize is an all-in-one addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare specific EHR and RCM system. The software offers behavioral healthcare features like e-check-in, scheduling, appointment reminder, progress notes, medication management, e-prescribing, electronic billing, claims submission and more. The AZZLY Rize used to display the patients journey in one eChart. Role based privilege restricts access to analytics engine to administrative. It support Mobile IPAD and Iphone.

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ICANotes logo


The Most Clinically Robust Behavioral Health EHR Write a Review

ICANotes is the only fully configured EHR for behavioral health and addiction treatment. ICANotes is the most clinically robust EHR for behavioral health, with pre-configured templates for all disciplines and settings. A PMS can increase the efficiency of your practice and the safety of your clients. It may also reduce the amount of paperwork you deal with through electronic insurance claims and a robust charting system. A PMS can handle processing your payments and other billing procedures. You can set up notifications to alert you when patients have open balances and keep detailed records of client billing.

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Sharenote logo


Behavioral Health Practice Software 3.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Sharenote software is a practice management system to run clinics. The software offers customizable patient portal allows patients to sign forms, view treatment plans and speak with therapists directly. Data is secure and can send prescriptions electronically, review lab orders and check patient vitals. A dedicated Customer Service and Implementation Team during setup and on-boarding used to manage the billing needs.

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B Care logo

B Care

Inpatient and Community EHR Software 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

B Care software used to automate patient workflows. The software offers tools to monitor patient’s journey via charts and programs for authorized users. The B Care assessments module supports standardized/mandated assessment and presents a discipline-specific representation of organized information. Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) module supports a complete medication / treatment management process from order capture through to administration.

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Credible Behavioral Health Software logo

Credible Behavioral Health Software

A Health EHR Software 3.7 Based on 31 Ratings

Credible Behavioral Health Software is a platform used to improve organization. The software offers intuitive ‘home page’ design simplifies viewing and create configurable treatment plan with templates. Track medication administration using eMAR and send notifications to manage staff workflows.

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Sigmund AURA logo

Sigmund AURA

EHR Software for Health Professionals 3.3 Based on 11 Ratings

AURA by Sigmund is an enterprise EHR software to meet the needs of behavioral health and addiction treatment. The software offers intuitive automation, care coordination, smart decision support and alert system. Monitor billing and collections platform to measure the workflows via dashboards.

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Valant Private Practice logo

Valant Private Practice

Electronic Health Records Software for Behavioral Health Private Practices | Valant 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Valant is the market leader in EHR behavioral health software for private practices. See why behavioral health professionals like yourself prefer Valant.

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Kipu EMR logo

Kipu EMR

Your go-to EMR software Write a Review

Kipu EMR is an advanced EMR software solution, designed exclusively for the addiction and behavioral health treatment profession. It offers you tools for CRM, pre-admission, billing, and outcome measures along with usability, speed, and end-to-end efficiency. With Kipu EMR, you can record and track the first contact between your institution and prospective patients along with verification of benefits. With a simple click, you can discover who is being discharged and any member of the team can create an urgent issue if they identify a problem. Your team can quickly generate patient progress notes using a full menu of preset phrasing and phrases. You can use pre-loaded evaluation tools or create your own unique forms using a collection of templates offered by Kipu EMR. Users can track appointments on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, in addition to identifying billable appointments, and build custom calendars. The platform facilitates digital prescriptions for secure and accurate pharmacy ordering. Additionally, you can allow clinicians and therapists to record individual sessions in whatever format they like, including DAP and SOAP using Kipu.

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PIMSY logo


A Electronic Health Records Software 2.9 Based on 5 Ratings

PIMSY software is a mental health EHR / Practice Management System used to manage practice and reach goals. The software offers tools to send HIPAA-secure messages to your clients and streamline communication. PIMSY’s patient portal allows clients to fill out forms to conduct treatment remotely and keeping revenue flowing.

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NextStep Behavioral Health Integrated Care Software logo

NextStep Behavioral Health Integrated Care Software

A Health EHR Software 3.2 Based on 3 Ratings

NextStep is an Integrated medical care and behavioral health care practice. The software offers customizable forms and treatment Planning Wizard to meet the requirements. Measure the progress with Charts and automate billing with reminders.

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PsychReport logo


Mental Health Management Software | Psychiatrist Software - MDansby 4 Based on 1 Ratings

MDansby is the leading provider of the mental health management software at competitive rate. Our software can be ordered online, via telephone or fax.

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Soul Architect logo

Soul Architect

Grow spiritually with Notion Write a Review

Soul Architect is a comprehensive spiritual life system that will help unlock spiritual potential. It is a powerful tool that allows to collect, store and organize spiritual knowledge and insights in an easy to use, digital platform. Soul Architect helps to create a personalized spiritual journey that works for user. Through clear visualization and intuitive guidance, it provides a dynamic and personalized space for to progress spiritually. With Soul Architect, can gain spiritual clarity, peace of mind, and further insights into spiritual path. It is designed to support individual spiritual growth, allowing to progress and become the person aspire to be.

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DrCloudEHR logo


A Cloud Based EHR Software 5 Based on 1 Ratings

DrCloudEHR is a cloud-based Integrated Care solution offers treatment planning, medical billing and telehealth module. Track all clinical notes with reminders for due dates and updates. Send/Receive faxes electronically directly from the patient chart. A secure browser-based Electronic MAR (eMAR) charting system streamlines the workflows. It integrates with Zoom.

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Sahha logo


Empathic and Personalized Healthcare Experiences Write a Review

Sahha offers a powerful API that enables developers to incorporate health data from wearables and smartphones into their mobile apps. By tapping into this wealth of information, one can build exceptional physical and mental health experiences that drive positive behavioral change. The Sahha API currently integrates with the most popular wearables and health tracking devices, including Apple Health, Android & Google devices, Oura Ring, Samsung, Garmin, Whoop, Peloton, Polar and more. One of the key advantages of using Sahha's API is its seamless integration with wearables and smartphones. Sahha's API not only pulls health data from different devices but also transforms it into meaningful insights. This enables to better understand users' physical and mental health, allows to create more targeted and personalized healthcare experiences. Moreover, Sahha is continuously expanding its list of integrations to include more wearables and health tracking devices. This provides developers with an ever-growing pool of data sources to tap into, making their apps even more powerful and insightful. With Sahha's API, developers can now easily access health data from hundreds of common smartphones and wearables, all through one integration.

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List of Mental Health Software

EasyPractice EasyPractice 4
Valant Valant 0
Ginger Ginger 5
BestNotes BestNotes 0
TherapyNotes TherapyNotes 0
One Step Software One Step Software 0
ICANotes ICANotes 0
Sharenote Sharenote 3.5
B Care B Care 4.5

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