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Product Analytics Software

Product Analytics software allows businesses to track user’s product interactions. They let the companies record product visits, events, clicks and usage which allows them to enhance their product experience by identifying what is, and what is not working for user engagement. Product analytics software provides reports of quantitative data as well as dashboards which helps to identify behavioral patterns and pain points through the product, thereby improving user experience. This software is typically used by developers, designers and product managers to facilitate data driven decision making and assist in product development. 

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Quantum Metric - Product Analytics Software

Quantum Metric

Real-time digital insights
(176 Ratings)

Quantum Metric pricing: Quantum Metric Offers Custom plan.

What is Quantum Metric and how does it work?

Quantum Metric automatically quantifies opportunities in your digital applications, helping you prioritize with more speed and confidence. New report from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services explores how Continuous Product Design optimizes experiences and enables transformation.With real-time insight into customer signals that help us test, learn, and iterate faster. show more

Sherlock - Product Analytics Software


Find, Convert and Keep PQLs
(7 Ratings)

Sherlock pricing: Starts at $129.0.

What is Sherlock and how does it work?

Sherlock helps SaaS businesses to find product qualified leads, convert them, and retain them. In order to use the tool users need to sign up first. Post the sign-up process, they can connect their Segment account or use the provided API. Users need to create an engagement score and define the activation criteria. They can start scoring product engagement by ranking individual events based on the level of importance. It's also needed to set up an account activation checklist in Sherlock, after which activation rates will be displayed as a percentage such that the higher it is, the more likely it is that the user has a product qualified lead. Users can also access a list of their users and accounts ranked by engagement level, drill down to individual profiles, and find out which accounts are PQLs. The identified leads can then be sent to their existing workflows via integrations with Slack, Salesforce, and Intercom. show more

Heap - Product Analytics Software


Product Analytics, Conversion Rate optimization, and Customer Data Management
(664 Ratings)

Heap pricing: Heap Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Heap and how does it work?

Heap offers a smarter way to build digital products. With comprehensive data collection and structured processes, Heap helps Product Managers understand their users, make data-driven decisions, and craft delightful digital experiences. Retroactive and codeless user analytics provide greater access to data and more granularity. Your team can always gather insights, generate hypotheses, and evaluate impact without waiting for developer resources. Decouple analytics from code with the flexibility of Virtual Events. Retroactively name, modify, merge, or create new Virtual Events for each user interaction without writing new tracking code or changing the underlying data. With Autocapture and Virtual Events, Heap delivers the most complete customer dataset. Never worry about what an event is, if it’s outdated, or what the context behind it is. Give everyone at your company instant access to behavioral insights. Enable your organization to make better decisions based on more complete customer data. show more

Amplitude Analytics - Product Analytics Software

Amplitude Analytics

Get access to accurate customers’ behavioural graph and discover what they really want
(1,125 Ratings)

Amplitude Analytics pricing: Amplitude Analytics Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Amplitude Analytics and how does it work?

Amplitude Analytics is a behaviour tracking platform that helps businesses to monitor their customers and other visitors’ behaviour and showcase them through a graph. The behavioural graph is the highest performing and intelligent database for digital behaviour that is built for speed, scale and complexity of modern digital products and teams. It gives insights into each customers’ behaviour about every product, to understand the optimal path towards business growth. The platform helps to navigate and read complex data to get an instantaneous answer, whether it is related to users’ strategies or predicting future outcomes. With its machine learning capability, Amplitude Analysis reads through the complicated data and finds patterns in them, makes predictions and intelligently adapts each experience based on their behaviour. The analytics provided by the platform helps to create better applications that run a faster and smarter business. These analytics also help to make better decisions enabling the entire system to get smart enough and grow in a seamless way. show more

Pendo - Product Analytics Software


Analytics Platform Built To Help Software Companies Develop The Right Products
(698 Ratings)

Pendo pricing: Pendo Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Pendo and how does it work?

Pendo is a solution that helps product teams deliver the best products or services to their customers even as their needs keep changing. It gives comprehensive product analytics that helps users come up with data-driven decisions. It works in a way so that users can understand which features are adopted and ignored. The tool tracks all usage without any coding, tagging or instrumentation. Users can analyze how their customers move through workflows and then take action to improve their user experience. Through hyper-targeted surveys and polls, one could see how users think and feel about their products. It allows users to design and deploy rich in-app campaigns without any developer resources. Users can contact their customers through tailor messaging to ensure they are using all the features that are beneficial to them. It helps users get a clear signal about where they need to optimize their product including user experience for each segment. The platform allows users to coordinate around a central planning roadmap thus eliminating miscommunication and planning more productively. show more

Veritone Discovery - Product Analytics Software

Veritone Discovery

AI-Powered Media Discovery & Analytics Suite
(2 Ratings)

Veritone Discovery pricing: Veritone Discovery Offers Custom plan.

What is Veritone Discovery and how does it work?

Consisting of four AI-enabled applications, Veritone Essentials allows you to get the most value out of your visual and audio media. These applications, powered by aiWARE, allow you to instantly search, analyze, and share information like never before. With Essentials, you can easily search a broadcast in near real-time, set up alerts for content and topics, automate air-checks, and track and verify ads, sponsorships, endorsements, and more. show more

SiteWit - Product Analytics Software


Right Marketing Campaign for Your Business
(4 Ratings)

SiteWit pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SiteWit and how does it work?

SiteWit is an automated big data-driven approach for the website, and paid search optimization for the major web and marketing platforms. Pick a monthly budget that works for your business. The charge a small monthly fee so more of your budget goes towards results. No need for Google Ads account or other services. The campaigns adjust multiple times a day to make sure you're not overspending on bad traffic, or underspending on good opportunities. Marketing without results is like a car without the steering wheel. The help you see results so you know if your marketing is working for you. show more

Pricer24 - Product Analytics Software


Clear Product Analytics Service
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Pricer24 pricing: Pricer24 Offers Custom plan.

What is Pricer24 and how does it work?

Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of highly dynamic pricing markets? Pricer24 is the answer for you. With this comprehensive solution, users can get the most up-to-date pricing data to understand the market and empower decisions. Pricer24 collects all market intelligence, makes sense of it, and delivers reliable insights directly to the desktop. Be ahead of competitors by tracking actions intelligently. Instead of spending time manually tracking competitor prices, know what they’re doing with a few clicks : access detailed reports that reveal emerging market trends and identify where their own strategy should be changing in order to maximize profit. Users can even set alert thresholds so that they can automatically jump into action when required. Trusting Pricer24 provides the priceless peace of mind that comes from knowing how the competitors are performing and how to stay ahead: trust the power of reliable analytics delivered only by Pricer24. show more

Viavoo - Product Analytics Software


Access the insights that matter
(0 Ratings)

Viavoo pricing: Viavoo Offers Custom plan.

What is Viavoo and how does it work?

Viavoo platform's Multichannel Hub has plug & play connectors with the flagship solutions of the digital ecosystem, allowing you to easily use consumer-generated content (CGC) or customer conversations, continuously. You devote your time to use, not to configuration. hybrid technology implements artificial intelligence techniques combining linguistic algorithms and machine learning, with an approach based on the meaning of sentences and not simply by keywords, for an optimal understanding of human language. show more

Canopy API - Product Analytics Software

Canopy API

Business is only as good as its tools
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Canopy API pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Canopy API and how does it work?

The Canopy API offers a range of intuitive and user-friendly APIs to help users to obtain real-time insights into product listings on Amazon.com. With this tool, users can access up-to-the-minute information on product prices, reviews, and sales estimates, as well as stock estimations. The API makes it easy to collect all review data for further analysis, which can help users to optimize the product listing and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Canopy API allows users to retrieve product search results for specific keywords, enabling users to quickly process search result rankings and gain a competitive edge. Whether they were a seller or a researcher, the Canopy API is a powerful tool that can help users access the information they need to make informed decisions about the Amazon products. show more

PostHog - Product Analytics Software


Analysing the way to success
(0 Ratings)

PostHog pricing: Starts at $59.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is PostHog and how does it work?

PostHog is an extremely versatile product analysis software, helping out organizations and developers get a thorough detailed analysis of their business prospects. The solution auto-captures traffic along with user behaviour and analyzes them via a series of benchmarks. It finds out various individual factors which serve as user retention tools. PostHog offers watch back sessions from real users, enabling organisations to monitor bugs and detect out places where their customers are stuck. Website generators and business houses get to enhance the conversion rates of individual leads by visualizing the exact navigational paths of their users. Managers can configure an advanced dashboard within the platform and get access to important business metrics related to individual products, in the form of line charts, pie charts and funnels. PostHog with its feature flag module enables application managers to deploy new features and get them rolled out in real-time without having to re-deploy the entire website or application. show more

Pushlytics - Product Analytics Software


Build your digital product in a smarter way
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Pushlytics pricing: Pushlytics Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Pushlytics and how does it work?

Pushlytics is an intuitive platform that offers its users a smarter way to develop their digital products. The software helps organizations get a detailed understanding of their consumers with structured processes and comprehensive data collection mechanisms. Besides making data-driven decisions, users can also craft delightful digital experiences using the same. The software offers detailed product-related metrics, including user interaction, most loved features and new correlations. Pushlytics with its embedded auto-track feature offers a comprehensive datasheet of multiple product-related interactions. Organizations can iterate and improve their products through this platform by testing small changes, while keeping the product team agile and lean. With the provided dataset, users can always be aware of every interaction within their products. Further, they can improve every part of customers’ journey, starting from activation, acquisition to requisition, revenue generation to referral. Moreover, seamless integration capabilities offered by the platform supports data-importation from both mobile and web. show more

Incursu - Product Analytics Software


Gain Insights with Customer's Interaction
(0 Ratings)

Incursu pricing: Incursu Offers Custom plan.

What is Incursu and how does it work?

Incursu software is a platform used to monitor customers using your cloud application. Funnel tool for understanding user behavior flows and dropout rates. Segment users to identify retention using machine learning techniques. Generate business insights without the assistance of a data scientist. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Productlift - Product Analytics Software


Turn product usage into sales insights
(0 Ratings)

Productlift pricing: Starts at $499.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Productlift and how does it work?

Productlift is an analytics platform that captures user engagement data, transforms it into buying intent signals, and delivers actionable insights to sales teams of SaaS organizations. Helps to convert product into a sales tool to enrich sales funnel with Product Qualified Leads (PQL). PQLs used by companies such as Hubspot and Slack have shown to more than double the conversion rate of an MQL. show more

Kindly Conversion Optimization - Product Analytics Software

Kindly Conversion Optimization

Conversational E-commerce Turn interactions into results
(0 Ratings)

Kindly Conversion Optimization pricing: Kindly Conversion Optimization Offers Custom plan.

What is Kindly Conversion Optimization and how does it work?

Start the conversation and turn online shopping into conversational commerce. Increase customer satisfaction by up 80% and delight shoppers at any stage of their journey with our conversational AI. Ready-to-use or fully customized – our onboarding and customer success team will get you there.

Adtelligence Customer Intelligence - Product Analytics Software

Adtelligence Customer Intelligence

Customer experience management made easy
(0 Ratings)

Adtelligence Customer Intelligence pricing: Adtelligence Customer Intelligence Offers Custom plan.

What is Adtelligence Customer Intelligence and how does it work?

Adtelligence Customer Intelligence is a customer intelligence platform that enables companies to personalise their entire digital sales performance. It helps businesses to collect transactional and customers’ behavioural data and transform it into personalised experiences that can generate more sales. Through Adtelligence Customer Intelligence, companies can use existing customer data to generate insights about their customers’ behaviour. They can also create an intelligent website that can identify visitors’ needs and respond to them with the best possible content. The platform helps users to automate their various processes. Through these processes, they can even address their customers with the right type of offers at the right time. Companies can reduce the burden of time-consuming and repetitive tasks as well as increase their capacity to achieve goals. Adtelligence Customer Intelligence is a powerful platform that is used by companies engaged in different sectors of banking, energy, banking, telco, games, classified, travel, e-commerce and insurance. show more

Correlated - Product Analytics Software


The leading platform for product led revenue
(0 Ratings)

Correlated pricing: Correlated Offers Custom plan.

What is Correlated and how does it work?

Reach out to the right accounts, at the right time, with the right message to drive revenue and beat quota. Correlated puts you back in the driver’s seat, so you can have relevant conversations with your customers based on how they're using your product.

WebSTAT - Product Analytics Software


Web analytics easy and cost-effective
(0 Ratings)

WebSTAT pricing: WebSTAT Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is WebSTAT and how does it work?

WebSTAT makes Web analytics easy and cost-effective. Our hosted analytics software tracks and stores web statistics for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes. You don't need thousands of dollars to get a good web traffic analysis package. Access to over 40 reports, including executive summaries, traffic patterns, visited pages, search engines, campaign tracking, and visitor details show more

GrowthSimple - Product Analytics Software


Predict User Behavior to enable targeted growth strategies
(0 Ratings)

GrowthSimple pricing: GrowthSimple Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowthSimple and how does it work?

GrowthSimple is an online-based Product Analytics Software. Users can be classified as being ideal for high, medium, or low-touch mitigation activity to match your go-to-market strategy. Designed to ingest user responses to mitigation campaign activity and continuously learn. The system improves the quality of prediction results without manual intervention. GrowthSimple integrates directly with your product instrumentation tools like Segment. Don't have your product instrumented provide us your backend API logs and we will extract the right signals. show more

OmniPanel - Product Analytics Software


Customer Centric Starts With CX
(0 Ratings)

OmniPanel pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is OmniPanel and how does it work?

OmniPanel is the all-in-one CX workspace for case handoffs & customer insights reporting. OmniPanel enables essential team collaboration. Share the most pressing user issues with customer anecdotes and rich data context to anyone in an instant. OmniPanel gives each employee a simple way to see all customer cases related to the products they built and are responsible for improving. Team members must be responsible for improving their products through iteration. They can't iterate if they don't know where the user problems are. show more

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List of Product Analytics Software

Quantum Metric 4.7
Sherlock 4.5
Heap 4.5
Amplitude Analytics 4.5
Pendo 4.2
Veritone Discovery 4
SiteWit 1.5
Pricer24 NA
Viavoo NA
Canopy API NA

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