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Text Analysis Software

Text analysis software uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract valuable insights from structured and unstructured text data. This tool enables professionals to understand the sentiment analysis, key phrases, language nuances, recurring themes, and patterns that emerge from the data. Text Analytics software can process data from various channels, including emails, phone call transcripts, surveys, and customer feedback. Additionally, it can integrate with other analytical platforms, such as big data analytics and business intelligence systems. To qualify as text analysis software, a product must import text data from different sources and offer visualization features for text data analysis.

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Microsoft Text Analytics API

Text Analytics | Microsoft Azure
(14 Ratings)

Turn unstructured text into meaningful insights with Text Analytics. Get sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and language and entity detection.

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IBM Watson Explorer

Watson Discovery - Overview
(30 Ratings)

IBM Watson Explorer is a new way to explore all your unstructured data. It uses text analytics and machine learning to help you find secrets hiding in your data. A complex claim that took 2 days to process can now be completed in 10 minutes.

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SAS Contextual Analysis

SAS Visual Text Analytics
(1 Ratings)

Uncover insights hidden in massive volumes of textual data with SAS Visual Text Analytics, which combines powerful natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules to help you get the most out of unstructured data.

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SAS Sentiment Analysis

SAS Visual Text Analytics
(1 Ratings)

Uncover insights hidden in massive volumes of textual data with SAS Visual Text Analytics, which combines powerful natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules to help you get the most out of unstructured data.

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SAS Visual Text Analytics

SAS Visual Text Analytics
(1 Ratings)

Uncover insights hidden in massive volumes of textual data with SAS Visual Text Analytics, which combines powerful natural language processing, machine learning and linguistic rules to help you get the most out of unstructured data.

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Micro Focus IDOL

IDOL | Unified Text, Video & Speech Analytics | Micro Focus
(4 Ratings)

Micro Focus IDOL enterprise search & data analytics platform searches & analyzes unstructured data from any source including text, video & speech. Learn more here.

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Enago Reports

Evaluate & Enhance any Document
(0 Ratings)

Enago Reports is the ultimate solution for those seeking to produce professional writing of the highest standards. This service’s comprehensive set of features helps simplify the writing and proofreading process while ensuring compliance and accuracy. When they use Enago Reports, they can be sure of superior language quality in their work. These AI-powered native language editors review, edit, and proofread their documents to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These native editors also ensure that their writing is culturally appropriate for their target audience. Enago Reports provides a reliable source of information to eliminate bias in their work. These editors employ a systematic approach to gathering and structuring information to help support their argument. They also use AI technology to identify any potential bias during the review process. The result? Well-researched, unbiased work that’s sure to impress any reader. Enago Reports can help them sidestep the dreaded process of proofreading and journal submission. These automated proofreaders scan each document for mistakes faster than ever before. This submission wizard helps them optimize their article for journal acceptance, so they can put themselves one step ahead of the competition. Lest we forget, Enago Reports can protect them from plagiarism and AI-generated content. This advanced software scans for any copied content and flags it for their review. This helps them avoid any possible legal issues that may arise from copying somebody else’s work. So why settle for less? Choose Enago Reports and produce professional work that is free of bias and errors. Put their trust in us for superior language quality, technical compliance, and a one-stop solution for all their writing needs. show more

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Wootric Text & Sentiment...

Text & Sentiment Analysis | Wootric CXInsight™
(1 Ratings)

Wootric CXInsight™ uses machine learning to auto-categorize and assignment sentiment to unstructured feedback from surveys, online reviews, social media, support tickets, employee feedback, and more. Machine learning identifies category themes and sentiment in each verbatim comment, instantly analyzing volumes of feedback. No more silos — democratize customer data.

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The intelligent customer experience platform
(0 Ratings)

Reduce churn and increase revenue with Lumoa's customer experience platform. Understand what drives customer experience in an easy and affordable manner. Collect, analyze, control and take actions on customer feedback.

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Product Matrix & Prices - PoolParty Semantic Suite
(2 Ratings)

PoolParty Semantic Suite is the most complete and advanced semantic middleware platform on the global market. It uses innovative means to help organizations build and manage enterprise knowledge graphs as a basis for their AI strategy. A knowledge graph is a rich representation of a knowledge domain that is capable of deriving more understanding out of your data. It is used to break down data silos by linking data from various departments and organizations.

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Luminoso Daylight

AI-Powered Text Analytics Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

Luminoso Daylight is a cloud-based Natural Language Understanding platform for sentiment analysis in 15 languages. The software offers tools to analyze and report on the presence of sentiment in text data. Evaluate mixed datasets with correlating text feedback and numeric ratings. Visualize concepts relate to each other and identify themes.

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Decision Intelligence Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

Quantexa is an integrated Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) platform used to connect data points to create context – entity graphs enriched with vital intelligence. Analytics can be powered by context and embedded into operational decision processes. It offers a modular integrated platform with open data interfaces and APIs.

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Fractal Analytics - Intelligence for Imagination
(2 Ratings)

Fractal Analytics helps global Fortune 100 companies power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics and AI to the decision.

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Measure Society Changes in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

Citibeats is an artificial intelligence platform used to search and analyze the large amounts of text provided by citizens. The software offers tools to identify social facts and trends that are useful for companies and institutions. Interpret the needs and opinions of users in real-time on a large scale.

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Canvs AI

The easiest and most accurate Insights platform
(0 Ratings)

Canvs AI is an emotion and behavior insights platform that understands how consumers feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact those feelings and behaviors create for brands through analyzing digital conversations, such as open ended text prompts in surveys, online product reviews, or from social comments on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Provalis Research QDA Miner

Qualitative Data Analysis Software, Mixed Methods Research Tool
(2 Ratings)

QDA Miner is an easy-to-use quantitative data analysis software package. QDA Miner can analyze small and large collections of documents and images.

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Indico Data

Automate Workflows with IPA
(0 Ratings)

Indico Data is a platform used to drive more value across the business. The software offers tools capable of handling even the most unruly, unstructured intake data. Take documents from any source and transform them into insights and competitive advantage. Integrated OCR with built-in quality correction to measure the performance of work-with technologists.

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The fastest-to-implement AI for Support Teams
(0 Ratings)

Lang.ai is a no-code service automation platform that empowers customer support teams to build AI models that they can directly control to improve and automate critical support processes. We seamlessly integrate into Zendesk and Salesforce and take the tedious and manual tasks out of agents’ hands so they can focus on what is most important, the customer. Our customers are leveraging Lang for the following use cases and with our plug and play technology they’re up and running in 48 hours with no model training and maintenance required. show more

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Automate Data Signals in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

Quilt.AI used to create empathy at scale between organization. The software offers tools to create an AI-powered remedy for creator’s block that inspires ideas for ad campaigns, product descriptions, slogans and social media posts in seconds. Sphere is an insights tool for using Internet data and machine learning to experience the sweeping trends.

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Moderation API

Scale Your Business With Automated Text Analysis
(0 Ratings)

Modern businesses demand quick, accurate content moderation. With the Moderation API from [Company Name], they can automate text analysis to streamline their workflow. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, this API helps professional teams become more efficient and save time without compromising on privacy and accuracy. The Moderation API ensures that the scales are faster and stays ahead of the competition. Working with this revolutionary tool, companies can trust that their content is moderated quickly without sacrificing quality or safety standards. With robust and reliable tools such as these, growing businesses can trust that their content is in good hands. Choose the Moderation API to ensure the business's success. show more

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List of Text Analysis Software

Microsoft Text Analytics API 4.4
IBM Watson Explorer 3.9
SAS Contextual Analysis 4
SAS Sentiment Analysis 3.5
SAS Visual Text Analytics 3.5
Micro Focus IDOL 4.1
Enago Reports NA
Wootric Text & Sentiment Analytics 5
Lumoa NA
PoolParty 4.5