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Watson Health

About IBM Watson Health
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Understand how a connected ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence, cognitive insight and healthcare industry partnerships is driving the transformation to address today’s most challenging healthcare issues.

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Apigee Healthcare APIx

Apigee Health APIx  |  Google Cloud
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Easily connect healthcare providers, including hospitals and clinics, app developers, and health data partners, with Apigee’s HealthAPIx solution.

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LexisNexis MarketView

MarketView™ | LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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Understand how high-value physicians spend their time, and identify regional and national influencers driving success with LexisNexis® Marketview™.

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healthgrades Quality Solutions

Improve Quality Outcomes & Complication Rates | Healthgrades
(10 Ratings)

Improve quality outcomes and complication rates with our team of clinical experts and an intensive consultative approach. See how Healthgrades can help your organization.

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Change Healthcare Data &...

Healthcare Data & Analytics Solutions
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Discover how our solutions help payers and providers turn healthcare data into timely, actionable insights to optimize revenue, cost, and quality performance.

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Definitive Healthcare

Healthcare Analytics & Provider Data | Definitive Healthcare
(30 Ratings)

Definitive Healthcare is the leading provider of data and intelligence on hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers. The company's data provides clients with the analytics and insight needed to effectively segment and research the healthcare provider market.

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CareCloud Advanced Analytics

Medical Practice Management Software | CareCloud
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CareCloud Medical Practice Management Software makes your practice more effective with online medical scheduling, medical billing and more.

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MEDITECH BCA (Business &...

MEDITECH Business & Clinical Analytics
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Business & Clinical Analytics is a web-based data visualization tool that manages big data and fuels informed decisions.

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LeanTaaS IQueue

Digital Transformation Platform for Healthcare
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Maximize the OR during business hours by freeing up capacity and establishing a credible, surgeon-centric and transparent system to improve surgical block utilization and manage open time. Increase patient access, reduce wait times and stay operationally agile by optimizing scheduling templates, level-loading daily schedules, and future-proofing the experience for patients and staff alike. Make optimal inpatient capacity management decisions using a real-time AI powered analytics engine. Place the right patient in the right bed at the right time, reduce LOS, and avoid the daily operational chaos. show more

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High-impact healthcare navigation
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Amino Health makes high-value healthcare benefits more intuitive by delivering data-driven, personalized care recommendations that plan members will act on. Amino Health is trusted by self-insured employers, health plans, third-party administrators, brokers, and human resource technology providers to set plan members into motion toward better health.

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Quantros Quality Suite

Healthcare Benchmarking Software & Solutions - Healthcare Dashboards
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Execute performance improvements that calibrate your healthcare outcomes with value-based care. Easy-to-navigate dashboards with comprehensive, on-demand views of clinical quality, utilization, and performance

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Care coordination for transformative health plans
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HealthEdge is on a mission to drive a digital revolution in healthcare. They were connecting health plans, providers, and patients with end-to-end digital technology solutions to support new business models, reduce administrative costs and improve health outcomes. The growing portfolio of products (HealthRules Payor, Source, GuidingCare, and Wellframe) provides talented and passionate professionals with opportunities to lead change and make a lasting, global impact in healthcare.

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iVantage Performance Manager

Hospital Performance Improvement Solution | iVantage Health
(1 Ratings)

iVantage Performance Manager is an integrated performance management platform that drives results. It helps organizations assess and benchmark current performance.

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Sentry Healthcare Analytics

Agilum | A new kind of healthcare business Intelligence
(1 Ratings)

Unveiling critical insights to improve patient outcomes while lowering the total cost of care.

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A Stable, Secure Cloud-based Platform
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RxAgile is a cloud-based turnkey, white-label adjudication engine, with all the flexibility and simplicity needed to manage business now and as it grows. This API-driven platform keeps all the tools that support consumerism strategy up to date. Whether it's member-pay pricing look-up, HDHP-support, or formulary changes they are always current, in real-time, across the board.

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PDX Enterprise Pharmacy...

Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS™) | PDX, Inc.
(12 Ratings)

The PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS™) has become the industry leader in pharmacy management systems. EPS is fast, safe, and intuitive, helping you meet your patient's expectations.

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Universal API for Healthcare Data
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Metriport is the perfect solution for digital health companies looking to access and manage health and medical data. This open source API simplifies the process of connecting to users' wearables, RPM devices, and mHealth apps. This FHIR-native API allows to gain secure access to users' personal medical data. Metriport offers superior security, and open source technology allows for faster development and community support. They are dedicated to helping digital health companies get up and running quickly and cost-effectively, without the hassle of slow and expensive legacy solutions. show more

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Data and insights tools were built specifically
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Prospection is helping user make evidence-based decisions with proprietary health data analytics solutions. They have developed a powerful set of tools that offers unprecedented speed to therapeutic evidence, understanding patient cohorts to show where and when treatment outcomes can be improved in the real world setting. They gather and present longitudinal patient data in easily searchable dashboards, presented in pharma-minded formats to give user quick access to business critical information. From specialised treatment journeys to mapping patient trends, the analytic offerings are scalable to market. For further detail, have a look at what the services can provide. show more

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Platform – Viewics
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Viewics provides access to disparate healthcare data to surface actionable intelligence and empower data-driven decision-making. The HIPPA compliant solution puts the transformational power of analytics into the hands of healthcare professionals.

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A Faster Path from Prospect to Customer
(1 Ratings)

Salespeople are spending too much time sifting through spreadsheets and it's taking away from their valuable time interacting with clients. Give your team actionable, beautiful reports that spark real, insightful conversations with their buyers. We save our customers hundreds of hours per salesperson by packaging data-driven insights into easy-to-consume presentations.

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List of Healthcare Analytics Software

Watson Health NA
Apigee Healthcare APIx NA
LexisNexis MarketView 2.8
healthgrades Quality Solutions 3.8
Change Healthcare Data & Analytics Solutions 4.5
Definitive Healthcare 4.3
CareCloud Advanced Analytics 4.5
MEDITECH BCA (Business & Clinical Analytics) 1
LeanTaaS IQueue NA
Amino NA

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