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Azure Event Hubs logo

Azure Event Hubs

Event Hubs—Real-Time Data Ingestion | Microsoft Azure 4.2 Based on 12 Ratings

Learn about Azure Event Hubs, a managed service that can ingest and process massive data streams from websites, apps, or devices.

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Azure Stream Analytics logo

Azure Stream Analytics

Serverless real-time analytics, from the cloud to the edge 3.6 Based on 13 Ratings

Discover Azure Stream Analytics, the easy-to-use, real-time analytics service that is designed for mission-critical workloads. End-to-end analytics pipeline that is production-ready in minutes with familiar SQL syntax and extensible with JavaScript and C# custom code. Rapid scalability with the elastic capacity to build robust streaming data pipelines and analyze millions of events at subsecond latencies. Enterprise-grade reliability with built-in recovery and built-in machine learning capabilities for advanced scenarios.

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Google Cloud Streaming analytics logo

Google Cloud Streaming analytics

Adopt simple ingestion for complex events Write a Review

Ingest, process, and analyze event streams in real time. Google Cloud's streaming analytics solutions make data more organized, useful, and accessible from the instant it’s generated. Ingest, process, and analyze real-time event streams and take business impacting action on high-value, perishable insights. Ingest and analyze hundreds of millions of events per second from applications or devices virtually anywhere on the globe with Pub/Sub. Or directly stream millions of events per second into your data warehouse for SQL-based analysis with BigQuery's streaming API.

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IBM Streaming Analytics logo

IBM Streaming Analytics

Discover deep insights in real time 3.8 Based on 2 Ratings

Make sense of data, turning fast-moving volumes and varieties into insight with IBM Streams. Streams evaluates a broad range of streaming data unstructured text, video, audio, geospatial and sensor helping organizations spot opportunities and risks as they happen.

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub logo

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub  |  Google Cloud 4.6 Based on 24 Ratings

Pub/Sub is a flexible, reliable, real-time messaging service for independent applications to publish and subscribe to asynchronous events.

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TIBCO Streaming logo

TIBCO Streaming

Functional Streaming Analytics Software Write a Review

TIBCO Streaming software is enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics for quickly building real-time applications at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.

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TIBCO Cloud Events logo

TIBCO Cloud Events

Event Processing | Event Streaming | Event Driven Architecture Write a Review

Digital businesses must design applications that allow the business to be proactive not reactive. This requires the ability to process huge amounts of data that TIBCO Cloud Events can do.

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Teradata Listener logo

Teradata Listener

Teradata IntelliSphere | Comprehensive Software Portfolio 4 Based on 2 Ratings

Teradata IntelliSphere is a comprehensive software portfolio that empowers users to ingest, access, manage, and deploy within one subscription. Discover more.

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Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform logo

Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform

Talend Data Fabric: The complete data integration platform Based on 1 Ratings

Maximize the power of your data. Talend Data Fabric integrates, cleans, governs, and delivers the right data to the right users.

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WSO2 Stream Processor logo

WSO2 Stream Processor

Streaming Integrator 3.5 Based on 1 Ratings

WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source, cloud native and lightweight stream processing platform. It understands streaming queries in order to capture, analyze, process and act on events in real time.

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Altair Panopticon logo

Altair Panopticon

Stream Processing and Visualization for Real-Time and Time Series Data 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Panopticon provides more than 50 high-density information visualizations designed to foster intuitive comprehension of complex, fast-changing data. Identify correlations, clusters, trends, exceptions, and anomalies in seconds. Panopticon is built from the ground up to handle high velocity and high volume data sources. Panopticon’s stream processing engine is built on Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams and supports real-time data prep, aggregation, calculations, and alerting.

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Stream Feeds logo

Stream Feeds

Build activity streams in hours with service 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Feed ranking, aggregation, reactions, URL enrichment, follows/unfollows and real-time updates give users everything they expect from a sophisticated activity feed experience. Teams trust the Stream technology to scale world-wide, regardless of load without going down and impacting their app performace or usability. The Stream service is trusted by hundreds of teams and more than a billion end-users to reliably scale, regardless of demand.

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PI System logo

PI System

Connecting data, operations & people 4.4 Based on 8 Ratings

PI System—the proven industrial data management platform trusted by engineers and CIOs alike. PI System is an integrated portfolio of software to collect, store, view, analyze, and share operational data with users within and beyond the enterprise.

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Conviva Experience Intelligence logo

Conviva Experience Intelligence

Experience Insights - Conviva 3.8 Based on 2 Ratings

Conviva's Experience Intelligence optimizes viewer engagement and satisfaction in real-time, measuring quality of experience (QoE) & engagement for streamers.

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StreamSets logo


DataOps Platform for Modern Data Integration | StreamSets 4.1 Based on 27 Ratings

StreamSets DataOps Platform delivers continuous data and handles data drift using a modern approach to data engineering and data integration.

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GridGain logo


Extreme Speed and Scale for Data-Intensive Apps 3.8 Based on 2 Ratings

GridGain powers the digital enterprise with an in-memory computing platform built on Apache Ignite that provides in-memory speed and massive scalability for data-intensive applications. It requires no rip-and-replace of existing databases and can be deployed on-premises, on a public or private cloud, or on a hybrid environment.

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Sentiance logo


Turning motion into context seamlessly Write a Review

Sentiance is an AI-driven data science and behaviour change management platform for companies, enabling them to generate personalised engagement products and services through intelligent contextual recommenders. It aims to create a new human-centric economy where the users are in full control of their data. The platform helps companies to understand and get deep customer insights in a real-time context. It predicts users’ behaviour and offers them more effective engagement before they even ask for it. The platform can also be used to create behaviour changes in people by using the right techniques in order to improve their life. With Sentiance brands can generate meaningful mobile-first experiences to keep the customers engaged. Its mobility intelligence records trip scores or mileage to get clear information about why and how people are travelling. With crash detection functionality, Sentiance helps to save lives and receive insurance claims. Companies can also know their customers’ lifestyle and encourage them to opt for healthier habits and create a positive impact.

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Guavus SQLstream logo

Guavus SQLstream

A SQL platform for streaming analytics 4.3 Based on 2 Ratings

Guavus SQLstream works with a broad array of already-implemented technologies to increase performance and provide continuous real-time support. s-Studio is a stream inspection, application development, and administration console for the s-Server platform. s-Studio enables dynamic updates to live applications, adding new queries as needed or changing existing queries or views. s-Dashboard enables developers to deploy real-time dashboards for streaming analytics on any device or channel, and is pre-configured with a standard set of panels, widgets, and dashboards.

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The Eventador Platform logo

The Eventador Platform

The Streaming Data Engine for Killer Applications | Eventador Write a Review

Eventador ESP paves the way for using distributed log technologies as your enterprise data bus. It delivers a secure, unified platform for managing critical streaming data processors. Eventador's ESP provides the fully managed Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, connectors, endpoints, observability, and features.

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Cloudlytics logo


Cloud-Driven Security for Modern Enterprises Write a Review

Cloudlytics is a Smart Solution for Next-Gen Enterprises to Secure, Manage & Optimize public Cloud. Get an all-inclusive compliance assurance solution to maintain an unwavering security posture. Cloudlytics facilitates identifying, prioritizing, and remediating compliance risks through insights that drive actions. Cloudlytics is a simple tool for governing compliance in your cloud platform. It simplifies inherent complexities to ensure compliance of business operations with standards. With Cloudlytics steering the wheel, track your inventory of assets along with risks and possible optimizations.

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