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Updated on: July 31, 2021

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Azure Event Hubs

Event Hubs—Real-Time Data Ingestion | Microsoft Azure
(12 Ratings)

Learn about Azure Event Hubs, a managed service that can ingest and process massive data streams from websites, apps, or devices.

Azure Event Hubs Alternatives

IBM Streaming Analytics

IBM Streams - Overview
(2 Ratings)

IBM Streams enables you to analyze a broad range of streaming text, video, audio, geospatial and sensor data.

IBM Streaming Analytics Alternatives

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub  |  Google Cloud
(24 Ratings)

Pub/Sub is a flexible, reliable, real-time messaging service for independent applications to publish and subscribe to asynchronous events.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub Alternatives

Teradata Listener

Teradata IntelliSphere | Comprehensive Software Portfolio
(2 Ratings)

Teradata IntelliSphere is a comprehensive software portfolio that empowers users to ingest, access, manage, and deploy within one subscription. Discover more.

Teradata Listener Alternatives

Talend Real-Time Big Data...

Talend Data Fabric: The complete data integration platform
(1 Ratings)

Maximize the power of your data. Talend Data Fabric integrates, cleans, governs, and delivers the right data to the right users.

Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform Alternatives

WSO2 Stream Processor

Streaming Integrator
(1 Ratings)

WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source, cloud native and lightweight stream processing platform. It understands streaming queries in order to capture, analyze, process and act on events in real time.

WSO2 Stream Processor Alternatives

Conviva Experience...

Experience Insights - Conviva
(2 Ratings)

Conviva's Experience Intelligence optimizes viewer engagement and satisfaction in real-time, measuring quality of experience (QoE) & engagement for streamers.

Conviva Experience Intelligence Alternatives

Stream Feeds

Activity Feed API - Build activity streams in hours with our service!
(1 Ratings)

Learn how Stream Personalization can drive more sales and engagement within your feed.

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DataOps Platform for Modern Data Integration | StreamSets
(27 Ratings)

StreamSets DataOps Platform delivers continuous data and handles data drift using a modern approach to data engineering and data integration.

StreamSets Alternatives

The Eventador Platform

The Streaming Data Engine for Killer Applications | Eventador

Eventador ESP paves the way for using distributed log technologies as your enterprise data bus. It delivers a secure, unified platform for managing critical streaming data processors. Eventador's ESP provides the fully managed Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, connectors, endpoints, observability, and features.

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