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Predictive Analytics Software

As the name suggests, predictive analytics software analyzes historical data patterns to predict the forecast. It manages to do so by data mining and running the data through classification and regression models. Considering the businesses nowadays are all about big data. Predictive analytics software comes in handy in providing futuristic analysis using predictive models. These tools prove to be useful for the company to prepare for the future in a better manner. Predictive analytics software is available as free and open-source or commercial too, so it all boils down to your needs.

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Pecan - Predictive Analytics Software


Get actionable predictions in a short time to scale your business
(6 Ratings)

Pecan pricing: Pecan Offers Custom plan.

What is Pecan and how does it work?

Pecan is a predictive analytics platform that helps businesses to get accurate and actionable predictions within a few days using its automated machine learning capabilities. It is a platform where businesses can add data, use previously made predictive models and check the output. With Pecan, users just need to plug in their data sources and the software will start with processes like data restructuring, cleansing & encoding and imputation in an automated manner. Its proprietary AI algorithms can train and optimize users’ predictive models to get the best possible results quickly. The platform is organized in different projects and models that help users to stay focused on their businesses’ KPIs, irrespective of the type of model they are using. Pecan allows businesses to connect to a variety of databases through a code-free integration without manipulating any database. After connecting to a database, users can proceed with an easy-to-use drag-n-drop user interface to produce ML ready data sets. show more

FP-PREDICT+ - Predictive Analytics Software


Automated self learning AI that produces predictions
(1 Ratings)

FP-PREDICT+ pricing: FP-PREDICT+ Offers Custom plan.

What is FP-PREDICT+ and how does it work?

FP-PREDICT+ is an online-based Predictive Analytics Software. Learns from historical data to generate continuously updated results that accommodate ever-changing data. Unsupervised, fully autonomous multi-step modeling and prediction process that produces results faster. Generates and selects multiple models from a data pattern, making use of vast volumes of unstructured data in addition to structured data. show more

Augur - Predictive Analytics Software


The World's Most Accessible, No-Limit Betting Platform
(4 Ratings)

What is Augur and how does it work?

Augur is a peer-to-peer, decentralized exchange, enabling universal and transparent access to its markets. Today’s betting Industry trades on promises of getting rich quickly, using every trick in the book to extract the maximum value from customers. A transparent exchange with no limit on what you can bet on, no max limits on the amount you can bet, and no rollover requirements. Users keep more of their winnings than any other exchange through low fees and the best odds. show more

Salford Predictive Modeler - Predictive Analytics Software

Salford Predictive Modeler

Experience accurate machine learning and predictive outputs
(8 Ratings)

Salford Predictive Modeler pricing: Salford Predictive Modeler Offers Custom plan.

What is Salford Predictive Modeler and how does it work?

Salford Predictive Modeler is a robust machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics solution for businesses. The entire software suite comes inclusive of accurate business engines like MARS®, CART®, TreeNet® and Random Forests® besides exclusive modelling and automation capabilities that are not found somewhere else. Organisations can depend on the solution to gain access to accurate regression, loan classification, survival analysis, data binning, missing value analysis and segmentation processes. Further, Salford Predictive Modeler with its more than 70 pe-packaged automation scenarios, gruntwork reliving tools and enhanced algorithms facilities seamless operations. Users can also depend on the variable discovery monitoring functionality provided by the platform to determine interaction specific inclusions and control. Businesses even get access to a heap of automation tools that can be used to search out the best parameters within a regularised boosting model, perform a scholastic search, monitor interactions and experiment with several learn rates in an automated way. show more

Ideata Analytics - Predictive Analytics Software

Ideata Analytics

Business Intelligence Platform for Growth
(1 Ratings)

Ideata Analytics pricing: Ideata Analytics Offers Custom plan.

What is Ideata Analytics and how does it work?

Ideata Analytics is a Predictive Analytics Software that is a unified business intelligence platform that assists in the preparation and analysis of large amounts of data. You can modify and visualise data with Ideata to help enterprises see insights like they've never seen them before. Users can easily find hidden patterns and insights with IIdeata's web-based, drag-and-drop interface with sophisticated visualisation and dashboarding features. Users can do data transformation and preparation on their data with zero code using Ideata's suggested data preparation and enrichment. You'll have better access to the info you want. You may simply integrate data across siloed sources and processes using 50+ pre-built data connectors. You can arrange datasets by logical entities without caring about where the data is kept, regardless of the underlying data type. You may accelerate your data analysis cycle of exploring, converting, and cleaning your data by using Ideata's built-in predictive data preparation engine. Furthermore, users can create a central data repository for their corporate data using its comprehensive data cataloguing. Users can create relationships and patterns by tagging, searching, and filtering datasets. show more

AirFusion - Predictive Analytics Software


Fully Integrated Inspection Workflow and Digital Asset Record
(2 Ratings)

AirFusion pricing: AirFusion Offers Custom plan.

What is AirFusion and how does it work?

AirFusion develops next-generation aerial data analytics tools. The patent-pending AirFusion Platform fuses pixel-based data and extracts object information from airborne sensors and then analyzes it in real-time. mCloud AssetCare is a suite of enhanced features focused on image-based asset condition data integration into leading commercial wind sector IoT software platforms and other commercial software environments that provide and manage data for SCADA-based fleet operations and monitoring. show more

Forecasted Solutions - Predictive Analytics Software

Forecasted Solutions

Forecasted solutions can help you
(1 Ratings)

Forecasted Solutions pricing: Forecasted Solutions Offers Custom plan.

What is Forecasted Solutions and how does it work?

The Forecasted Solutions application home page presents interactive KPI charts including total company sales projections, over-sales, under-sales, alerts, follow-ups, and favorites. Click on any chart to drill-down for more detail. The Forecasted Solutions forecast engine manages the model selection, outlier detection, and trend decay automatically. Competing models and hybrid models are used to achieve the best possible sales forecast for your business. Forecasted Solutions will recommend planned replenishment orders for use in purchase orders and/or production schedules. show more

Datagran - Predictive Analytics Software


Increase profitability by combining databases to produce a simplified workflow
(29 Ratings)

Datagran pricing: Starts at $50.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Datagran and how does it work?

Datagran is a software program that automates operations and runs machine learning models. It runs a data model on information and seamlessly transports the output between business apps, allowing users to focus on what's essential. By organising data projects, teams can design workflows and put them into production like never before. Datagran provides the alignment, consistency, and cooperation that the company requires. Additionally, the software allows users to connect to a variety of data sources, allowing for a comprehensive data overview in one location. Another advantage of Datagran's charts is that they are simple and strong enough for anybody in a workplace to ask questions and get knowledge from data. Users may also create data models to swiftly deploy Machine Learning pipelines and distribute the pipelines' output to their chosen business applications in seconds via integrated apps or even digital channels. Furthermore, Datagran's Boards allow users to connect data across all teams and visualise, track and discuss data projects with integrated chat tools and shareable links. show more

MarketingTracker - Predictive Analytics Software


Applicable Marketing Insights
(2 Ratings)

MarketingTracker pricing: MarketingTracker Offers Custom plan.

What is MarketingTracker and how does it work?

MarketingTracker is specifically developed to make decision-making better, faster, and easier. MarketingTracker enables us to easily understand what’s happening in markets and brands, and what’s driving this. Insights can easily be shared through storyboards and presentations are automatically produced in line with management reporting cycles. MarketingTracker provides many robust data analysis options and allows to visualization of data in any format. Gain greater collaborative insights and analytical power all in one platform. show more

SAS Advanced Analytics - Predictive Analytics Software

SAS Advanced Analytics

Where power meets purpose
(246 Ratings)

SAS Advanced Analytics pricing: SAS Advanced Analytics Offers Custom plan.

What is SAS Advanced Analytics and how does it work?

The SAS Advanced Analytics is infused with cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help you solve even your most intractable problems. Interact with your data quickly and intuitively using dynamic charts and graphs to understand key relationships. Take the guesswork out of building models that are both stable and accurate using proven techniques and a drag-and-drop interface that's both easy-to-use and powerful. Spend less time and effort scoring new data using automated, interactive processes that work in both batch and real-time environments. show more

Oracle Data Mining - Predictive Analytics Software

Oracle Data Mining

Advanced Data Analytics Tool
(4 Ratings)

Oracle Data Mining pricing: Oracle Data Mining Offers Custom plan.

What is Oracle Data Mining and how does it work?

It is a predictive analysis software. Powerful data mining methods are provided by Oracle Data Mining (ODM), allowing data analysis to find patterns, anticipate outcomes, and make the most of Oracle data and investments. Data scientists and business and data analysts can use it to view data, quickly develop a variety of machine learning models, compare and contrast different models, use different models to different types of data, and speed up model deployment. It has a vast list of features such as - a database service that is fully automated and designed to execute batch, transactional, and analytical workloads simultaneously. It has predefined row formatting, indexes, and data caching to speed up performance while also offering scalability, availability, transparent security, and real-time operational analytics. One of its most beneficial features is Data Analytics and Warehousing - Columnar format, partitioning, and big joins are preset to make database setup, data extraction, loading, and transformation, running complex reports, making predictions, and building machine learning models easier and faster. Data can be used by data scientists, business analysts quickly, simply, and affordably to find business insights. show more

FICO Predictive Analytics - Predictive Analytics Software

FICO Predictive Analytics

Make advanced analytics and machine learning
(47 Ratings)

What is FICO Predictive Analytics and how does it work?

The FICO® Platform provides a solution for predictive analytics and decisions that spans everything you need to empower business and data science teams to not only gain insights into the future but to productional machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) across your operational systems.

IBM SPSS Modeler - Predictive Analytics Software

IBM SPSS Modeler

Drive ROI and accelerate time to value with an intuitive
(263 Ratings)

IBM SPSS Modeler pricing: Starts at $499.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM SPSS Modeler and how does it work?

SPSS Modeler is a leading visual data science and machine learning solution. It helps enterprises accelerate time to value and achieve desired outcomes by speeding up operational tasks for data scientists. IBM Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, consisting of SPSS Modeler, IBM Decision Optimization and Hadoop Execution Engine, helps you accelerate time to value for your AI investments. Inject decision intelligence into your applications with the combined power of predictive and prescriptive analytics. show more

Amazon Forecast - Predictive Analytics Software

Amazon Forecast

Predictive Analysis done right
(26 Ratings)

Amazon Forecast pricing: Amazon Forecast Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Amazon Forecast and how does it work?

Amazon Forecast is a machine learning-based predictive analytics software and a time-series forecasting tool designed to facilitate metrics analysis for business in order to provide enhanced user experience and increased revenue. It allows you to predict business outcomes with ease and accuracy using the power and security of Amazon’s technology. Using the same technologies as Amazon.com, you can scale operations by anticipating millions of goods. With granular forecasting, you can optimize inventories and decrease waste. You can improve capital use and make more confident long-term choices. It offers optimal staffing to meet shifting demand levels and will improve customer satisfaction. You can improve the capabilities of software as a service (SaaS) product by integrating machine learning-based predictions to discover complicated demand linkages using Amazon Forecast. Users can combine historical sales and demand data with price, online traffic, weather, product category, and holiday information to forecast inventory requirements for particular establishments. With precise resource need forecasting in near-real time, you can improve utilization and customer satisfaction with Amazon Forecast. Additionally, it offers a free trial to test its features. show more

Arimo Behavioral AI - Predictive Analytics Software

Arimo Behavioral AI

Detectable Artificial Intelligence Software
(0 Ratings)

Arimo Behavioral AI pricing: Arimo Behavioral AI Offers Custom plan.

What is Arimo Behavioral AI and how does it work?

With Arimo Behavioral AI, unleash your company’s "behavioral data" (customer interactions, factory machine logs, supplier activities, etc.) to power high-impact Predictive use cases, including Product Recommendations, Cross-Sells/Up-Sells, Predictive Maintenance, Yield Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Fraud, and many more. Behavioral AI Blueprints that incorporate extensive Deep Learning expertise for Behavioral Predictions, Behavioral Anomaly Detection, & Behavioral Segmentation. show more

TADA - Predictive Analytics Software


Escalate Analytics Software
(0 Ratings)

TADA pricing: TADA Offers Custom plan.

What is TADA and how does it work?

TADA analyzes in-depth data, starting with Small Data. No data science or coding skills required!. TADA Artificial Intelligence explores the data and produces clear insights, graphs, and predictive models. Makes data speak in a few minutes! TADA is an Augmented Analytics solution, that can be used for solving a wide range of problems. show more

EmcienPatterns - Predictive Analytics Software


Leading Prescriptive Analytics & Predictive Analytics Software
(0 Ratings)

EmcienPatterns pricing: EmcienPatterns Offers Custom plan.

What is EmcienPatterns and how does it work?

Emcien is predictive analytics for the real world. Emcien gives a steady stream of clear action items. Emcien gives a steady stream of clear action items. It tells what’s going to happen, and why, in natural language, so the whole workforce knows what to do to perfect each interaction, transaction, event, and beyond, in real-time. With Emcien, improve outcomes immediately and realize big gains in weeks, not months. show more

VoiceSignals - Predictive Analytics Software


The People Intelligence Platform
(0 Ratings)

VoiceSignals pricing: VoiceSignals Offers Custom plan.

What is VoiceSignals and how does it work?

Voicesignals is used to know the customers and employees on a whole new level and make smarter business decisions. It combines world-class psychological science with advanced voice analytics to offer rich, real-time insight into individuals’ emotions and personality traits in order to predict their future behaviors. show more

OpenOS - Predictive Analytics Software


for your marketing, Product & Revenue teams
(0 Ratings)

OpenOS pricing: Starts at $50.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is OpenOS and how does it work?

OpenOs were designed with the purpose of helping businesses reduce user churn, increase conversions, and improve return on advertising spend (ROAS). It provides an effortless way of creating data dashboards that can help them better understand their users and their behavior. With OpenOs, they don’t need to have a background in SQL programming to query data; just upload an Excel and start receiving the data they need. Their software helps prevent user churn by keeping track of customer behavior trends, giving them an insight into their needs and enabling them to identify potential upgrades or changes. OpenOs can also increase conversions and improve ROAS by delivering comprehensive analytics and real-time functionality. With their platform, businesses can better track their performance, assess user engagement, and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. OpenOs offers quick installation, intuitive user interface, and reliable customer service, allowing businesses to quickly get the most out of the lessons that our software has to offer. Make the right decisions with OpenOs and make their business goals a reality! show more

DevScreen - Predictive Analytics Software


Developer hiring thatkeeps it real
(0 Ratings)

DevScreen pricing: Starts at $89.00.

What is DevScreen and how does it work?

Forget the whiteboard code puzzles. Find the best talent and take the candidate experience to the next level with realistic interview problems for your next hire. Test your candidates based on what they will do on the job: Review a pull request from our library, fix bugs in an existing code base, or complete a project. We integrate closely with Github to provide an environment that is familiar to both the candidate and the reviewer. Choose from our library of pull requests or send us your own. Pull requests help to test a candidate's technical ability as well as soft skills, such as giving meaningful feedback to other team members. show more

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List of Predictive Analytics Software

Pecan 5
Augur 5
Salford Predictive Modeler 5
Ideata Analytics 5
AirFusion 5
Forecasted Solutions 4.5
Datagran 4.4
MarketingTracker 4.3
SAS Advanced Analytics 4

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