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Updated on: September 25, 2021

Click Fraud Software

Click fraud software helps detect and protects against fraudulent clicks associated with (pay-per-click) PPC advertising. Businesses, advertisers, and ad agencies employ these tools to detect inflated click numbers via manual or automated ads. Click fraud software accumulates data points like IP address, location, device information, and more with each click. This data is analyzed and verified with the click fraud products’ data for any false clicks and devices to discover whether a click should be deemed fraudulent. Click fraud tools offer preventive features to block any documented fraudulent clickers from seeing future ads. Usually, advertisers remain exploited for not being aware of illegitimate clicks that would raise their costs to ad networks and publishers. Click fraud software can help advertisers purchasing PPC ads be more confident that their budget is going toward valid visitors and give them evidence to mitigate any situation where click fraud is suspected. These solutions can provide an exhaustive analysis and help advertisers to monitor threats and fraudulent activity with confidence.

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Blocks all types of worthless clicks on your Google Ads
(140 Ratings)

ClickGUARD empowers data-driven Google Ads marketers to monitor, detect, and fully protect their campaigns from fraudulent, low-quality ad clicks in order to maximize ROAS on Google Ads. ClickGUARD effectively safeguards and maximizes your Google Ads ROI so you can focus on the quality and success... read more


Fortify your partnerships
(3 Ratings)

Expose affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities wherever they corrupt your conversion paths. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships. Fraud especially targets lead-generation campaigns, collecting high payments for stolen or recycled info. Gain... read more

PPC Protect

Eliminate Invalid Activity In Your PPC Funnel
(92 Ratings)

PPC Protect's autonomous real-time response takes the burden off you and automatically responds to fast-moving click fraud attacks. It's AI that fights back. PPC Protect detects sophisticated click fraud threats, learns the DNA structure of your ad accounts, and constantly adapts to changing... read more


Accurately Expose Bots, Malware, and Human Fraud
(10 Ratings)

Anura is an ad fraud solution designed to improve campaign performance by accurately exposing bots, malware, and human fraud. The couple, who owned a company that was featured in the Inc. 5000 list five years in a row, have a long track record of entrepreneurial success including earning an Ernst &... read more


Advertise and grow confidently
(17 Ratings)

TrafficGuard's comprehensive ad verification and fraud prevention have been recognized by App Growth Awards, Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, MarTech Breakthrough Awards, Future Digital Platinum Award as well as Australia Financial Review's Most Innovative. TrafficGuard detects, mitigates, and... read more


Automated Click Fraud Blocking
(2 Ratings)

ClickGuardian Protects the Google Ads From Click Fraud. ClickGuardian works with any platform. Click Guardian works with desktops and mobile devices too. ClickGuardian system protects against bots, competitors, and people who excessively click on the Ads, whatever device being used. ClickGuardian... read more


Real-Time IVT Verification for the Programmatic Ecosystem

Botman is a Cybersecurity SaaS for AdTech. It serves ad platforms, ad networks, advertisers, and publishers that depend on them. Organizations of all sizes use Botman to transform existing ad data into actionable information that drives profitability and customer satisfaction. Botman is... read more


Click Fraud Is Real

ADWARY is the solution against click fraud in Google Ads and offers you complete transparency and comprehensive protection. The specially developed methodology reliably detects invalid and fraudulent clicks on the basis of a variety of indicators, consistently prevents fraud attempts and provides... read more

Fraud Blocker

Improve your traffic quality and save on your advertising spend in just a few minutes

Complex bots can inject malware onto a suspect’s computer which repeatedly clicks on your ads in the background. Click farms hire workers to click on your ads all day using techniques that appear as if they’re coming from different users. Mobile apps often place ads in places where people click... read more



Identification by 20 parameters. Visitor parameters verification. Monitoring the behavior of the visitor. Website analysis for the amount of click fraud. Everything takes 30 minutes. Enter a website or login from an ad network. Set 2 codes on the site. Top up the balance through the account.... read more

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Buyer's Guide on Click Fraud Software

What is Click Fraud Software?

Click Fraud Software is a tool that can help businesses recognize fraudulent clicks made when concerned with their PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. This type of advertising is where a business, advertiser, or marketer pays the publisher a certain amount every time a client clicks on the ad posted on the publishers’ site. However, due to fraudulent clicks, the businesses end up paying more than what they should be paying without getting any organic traffic.

But, with Click Fraud Software, these fraudulent clicks can be recognized and prevented. The software recognizes various factors about the clicks like the IP address, device information, location, and so on with each click to determine whether it is an original click or a fraudulent or false one. With the help of the device, businesses can rest assured that they pay only for the organic clicks and not for anything extra.

Why Use Click Fraud Software?

In this era of digital marketing, tools such as Click Fraud Software are more than a requirement, it is a necessity. With the growing influence of digital marketing, the rise in threats and frauds is increasing as well.

Therefore, these tools are the shields and weapons of online businesses to safeguard themselves from such threats and frauds. That aside, Click Fraud Software provides tons of benefits that businesses should consider purchasing. Let us take a look at why you should use Click Fraud Software.

Detecting threats

Click Fraud Software is complete trustworthy software for detecting any threats towards your Pay Per Click advertisements. The software helps in monitoring your ads on all platforms to detect any sort of threats towards them. If a threat is registered, the software immediately gathers information about the click, records them, and blocks them off.

Encourage development and growth

When you start using Click Fraud Software, you are cutting off any false clicks to your ads. This means your ad is only being viewed and clicked by organic clients. This implies you are getting more organic traffic that will lead to your site and business’s development and growth.

Eliminating false clicks

Of course, Click Fraud Software will ensure that no fraudulent clicks are occurring to your ads. This will ensure that your ads are viewed by organic traffic, and not being manipulated by a third party. Click Fraud Software blocks all sorts of fraudulent clicks including accidental clicks, clicks from brand haters, competitors, bots, and click farms.

Your reach will be organic, and you will be able to get a pristine picture of how well your ads are doing instead of getting false information. Click Fraud Software ensures that all your ads stay safe from false clicks as it keeps regulating all the clicks that your ads receive.

Helps optimize your budget

Lastly, concerning the Pay Per Click advertising mechanism, Click Fraud Software helps you manage and optimize your budget. When fraudulent clicks happen, it means you are paying for false clicks and you are not even getting relevant traffic from it.

In other words, you are paying for nothing. However, with Click Fraud Software eliminating any false clicks, you can plan and optimize your budget, knowing that you are paying for nothing. You get better insights on how you can structure your budget to get the relevant amount of traffic.

Top Features of Click Fraud Software

Click Fraud Software comes loaded with top-class features that make blocking fraud clicks easier and more convenient. Not only that, but these features also help out in other aspects that make your business grow and develop. Let us take a look.

Complete monitoring of the clicks

Click Fraud Software monitors all your Pay Per Click ads to enhance your ads to the best of their abilities. With this tool, you can have complete monitoring controls of your ads for better regulation and optimization.

Thorough information about each click

With Click Fraud Software, you get a transparent view of who is clicking your ads, when, and for what purpose. Click Fraud Software provides substantial information about the activities related to your ads so that you can regulate them better.

Protection from threats

Click Fraud Software can recognize threats that come from fraud clicks. The tool will be able to detect competitors and bots that may cause you harm and prevent any mishap from happening. When you are going for Pay Per Click ads, Click Fraud Software is your digital shield that will protect you from all sorts of threats.

Mitigate false clicks

The Pay Per Click advertisement mechanism works as such that you need to pay for every click that occurs. Therefore, having accidental clicks or fraud clicks can easily lead to a heavy loss on your side where you will be paying huge amounts without getting any fruitful results in return. However, Click Fraud Software has features that help you understand which click was organic and which was not.

Optimize and gather insight

Click Fraud Software also comes with deep insights on your ads and organic clicks. This helps you manage and plan your advertising strategies better so that you can optimize your results. At the same time, the tool also provides you with advice, reports, and other helpful pointers that can help you organize and strategize better.

Top Use Cases for Click Fraud Software

Click Fraud Software is the one tool that you must have when you are going for online Pay Per Click advertisements which is a very common method of marketing in the digital field. Therefore, this tool is heavily used by various industries. Let us take a look at some of the top use cases.

Industry-level use cases

Advertising Industry

It is a given for the advertising industry to actively use Click Fraud Software to prevent any fraud clicks.

Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is one of the foremost marketing sectors that are active today. Naturally, the marketing sector has immense use for Click Fraud Software to manage their online marketing campaigns.

Food Industry

The food industry is one mega-industry that utilizes digital marketing to the fullest. You will see various fast food companies, home delivery companies using Pay Per Click advertising methods. Click Fraud Software is a tool that these companies heavily rely on.

E-commerce Industry

Another industry that has colossal use for online advertising is the e-commerce industry. Click Fraud Software is, thus, very much used in this industry.

Lifestyle and Beauty Industry

Cosmetics and beauty products have their fair share of online ad campaigns in which Click Fraud Software serves a very important role in blocking out fraud clicks and offering protection.

Functional-level use cases

Automatic fraud click detection

Click Fraud Software has automatic fraud click detectors that will help you recognize which click was organic and which was not.

Report analysis

Click Fraud Software provides reports so that companies have a fair idea of how many organic and fraud clicks they are receiving and on which platforms.

Complete information per click

Alongside reports, Click Fraud Software also provides thorough details of each click including who clicked, when, for what purpose, and other detailed information such as location, device information, IP addresses, and so on.

Security and protection

Click Fraud Software protects your Pay Per Click ads from all sorts of threats including competitors and bots.


Click Fraud Software allows customization as per company needs and fraud click segregation.

Buying considerations - Detailed Buying Guide of Click Fraud Software

There are many Click Fraud Software out there that you can opt for. Of course, each software comes with its features and benefits. But, here are a few things that you should be keeping in mind while you are purchasing your own Click Fraud Software:

Check their other clients

One of the best ways to confirm that your software provider is good and credible is to check their past clients. Look at what kind of companies have hired their services. You may also look for customer reviews and client experience with their software.

Look at the features they are willing to provide

Click Fraud Software providers offer various features. You should be careful and consider the features and select the ones that suit your needs the most. Make sure you compare a few software before deciding on one.

User-friendly interface

Lastly, check the software interface. You would like to work with software that you can use and operate to the fullest. Make sure that the interface is easy to understand with simple controls that can be controlled easily so that you have better management control.

Making the final decision - Choosing the right Click Fraud Software

If you are opting for Pay Per Click advertising methods, your need for Click Fraud Software is a must. However, choosing the right service is a necessity so that you get the best of your services. Refer to this guide so that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the perfect Click Fraud Software for your business.

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