Due to the average delivery pipeline’s small profitability, downtime is costly in manufacturing and digital services. In the energy sector, offshore wind turbine operating and maintenance expenses account for 20–35% of total power revenue1, whereas in the oil and gas industry, they account for 15–70% of total production costs. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that these industries, along with others, are eager to adopt more intelligent and informed maintenance practices using predictive analytics with the aid of AI developers.

Why use Predictive Maintenance Software?

Predictive Maintenance Software
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By planning overhauls based on time passed and informed by prior knowledge of tolerance limits (such as manufacturers’ warranty guidelines for maximum continuous usage, load limitations, and known records of fault incidence), preventative maintenance aims to foresee wear and damage.

PM gives the most significant opportunity to reduce downtime and is possibly best demonstrated by the mileage-based service schedules for motor vehicles. Some of the best Predictive Maintenance Software are given below.

Top 10 Predictive Maintenance Software

Maintenance Connection Software 

Maintenance Connection is a browser-based SaaS application to manage and maintain organizational Assets in real-time. Maintenance Connection offers a distinctive hybrid of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) built to communicate with the software toolchain and foster organization-wide collaboration with real-time visibility. Its configurable interface, flexible business automation, and RESTful API make this hybrid possible.

Complete work order management, preventive maintenance planning, asset lifecycle management, inventory and spare parts management, business process automation & notifications, real-time reporting & dashboards, and preventative maintenance scheduling are among the base functions.

Azzier CMMS

The Web Work Azzier suite of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) delivers corrective, preventive, and emergency maintenance management for enterprises with significant capital assets. The solution has both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options.

Work order management is a component of Azzier, and users can modify their work order forms following specific industry standards. Users may monitor the status of the work on the real-time dashboard and assign the work orders to the appropriate parties as needed.

Corrigo Enterprise Software 

By issuing work orders sent to service providers, users of Corrigo, a cloud-based platform for facilities management, may manage the repair and maintenance (R&M) process. Service providers can then send electronic invoices after that.

Retail, hotel, healthcare, commercial real estate, financial services, and other sectors are supported by Corrigo. The program at any scale can help any number of locations. Regional facilities managers can use Corrigo to audit and inspect numerous locations.

Dematic Sprocket Software 

A cloud-based enterprise asset management (EAM) solution called Dematic Sprocket serves companies of all sizes across various industry verticals. Users can be anywhere from a single facility site to a multi-facility deployment dispersed over a wide area.

Manufacturing, distribution, property management, energy/solar, healthcare, aviation, government/defense, financial, and retail are the sectors served. Work management, preventive and predictive maintenance, inventory control, inspections, capital asset management, fleet management, reporting and analytics, and Sprocket Mobile are just a few of the modules that make up Dematic Sprocket EAM.


Powerful, adaptable, and simple to use maintenance management software is MicroMain CMMS/EAM. You may maximize efficiency, cut expenses, and streamline maintenance operations with the program’s help. It is simple to set up, track, and report on Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Assets, Labor, Inspections, Parts Inventory, and much more, thanks to the platform’s extensive features and user-friendly interface.

eMaint CMMS 

Maintenance staff can track, collect, store, and share historical asset performance data using cloud-based eMaint CMMS software, which they can use to maintain and extend the life of their equipment. The system can be modified to meet the needs of both small or growing businesses and multi-site maintenance operations.

The features of eMaint include work order administration, workflow enhancement, inventory and spare parts tracking, and automated preventive and predictive maintenance scheduling. Additionally, a maintenance team member can access the asset’s performance data remotely using a laptop, mobile phone, PC, or other smart device and receive an automatic notification if the equipment’s circumstances change.


LLumin offers operational management software for industrial sites and large structures that want to minimize production or unplanned equipment downtime.

LLumin’s operations software monitors assets, and analyses real-time data. It relies on expert-based rules to take preventive actions that minimize downtime and improve safety and compliance in significant infrastructure facilities of any kind.

ReadyAsset software integrates with control systems and continuously monitors the individual state of each machine to reduce machine, production, and operations downtime. A set of rules formed from the cumulative wisdom of your experts amassed over time automatically launches the optimal preventative action at precisely the correct time when it foresees a probable failure. The software then takes corrective action based on a given machine’s conditions rather than statistical information.


Order procurement, inventory management, accounting, and asset maintenance capabilities are all provided by 4Site, a cloud-based asset management service. The solution is appropriate for industries including mining, power, and process manufacturing.

Purchase managers can find suppliers using 4Site, create orders, and get products at various rates. Users can track work orders and supplier performance with its assistance. To develop a comprehensive database for stocked items and services, users might produce electronic catalogs.

Users can benefit from automatic reordering, warehousing, order issuance, and invoicing thanks to the inventory module of 4Site. It offers tools and predictive maintenance programs to identify equipment failure mechanisms and make informed repair decisions.


An integrated maintenance management system called Traceability Made Easy from MASS Group was created to help managers keep track of the performance levels of their equipment. It is intended for businesses with high production levels that need to manage work orders, keep track of inventory, plan regular maintenance, and produce equipment reports.

Users on the floor always have access to information on the performance of the equipment thanks to the real-time information updates in TME. Managers can use the system to allocate jobs to maintenance staff and then request progress updates by email or text message when a work order is followed through to completion. The TME tracks the time spent on repairs and notes due maintenance activities.

EnvVisual Suite Software

EnvVisual is a cloud-based facility management system that strongly emphasizes issue management. It provides technologies to make finding problems easier and then sending the appropriate personnel to fix them.

The system’s visual platform lets businesses view concerns and resolve them from any location. Communication is immediate, problems can be reported and tracked from a single spot, and notifications can alert property managers to pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Facilities managers can develop detailed reports with photographs and locations to aid in speed issue response by knowing the issue and where it is within the building.


Predictive maintenance uses actual asset status in real-time to provide managers with the most precise data for decision-making. Specialized software is employed to convey this information in a simple, straightforward format. This article talked about Predictive Maintenance Software and the top 10 software you can use. To know more about it, connect with SaaSworthy.

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