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Employees or the human capital is one of the most prized assets of any company or business. The human resource needs to be managed, monitored and tackled excellently to ensure a smooth running of the company and its very success depends a lot on it. An HR software helps in automating, streamlining and managing all the aspects concerning human resource or employees with higher efficiency and confidence.

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Fastest Growing HR Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews

BambooHR #1

BambooHR is a comprehensive HR suite that is easy to use and also helps to avoid paystub confusion. It comes synced seamlessly with payroll solutions that facilitates the elimination of double entries. You can add new employees at ease and the tool also enables you to track the bonus payouts,... show more

BambooHR also won

Zoho People #2

Zoho People HR software is a cloud-based software that provides free access to all at anytime and at anywhere. The software helps you in leave & attendance management, benefits management, time tracking, performance management, employee lifecycle management, recruiting management, training... show more

Zoho People also won

Rippling #3

Rippling is an HR solution that manages businesses’ human resource, IT and operations. Rippling helps to centralize employee data and systems and automate all the manual processes involved with employee management, this helps the companies to run more efficiently. Rippling integrates with HR... show more

Rippling also won

ADP Vantage HCM #4

ADP Vantage HCM tool is highly scalable and can provide human capital management software solution to a business of any size. It can automate, integrate and streamline all important tasks monitored/managed by HR personnel like payroll, tax, time & attendance, insurance, benefits, ACA compliance and... show more

ADP Vantage HCM also won

Paycor #5

Paycor empowers leaders to build and develop winning teams with a modern HR-management tool that revolutionizes the way organizations recruit and nurture talent. Solutions are oriented in accordance with the size of the company, ranging from 1-20 employees to 76-1000+ employees. On one hand, users... show more

Paycor also won

peopleHum #6

peopleHum is a workforce management solution that incorporates recruitment applicant tracking, employee engagement, and performance management capabilities. With the recruitment and applicant tracking features, you can use peopleHum’s built-in machine learning functionality to quickly pre-screen... show more

peopleHum also won

BrightHR #7

BrightHR is an ideal platform for HR management designed for SMEs. The application is entirely automated which is why users do not need a lot of concern to be put in managing the employees and customers. All statuses along with working and inactive hours are updated to keep the client authorities... show more

BrightHR also won

Darwinbox #8

Darwinbox is an excellent HR technology solution for the workplace. HR teams can plan the hiring process, position mapping, boost referrals, and manage candidates and prospects. The platform allows end-to-end recruitment management right from job requisition workflow, hiring workflow, managing, and... show more

Darwinbox also won

ZenHR #9

ZenHR is a Human Resources Management Software that primarily tackles the HR needs of an organisation from acquiring to retirement. With ZenHR, companies can create a happier, productive and fully engaged workspace. Recognised by different online portals, this software is completely localised, reflecting all local labour laws and regulations in MENA including GOSI, WPS, tax laws and social security. Also, ZenHR allows a company’s employees to submit overtime requests that are to be approved by their managers. It further provides the employees with the flexibility to get compensated for overtime through “paid overtime” or by availing of... show more

Factorial #10

Factorial is a well equipped Human Resource Management software for the modern workforce. Businesses can depend on the particular with services like vacation and absence, document management, payroll, employee benefits, team calendar and geolocalisation. Moreover, Factorial is also laden with a... show more

Factorial also won

ZingHR #11

ZingHR combines core HR capabilities with intelligent recruitment functionality, performance management, and business insight into one HR solution. ZingHR’s recruitment process is powered by natural language processing, personality insights, and machine learning. ZingHR provides more than 24 core... show more

ZingHR also won

Keka #12

Keka is a human resource management tool that automates basic payroll, HR and employee management tasks to make sure teams can be more efficient. Keka provides a fully integrated and unified workflow to make payroll processing stress-free. The payroll management system is fully customizable and... show more

Keka also won

BreatheHR #13

Breathe HR is a human resource management software. It is essentially a platform that puts people first and is thus a highly recommended one. The system is completely online and easy-to-use with multiple tutorial videos to help users navigate themselves. Since Breathe HR is cloud-based, all bits of... show more

BreatheHR also won

intelliHR #14

intelliHR is an HR management and analytics tool that allows you to empower your employees and makes people management easier and more efficient. It supports performance and engagement from a human-centered perspective and provides insightful and sophisticated people analytics. With intelliHR, you can combine your HR and employee data in one place so you can spend more time caring for your employees and less time digging for information. You can create your own best-of-breed HR IT stack with intelliHR's flexible API and trusted network of partners and connectors. The platform’s tools and analytics assist managers in empowering their teams,... show more

Zimyo HRMS #15

Zimyo is an HRMS SaaS vendor that believes in providing the latest features and solutions for startups, small and medium businesses to offer easy and secure management of HR activities for an organization. The software enables users to discover new ways to manage their end to end HR solutions... show more

Zimyo HRMS also won

ExponentHR #16

ExponentHR is a complete HR solution software explicitly built for Human Capital Management. This software empowers the business team with a sole-source resource of HR, payments, and benefits administration. ExponentHR is an HRaaS suite that efficiently operates through the SaaS model. It comprises the security of Health Insurance that has their business team stay keenly focused on their objective and mission and not worry about arising issues. This software is designed to offer a self-service and web-based technology to transfigure traditional HR into a powerful business system that minimizes expenses and increases scalability. This... show more

ClearCompany #17

ClearCompany is a platform that unifies workforce planning, recruiting, onboarding, and performance management. It provides companies with the HR software and also gives them access to expert advice and best practices from experienced practitioners to further their HR strategies and help them... show more

ClearCompany also won

Ceridian Dayforce #18

Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific Japan. Ceridian's' brand promise –Makes Work-Life Better™ –is the commitment they make to their employees,... show more

Ceridian Dayforce also won

Valluva #19

Valluva is an HR Payroll management software that also helps companies with human capital management, on-boarding, recruitment, rostering, communication & engagement. This software has benefited a lot of industries. Government, Medical, FMCG, to name a few. Vallura provides the best payroll solutions to all industries. Its payroll system is easy to use. It is also in compliance with company and country wise policies alongside filterable reports. Valluva's claim management facility allows companies to manage claims in a stress-free manner under budget. Furthermore, the claims management part is designed to assist businesses in optimising the... show more

Mitrefinch #20

Mitrefinch is a time and attendance tracking software that allows businesses to track employee details and increase efficiency of the complete workforce. With the collected data, Mitrefinch offers you a chance to gain an insight into your operations to increase the productivity of your employees, thereby maximising the profits. The time clock software it uses is very accurate and reliable for all tasks. Irrespective of the type of business you own, Mitrefinch can help in finding gaps when it comes to employee productivity. It offers a bunch of solutions to track time, attendance, scheduling, mobility, and HR management. These solutions come... show more