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Updated on: November 20, 2018

Hotel Management Software

Hotels strive to provide “home away from home” experience to the guests. To ensure this, the hotel staff try keeping everything organized and make necessary arrangements to make sure the guests have the best-staying experience in their hotels. A hotel comprises of multiple departments like housekeeping, food & beverage, front desk service, etc. Everything needs to be streamlined, automated, updated and enhanced to improve the overall hospitality quotient of the given hotel. A hotel management software remarkably does this job to achieve the desired goal.

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Innkey PMS
Innkey PMS Property manager with hotel operation facilities
( 1 Ratings)

Innkey PMS is an advanced hospitality property management software, which is incorporated with an array of hotel operation features. Managing all your hotel reservations becomes orderly and hassle-free with the use of this software. It also automates, streamlines and modernizes your front desk... read more

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KWHotel Software solution for medium and small hotels
( 6 Ratings)

KWHotel management software is available in three different versions with their respective set of attractive features. Users will benefit from its direct synchronization with online booking portals via GDS/OTA integration facilities. KWHotel has a simple interface. Proper management of housekeeping... read more

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Vreasy A rental property manager with reservation facility
( 65 Ratings)

Vreasy hospitality property management software can help its users with multiple reservation functionalities as well. This serves as a single platform for managing all kinds of bookings, employee activities, inquiries of prospective guests and other services. It features a centralized booking... read more

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5stelle* A feature-rich hotel property management tool
( 68 Ratings)

5stelle hotel property management software helps you to manage the front office as well as take care of the housekeeping responsibilities. In an efficient and orderly manner, multiple tasks related to hotels and its property management can be fulfilled. It supports multi-property maintenance... read more

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NewBook Manages your hotel & resort business remarkably
( 14 Ratings)

NewBook hotel and resort management software can also help you in managing motels and villas. The software comes designed with not just hotel property management features, multiple reservation functionalities. This software helps in handling reservation activities with features like revenue... read more

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Cloudbeds A reliable tool to manage several hotel aspects
( 43 Ratings)

Cloudbeds hotel management software helps users in managing multiple tasks necessary to ensure the proper management of hospitality services. Ensuring automation, integration, and systemization of the front office is extremely important to improve the overall hotel management task, which can be... read more

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Hotelline A host of features to manage hospitality establishments
( 9 Ratings)

Hotelline hospitality management software is available with a myriad of relevant features. This helps in managing the tasks with greater efficiency and orderliness. The software includes features like employee management, front office management, marketing management, GDS/OTA integration,... read more

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eZee Absolute
eZee Absolute A robust & feature-rich online hotel managing tool
( 170 Ratings)

eZee Absolute hotel management software comes with a lot many hotel property management features and is mobile-friendly too. POS and online booking facilities are available with this software. GDS/OTA integration helps to improve your hotel brand recognition globally by allowing you to broadcast... read more

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Djubo Hotel manager with reputation monitoring facility
( 46 Ratings)

Djubo hotel property management software comes enhanced with reputation management, revenue management, and review management features as well. You will also find this software helpful in managing catering activities. Reviews given by hotel guests play crucial roles in building as well as... read more

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Buyer's Guide on Hotel Management Software

Managing a hotel or any hospitality property and its operations is not an easy affair. Without a smart and technologically advanced software, the management process will get jeopardized. Buying software has to be considered to improve the hotel management process. Keeping in mind these points, before software purchase, might be helpful:

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