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Cloud Communication Platforms

Cloud Communication Platform basically uses the internet as the means of communication through voice calls instead of using the PSTN. The software is known to promote internet-based calls thus streamlining communication efforts. The software makes it easier for organizations to reach their customers and vice versa. The software provides the customer with easy access to the company. Furthermore, the cloud communication platform also makes it easier for the companies to enable better communication not only among employees of the company but also across various companies. Some of the best cloud communication platforms can be listed as Direct7 Networks, Connecty Cube and VoximPlant.

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ConnectyCube - Cloud Communication Platforms


Helps building chat solutions with robust user privacy
(1 Ratings)

ConnectyCube pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ConnectyCube and how does it work?

ConnectyCube is a call and chat tools for developer application platforms such as iOS, Android, and Web. It helps brands implement features like real-time chat, video calls, push notification service, user authorization, file storage, etc. to any application without the need for server-side implementation. The software brings iOS, Android, Web, NativeScript, Cordova, and React Native SDKs ready to use, thus providing developers the ability to build text and video chat modules from the client’s side. The developed applications can either be cloud-hosted or in the form of on-premise software. Besides 1-1 text and video chat services, one can even build chatbots so that the customers or website visitors can find helpful information even before engaging with a chat executive. Furthermore, ConnectyCube ensures that all sensitive user data like stored files, chat messages, recorded video calls, contact information, etc remain secure. For this, it uses end-to-end encryption for the messages and attachments sent in a chat. In addition to this, website owners can also create cookie statements and show users what data is being collected by the website. This helps businesses to be GDPR compliant, and HIPAA compliant all the time. show more

Direct7 Networks - Cloud Communication Platforms

Direct7 Networks

The ultimate SMS service provider at your rescue
(2 Ratings)

Direct7 Networks pricing: Starts at $0.01.

What is Direct7 Networks and how does it work?

Direct7 Networks is an online SMS gateway and messaging service provider helping out startups and enterprises communicate with customers in an efficient way. The platform gets a user-friendly API with seamless integration capabilities for brands to indulge in. Brands can also depend on the same to forward real-time alerts and appropriate notifications to their clients accordingly. Further, Direct7 Networks simplified API is compliant with both Unicode as well as normal messaging requirements, which companies can forward either as single texts or in bulk. The inbuilt API is also open to seamless customisations, where the entire framework can be revised as per the network, messages are sent upon. Moreover, Direct7 Networks 2FA OTP service is cost-effective, simple, instant and automated by nature, enabling users to get relevant tasks streamlined within just 20 seconds. Thus assuring complete security from frauds. Above all, easy integration plugins with pre-existing applications used by individual companies and round clock on-call support make Direct7 Networks stand out from the rest. show more

ClearoutPhone - Cloud Communication Platforms


Smartly validate Phone numbers
(16 Ratings)

ClearoutPhone pricing: Starts at $17.5.

What is ClearoutPhone and how does it work?

ClearoutPhone is a powerful tool that offers the service of phone number validation over 240+ countries. Divide and maintain the database based on geography, timezone, socioeconomic indicators, etc. This further ensures channelizing your time & energy towards the right users, in the right manner. A user provides a valid phone number when they genuinely wish to engage with your business. Multiple enriching data points to determine the validity at the initial stage avoids involvement with fake users. show more

SMS-iT - Cloud Communication Platforms


Personalized tool to generate new leads
(3 Ratings)

SMS-iT pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $79

What is SMS-iT and how does it work?

SMS-iT is a messaging platform that incorporates intelligence. You can improve traffic, subscribers, and profits, as well as automate your workflow and gain access to fresh opt-in leads, with the 2-Way omnichannel messaging & marketing platform. Built for businesses, the Internet of Things, the Metaverse, and the Blockchain. SMS-iT includes Zapier integration for connecting to over 4000 apps, as well as an API. From a database of over 1 billion segmented mobile records, find and target new clients. Great for businesses without an SMS list for marketing, businesses who require OTP (One Time Passwords) for operations, entrepreneurs, tech startups, SMBs, medium-sized businesses, and marketing agencies. SMS-iTTM uses artificial intelligence and automation to intelligently personalize client engagement, reduce churn, and generate new sales leads. It's designed to help your sales and marketing teams boost their capabilities, sales, and ROI. show more

Voximplant - Cloud Communication Platforms


An Intelligent Cloud Communication Platform With Easy Voice, Video, And Messaging Features
(26 Ratings)

Voximplant pricing: Starts at $100.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Voximplant and how does it work?

Voximplant is a cloud-based platform designed for real-time communication that helps businesses and developers to work efficiently. Users can connect any numbers worldwide according to requirements and make calls between phones, mobile apps, and web apps. Peer-to-peer audio and video calls between web and mobile apps can also be done easily. Users can build smart automated outbound calling campaigns in no time including high definition programmable audio conferencing. Users can receive and manage any number of inbound calls using call queueing and intelligent routing. It enables users to build any type of IVR for business processes automation and make outbound calls from the web or mobile app. Users can transform voice calls into chat logs with timestamps easily. With the video chat feature, users can create high-quality video communication between web and mobile apps. The software allows programmable multi-party video conferencing in the cloud and to also record high-quality video into compatible video files without any difficulties. show more

PubNub - Cloud Communication Platforms


Create a powerful communication system for your virtual spaces
(10 Ratings)

PubNub pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is PubNub and how does it work?

PubNub is an advanced in-app chat and communication platform that enables companies to create a communication system of their own, bringing people together for remote work, eLearning, health services and more. With its standard messaging features, the software enables organisations to create direct, group and large scale chats, connecting with employees and customers alike. Also, geolocation APIs available within can be used to track car fleets, provision orders, check on drivers’ deliveries and perform matchmaking in dating apps. Engaging features loaded within PubNub can be used by companies to build scalable virtual and hybrid events, where they can invite an unlimited number of users. It also helps organisations to deliver the right information at the right time through real-time alerts and push notifications. The particular platform can also be used to connect and control IoT devices such as entertainment systems, thermostats, door locks and more. PubNub is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations and offers complete protection for users’ data. show more

Flowroute - Cloud Communication Platforms


Offer enhanced services to clients over different modes of communication
(14 Ratings)

Flowroute pricing: Starts at $1000.0.

What is Flowroute and how does it work?

Flowroute is a compact SIP trunking, messaging and voice service provider, enabling organizations to generate futuristic service without complexity. A parented hyperlink technology deployed by the software brings together multiple networks within a single telecom network offering enhanced reach, reliability and simplicity in real-time. Its strategic partnerships with external carriers let users deliver optimized connections to their clients. Thus reducing the number of hops, delivering enhanced outbound and inbound voice quality. Flowroute gets users covered across 6,600 on-net rate centers, 200 countries and 14,400 phone number rate centers. Moreover, users can also leverage the software to exert control over contact numbers and porting, besides gaining access to messaging and raw signalling. Comprehensive services and products featured by Flowroute include inbound and outbound voice, toll-free international numbers, SMS, MMS, Fax and phone numbers. Businesses with multiple agents can enable the multiple sub-accounts module, to let more than one agent resolve client-generated queries in a simultaneous manner. show more

RingCaptcha - Cloud Communication Platforms


Engage Customers with Phone Identity
(43 Ratings)

RingCaptcha pricing: RingCaptcha Offers Custom plan.

What is RingCaptcha and how does it work?

RingCaptcha software is a platform used to onboard and engage your users with phone identity, verification, one-time password and SMS notification platform. Identify phone number and monitor over 50 different SMS and voice verification traffic data points and get alerts to any suspicious activity. The software offers one-time-passwords (SMS/Voice) to enable your users to re-engage with your service easily. It integrates with Woocommerce, WordPress, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

SendHub - Cloud Communication Platforms


A Simple SMS Marketing Tool
(40 Ratings)

SendHub pricing: Starts at $5.95. Offers Custom plan.

What is SendHub and how does it work?

SendHub software is an all-in-one tool to manage all your SMS in minutes. A Email style Inbox to manage and track all you SMS messages and calls. Group your contacts and target specific demographics with unique keyword for your customers. Track your company usage patterns visually, or export data through reports. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Telzio - Cloud Communication Platforms


Business phone system and VoIP service provider
(12 Ratings)

Telzio pricing: Starts at $206.0.

What is Telzio and how does it work?

Telzio is a cloud-based business phone software that provides you with the simplest internet telecommunication. Streamline the process of routing incoming calls with features like phone menus, call queues, and call forwarding groups, and get all the everyday tools your business needs to handle calls. Enable your teams to collaborate, tag, and comment on items that need attention and make sure that all your important calls and messages get answered. You can instantly add, edit, and delete users from your system. Unlimited users are included as part of your Telzio service, so you have total flexibility to scale your phone system as you grow. show more

Telnyx - Cloud Communication Platforms


Platform and API with Carrier-grade Voice, Data, and Messaging
(180 Ratings)

Telnyx pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Telnyx and how does it work?

Telnyx provides a platform and API with carrier-grade voice, data and messaging capabilities. By using its developer-friendly APIs, it seeks to transform the client business communications. It offers three products, the first being Elastic SIP Trunking, which targets crystal clear calls with low latency, jitter, and packet loss. There's number search, automated porting, number tagging, and the platform built for efficient and fast communications. It offers security using end-to-end TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption and boasts very high availability. With Programmable SMS users can send and receive texts globally with the SMS API built for reliable, enterprise-grade messaging and gain actionable insights with detailed records in real-time. Call Control lets users build a custom calling experience. Telnyx Call Control lets you make, manage and route calls globally to any device — phone, app or browser. Its voice API provides the flexibility to build calling experiences into other applications. show more

CONTUS MirrorFly - Cloud Communication Platforms

CONTUS MirrorFly

Complete Solution for Chat, Voice, and Video Messaging Platforms
(17 Ratings)

CONTUS MirrorFly pricing: CONTUS MirrorFly Offers Custom plan.

What is CONTUS MirrorFly and how does it work?

CONTUS Mirrorfly is a complete solution for building messaging platforms and is designed for real-time chat, video, and audio calling along with web and mobile apps. The software provides extensive customization options and upgradable features, and the data can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Users can build multiple design layouts, prototype the chat app infrastructure to multiply engagement. The tool also features 1-to-1 private and group chat and broadcast messages, personalized profiles, voice/video conferencing, messaging statistics, encrypted chats, push notification, emoji & stickers, auto-translation, and spam flood protection. CONTUS MirrorFly uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard user data and proactively examines security logs to detect malicious activity while TLS secures the transit data. Several integrations possibilities open up via the three APIs, namely Messaging API, Voice API, and Video API. There is also a mobile-based messaging SDK on its website for easier, straightforward deployment. show more

MQTTCHAT - Cloud Communication Platforms


A complete chat solution for your website and apps
(1 Ratings)

MQTTCHAT pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is MQTTCHAT and how does it work?

MQTTCHAT is an advanced chat solution that helps companies quickly add a chat feature to their website and apps, accordingly. The particular provides secure one to one messaging chat services, helping companies to keep the interaction ongoing with their customers. It allows both the communicating parties (agents and clients) to upload, preview and send photos to each other. They can capture photos from their webcam, instantly or even record audio/video content and send those to one another. With MQTTCHAT, users can see the typing indicators, online status and read receipt of one another, enabling through engagement. The chat interface of this particular comes with Facebook-like templates, where agents can open multiple, small chat tabs to communicate with more than one customer at a time, without switching to different windows. Companies can even send messages to their customers even when the latter is not connected with the business website. Moreover, MQTTCHAT also includes a custom dashboard that allows users to follow all types of business-centric statistics in real-time. show more

CometChat - Cloud Communication Platforms


Make your chat more interactive
(115 Ratings)

CometChat pricing: Starts at $149.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is CometChat and how does it work?

Cometchat is a chat API and in-app messaging tool for mobile and web apps. It allows the addition of a multimedia text chat to web or mobile apps. Cometchat helps to organize users’ chats into group or private chat where they can collaborate, share media and a lot more while maintaining their privacy. It comes with in-built monetization, 92 different platforms. Cometchat also has a Real-Time Language Translation that accurately translates live chat, so there is no issue of language barrier when users are chatting with others from other parts of the globe. Vibrant stickers and emojis are also available to make chatting even more fun and style filled. Cometchat also has features like broadast messaging, voice notes, video and voice call, guest login support, a fully customizable outlook and other essential features of a chat platform. Cometchat can be used in various cases including banking, gaming, social media, e-learning and more. show more

Voxbone - Cloud Communication Platforms


A Globally Compliant And Ready To Use Voice And SMS Services On-demand
(123 Ratings)

Voxbone pricing: Voxbone Offers Custom plan.

What is Voxbone and how does it work?

Voxbone helps all types of businesses to create a local presence on a global scale with the help of cloud communications technology. Voxbone is an easy to use software which businesses can easily set up and use for Voice or SMS communications on a global level. It has a self-service website where users can easily buy, manage, and dispose of DIDs; it also helps users make calls to personal phones of suppliers and vendors in the same country or any other country through a stable network and with high-quality sound. It has on-demand virtual numbers, voice, and SMS services, which allow businesses to move their telephony to the cloud. It allows users to extend their reach into over nine thousand area codes in 60+ countries at the touch of a button. Voxbone delivers its services over a private IP network that interconnects with local phone networks in the countries where it operates. Users can port local numbers using Voxbone from other local service providers to Voxbone network. show more

Plivo - Cloud Communication Platforms


The best communication platform is here
(640 Ratings)

Plivo pricing: Plivo Offers Custom plan.

What is Plivo and how does it work?

Plivo is an industry-leading communication platform that aims at engaging customers from all across the world through its innovative cloud based technology. From APIs to solutions, Plivo's cloud communications platform helps companies streamline and customize their customer conversations according to their requirements. Plivo offers a platform for SMS APIs and allows the users to send and receive text messages using a programming language. You can converse in any language, including Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as emojis and symbols, thanks to built-in GSM and Unicode character set support by Plivo. You can get real-time delivery notifications for communications sent throughout the world and keep track of your accounts' delivery rates and performance. Users can additionally send and receive photos, movies, and audio snippets. It additionally works as a Voice API Platform and allows the users to speak dynamic text in 28 accents across several languages. With Amazon Polly, you can choose from a variety of SSML voices too. You can build comprehensive contact centre capabilities or integrate multi party calls and audio conferencing into your apps too with Plivo. show more

Zipwhip - Cloud Communication Platforms


Reach Customers Faster With A Unique Text Messaging Software
(364 Ratings)

Zipwhip pricing: Starts at $35.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Zipwhip and how does it work?

Zipwhip helps businesses communicate with their customers using simple texts. The software allows users to message their existing business phone numbers, integrate with applications they use daily, and send and receive texts on their mobile or computer devices. It provides several features such as in-built personalization, Emojis, customized signatures, group messaging, and MMS to accomplish more work in less time. Users can also create reusable templates to quickly send standard messages repeatedly with simple text templates. It also has a scheduling feature to avoid last-minute scrambles by scheduling texts like billing reminders and appointments. Users can also create auto-replies to ensure their customers always get a response, even when they text them outside of business hours. It also helps in recruiting by connecting users with candidates discreetly. Users can send interview reminders and request for availability of documents. Zipwhip can also be used for marketing by creating events, sales, campaigns, improving engagement, and generating revenue through text marketing. Businesses can track, analyze, and optimize their performance using easy-to-read reports. show more

EnableX - Cloud Communication Platforms


Connecting Remote Workforce via one platform
(54 Ratings)

What is EnableX and how does it work?

EnableX is an advanced communication software that presents teams, organizations, and establishments, flexibility to build, deliver, and optimize their global-connectivity. Empowered with video, audio, and web conferencing options the solution offers engaging and pristine connectivity with remote workforce. EnableX is a smart and secure Carrier-Grade Platform, maximizing availability, and upgradability. It enables teams to get in touch with each-other by one-click access. The customizable platform enables users to configure video streams, hosting, UI besides other core functionalities. The software is compatible with multiple coding languages like PHP, Javascript, Python etc making integration with external applications a hassle-free task. Enterprises can use EnableX to offer intuitive assistance to their customers located at different parts of the globe, via SMS or voice-enabled numbers. The software offers an exceptional user experience with various engaging tools like Recording, Whiteboard, Annotation, Screen Sharing, and more. Patented Bandwidth, AES-256 bit encryption and audio fallback are its other offerings. Media Zone feature within the particular facilitates users to host multiple media traffics in particular regions with full compliance to regulatory laws. All user data remains anonymous promoting data privacy. show more

Spring Edge - Cloud Communication Platforms

Spring Edge

All-in-one Messaging Platform
(4 Ratings)

Spring Edge pricing: Spring Edge Offers Custom plan.

What is Spring Edge and how does it work?

Spring Edge software is a platform used to communicate to automate business workflows. The software offers messaging and voice communications using multiple channels powered by Instant Alerts. Manage your accounts and view SMS sent reports, track Campaign Metrics via Dashboard. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Infobip - Cloud Communication Platforms


An Omnichannel Communications Platform For Businesses
(55 Ratings)

Infobip pricing: Infobip Offers Custom plan.

What is Infobip and how does it work?

Infobip is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers across various channels. It’s a platform built for speed, scale, and deliverability helping businesses create the perfect customer experience. It works to drive a better outcome for both – customers and businesses. Through the excellent communication channels, businesses can reach more customers with faster and reliable messaging including crystal-clear voice communications. Users can manage and create emails with a single integrated platform and deliver a better customer experience with WhatsApp Business API. Businesses can connect with customers globally using their favorite chat apps and stay engaged with Facebook Messenger. It works to reduce messaging costs and improve delivery rates in real-time. With personalized messages, users can create automated journeys with the platform. It allows users to always be available to support customers with smart chatbots. The live chat tool instantly helps to connect with customers over an app or website. The platform works to create rich customer profiles for targeted communication and craft customer journeys with automated workflows. show more

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List of Cloud Communication Platforms

ConnectyCube 5
Direct7 Networks 5
ClearoutPhone 4.9
SMS-iT 4.9
Voximplant 4.8
PubNub 4.7
Flowroute 4.6
RingCaptcha 4.6
SendHub 4.6
Telzio 4.5

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