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Telerik Test Studio

Web & Desktop Automated Testing Software That Just Works | Test Studio
(12 Ratings)

Try the only software testing tool, designed for both QAs and Developers and build automated web and desktop tests for Angular, React, WPF, MVC, Ajax, RESTful, and more.

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Micro Focus Silk Test

Silk test automation for web, mobile and enterprise apps | Micro Focus
(4 Ratings)

Silk Test is a test automation solution for web, mobile & enterprise apps, enabling software testers & developers to conduct functional & regression tests.

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Micro Focus UFT Developer

Shift-Left and Automate Agile Functional Testing | UFT Developer
(2 Ratings)

UFT Developer is a shift-left functional test automation tool that enables easy test creation using the IDE, language, and testing frameworks of choice

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TestComplete Automated UI Testing Tool | SmartBear
(85 Ratings)

TestComplete is a powerful automated testing tool for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Create accurate and repeatable automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments. The tool comes with out-of-the-box integrations with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Jira.

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TestLeft | Automate Tests from Any IDE
(1 Ratings)

Shift left with functional testing. TestLeft helps developers conduct automated functional UI tests for web and desktop apps from any IDE. With support for BDD frameworks and CI/CD tools, you can test earlier and fix bugs quicker than ever before.

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Solutions For Automated and Manual Browser Testing
(30 Ratings)

Take a tour of CrossBrowserTesting, the all-in-one web testing platform. See how developers & QA engineers test on 2050+ real browsers and mobile devices

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The World's Most Popular API Testing Tool | SoapUI
(96 Ratings)

SoapUI is the world's most widely-used automated testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs. Write, run, integrate, and automate advanced API Tests with ease. See why millions of users trust SoapUI for testing their APIs today!

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Documentation: TestCafe | DevExpress
(22 Ratings)

100% web-based functional testing framework with integrated visual test recorder, remote device testing, and natural JavaScript API

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Topaz for Total Test

Topaz for Total Test - Compuware - BMC
(0 Ratings)

Find and Fix Bugs Earlier with Automated Testing. Topaz for Total Test can test a mainframe program in two ways: Virtualized (unit testing) and non-virtualized (functional and integration testing) Developers can: Automate unit testing, functional testing as well as integration and regression testing. Easily generate tests from within Xpediter.

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Ranorex Studio

What's New | Ranorex Studio Test Automation
(223 Ratings)

Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one test automation solution that is easy for test automation beginners, but powerful for experts. Automate your regression tests with the reliable capture-and-replay tool. Execute your tests on desktop, web, or mobile endpoints. Ranorex integrates with tools such as JIRA, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TestRail and more.

Ranorex Studio Alternatives


Automated Software Testing Tools - Inflectra
(4 Ratings)

Rapise is a powerful and easy to use automated software testing system. It provides the ability to test your desktop, web and mobile applications in a single package. Support for HTML, REST, Silverlight, Java, WPF, .NET, iOS, Android and packaged applications such as Microsoft Dynamics.

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Power of Automation in the Cloud with Low Code DevOps
(0 Ratings)

Copado is an all-in-one DevOps platform designed specifically for Salesforce. It helps organizations improve the development and deployment process across clouds. Copado offers Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) technologies, automated and minimized manual tasks, and full visibility of release pipelines and associated data. It is fully integrated with Salesforce DX and Salesforce Clouds, offering a single solution for all DevOps functions and processes. With Copado, organizations can achieve faster, error-free cloud deployments and upgrades. show more

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Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing | Progress iMacros
(31 Ratings)

With over 9 million downloads, iMacros is the world's most popular web automation, data extraction and web testing software. Download your free trial today.

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A User Testing Tool
(0 Ratings)

UserPeek allows to easily and quickly evaluate user experience without having to manually transcribe the testers' spoken language. With our large UserPeek Tester panel, can select approved test users that accurately represent the target audience. Understand the importance of rapid turnaround time in UX optimization workflow, which is why with UserPeek can start user tests today and finish them tomorrow. Our software also facilitates easy to use commenting on the user experience and usability of the product based on videos of real people using it. Let UserPeek be an essential part of the UX optimization workflow and benefit from our feature set that makes evaluating videos a breeze. Sign up for UserPeek now and experience the power of real-time user testing. Join thousands of companies worldwide who trust UserPeek for their UX optimization workflow needs. Experience qualitative user testing within your budget today! Welcome to the future of user testing with UserPeek. Start using our software and improve your product's user experience in no time! show more

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QA Wizard Pro

Helix ALM | ALM Tools | Perforce
(1 Ratings)

Automate functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications. Run existing functional test scripts under stressed conditions by limiting network, memory, and disk access.

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Software Testing Automation | Agile & DevOps | Subject 7
(4 Ratings)

Subject7 is a zero coding automation cloud and on-prem platform. It integrates with all major devops and CI/CD pipelines. It uses Selenium, Appium, JMeter and ZAP as engines to drive the automation. It integrates with cloud platforms like AWS and Azure to scale automation for enterprise as well as small companies.

Subject7 Alternatives

Squish GUI Tester

Automated GUI Testing - Squish GUI Tester - froglogic
(3 Ratings)

Squish is a cross-platform tool for desktop, mobile, embedded and webgui tests. It's the tool of choice for several thousand companies worldwide. Features include QML, Java, AWT, Swing, SWT, RCP, JavaFx, Windows, Mac, Tk, 4Js, iOS, Android, Embedded (Qt, Windows,. Java) and Web.

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Simply interact with your browser Effortless no code testing for everyone
(0 Ratings)

Autify empowers anyone to automate E2E tests for web applications by simply recording their interactions by its Chrome extension, then run these tests automatically on a variety of PC and mobile browsers, including real devices. While typically maintenance of E2E tests can be challenging, Autify's AI automatically updates a test scenario when a developer makes changes to the application.

What is Autify ? Autify Pricing Autify Alternatives


SaaS and On-Premise Load Testing - OctoPerf
(0 Ratings)

OctoPerf provides the best load testing UX. Simulate realistic user journeys throughout your application. Sign up and get a lifetime free account!

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WAPT Pro - Test the Performance of Your Website Under Load
(1 Ratings)

Mobile web applications, corporate portals and intranet sites can be easily tested with WAPT Pro. The test is created in a matter of minutes by recording it in a browser. A few clicks are required to make thousands virtual users concurrently execute duplicated sessions. Descriptive graphs and reports will let you analyze the performance parameters of the system components.

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List of Test Automation Software

Telerik Test Studio 4
Micro Focus Silk Test 2.9
Micro Focus UFT Developer 3.5
TestComplete 4.2
TestLeft 3.5
CrossBrowserTesting 4.1
TestCafe 4.1
Topaz for Total Test NA
Ranorex Studio 4.2

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