Cloud Communication Platform makes dialing up a number simple and facile. In the era of widespread technology, we forget how complex it is to connect to people who are in the same location as ours or living in a different country altogether. It would make our life nerve-wracking if we thought about all of these minute details. 

When working in a company, it is difficult to connect all the members of the team together. A lot of technical assistance is required when we are doing so which means layers of technology and infrastructure. Logic and planning are still required even if the technology and infrastructure are alright to ensure that the call is getting to the right person.

Why do we need Cloud Communication Platforms?

cloud communication platforms

Cloud Communication Platform allows the organization to do IT investments and to increase agility. A Cloud Communication Platform allows your company to get cost-effective and highly scalable benefits through the cloud. 

It delivers data communication applications and services and also gives access to the “cloud”. The customers pay only for the applications or the services they use, customers have a reliable, secure communication environment which is also very cost-efficient. As Google and other cloud-based providers have been successful in the past it shows that a cloud-based platform is very effective and its cost is low as well.

Telecommunication was not possible by businesses in the past. Cloud Communication is captivating as the cloud is a platform for data, voice, and video. It serves as a platform where all these modes can work together.

The level of functionality it allows is outstanding as your business will get access to the right amount of storage or computing power. As the system runs on the cloud, which means that the organization doesn’t have to manage upgrades, maintain windows and security patches. It also has an additional layer of security to protect your network from intruders or hackers.

It has an increased level of control for administrators. They can easily remove them, add them or change permissions. The benefit also includes that it is limitless, provides office and worker location flexibility, provides scalability, technology that keeps your business ahead, and access to the latest tools.

What is the Clod?

The interwoven computing networks, applications, and platforms we connect through the internet are called the cloud. To store or share the files, storage networking, all of the computing and application resources are shared with the help of the internet and large computers are not required anymore.

Your team access a small portion of the enormous resources that the key providers provide them with. The IT team can focus on other things as they are not required to look into the complexity of the servers. 

Features that are included in Cloud Communications Platform

There are 3 categories in this: –

Platform Services

These services enable the user to report, administer and roll out the platform. The data services allow to make reports, populate databases and monitor analytics. The help desk inquiry gets solved easily; the support team can track the metrics. The It team can integrate a single sign out, other items make your team’s life smoother. The security team remains complaint as well. 

Communication Products

It is a way through which the team interacts with the services of the cloud communication platform. You can automatically dial and connect from your desktop or mobile phone through the application called UC voice. You can also have a video conference, screen share, and message your team through cloud meetings.

Core Services

The core services include carrier-grade quality, cloud-native, advanced security, and scalability. These functions are provided by cloud communication platforms to ensure productivity while the low cost it provides.

Best Cloud Communication Platforms in 2022


ConnectyCube is a tool to chat and call for developer application platforms which are Android, iOS, and web. It provides the developers to build video chat and text from the client’s side as this software brings iOS, Wed, Cordova, Android, NativeScript, and React Native SDKs. Users can even build chatbots so that the customers who visit the site find the information required before even contacting the executive.

It ensures that all the data that are stored by the users remain secured. So, it uses end-to-end encryption for attachments and messages. The owners of the website can also make cookie statements which makes the businesses GDPR compliant.


Direct7Network is an excellent tool for messaging services helping out startups to communicate with the customers smoothly.

The companies depend on it for forwarding real-time alerts and notifications to the client. It is a very user-friendly API without seamless integration capabilities for brands. It is an API compliant with normal messaging requirements and Unicode as well, so companies can forward messages in bulk too.

Direct7Networks 2FA OTP service is easy to use, cost-effective, enabling users to get their task in a minute and it is very instant and automated by nature. It has easy integration plugins which are used by individual companies making it an impressive tool to use.

Stream Chat

Stream Chat provides SDKs and API for messaging applications which allows the users to build a chat instantly. You can ship in-app messaging with a reliable chat infrastructure. 

The users can replace emails for their team with StreamChat’s in-app messaging and they can even increase engagement in the community. The SDK feature allows you to build live-chat applications. 

The features provide files attachments, direct and group chats, multi-tenancy, slash commands, help users share information, Giphy integration, and threads to keep the discussion organized. It allows the users to add live chat solutions to live stream.

The conversations are kept organized through reactions and threads. SDKs, UI kits and react components make an amazing web-chat or even mobile application. The conversation is monitored and is kept civil through Al-based auto-moderation.


ClearoutPhone is an outstanding tool that is operated in more than 240 countries to offer the services of phone number validation. The database is maintained on the basis of time zone, socioeconomic indicators, geography, etc. 

It ensures that you channel your energy in the right direction. A valid number is provided by the user if they want to engage with your business. The involvement of fake users can be avoided by enriching data points to determine the validity at the initial stage.


Voximplant helps businesses and developers to work effectively. It is a cloud-based platform that is made for real-time communication. People can connect easily to each other according to their needs and make phone calls, web apps, and mobile apps. 

It allows you to build smart automated outbound calling campaigns which are also high definition in audio conferencing. Through call queueing and intelligent routing, you can receive and manage any number of inbound calls.

With timestamps, users can transform voice calls into chat logs. Users can build any type of IVR for business processes automation and make outbound calls from mobile apps or the web. There is a feature of video chat through which users can connect to each other and can create high-quality video communication.

It enables multi-party video conferencing and recording high-quality video into compatible video files in the cloud. 

4PSA VoipNow

VoipNow is a very powerful tool to meet the demands of businesses. Using 4PSA VoipNow will be a great up-gradation to communicate with your business colleagues as it has a feature of voice, video calls, conference, virtual assistance, and much more. It is a contact center through which you can track call duration, number of calls, how agents perform, and much more. 

You can easily turn your mobile phone into a business phone by using this software.


RingCaptcha is a software to engage and onboard your users with verification, one-time password, phone identity, and SMS notification platform. 

It enables you to identify an unknown phone number monitor over 50 different SMS and voice verification traffic data and secure from any suspicious activities. It offers OTP (one-time-passwords) to enable the services with your users. Different small, medium and large-scale companies are using this software. 

It also integrates with WordPress, Woocommerce, and more.


SendHub is a useful software to manage all your SMS in minutes. The inbox of the software is in the style of an email to track and manage all the SMS and calls. 

You can target specific demographics by grouping your contacts with the usage of unique keywords for your customers. It allows to track the usage pattern of the company virtually and allows to export data. Many companies are using this software nowadays.


Flowroute is software that enables messaging and voice services. The software deploys a parented hyperlink technology that brings multiple networks in a single network which provides enhanced reliability, simplicity, and reach. 

Optimized connections can be delivered to the clients because of its strategic partnerships with external carriers. It reduces the number of delivering enhanced outbound, inbound voice quality, and hops. It covers 14,400 phone numbers, 6600 on-net rates centers, and 200 countries. 

Gaining access to raw signaling and messages can also be done through the software. Inbound and outbound voice, SMS, toll-free international numbers, MMS, phone numbers, and FAX are featured under comprehensive services. Businesses that have multiple agents can have multiple sub-account modules so that more than one agent can resolve the queries generated by the clients in a simultaneous manner.


Zipwhip is s software that allows businesses to communicate with each other. It enables the users to test their business partners, send and receive their texts on their mobile or computers. They can also integrate it with the applications they use daily. 

It has numerous features such as in-built emojis, group messaging, personalization, and MMS to complete the work in a short period of time. People who use this application can create templates easily and send standard messages with simple text templates.

You can schedule texts like reminders, billing, and appointments to avoid last-minute scrambles through its scheduling feature. Users can create auto-replies so that the clients can get a reply even they are texting beyond business hours. 

Candidates can be connected discreetly by recruiting them. Users can send reminders for interviews and for availability for the document. People also use it for marketing like sales, events, generating revenue, campaigns, and generating revenue can be created by it. Organizations can see their performance and analyze it using easy-to-read reports.


Usage of Cloud Communication Platforms is growing day by day. It makes daily communication easier for businesses. They get numerous features to contact each other through video calls and it can be done anytime. 

Because of the flexible communication it provides, it helps different businesses to grow their productivity too as it’s easier to get their work done when the communication is smooth. Every member gets to know the details of the organization and their work and duties. Some of these software can also be used for marketing. All in all, it’s a full package for businesses to make their work efficient. 

These are some of the best software you can use to make your communication easier and smooth. You can get to know more software by exploring SaaSworthy.

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