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Association Management Software

Association Management Software is an integrated system of various organizational tools which helps organizations run in the marketplace. The software is well equipped with various tools which help the company in multiple functions inclusive of renewals, registrations, event organizations, database management, and many more. The software helps in effective storage, organization, management, and communication as well. It is an all-in-one tool. This software is primarily used by professionals as well as trade associations along with new companies. Some of the best Association Management Software can be listed down as Fonteva for Associations, Growth Zone, and Wild Apricot.

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Join It - Association Management Software

Join It

Membership Management Software
(73 Ratings)

Join It pricing: Starts at $23.2.

What is Join It and how does it work?

Join It is membership management software that provides growing and medium-sized organizations with the tools to effectively track, manage, and grow their community. Customize a beautiful landing page where members can learn about your organization and register for their membership. Setup up your membership types with basic or advanced configurations like multiple tiers, application-required, and trial periods. Choose which information you want to collect when members are joining. Members can log in and easily update their information. show more

MemberLeap - Association Management Software


The smart membership management software
(66 Ratings)

MemberLeap pricing: Starts at $50.0.

What is MemberLeap and how does it work?

MemberLeap is a comprehensive association management software solution that contains a number of cloud-based modules and features to help you handle day-to-day operational demands, all while meeting your membership and income objectives. It offers tools for member management, e-commerce, communication, fundraising, responsive website content management, education, mobile application, event management with Zoom interface and web hosting services. MemberLeap allows associations to effectively manage their everyday functioning demands while also achieving their membership and income objectives. It offers a full-featured participant database structure that keeps track of member data, categories, membership plans, comments, and custom fields for your members' information along with a cross-reference function that allows a parent business to keep track of its workers. The platform also provides a customer relationship management system that allows you to keep track of your contacts with members and prospects, as well as set reminders for follow-up. It also includes a referral function, which allows you to suggest members or the general public to your members. Additionally, you can allow your members to pay event registration fees, dues, shop sales, renewals, and contributions online. show more

Disciple - Association Management Software


Create Your Privately Owned Profitable and Independent Community Platform
(36 Ratings)

Disciple pricing: Disciple Offers Custom plan.

What is Disciple and how does it work?

Disciple helps the users build their own fully-branded, independent, and profitable community platform on Android, iOS, and on the web online. It enables the users to bring the community together in a safe space that they can control. The tool is best suited for those who are looking to generate income by membership subscriptions, selling online courses, and exclusive content. This tool drives more engagement when compared to other social media platforms. It is an easy-to-use management console tool which helps publish the content, manage members, and understand the community better. Disciple takes care of the technology part so that the users can focus on their community. Using this tool, the users can choose the features they want to add to their community, such as unlimited groups, live streaming, subscriptions, friends & messaging, push notifications, and event calendars. Disciple has an in-built console via which the users can control essential aspects of the community such as Analytics, content reporting, content library, member moderation, and Integrations & API. show more

Raklet - Association Management Software


All-in-one community-building platform
(10 Ratings)

Raklet pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Raklet and how does it work?

Raklet is a membership management platform that offers memberships, newsletters, and other digital tools that can help you build, develop, and monetize your audience. It enables you to automate your communications using several channels without the need to code. With Raklet, you can register an unlimited number of contacts and personalise their profile sections. You can automate receipt of one-time or regular payments, along with reminders and invoices. It additionally enables you to create, import, and export contacts and send links to them so they can join up right away. You can also classify, divide, and organise your contacts in any way you choose and send your newsletter from the same location as you send SMS. Users can use several ways to communicate with their contacts and can also put their material behind a paywall so that only paying members can access it. You can allow individuals to communicate with one another, view announcements, and rely on their social network. Users can also use Raklet to create an application form where people can join up for their membership plan. show more

Fonteva for Associations - Association Management Software

Fonteva for Associations

Monitor your e-commerce proceedings like a boss
(43 Ratings)

Fonteva for Associations pricing: Fonteva for Associations Offers Custom plan.

What is Fonteva for Associations and how does it work?

Fonteva for Associations is a membership software designed for extended associations and companies. With Fonteva for Associations, clients can keep an eye on all registered members. The Member CRM provides a 360-degree view of all of them along with the online communities and microsites. A real-time dashboard visualises data and tracks multiple personalised offers alike. Fonteva for Associations looks after e-commerce and revenue accounting and is flexible to adapt with over 80 languages, currencies and 100+ payment processing systems. It is also an essential component for enterprise event management without integrations, chapter management, committee management and controlling business groups separately. Further, joining and renewing memberships are customisable according to the preferences given by the members themselves. The interface is essentially familiar, interactive and easy to use. This makes it significantly convenient for users from different fields to operate it conveniently. Further, the software gets updated multiple times with the newest technology to provide clients with a scalable SaaS model, Fonteva marketplace applications and a world-renowned Salesforce ecosystem. show more

Aptussoft - Association Management Software


A Solution For Managing Club and Fitness Centers
(9 Ratings)

Aptussoft pricing: Aptussoft Offers Custom plan.

What is Aptussoft and how does it work?

AptusSoft is a club management software. The software manages the club operations, including front-desk, HR, marketing, scheduling, and security, helping you to save money and optimize all of your resources - membership, staff, and facilities. Enterprise Club and Activity Management System (ECMS) used to manage all aspects of your business such as annual planning, billing, collections, and more. show more

GrowthZone - Association Management Software


Association Management Software
(46 Ratings)

GrowthZone pricing: Starts at $149.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowthZone and how does it work?

GrowthZone is a fully-featured association management software that comes with built-in sales funnel management that helps businesses drive growth with more efficient association management. Access GrowthZone AMS on the going scan business cards to load contact data, view notes, register, and check-in event attendees, and process event payments all from your mobile device. There’s also an app for your members. Proactively create events and manage event registrants. Conveniently group your contacts into lists or committees for mass emails. show more

SilkStart - Association Management Software


Non Profit and Association Management
(48 Ratings)

SilkStart pricing: Starts at $200.0.

What is SilkStart and how does it work?

SilkStart is a leading provider of cutting edge software for member-based organizations. Beautiful, useful event landing pages. Generate revenue and connect with your members. Showcase your event, sell tickets, offer discounts. Automatically communicate with your members, send renewal reminders, event attendance reminders, receipts, invoices, etc. Or send newsletters with their newsletter tool. Generate revenue, help your members find jobs, become a hub for job seekers. Collect one-time or recurring donations. Online campaign management has never looked this good. Elegantly designed, mobile-friendly websites that make your association stand out. show more

Wild Apricot - Association Management Software

Wild Apricot

Easy Membership Management Software
(700 Ratings)

Wild Apricot pricing: Starts at $36.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Wild Apricot and how does it work?

Wild Apricot is a top-rated cloud-based membership management solution for organizations, professional associations, clubs and non-profits, and community organizations. It sustains many professional associations because members can quickly pay, join, and manage information on their own. It provides a one-stop solution for managing members’ database, funds, and events. Once they become members, applicants are immediately notified about it with a confirmation email, and their payments are automated using credit/debit cards. In a similar way, they are updated about any subscription update and a new event, which means admins have significantly fewer communication tasks to handle. show more

TidyHQ - Association Management Software


A Simple Membership Management Tool
(165 Ratings)

TidyHQ pricing: Starts at $34.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is TidyHQ and how does it work?

TidyHQ software is a platform used to manage membership dues and finances. Sell memberships and create private membership levels without formal training. Manage contacts, communication, events, finances, meetings, memberships, tasks and more. Collaborate with your team and generate cash flow reports to measure the performance of business. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Nimble AMS - Association Management Software

Nimble AMS

Association Management Software
(23 Ratings)

Nimble AMS pricing: Nimble AMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Nimble AMS and how does it work?

Nimble AMS is the most preferred member management system for associations and nonprofits. Increase member engagement and satisfaction by building and tracking lifelong member relationships. Improve staff efficiency through automation and artificial intelligence. Save hours, days and even weeks by automating inefficient, manual day-to-day processes. Feel confident with a secure, updated and configurable membership solution built on the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. Built on Salesforce, Nimble AMS offers continuous and seamless updates, giving association staff the latest tools and capabilities. show more

ClubExpress - Association Management Software


Manage events, members, and payments efficiently with ClubExpress
(698 Ratings)

ClubExpress pricing: Starts at $24.0.

What is ClubExpress and how does it work?

ClubExpress is an efficient club and association management software that enables users to manage events, members, payments, emailing, and the likes. It handles everything associated with club association management right from a single platform. The software is highly responsive to mobile devices as well. The website streamlines for mobile devices and offers unique and specialized mobile using experiences to users. One can create mobile-friendly web pages and add special functions, which cater to the unique branding of one’s organization. ClubExpress offers all the tools that one needs to communicate with people, and allows users to access the website, make blast emailing, share blogs, and perform surveys successfully. It also lets users manage the member database, renewals, mailing list, and more. With the easy-to-use interface of ClubExpress, users can accept credit card payments, event donations, and other activities without any difficulty. The software has been designed using the latest techniques, and it serves to be ideal for businesses. show more

MemberClicks - Association Management Software


All in one membership management
(52 Ratings)

MemberClicks pricing: MemberClicks Offers Custom plan.

What is MemberClicks and how does it work?

MemberClicks is an all-in-one membership management software company designed to help associations and chambers of commerce thrive. Whether the user work for a small-staff association or one with a few more hands-on-deck, they have software solutions designed to make the job easier and the members’ experience better. If user membership is comprised of both organizations and individuals, powerful solutions are built to handle both member types. Provide more value to the members and strengthen the community with software built for chambers, by former chamber professionals. show more

MemberSuite - Association Management Software


Member Suite Acquires Event Farm
(53 Ratings)

MemberSuite pricing: MemberSuite Offers Custom plan.

What is MemberSuite and how does it work?

MemberSuite is an innovative engagement technology company that builds association management and event technology software solutions for nonprofits. Access the AMS online from anywhere thanks to their cloud-based delivery. Extend and add functionality to the system while eliminating data silos. SaaS software model pushes updates at no cost keeping you on the latest version. A dedicated Customer Success Manager ensures you are using the platform effectively. No charge for support and no limit on the number of support tickets and calls. show more

iMIS - Association Management Software


Boost engagement, improve retention and drive business growth
(103 Ratings)

iMIS pricing: iMIS Offers Custom plan.

What is iMIS and how does it work?

iMIS by ASI (Advanced Solutions International) is a non-profit, association and membership application that plays a vital role in boosting engagement, improving retention, and driving business growth. This ideal software enables users to make better business decisions. It fuses web publishing and database management in the cloud-based member EMS (engagement management system). This leads to continuous performance improvement, boosting operational efficiencies and revenue growth. Besides this, it also comes along with a line of features including contact management, membership management, engagement scoring, events management, website management, fundraising management, campaigns and email marketing, payment processing, and more. With iMIS, users can get a unified view of every interaction with their members, supporters, and other constituents. Additionally, this cloud-based platform allows one to get a complete picture of their organization’s finances, transform their events into experiences with the latest mobile features, streamlines and automates credentialing, licensing, and certification processes. One can even track and manage advertising opportunities from sales through insertion, etc. iMIS includes a powerful set of tools for configurations and API integrations too to meet the organization’s requirements successfully. show more

SubHub - Association Management Software


Grow your community with a membership website
(11 Ratings)

SubHub pricing: Starts at $40.0.

What is SubHub and how does it work?

SubHub is fully hosted and managed no software to install or complicated plug-ins. SubHub runs on Linode and AWS. Multiple membership levels enable different groups of members to securely log in and see relevant content. Create annual, monthly and other recurring plans. Set free trials and one-time payment options. Add articles, pages, images, audio, videos, and other content to publish immediately or at a scheduled date and time. Member directory, discussion forums, event calendar, and social media integration help to build ongoing user engagement. show more

YourMembership - Association Management Software


All in one membership solutions
(160 Ratings)

YourMembership pricing: YourMembership Offers Custom plan.

What is YourMembership and how does it work?

YourMembership offers affordable and easy to use membership software solutions designed to ease the workload and deliver great member experiences. Give members an easy path to sign up and renew with auto-renewal functionality. Easily create, host, and manage your organization’s events, delighting attendees with Can't-miss experiences. Connect members with a modern design and user-friendly website that looks great on every device. Increase staff efficiency with automated workflows for repetitive, day-to-day tasks. Drive continuous engagement by instantly connecting your members to each other and your organization, while becoming part of your member’s daily social habits. show more

Aptify - Association Management Software


Membership Software for Large Organizations
(10 Ratings)

Aptify pricing: Aptify Offers Custom plan.

What is Aptify and how does it work?

Aptify’s membership management software is built on a flexible platform, which means your system will grow with you as technology changes and your needs evolve. Aptify is devoted to serving member-based organizations. They takes an enterprise-focused approach, offering 21 out-of-the-box applications. The robust menu of applications for association membership software is designed to enhance convenience, connectivity, communication, and collaboration for your organization and your membership. Aptify e-Business has all the tools you need to sell the most complex of the simplest events and education offerings. show more

Personify360 - Association Management Software


Accelerate and Amplify Your Mission
(54 Ratings)

Personify360 pricing: Personify360 Offers Custom plan.

What is Personify360 and how does it work?

Personify360 is a cloud-based constituent management and engagement (CME) software platform for membership-led organizations, non-profits and charitable associations. Obtain a unified view of constituent information, behavior, and transactions across all channels of engagement with the market-leading association management system. Simplify and standardize how users view, share and act on strategic information. Create specialized personas, screens, workflows and context-sensitive tasks while managing security and creating custom notifications. show more

OmegaFi - Association Management Software


Technology Tool for Greek Organization
(0 Ratings)

OmegaFi pricing: OmegaFi Offers Custom plan.

What is OmegaFi and how does it work?

OmegaFi's powerful chapter and alumni management tools enable you to more effectively bill and collect dues and rent, manage rosters and records, pay bills and employees and file tax returns. Information-rich, business process and data analysis applications for chapters and headquarters allow you to monitor and gauge your financials and improve overall records reporting and management. show more

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List of Association Management Software

Join It 4.8
MemberLeap 4.7
Disciple 4.6
Raklet 4.6
Fonteva for Associations 4.6
Aptussoft 4.5
GrowthZone 4.5
SilkStart 4.3
Wild Apricot 4.3
TidyHQ 4.3

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