For any membership organization, the business development that they make is equivalent to the level of help that the association accommodates its individuals. Developing your crowd, expanding member commitment, and getting membership sign-ups are a few tough tasks to accomplish. Incompetent membership management conveys dependable impacts and may taint a whole affiliation. The consequences of poor service and mismanagement reach all over.

What is Membership Management Software?

Membership Management Software
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Membership Management Software or an Association Management Software is equipped for aiding affiliations, clubs, and other enrollment associations to offer their types of assistance to their individuals all the more productively.

A straightforward culture supports individuals in any membership-based association and lays out shared regard and trust. Any association having membership-based exercises ought to have the option to oversee part data set, add, restore, redesign or minimize memberships, impart and arrange with individuals effectively, sort out occasions, tickets, content, track individuals’ advantage, etc. To put it plainly, everything without question revolves around opportune assistance, effective help, restoration processes, and customized administration.

How to select the right Membership Management Software?

There are various membership management systems available for merchants to look over. Guarantee that you get the choices, expenses, and expectations. Assuming you have time you can do the accompanying;

  • Research assuming that the product is positioned high
  • Check whether the product offers every one of the elements expected for a proficient membership management system 
  • Figure out how long the supplier has been in the business
  • Confirm the updates of the product
  • Confirm the quantity of clients count
  • Check for the agreement terms if any
  • Slender down your determination to additional exploration
  • On the off chance that you lack the opportunity and energy to do the above research, you can just peruse the areas underneath to assist you with getting an arrangement.

What are the different membership management frameworks?

Membership Management Software on a more extensive note can be isolated into the accompanying kinds;

  • On-premises
  • Cloud-Based
  • Free
  • Open source
  • Premium

Free membership management programming gives the clients the opportunity to utilize the product, comprehend the source code, adjust the product, and disperse the product with practically no limitations. Dissimilar to exclusive programming, the free programming arrangements don’t have any permitting or secret codes.

What are the highlights of Membership Management Software?

  • Basic and intuitive member entrance
  • Different enrollments
  • Member database
  • Member portal
  • Sponsor executives
  • Support the management
  • Application management
  • Programmed renewals
  • Section individuals
  • Make a modified profile
  • Incorporate with different frameworks
  • Acknowledges various monetary forms and expense
  • Content administration
  • Record support
  • Simple installment entryways
  • Coordinated installment handling
  • Multi-client access
  • Tweaked reportage
  • Duty management
  • Email marketing
  • Investigation features
  • Security

Ordinarily, membership management system accompanies the following elements:

  • Putting away and altering member data
  • Making, restoring, redesigning, and minimizing memberships
  • Speaking with individuals by email, online media, message, or post.

Top 7 free and open-source Membership Management Software

Users can improve on their membership management system with the accompanying top Free and Open-Source Membership Management Software as follows:


As a free and open-source membership management solution, Admidio is the best fit for any size club, association, or gathering. Each module of Admidio can be handily introduced and arranged to another framework or your current framework. Modules incorporate; User Management, Managing the data, Event Module, Role and client rights management, creating and re-establishing information base reinforcements, and managing the appointments.

Key Features

  • Gotten and controlled admittance
  • Form 3.3.10 offers a new approval framework
  • Flexible design
  • Uninhibitedly configurable fundamental menu
  • Office to send out subtleties to other record types
  • Effectively make jobs
  • Add custom fields
  • Office to distribute occasions on the web
  • Office to empower every one of the individuals to partake in occasions that are of their advantage
  • Make photograph collections
  • Office to make occasions, alter or erase them whenever
  • Office to transfer, oversee and see photographs
  • Individuals can get to data constantly
  • Assortment of plugins like birthday list, category report, membership expense, and more.

The most recent form of Admidio (3.3.10) has added new dialects that incorporate; Indonesian, Spanish, Swahili, and Chinese basics.

Wild Apricot

When it comes to membership management, Wild Apricot comes at the first spot on the list. The product permits you to computerize and work on membership management processes easily. The product gives a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Wild Apricot is a free and open-source programming arrangement. The free form accompanies a few essential elements and permits up to 50 contacts. Premium elements are made accessible for an extra expense.

Modules of Wild Apricot include membership management, event registration, payments, email and managing the contacts, database management, and mobile app.

Contacts in a business are important. So, in order to tempt them and add esteem, you would want to interface with them and deal with their actions with no grating. A proficient membership management programming framework can assist you in accomplishing this. Wild Apricot has to be an ideal choice in such a scenario. This free and open-source membership management programming software is generally utilized by affiliations of all sizes, non-benefit associations, clubs, and social orders for managing the membership registrations and overall members database without any extra charges.


Save your experience on your everyday managerial work and have a great time drafting, overseeing, and assembling individuals with practically no pressure with GroupSpaces, a free and open-source membership management programming arrangement. Modules incorporate; Application Management, Dues Management, Event Management, Member Community, Member Portal, Membership Renewals, Membership Report, and Rights Management. Aside from the Free arrangement, the product additionally offers Basic, Starter, Pro, Premium, and Ultimate Plans. The Free arrangement is accessible for 50 Members with 2 Member records and 250MB File Storage.

With almost 5 million enrollments oversaw around the world, this product is not difficult to utilize and enjoyable to make due. The product empowers safe data set administration and simple correspondence with individuals. GroupSpaces is broadly utilized by proficient affiliations, sports clubs, non-benefit associations, trusts, social orders, local gatherings, scholastic gatherings, business gatherings, Alumni, and, surprisingly, little side interest gatherings.


Simplify membership management, and all your everyday tasks with MemberPlanet, a free and open-source membership management programming framework. The product fits associations, all things considered. With a worked-on membership enrolment process where intrigued individuals can join the club using email or simply by tapping the connection imparted to them. The product is broadly utilized by Associations, Charities, Schools, Booster Clubs, Fraternal Organizations, PTAs, Homeowners Associations, Educational Foundations, etc.


Tendenci is a straightforward and simple-to-utilize stage ideal to oversee memberships, occasions, and other everyday regulatory activities with practically no contact. This free and open-source membership management programming platform makes it incredibly simple to accept and hold individuals. Whether your affiliation handles restricted individuals or an enormous number of individuals, Tendenci can squeeze into any arrangement and can assist you to set aside timing and cash. 

Tendenci has been on the lookout for over 20 years now and every year the product endeavors to improve and today it impeccably fills the requirement for a reasonable membership management programming answer to deal with all your everyday exchanges for membership management, data set administration, managing the board, and correspondence the executives and sponsors the board. Tendenci is one of the highest-level open-source options in contrast to exclusive, shut source, or other open-source AMS frameworks.


ClubMaster is one more basic and simple-to-utilize membership management programming arrangement. This free and open-source programming is written in PHP.

Key Features of ClubMaster include:

  • Natural yet clear administrator and UI
  • Absolute membership management
  • Support for a little and enormous gathering of individuals
  • Numerous areas
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Coordinated occasion management
  • Request the executives
  • Area-based help
  • Office to coordinate with different frameworks
  • Auto-restoration
  • Simple to keep up with clients’ movement
  • Numerous language support

Closing Thoughts 

Fundamentally, putting resources into a membership management programming framework relies upon the size, culture, and development of your affiliation. It can go from acquisition to conveying techniques and can take a touch of your time if not planned as expected.

You could need to go through the accompanying advances;

  • Dissect your necessities
  • Characterizing them
  • Gain what you want from a specific programming arrangement
  • Think about your time and financial plan
  • Recognize the assignments that should be robotized
  • Recognize regions that need enhancements
  • Check to assume the product accommodates your motivation
  • Check on the off chance that the product has a few secret expenses
  • Check to assume the product utilizes the most recent accepted procedures
  • Preliminary attempt the product to check to assume that the product saves you time
  • Check to assume it coordinates well with your different frameworks
  • Check on the off chance that it is not difficult to Maintain
  • Check for the security and dependability
  • Last, yet not minimal, check for help from the supplier


A blend of all makes a decent membership management programming framework. As a user of membership management software, you must consider all the above-mentioned criteria that determine a perfect framework. You need to choose wisely from a diverse range of membership management software available in the industry.

In this article, we listed the top 6 free membership management software that you can explore in 2022. To know more, kindly connect with us at SaaSworthy

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