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Capture clear and consistent actions
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Laxis pricing: Starts at $7.49. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Laxis and how does it work?

Laxis captures conversations intelligently to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable. Simple transcription and personalized templates help you extract insights, action items, and key quotes from meetings. Laxis takes notes while you focus on the conversation. Capture each attendee's comments verbatim, and flag items for follow up. Laxis captures meeting outcomes with an accurate record that can be sent to each attendee. show more

Laxis Alternatives
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Effective Enagement Platform
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Closely pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Closely and how does it work?

Discover a lead intelligence and sales automation platform that can help to find, engage and convert the perfect prospect into a customer. This platform can handle the entire process, from identifying and assessing ideal prospects, to engaging and converting them into customers. The customer can get detailed insights into each prospect and their buying journey to make sales process more efficient. All of this is accomplished in one platform, making it easy to manage and track the progress. show more

Closely Alternatives
LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Sales Intelligence Software

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Understand critical insights to find the right prospects
(4,164 Ratings)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing: Starts at $64.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how does it work?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an allrounder sales management tool, helping out sales representatives establish a great rapport with individual prospects to land in better deals. The software can be used to get a detailed understanding of relevant business metrics, target the right leads and get them converted into loyal clients with personalized outreach. The solution provides personalised recommendations on leads, based on its users’ profile and type of business. LinkedIn Sales Navigator when integrated with CRM, saves leads and related accounts in an automated manner. Further, users can also update data within sales navigator into CRM in a single click. The sales monitoring solution offers relevant insights on individual leads along with real-time updates on job changes. Salespersons can organise generated leads using tags or notes facilitating real-time sync with CRM. LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables users to obtain a detailed list of people who have visited their profile in the last 90 days. InMail Messages, Smart Link Presentations and Teamlink are other useful features of the particular. show more

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives
Introhive - Sales Intelligence Software


Automate mundane CRM tasks
(127 Ratings)

Introhive pricing: Introhive Offers Custom plan.

What is Introhive and how does it work?

Introhive Automate eliminates administrative CRM busywork to help save employees time, boost productivity, and drive greater adoption of CRM. With Introhive Activity & Contact Sync Digest, quickly map new contacts, update existing contacts, and sync activities in CRM directly from your email and reap the benefits of enhanced data quality for customer success, marketing, and business development teams. Most contacts and activities never make it from email to CRM. Eliminate unproductive time spent manually entering information in CRM after meetings. show more

Introhive Alternatives
SellHack - Sales Intelligence Software


Prospect more sales by sending the right emails to the right people
(32 Ratings)

SellHack pricing: Starts at $3.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is SellHack and how does it work?

SellHack is an intuitive email finding tool that enables companies to discover leads, build email lists of possible customers and forward cold emails in order to generate more sales. It helps sales teams to discover qualified leads by verifying emails and syncing those with SalesForce. The tool also offers a real-time verification engine that companies can depend upon to find accurate email addresses of individual prospects within a few seconds. With SellHack, users can easily manage their sales pipeline-related activities and reminders that they were using to generate sales, through phone calls, emails and social selling. Moreover, the drip marketing facility supported by the particular software allows brands to send personalised cold emails and follow-ups directly from their inboxes on the go. To create email lists, users can just upload the incomplete data containing ‘Last Name’, ‘First Name’ and ‘Company Name’ and SellHack finds the valid email addresses automatically. It also validates existing contacts in companies’ CRMs which eliminates bounce rates, identifies new sales opportunities and increases email deliverability. show more

SellHack Alternatives

Products Similar to Access Confidential

Priority Engine - Sales Intelligence Software

Priority Engine

Provide adequate help to your sales and marketing teams with Priority Engine
(552 Ratings)

Priority Engine pricing: Priority Engine Offers Custom plan.

What is Priority Engine and how does it work?

Priority Engine is a prospect level intent data monitoring software helping out sales and marketing teams to get their success rates elevated based on metrics revealing active buyers within in market accounts. The software can prioritise, score and rank active prospects and hottest accounts automatically, utilising the data based on their recent research behaviour. Out of all, prospect level intents, a massive audience of registered gadget buyers and updated research on the latest B2B tech makes Priority Engine stand out from the rest. The software also promises real-time integration with external platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce, Integrate, Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitating seamless business outcomes. Moreover, company officials can also depend on Priority Engine to target individual accounts with an immediate need for relevant solutions, besides adding more than a thousand active prospects to nurture sales cadences and streams accordingly. Priority Engine also helps with prospect level intent-based icebreakers and insights assessment within Salesforce, enabling meaningful conversations that will become deals. show more

Priority Engine Alternatives
FinListics ClientIQ - Sales Intelligence Software

FinListics ClientIQ

Use the power of Insight-Led Selling to engage prospects.
(300 Ratings)

FinListics ClientIQ pricing: FinListics ClientIQ Offers Custom plan.

What is FinListics ClientIQ and how does it work?

ClientIQ, a FinListics Solutions proprietary platform, enables sales teams to acquire crucial information regarding their prospects and clients, understand their competitive landscapes, and meaningfully align their solutions, all from a simple and interactive platform. The complete analysis, which includes peer comparisons, KPIs, segment analyses, and more, aggregates and organizes crucial financial data in real time.Traditional sales tactics are no longer effective in B2B agreements, which now involve upwards of ten decision-makers, each trying to understand the financial and commercial consequences of any relationship. With fresh industry-specific content such as external and internal performance determinants, market disruptors, trends, and risks, construct a current industry point of view. Gain a quick understanding of industry performance by looking at Growth and Profitability data. FinListics ClientIQ may be integrated into any sales approach and provides clients and prospects with the business and financial knowledge they need immediately. Users praise ClientIQ for saving hours of prep time, increasing customer credibility, and allowing them to establish distinct points of view regarding their clients and prospects. show more

FinListics ClientIQ Alternatives
Global Database - Sales Intelligence Software

Global Database

Gain rich insights through business intelligence delivered comprehensively
(50 Ratings)

Global Database pricing: Global Database Offers Custom plan.

What is Global Database and how does it work?

Global Database is a comprehensive B2B company intelligence provider offering a large business directory with an exhaustive list of business profiles. The information and services provided by this platform are trusted widely by top companies like Uber, Vodafone, Wework, The Economist, and more. The platform delivers a wide array of powerful features that help businesses discover and engage customers effectively. First-rate input for the entire sales funnel makes Global Database stand out from the rest. Businesses can also select specific data that meets their needs on prospects, customers and competitors alike. Moreover, admins can get access to information on companies they are interested in and gain an enriched view of their status. They can also bolster their business database by filling in all empty data fields and providing the most up-to-date information. Beyond this, a comprehensive information bank is made accessible to users allowing them to acquire and scrutinise credit reports, financial data, shareholder intel and more. Global Database provides sophisticated automation facilities, helping users synchronise their data automatically, easily fill in gaps between information, facilitate onboarding and automate risk assessment in a seamless manner. show more

Global Database Alternatives
Crunchbase - Sales Intelligence Software


All-in-one prospecting solutions
(186 Ratings)

Crunchbase pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Crunchbase and how does it work?

Crunchbase is the leading provider of private-company prospecting and research solutions. Million users including salespeople, entrepreneurs, investors, and market researchers use Crunchbase to prospect for new business opportunities. And companies all over the world rely on us to power their applications, making over 6 billion calls to our API each year. show more

Crunchbase Alternatives
D&B Hoovers - Sales Intelligence Software

D&B Hoovers

Accelerate your B2B sales with dun & bradstreet (D&B Hoovers)
(1,042 Ratings)

D&B Hoovers pricing: D&B Hoovers Offers Custom plan.

What is D&B Hoovers and how does it work?

D&B Hoovers is an online platform that is designed to elevate your business growth by accelerating your B2B sales by leveraging data and analytics. It provides a fast and accessible pathway to reach from prospects to profitable relationships by engaging with the customers quickly and interactive. In addition, it helps in growing the business by increasing the sales of a company using its powerful AI-powered tools and features. They offer dynamic capabilities of robust search and list building, real-time alerts, well-defined enterprise profiles, well researched and detailed reports of technology to increase your company's chances of acquiring customers. With their high-quality leads generation feature, users save time in researching and can invent it in selling. In addition, it increases access to sales data for better user experience apart from elevating alignment between Marketing and Sales for the best integration. Users get the fastest implementation and the best ROI using D&B Hoovers. The platform also offers finance management features to its users apart from Third-Party Risk Management. show more

D&B Hoovers Alternatives
ZoomInfo - Sales Intelligence Software


It's our business to grow yours
(11,295 Ratings)

ZoomInfo pricing: ZoomInfo Offers Custom plan.

What is ZoomInfo and how does it work?

ZoomInfo RevOS is a software solution that is a unified system of data, insights, software, and integrations that creates complete visibility into how to identify, engage and convert within your total addressable market.Facilitating you in defining your target market and reaching ideal buyers with comprehensive B2B intelligence. Let's you understand the buyer intent- find and connect with sales-ready leads researching relevant topics and keywords online. Has other features like a website visitor tracker (identify and capture anonymous visitors who skip filling out your web form); Sales automation (build and execute multi-touch sales cadences with our native phone dialer and email tool); Conversation intelligence (analyze customer calls, meetings, and emails to drive and process changes that impact to your bottom line). Digital advertising for targeted audiences. Insight-driven workflows- select insights that matter the most to your business, define ideal customer profile and trigger an action. ZoomInfo has a user-friendly interface; improves your productivity by integrating its comprehensive data and innovative technology with your existing tools. The website chat feature is an automated, easy-to-use, data-driven chatbox tool.The lead enrichment feature captures, appends, and standardizes high-quality data on new and existing records. show more

ZoomInfo Alternatives
ZoomInfo SalesOS - Sales Intelligence Software

ZoomInfo SalesOS

B2B Sales Solutions & Prospecting Tools
(6,226 Ratings)

ZoomInfo SalesOS pricing: ZoomInfo SalesOS Offers Custom plan.

What is ZoomInfo SalesOS and how does it work?

ZoomInfo SalesOS is the modern go-to-market platform for B2B sales teams. ZoomInfo has the largest, most comprehensive, and most frequently refreshed database of insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts.

ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternatives
The List Online - Sales Intelligence Software

The List Online

An Evolutionary Sales Intelligence Platform
(2,825 Ratings)

The List Online pricing: The List Online Offers Custom plan.

What is The List Online and how does it work?

Winmo is the new and improved The List Online. You can see all available budgets with deeper brand, company and agency relationship mapping. Get real-time alerts on target accounts & industries. Leverage new filters to prospect by planning period, audience demographics & media dollars held.

The List Online Alternatives
Clearbit - Sales Intelligence Software


Enhance customer interactions and power your business
(69,447 Ratings)

Clearbit pricing: Clearbit Offers Custom plan.

What is Clearbit and how does it work?

Clearbit is a modern marketing data engine that is specially designed for customer interactions and can play an active role in making companies truly data-driven. It provides users with a deep sense of understanding and aids them in knowing their customers while identifying their future prospects. The software also helps them in personalizing every marketing and sales interaction activities accordingly. Clearbit offers fresh and real-time search results, which allows new information to flow in immediately. With this application, one can easily fetch all the details such as company attributes and other information within just a few clicks. This software has been built for modern businesses, which mostly involve dataset and machine learning algorithms. In this way, users can easily grow their customer base and expand their businesses as well. This software ensures the right data access that helps to aid in bringing in more profits by targeting the right customers. Additionally, users can find out who is visiting their website and learn how to personalize campaigns using the right guidance. show more

Clearbit Alternatives
Ampliz Salesbuddy - Sales Intelligence Software

Ampliz Salesbuddy

Gathering data intelligence related to individual prospects made simple
(10 Ratings)

Ampliz Salesbuddy pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Ampliz Salesbuddy and how does it work?

Ampliz Salesbuddy helps B2B companies gather data intelligence from their prospect’s website. Trusted by global B2B leaders, this platform sets an ideal customer persona to get prospect fit scores, accordingly. The leaders can identify the criteria that match and those that do not match to take a quick call pursuing the prospect. This helps them focus on the right prospect and prioritise their outreach program. Ampliz Salesbuddy’s prospect score does not require any credits and it is available on all plans. The platform filters contacts based on seniority levels and departments. This means users can directly browse through the contact information of key decision-makers. Also, with Ampliz Salesbuddy companies can preview the information available for each contact such as email, phone and LinkedIn profile. Thus helping the brands to use their credits wisely. This platform offers a certain level of personalisation that aligns with the leader’s approach and requires contextual intelligence. Moreover, Ampliz Salesbuddy’s expert team can manually score information and deliver the same within individual accounts. show more

Ampliz Salesbuddy Alternatives
Datanyze - Sales Intelligence Software


Find and connect with beneficial prospects
(908 Ratings)

Datanyze pricing: Datanyze Offers Custom plan.

What is Datanyze and how does it work?

Datanyze allows different organisations to find and connect B2B sales prospects within minutes. It provides accurate and affordable information regarding the B2B sales reports, backed by an intuitive Google Chrome Extension of the same. The collected information comes inclusive of fields like email address, direct dial and mobile numbers straight from LinkedIn profiles. Furthermore, Datanyze also allows users to segregate expired files directly from Google Chrome. To accommodate one’s business needs, the platform offers a wide range of free and premium packages. Also, for detected scenarios of inaccurate information, a refund is surely provided. Committed to ethically sourced business information, Datanyze collects, verifies and secures high-quality business data. It also seeks to practice leadership in action and over-deliver all legal requirements. Furthermore, Datanyze not only aims to help sales professionals connect with quality prospects but also provides icebreakers that lead to meaningful conversations. Datanyze further offers admin capabilities to pool credit allotment between users. Also, it adds credits to the users’ accounts in real-time. show more

Datanyze Alternatives
InsideView - Sales Intelligence Software


Sales and Marketing Intelligence Software Solutions
(56,270 Ratings)

InsideView pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is InsideView and how does it work?

InsideView helps B2B companies drive rapid growth with the only platform that empowers business leaders to quickly and confidently make go-to-market decisions. Expand your network and connect with more decision-makers and influencers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Explore family trees and connections to uncover more ways into an account, for both prospects and existing customers. Stay current on organizations and decision-makers with mobile alerts. Quickly access information about the people and companies on your calendar. show more

InsideView Alternatives
Owler - Sales Intelligence Software


Monitor competitors activities and relevant business deals
(230 Ratings)

Owler pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Owler and how does it work?

Owler is a business information management software, helping out organizations and individual users extract relevant information about sales leads, besides tracking the whereabouts of the companies which matters the most. The software offers company exclusive data for 13M+ businesses including metrics like annual revenue, top competitors, employee count and funding. Enterprises can follow their competitors and receive regular updates from Owler, regarding the deployed business strategies of the latter. They can personalize push news alerts for more than 16 types of events. Besides, keeping a tab on competitor’s business dealings, organizations can also go through relevant business news that impacts their own sales and targets. Advanced filter options within the same, help business houses filter out their competitors by sector, industry, geography and revenue. The software offers a wide variety of exclusive options for teams like Salesforce integration, custom keyword alerts, brand personalization along with specialized training sessions for the sales team. show more

Owler Alternatives
StartupFlux - Sales Intelligence Software


Monitor your business sales in an accurate way with StartupFlux
(1 Ratings)

StartupFlux pricing: StartupFlux Offers Custom plan.

What is StartupFlux and how does it work?

StartupFlux is an appropriate sales intelligence solution in India, providing 40+ growth signals and data points for the companies to begin with. Organisations can depend on the particular to discover new prospects, monitor competitors and nurture clients in real-time. Accurate keyword and website search functionality offered by StartupFlux help users conduct business relevant searches by company name, phrases and keywords alike. They can even filter out the achieved results by location, team size, dynamic lists and more. Also, detailed company-specific information provided by the software helps with competitor mapping and revenue monitoring, generated by each of them. Users can even leverage StartupFlux to compare two companies simultaneously based on a variety of relevant parameters. Daily alerts on business expansion projects, funding, events and data points provided by the software are of great help. Also, real-time integration with external platforms like Hubspot, SugarCRM and Salesforce facilitates accurate business process outcomes. show more

StartupFlux Alternatives
SimilarTech - Sales Intelligence Software


Discover Greenfield Opportunities
(19 Ratings)

SimilarTech pricing: Starts at $290.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is SimilarTech and how does it work?

SimilarTech’s SIP empowers customers across any industry by giving them the tools and insights to meet and exceed their goals. They offer analysis tools to spot trends, research markets, generate leads, and find prospects. The technology provides partners with crucial insights into technologies from across millions of sites to leverage information and grow businesses. show more

SimilarTech Alternatives
Wealth-X Professional - Sales Intelligence Software

Wealth-X Professional

Glоbаl high net worth database
(5 Ratings)

Wealth-X Professional pricing: Wealth-X Professional Offers Custom plan.

What is Wealth-X Professional and how does it work?

Wealth-X Рrоfessiоnаl рrоvides data driven intelligenсe services, widely regarded for its database that is utilized by рrivаte banks worldwide behind the scenes to research wealthy рeорle. The aim is to help its clients unсоver, understand, аnd engage their target аudienсe аlоng with mitigating risk with the help of the infоrmаtiоn рrоvided by Wealth-X. It раrtners with brands асrоss the finаnсiаl services, luxury, not-for-profit аnd higher-eduсаtiоn industries in order to suрроrt strategic deсisiоn-mаking in sales, marketing аnd соmрliаnсe. Wealth-X Рrоfеssіоnаl solutions aims at providing a wide соllесtiоn of сurаted research and intelligenсe on high net worth (HNW) аnd ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals. The service helps clients to look for рrоsрeсtive leads and donors based on criteria suitable to their needs. It helps the clients to соnneсt with the wealthy individuals that соuld be beneficial for them. It also helps in enhancing the client’s рrоsрeсts intelligenсe by revealing рreviоusly unknown wealthy individuals that аlreаdy existed in their dаtаbаse. With this disсоvery, Wealth-X helps them to secure these соntасts аnd target stronger leads. show more

Wealth-X Professional Alternatives
UpLead - Sales Intelligence Software


Database monitoring and business communication made seamless
(1,003 Ratings)

UpLead pricing: Starts at $74.17.

What is UpLead and how does it work?

UpLead is a powerful B2B database and business contact data provider helping businesses use data-driven insights to enhance the overall delivery outcomes. Users can build accurate prospecting lists free from bad-fit buyers and low-qualified leads instantly with UpLead. It is also trusted widely by prominent companies like Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. With advanced features delivered seamlessly, users can make prospecting frictionless and instant. UpLead guarantees maximum data accuracy to help businesses build detailed prospecting lists with intuitive tools. Designed for precision delivery, the platform uses over 50 search filters to uncover contacts and find perfect leads to promote business growth. Furthermore, users are equipped with important contact details for qualified leads like their email addresses and phone numbers, facilitating deeper interaction. Also, comprehensive verification checks enable users to ensure that reliable contact information is being used. Moreover, UpLead provides a seamless integration facility with prominent third-party applications like Zoho, Pipedrive, Maileshake, Outreach, and more. show more

UpLead Alternatives
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