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Sales Intelligence Software

Sales Intelligence Software helps businesses and sales teams gain insights about prospects' information they require to take advantage of them. Sales Intelligence tools integrated with Marketing and Business Intelligence software can deliver enriched data points of their leads in a readily usable format for the teams. Sales Intelligence platforms remove the junk leads and provide behavioral tips with intent signals to pitch at the right time for improving their conversion rates.

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ProspectCloud - Sales Intelligence Software


Exceeding data standards through process performance
(21 Ratings)

ProspectCloud pricing: ProspectCloud Offers Custom plan.

What is ProspectCloud and how does it work?

ProspectCloud is a leading provider of vetted business data, engaged with over 4,000 national brands ranging from Fortune 500 to Small and Mid-Market businesses. Ensure deliverability and optimize performance. With proprietary multi-stage email and social vetting process, the authenticate each email address at the user level, individually removing failures and virtually eliminate bounces. At ProspectCloud they have made a commitment to customers to help guide your targeted marketing efforts by helping to inform you of any factors that can help you achieve your objectives. show more

Personas - Sales Intelligence Software


B2B Lead Generation for sales and marketing
(2 Ratings)

Personas pricing: Starts at $5000.0.

What is Personas and how does it work?

Personas help B2B companies fuel their demand generation engine by hyper-targeting their ideal customer personas, matching high-quality prospect data to those personas, then orchestrating multi-channel campaigns across your entire outbound stack. Stop list building one-by-one. Define your customer personas and let the app automatically search, sort, and fill your pipeline from a proprietary database. Automatically send leads to your outbound campaigns and synch them with your CRM for enrichment and suppression. show more

CheetahIQ - Sales Intelligence Software


A search engine created exclusively for sales personnel
(2 Ratings)

CheetahIQ pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is CheetahIQ and how does it work?

CheetahIQ is a sales intelligence software platform that compiles information about your businesses and relationships to help you schedule more meetings, have more productive talks, and spend less time researching. It provides key sales information about your prospects, contacts, and customers, allowing you to boost productivity, strengthen relationships, and boost sales performance. With CheetahIW, you get research that has been compiled to assist you in creating new possibilities along with improved prospect information to help you form better bonds. You also get key sales information to help you stay ahead of the pack. By searching across all of your organizations with a single click, you can uncover sales possibilities you might have overlooked earlier. You can deep dive into your prospects to get information that other salesmen are overlooking. With CheetahIQ, results are sorted by relevance, and crucial information snippets are given as a teaser before you go further. CheetahIQ helps you to find intriguing facts and unique insights in a fraction of the time it takes to do standard research techniques like podcast appearances. show more

Pearlfinders - Sales Intelligence Software


The ultimate sales intelligenсe рlаtfоrm
(1 Ratings)

Pearlfinders pricing: Pearlfinders Offers Custom plan.

What is Pearlfinders and how does it work?

Рeаrlfinders gives sales and marketing teams’ рreсisely the intelligenсe аnd data that they need to help business development реорle to соnneсt with the senior buyers for their services. It helps the very best marketing, sроnsоrshiр, HR, аnd teсh соmраnies to stay engaged with their markets. Рeаrlfinders delivers саmраigns that engage оr re-engage you with the соmраnies you most wish to work with, maximizing your exposure to new business орроrtunities. Its strength is its сurаted соntасt data and the quality аnd depth of the reports generated by its аnаlysts on the challenges that drive brand spending at sрeсifiс соmраnies. The platform аllоws you to leverage а set of filters to quickly narrow down a broad соntасt рооl, аnd аlsо the орtiоn to seamlessly imроrt that data into the industry’s #1 rated СRM, Sаlesfоrсe. Рeаrlfinders subsсriрtiоn includes аnаlysts reроrts, соntасt data, роwer moves, соmраny information, target lists, and exclusive briefings аnd live updates. show more

Infotelligent - Sales Intelligence Software


B2B соntасt dаtаbаse рrоvider
(58 Ratings)

Infotelligent pricing: Infotelligent Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Infotelligent and how does it work?

Infotelligent is a machine learning and artificial intelligence-based B2B contact intelligence platform. It supports marketing and sales pipelines with multi-source intent signals, precise cell phone details, and real-time confirmed contacts. Infotelligent gives you instant соntасt аnd соmраny intelligenсe in you browse through LinkedIn profiles оr соmраny websites. You can also add рrоsрeсts directly from LinkedIn to your CRM in a single сliсk. With Infotelligent you саn instantly ассess: B2B emails, cell рhоne numbers, employees’ job title, deраrtment, аnd job level, соmраny рhоne numbers, соmраny industry, siс соde, nаiсs соde, соmраny demоgrарhiсs, соmраny revenue, email раtterns, number of employees, intent signals аnd а lot more. With integration directly to Sаlesfоrсe, Infotelligent offers а streamlined way to рорulаte CRM reсоrds with key details without reliance on the Sales reр to enter them manually. The product is strаightfоrwаrd to use; and the search сараbilities provide a simple way to identify роtentiаl leads beyond what LinkedIn offers. The FREE Сhrоme Extension from Infotelligent, 100% manually build and certified B2B рrоsрeсting database, helps you to find quality leads faster. show more

Collective[i] - Sales Intelligence Software


Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales
(46 Ratings)

Collective[i] pricing: Collective[i] Offers Custom plan.

What is Collective[i] and how does it work?

Collective[i]'s Intelligent WriteBackTM solves the problem that has plagued sales leaders for decades: how to make your CRM a source of truth. Collective[i]’s Intelligent InsightsTM uses AI to help sellers navigate a world where buyers are in control. The AI analyzes vast data sets of buying behavior to provide recommendations and coaching prompts that shorten deal cycles and improve win rates. Now everyone from the CEO to those on the front lines can see what’s in the pipeline, with AI-enhanced assessments of pipeline health and opportunity odds, allowing managers to focus on coaching and improving outcomes. show more

Zint - Sales Intelligence Software


Your go-to sales intelligence platform
(29 Ratings)

Zint pricing: Zint Offers Custom plan.

What is Zint and how does it work?

Zint is an advanced sales intelligence platform, developed to assist you in improving your sales and revenues by gathering and analysing billions of data points about the economy every day and displaying them in a simple, user-friendly manner. It enables you to find fresh leads, automate the process of ranking opportunities, find new marketplaces to explore and locate cross-selling possibilities. With Zint, you can turn your unstructured data into actionable information for your sales team. It offers a patented data-processing engine that provides unique insights which aren't accessible anywhere else. It enables your sales team to raise the discussion and win larger deals by having exclusive insight into the strategic objectives of target businesses. It also offers a highly customizable analytics tool which guarantees that your team spends as little time as possible scoring the potential leads. Zint’s real-time platform allows your team to locate businesses that are experiencing the problems that your company excels at solving. Additionally, you can discover your whole market and provide your sales team the tools they need to work around a single source of truth. show more

EngageIQ - Sales Intelligence Software


Target out the best companies on the go
(26 Ratings)

EngageIQ pricing: EngageIQ Offers Custom plan.

What is EngageIQ and how does it work?

EngageIQ is a technology purchase intent data platform. Simply put, it is among the most convenient ways to prospect into the target market. For startups, if there is a rough list of prospects that have already been prepared, uploading it to EngageIQ ensures that only the desired leads will get targeted. Further, EngageIQ analyses the uploaded ICP thoroughly and points out companies that fall within it but have not yet been targeted. This significantly reduces the time required for prospecting, thereby directing the entire focus on that which is the most important, sales. Further, EngageIQ uses AI and Machine Learning to rank available companies according to their rates of engagement so that the client’s time and energy are not invested in contacting those that are unresponsive. Contacting a business company is a deal in itself since there are several contacts available to shortlist from. However, this again is an issue taken care of by EngageIQ effectively. It shortlists personnel from a target company and even provides the best timings suitable for getting in touch with these people. Moreover, every bit of data in EngageIQ is authentic and verified from time to time. show more

Salesbolt - Sales Intelligence Software


CRM data management
(10 Ratings)

Salesbolt pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Salesbolt and how does it work?

Identify new opportunities as contacts leave customer accounts to join new organizations with automatic alerts to your team inside Salesforce. customers will change jobs every 36 months on average. Customer job changes present a hidden churn risk, turn risk into opportunity with Salesbolt. Congratulate your customers on their latest promotion with a pre-structured email template. Create a new Lead and update an email address based on their latest Company Change.Surface warm Introductions into prospect accounts with previous customer contacts. show more

CoPilot AI - Sales Intelligence Software

CoPilot AI

Get more leads from LinkedIn
(156 Ratings)

CoPilot AI pricing: CoPilot AI Offers Custom plan.

What is CoPilot AI and how does it work?

CoPilot AI is an intuitive AI-powered Linkedin lead generation solution that helps businesses generate more leads. With the help of LinkedIn, CoPilot AI makes it easy to find and engage with high value leads to grow businesses. This AI-driven software automatically outreaches the appropriate audience and creates numerous touchpoints again and again until they are ready to respond. It takes help from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, goes through thousands of data points, including job title, geography, industry etc, and creates a target audience list. The platform allows users to create unique and engaging messages with the help of its industry-leading templates, which increases their personal outreach. Its Smart Inbox sends alerts whenever an audience is interested and uses AI to identify and prioritise the leads that drive the business forward. CoPilot AI also offers regular updates on strategy wise responses and helps users to make more productive decisions in the future. show more

CloudLead - Sales Intelligence Software


Manage Sales with Lead Prospects
(37 Ratings)

CloudLead pricing: CloudLead Offers Custom plan.

What is CloudLead and how does it work?

CloudLead software is a platform used to manage customer with our custom data. Collect information and verify leads at scale with human intelligence. Nurture Leads and score leads in real-time for sales optimization. Integrate prospects and accounts directly into your CRM. Measure the performance of your business with reports. Marketer, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Gazelle.ai - Sales Intelligence Software


The next-gen business intelligence platform
(92 Ratings)

Gazelle.ai pricing: Gazelle.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is Gazelle.ai and how does it work?

Gazelle.ai is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) Business Intelligence platform built to discover fast evolving companies for business development success. It assists businesses and enterprises in generating and engaging with valuable leads, mainly the Gazelles that are fast-growing companies. Its powerful AI-enabled tools help identify growth companies for you to engage with only the most valuable leads. It assists in useful target account list creation, accounts prioritizing, target company monitoring, prospect tasks management and automation, and actionable company-specific data finding. It additionally ensures maximized conference ROI, accelerated success, and account retention and growth. It also enables you to light up your pipeline with growth companies. It enables the users to level up and improvise their deal flow to power up their business development strategy. It also provides an analytical framework, engagement tools, and research resources to enhance your business's growth and development process. Gazelle.ai offers a free trial version of the software to test and try before buying it. show more

Zymewire - Sales Intelligence Software


Your go-to digital sales research assistant
(3 Ratings)

Zymewire pricing: Zymewire Offers Custom plan.

What is Zymewire and how does it work?

ZymeWire is an online sales intelligence software built to elevate your business growth and enhance your digital sales research experience. It assists you in performing smart research for your digital sales and in unveiling personalized opportunities to skyrocket your business by identifying highly tailored sales options for you. With ZymeWire, you can arrange more meetings per deals trip and visualize sales activity taking place in specific regions and then plan your outreach more strategically to finalize the deals. You can leverage the power of your professional network through ZymeWire to quickly get acquainted with key decision makers and find out the missing information via third party databases. You can additionally get smarter insights from your CRM using ZymeWire. The software is ideal for all types of businesses, from small to medium to large and it works as a digital sales research assistant to guide you through the right ways to improve your sales and reach. You can request a free demo to try their smart feature on their official website. They also offer various premium plans to access the professional tools and features. show more

hubsell - Sales Intelligence Software


Get your hands on a validated and accurate lead generation process
(13 Ratings)

hubsell pricing: hubsell Offers Custom plan.

What is hubsell and how does it work?

hubsell is a B2B lead generation and sales automation platform that provides organisations with reliable contacts that they need and enables them to engage the same contacts accordingly. hubsell campaigns enable B2B organisations to reach out to contacts across emails, social and cold calling from a centralised dashboard. Besides ensuring automated personalised actions across channels. Thus providing the organisations with a clarity and control that is otherwise left to guesswork. Furthermore, the contacts of this lead generation and sales automation platform are curated on-demand with data accuracy above 95% and up to 25B variables per contact researched, using GDPR adherent mood. The level at which one can customise their outreach in hubsell is unmatched in the industry. Also, real-time integrations act as a necessary bridge between the organisations’ contacts, campaigns, email, social and CRM, making it a seamless experience. hubsell further shares regular insights, best practices and lessons to help their customers succeed. show more

RampedUp.io - Sales Intelligence Software


Соntасt data solution for global marketers
(37 Ratings)

RampedUp.io pricing: Starts at $0.5.

What is RampedUp.io and how does it work?

RаmрedUр is the world’s largest B2B dаtаbаse, with over 500 million соntасt аnd 50 million businesses. RаmрedUр helps hard-working sales рeорle by рrоviding а “direct dial” рhоnе number for their рrоsрeсts-making their work experience more productive аnd fun. It creates targeted саll-lists that are easy to exроrt. RаmрedUр searches hundreds оr millions of websites to see if аn email address is published, how often, аnd when. It truly is а better way to validate B2B email addresses. The LinkedIn prоsрeсtоr from RаmрedUр аllоws users to аррly email, рhоne, аnd address details to соntасts аnd lists found within LinkedIn. RаmрedUр is extremely simple to utilize, and easy to search. With it, the users can exроrt, аnd save the search results quickly and easily. RampedUp.io has the abilities to effortlessly find and pull соntасts in bulk, quickly identify the right people at the right соmраnies with correct contact information. show more

BoostUp - Sales Intelligence Software


Boost up your company’s growth with BoostUp
(130 Ratings)

BoostUp pricing: BoostUp Offers Custom plan.

What is BoostUp and how does it work?

BoostUp is a revenue-enhancing platform that is designed to assist companies in improving their predictability, efficiency, and growth across their complete sales process to enhance their revenue collection. It enables the measuring of your current and next quarter health and pipeline coverage, identification of pipeline gaps, and the alignment of your sellers and marketing activity towards new pipeline generation to fill your loopholes and increase revenue. With BoostUp, you get customizable dashboards to increase your pipeline strength, and smart tools that enable pipeline progression identification, cohort analyzation, and pipeline trend identification. You can automate your forecasting with BoostUp’s AI-powered intelligent forecasting solution to get actionable insights and close deals faster. It eliminates the need of manual reporting by automating your Sales Analytics, reports, and custom dashboards. Users get the option of sales process adoption and deal activity visibility to increase deal progression and increase growth apart from forecast, pipeline, account, and opportunity insights. You can request a free demo session to try and test their features on their official website. show more

PartnerTap - Sales Intelligence Software


Discover the most lucrative income prospects with each partner
(210 Ratings)

PartnerTap pricing: PartnerTap Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is PartnerTap and how does it work?

The PartnerTap Ecosystem Platform assists channel and sales teams in identifying the most lucrative revenue opportunities with each partner and sharing essential data in order to sell into shared accounts. PartnerTap makes it simple to upload and automate partner spreadsheets, ask trusted partners to connect directly, and find new revenue prospects with each partner. PartnerTap is an all-in-one solution that enables channel teams to evaluate partners based on revenue potential by segment and identify specific accounts for your channel and sales teams to pursue right away. PartnerTap is dedicated to assisting businesses in generating more revenue from their partners. Our Partner Ecosystem Platform helps sales teams to cross-sell with partners by automating account mapping and controlling what data is shared with each partner. Our solutions assist channel and sales teams in creating a repeatable partner revenue machine that identifies new possibilities and closes agreements faster. The enterprise's most trusted and widely used account mapping software is PartnerTap. show more

Detective - Sales Intelligence Software


Your personal sales detective
(30 Ratings)

Detective pricing: Detective Offers Custom plan.

What is Detective and how does it work?

Detective by Charlie is an online sales outreach platform created to provide a more personalized outreach experience to clients. It automates the sales research process of its client by sifting through thousands of source documents to provide a more valuable selling experience to its users. It provides you the option to find critical intel on your various accounts, and you can use it before cold calls, outreach, and meetings. It enables Browser Automation for prospecting and allowing the research to be processed on your web browser itself. It can undertake very detailed research with just a single prospect entering. It helps the users transform their unproductive emails into better-performing ones- the ones that the buyers actually reply to. Detective makes sure that its clients find and target the right contacts to save their time. In addition, it assists the sales reps in instantly qualifying or disqualifying a prospect based on its demographic information. A free demo version is available for trying and testing the product. show more

OceanFrogs - Sales Intelligence Software


Your go-to Sales Intelligence Platform
(47 Ratings)

OceanFrogs pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is OceanFrogs and how does it work?

OceanFrogs is an online AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platform built to improve and enhance the user's B2B sales experience. It provides a wide variety of B2B services, like personal development, data enrichment and hygiene, lookalike modeling, and technographic data. It additionally provides features like partner prospecting services and prospecting account prioritization models to elevate your business growth. OceanFrogs is a unique software that is best suited for professional online business owners. It grows and refines your business prospect list to increase your sales by using its powerful AI-powered tools. In addition, it provides excellent market coverage, enables innovative campaigns, allows continuous campaign mining, and ensures a trained revenue team to its clients. It allows users to execute APAC and Mideast data intelligence just at the tips of their fingers. It additionally emphasizes on data quality by separating technology sellers from buyers using technographic data. OceanFrogs grants a 7-day free trial version with no payment information required to its users to test the platform. show more

InsideView - Sales Intelligence Software


Sales and Marketing Intelligence Software Solutions
(1,603 Ratings)

InsideView pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is InsideView and how does it work?

InsideView helps B2B companies drive rapid growth with the only platform that empowers business leaders to quickly and confidently make go-to-market decisions. Expand your network and connect with more decision-makers and influencers for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Explore family trees and connections to uncover more ways into an account, for both prospects and existing customers. Stay current on organizations and decision-makers with mobile alerts. Quickly access information about the people and companies on your calendar. show more

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