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Updated on: August 4, 2021

Sales Intelligence Software

Sales Intelligence Software helps businesses and sales teams gain insights about prospects' information they require to take advantage of them. Sales Intelligence tools integrated with Marketing and Business Intelligence software can deliver enriched data points of their leads in a readily usable format for the teams. Sales Intelligence platforms remove the junk leads and provide behavioral tips with intent signals to pitch at the right time for improving their conversion rates.

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Harness the power of machine learning to find ideal prospects
(11 Ratings)

Zint pricing: Zint Offers Custom plan.

Zint is a technology company looking to transform the way that businesses go to market. Mirroring your existing prospecting spreadsheets, Zint fills in the gaps with real-time insight, enabling Sales teams to identify the best sales opportunities at any given time and collaborate seamlessly around... read more


B2B Lead Generation for sales and marketing
(2 Ratings)

Personas pricing: Starts at $5000.0.

Personas help B2B companies fuel their demand generation engine by hyper-targeting their ideal customer personas, matching high-quality prospect data to those personas, then orchestrating multi-channel campaigns across your entire outbound stack. Stop list building one-by-one. Define your customer... read more


Technology Purchase Intent Data Platform
(2 Ratings)

EngageIQ pricing: EngageIQ Offers Custom plan.

Engage IQ is the smartest way to increase sales performance throughout your team. Using machine learning and AI, EngageIQ can identify which companies in your target market are likely to buy and which contacts at the organization are receptive to a discussion. With pipeline increasing, your team... read more


A Search Engine Designed Specifically For Salespeople
(1 Ratings)

CheetahIQ pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Custom plan.

CheetahIQ is the fastest way to research your sales prospects. They’ve aggregated news, jobs, 10-Ks, earnings transcripts, podcasts, and more, so you can find the most relevant and interesting info to leverage for outreach. Discover sales opportunities you would have previously missed by... read more


Every Second Researching Is a Second of Not Prospecting
(5 Ratings)

Infotelligent pricing: Infotelligent Offers Free-forever plan.

Infotelligent is the leading sales growth platform that enables sales and marketing teams to find B2B buyers with intent signals and accelerate their sales pipeline and grow sales faster. Upload your target accounts list and the business contact finder will do the rest. They give you a complete... read more


Meet the newest member of your sales team
(1 Ratings)

Zymewire pricing: Zymewire Offers Custom plan.

Zymewire builds a digital sales research assistant that helps organizations understand what's happening in their industry, so they can uncover new opportunities to grow their business. By coordinating your team’s sales data with industry activity behind the scenes, Zymewire helps you unveil... read more


Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales
(24 Ratings)

Collective[i] pricing: Collective[i] Offers Custom plan.

Collective[i]'s Intelligent WriteBackTM solves the problem that has plagued sales leaders for decades: how to make your CRM a source of truth. Collective[i]’s Intelligent InsightsTM uses AI to help sellers navigate a world where buyers are in control. The AI analyzes vast data sets of buying... read more


Pioneers in B2B lead generation and sales automation
(38 Ratings)

hubsell pricing: hubsell Offers Custom plan.

hubsell contacts are on-demand generated with data accuracy above 95% and up to 25 variables per contact researched using GDPR adherent methods. Entering new markets is a time-consuming and risky strategy that requires upfront investment and foresight. Your market should be properly validated with... read more


Discover Greenfield Opportunities
(6 Ratings)

SimilarTech pricing: Starts at $290.0. Offers Custom plan.

SimilarTech’s SIP empowers customers across any industry by giving them the tools and insights to meet and exceed their goals. They offer analysis tools to spot trends, research markets, generate leads, and find prospects. The technology provides partners with crucial insights into technologies... read more


Manage Sales with Lead Prospects
(22 Ratings)

CloudLead pricing: CloudLead Offers Custom plan.

CloudLead software is a platform used to manage customer with our custom data. Collect information and verify leads at scale with human intelligence. Nurture Leads and score leads in real-time for sales optimization. Integrate prospects and accounts directly into your CRM. Measure the performance... read more

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