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Updated on: April 9, 2020

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software tracks and records information regarding a visitor or an employee of a public building. It can record and document a visitor’s whereabouts in the building premises. Visitor management software provides you with maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, therefore keeping the building premises as well as the employees safe and secure. These systems can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and biometric scanners, ensuring a high level of security. Visitor management software can include features such as visitor screening, pre registration for some guests before the visit, ID scanning, visitor tracking or reporting and notifications for visitor checks ins.

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Vizitor - Visitor Management Software : SaaSworthy.com


Digitized and Smart Visitor Check-in App
(40 Ratings)

Vizitor is a next-gen visitor management solution that helps hotels and organizations to smoothen their guest arrival and check-in systems through by leveraging digitization. This helps them move away from the manual process of handling paperwork, paving the way for paperless operations. The tool... read more

Sine - Visitor Management Software : SaaSworthy.com


All-in-one Solution to Manage Workplace

Sine software is a solution to manage visitors to automate the workflow. Check-in visitors, staff, deliveries, track assets and manage contracts from Sine Web. Generate reporting and analytics to monitor the performance of your team. The software integrates with Procore, Eventbrite, Slack, and... read more

One Tap Check-In - Visitor Management Software : SaaSworthy.com

One Tap Check-In

A Simple Solution to Make Check-Ins

One Tap Check-In software is a platform used to eliminate the manual process of entering records and simplify your check-in process. Upload excel files with profiles or members register on-site. Access your data in real-time and download reports with the click of a button. Small, Medium and Large... read more

Visitdesk - Visitor Management Software : SaaSworthy.com


Change the way you manage visitors

Visitdesk provides a seamless and consistent check-in experience for everyone who walks through your door. Visitdesk will verify the visitor's information via OTP (One Time Password) through SMS or eMail. Every visitor's information is securely stored and archived so that you can access it if and... read more

MyGate - Visitor Management Software : SaaSworthy.com


Simplify everyday living of housing societies

MyGate is a cloud-based community and security management application that simplifies housing society by managing visitors and staff, as well as accounts and complaints. The software enables its users to authorize entry of delivery executives, raising a ticket to the facility manager, and paying... read more

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