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Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software tracks and records information regarding a visitor or an employee of a public building. It can record and document a visitor’s whereabouts in the building premises. Visitor management software provides you with maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, therefore keeping the building premises as well as the employees safe and secure. These systems can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and biometric scanners, ensuring a high level of security. Visitor management software can include features such as visitor screening, pre registration for some guests before the visit, ID scanning, visitor tracking or reporting and notifications for visitor checks ins.

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OnGuard Visitor - Visitor Management Software

OnGuard Visitor

client enables the attendant
(8 Ratings)

OnGuard Visitor pricing: OnGuard Visitor Offers Custom plan.

What is OnGuard Visitor and how does it work?

The OnGuard next generation visitor management portfolio is a comprehensive visitor management solution that provides unparalleled ease of use, increased mobility and seamless integration across a range of devices and applications, extending from mobile to desktop. OnGuard Visitor is a browser-based client that facilitates the delivery of a full-service visitor management model, providing a welcoming front desk experience. show more

Vizito - Visitor Management Software


Experience the convenience of automated visitor management with Vizito
(22 Ratings)

Vizito pricing: Starts at $29.95. Offers Custom plan.

What is Vizito and how does it work?

Vizito is a thoughtfully developed visitor registration platform that comes equipped with two different parts. The first one is specifically a tablet or a kiosk computer that gets securely mounted on a stand. While the second one is a back-office website generally taken care of by the reception desk. Vizito’s highly integrated and user-friendly interface is focused on making the lives of the receptionist a lot easy. Further, a good and extensive range of options available for customisation enables flexibility in the work environment, besides helping out businesses to add in fields that they want their visitors to fill in. Notable features of this product include self-sign-in, rapid notifications on every visit and multi-company tenant support. Vizito also facilitates quick integration with MS Teams for notifying hosts. Additionally, GDPR Privacy compatibility ensures accurate data retention, custom privacy agreement and visitor wise anonymity maintenance on demand. show more

Veristream BreezN - Visitor Management Software

Veristream BreezN

Designed to help you reopen safely
(1 Ratings)

Veristream BreezN pricing: Veristream BreezN Offers Custom plan.

What is Veristream BreezN and how does it work?

BreezN is our cloud-based visitor management system that lets you reopen with confidence by managing all visitor and employee check-ins. BreezN to push the capabilities of visitor management beyond the industry standard. We designed this software to put security first and to provide all of our customers with the highest level of security and privacy possible when managing their visitors. Every single BreezN customer, regardless of size, gets their own dedicated private environment, hosted securely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We currently support +250 companies with roughly 1,000 locations worldwide. show more

FTPASS - Visitor Management Software


Visitor Management System
(2 Ratings)

FTPASS pricing: FTPASS Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is FTPASS and how does it work?

We provide Power-grade Visitor Management System and process optimization products. This is a cloud-based platform and resides on a tablet-powered kiosk situated at a company's entrance and provides more hassle-free and efficient access to the facility. This automates the complex process of screening, validating, and monitoring individuals across all of your Premium locations, while meeting customer’s privacy, safety and security compliances. show more

Autonix - Visitor Management Software


Visitor Check-ins Made Simple
(3 Ratings)

Autonix pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Autonix and how does it work?

Autonix software is a platform used to gain insights with an easy-to-use visitor check-in system. The software offers tools to measure the activity for a given location or event. Get a detailed visit log to find specific customers, customers during a specific time-frame, or for future re-marketing. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

SwipeOn - Visitor Management Software


Change the way you work
(222 Ratings)

SwipeOn pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is SwipeOn and how does it work?

Swipe On is a visitor management system that makes your workplace sign-in system adaptable. It allows you to quickly screen visitors by asking them questions to determine whether they constitute a threat to the security of your company. With Swipe On, you can send notifications to your selected contact so they can respond appropriately. With an easy and secure sign in solution for workstations, workers, deliveries, and guests, you can create the sort of work environment that people want to be in. Swipe On’s contactless sign in solution allows you to register everybody entering your office in a sanitary, touch-free manner. Visitors can sign in quickly by using their smartphone's camera to scan a QR code. Swipe On is also an effective employee management solution when using the employee sign in function. Employees can use the iPad as a digital whiteboard, or they can download the specific software. It helps safeguard your employees and company from the spread of dangerous illnesses. Additionally, with the Swipe On workplace management software, you can create a flexible work environment for your employees. show more

VisitUs - Visitor Management Software


Upgrade to a safe and secure workplace
(15 Ratings)

What is VisitUs and how does it work?

VisitUs is trusted globally in managing site attendance, evacuations and compliance. Our Visitor Management system is super simple to use for both you and your customers alike. It frees you up to provide a warm and long-lasting experience or welcome.

Envoy Visitors - Visitor Management Software

Envoy Visitors

Workspace security guaranteed
(406 Ratings)

Envoy Visitors pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Envoy Visitors and how does it work?

Envoy Visitors is a seamless visitors management software, that provides adequate workplace security and hassle-free operations related to an individual team. Security admins get to generate differential sign-in flows for the approaching visitors based on the purpose of their visit. When a scheduled guest arrives, Envoy Visitors sends an automated alert. Also, businesses can set specific criteria which an individual needs to adhere to, while on site. Detailed analysis and advanced reports combining differential volumes of visitor information are made available in chart format. Moreover, the approaching guest’s details can be updated in advance (along with photos) and shared with the entire team. Badge printing and digital document signing are also available within. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cater2.me, Butler, Kisi are some of the external platforms with which Envoy Visitors thoroughly integrates all the while. Apart from visitor management, the software can also be trusted with workspace capacity monitoring, employee screening during COVID-19 and time out tracking. show more

The Receptionist - Visitor Management Software

The Receptionist

Bringing stability to your evolving office
(517 Ratings)

The Receptionist pricing: Starts at $44.91.

What is The Receptionist and how does it work?

The Receptionist for iPad is the most versatile, effective and easy-to-use Visitor Management system available! From offices with just a few employees to others over 3,000, the app is used by hundreds of businesses around the globe. Whether you are looking for a simple visitor logging system to track your visitor traffic, or require a fully customizable, SMS and email based, two-way communication system with badge printing, The Receptionist can solve your specific office needs. show more

Lobbytrack - Visitor Management Software


Visitor Management Software For All Kinds of Businesses
(38 Ratings)

Lobbytrack pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Lobbytrack and how does it work?

Lobbytrack is powerful visitor management software that can be used to check a visitor's identity in the office space of users. Once installed on a tablet or a mobile, the software will keep a track of all the visitors and send visit confirmations to the user. It is effortless to install, setup, and get trained on. Lobbytrack’s user-friendly interface guides the user step by step through the visitor process, check visitors against criminal databases, and trigger an alert. A user can further upgrade their standard system by adding peripherals such as an ID card printer and driver's license scanner. Lobbytrack can also be easily integrated with any existing access control systems as well as Microsoft Active Directory. The versatility of the tool also makes it a great fit for government offices, healthcare institutions, and schools. Whether it is a high-security facility or a small business, the tool can be tailored to meet any kind of customer needs. show more

Traction Guest - Visitor Management Software

Traction Guest

Next-gen visitor management system
(415 Ratings)

Traction Guest pricing: Starts at $115.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Traction Guest and how does it work?

Traction Guest ensures safety and security for employees, contractors, and essential visitors – wherever they work - through their Workforce Security Platform. The platform provides the most advanced enterprise visitor management system (VMS), health and safety controls, critical outreach and alerting, as well as for analytics and auditing functionality. show more

Veris - Visitor Management Software


Manage visitors effortlessly with Veris
(44 Ratings)

Veris pricing: Veris Offers Custom plan.

What is Veris and how does it work?

Veris is a powerful visitor management software, helping out business owners keep a track of their visitors and most importantly get their interests registered long before in person arrival. Veris with its self-check-in Kiosk system ensures hassle-free entry of guests, while a rapid tracker on the other hand keeps recording repeated guests. Building brand recalls helps companies in impressing their guests, while hassle-free visitor badges printing option ensures easy identification. Moreover, with Veris, companies also get to design multiple check-in flows, edit categories according to trends, send bulk invites through emails or newsletters and upload a compiled CSV file containing details of every working employee in a hassle-free manner. A diligent Security Dashboard facilitates seamless alterations of file settings from admins-only to editing mode and vice versa. Also, facility admins are allowed to create on-behalf mails, thereby lessening interruption within daily work. The dashboard even keeps notifying about active and inactive devices at regular intervals. show more

Proxyclick - Visitor Management Software


Sync visitor and employee data with Proxyclick
(476 Ratings)

Proxyclick pricing: Starts at $100.0.

What is Proxyclick and how does it work?

Proxyclick is a visitor management system that offers integrated solutions to reduce the operational costs related to workplace entry. It also establishes a secure environment for employees and visitors. From autonomous check-in, operations, and administration to health and safety alongside workplace integrations- Proxyclick manages it all. The solution centralises vaccine certificates and test results for workplace entry automatically. And it configures credentials based on a person’s health status. The system further syncs visitor and employee data at the right time. Proxyclick is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certified which ensures workplace security and compliance. To enhance the visitor experience, this system offers various features. This includes employee and desk booking: health questionnaires, schedules, touchless check-in, etc. Proxyclick also ensures visitor flows like invitations through the calendar and dashboard, custom fields, legal document signing, QR codes, badge printing, etc. Companies can create tailored smart flows for visitors and employees using custom screens. Its other features are advanced security, premium integration, custom success, enterprise services, etc. show more

Virtual In/Out - Visitor Management Software

Virtual In/Out

Keep your team in‑sync with the #1 employee status communication tool
(19 Ratings)

Virtual In/Out pricing: Starts at $11.0.

What is Virtual In/Out and how does it work?

Virtual In/Out is a status communication tool that helps teams achieve better visibility, improve safety and be more effective in their work. In a few taps, your team can indicate what they are doing, where they are going and when they may be back for less confusion and better communication. Feel the freedom of not constantly stressing about the whereabouts of your workforce. Let Virtual In/Out alert you of late employees and remind them to sign out when they forget. show more

Visitdesk - Visitor Management Software


Innovative and easy way to manage the visitors
(1 Ratings)

Visitdesk pricing: Visitdesk Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Visitdesk and how does it work?

Visitdesk is a visitor management software that helps its users to manage and track the visitors on their websites with ease. The software is a one-stop smart visitor management system that ensures a safe workplace. It provides a consistent and seamless check-in experience for every visitor to the website of the user. One can verify the information of a visitor by sending one time passwords to the visitor via email or SMS through the software. The software securely stores information regarding every visitor and archives it enabling the user to access the data whenever required. Users can browse through on-premise live information about their visitors on their website through the software. Visitdesk provides its users with a complete solution for the front desk and security management for factories and industries to manage their customers or visitors. The government offices can manage their visitors with enhanced security and minimal cost. It can be used for residential purposes as well where users can track and manage the visitors entering through the gate. show more

Q-Flow QM - Visitor Management Software

Q-Flow QM

with Omnichannel Appointment Scheduling and Multi Queue Management System
(4 Ratings)

Q-Flow QM pricing: Q-Flow QM Offers Custom plan.

What is Q-Flow QM and how does it work?

Q-nomy is a leading software vendor providing solutions that optimize true omnichannel digital and physical business processes and customer journeys.Q-nomy helps global household name customers to perform better by streamlining the customer journey in physical and online points of sale, service and care. Q-nomy has offices in North America and an R&D center in Israel, and has over 1,000 installations in five continents in healthcare, retail, telecom, finance, education and government organizations. show more

InstaCheckin - Visitor Management Software


The Best Visitor Registration App on iPad
(2 Ratings)

InstaCheckin pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is InstaCheckin and how does it work?

A visitor registration and management solution with arrival notifications, visitor information, visitor badges, and more.InstaCheckin is making workplaces Modern, Smarter and more Productive

EasyLobby - Visitor Management Software


Your Busy Lobby Visitor Management System
(14 Ratings)

EasyLobby pricing: EasyLobby Offers Custom plan.

What is EasyLobby and how does it work?

EasyLobby is an intuitive visitor management system that tends to your busy lobbies by logging in the visitors with a lot more flexibility in deployments and workflow. Reduce the waiting time of your visitors, while also preventing any security breaches and piggybacking, and makes a good first impression in front of your visitors. With EasyLobby, you can create custom workflows based on identity types of your visitors and contractors, etc, check the presence of your visitors against internal and external watchlists, connect identity systems and access control while also reducing your overhead expenses, check in large groups or events, get access privileges for employees, and experience a contactless check in by scanning a QR or an ID card.This visitor management system can benefit its users by ensuring the right access provisions on every visit for different identity types through an automated self-check in or even at the front desk, and reduces the burden of the front desk staff for tasks like vetting, onboarding, termination of large groups or visitors, and pre approval.EasyLobby provides you with powerful and deep insights of your facilities. show more

Spectra Visitor Management - Visitor Management Software

Spectra Visitor Management

Upgrade to a Simple and Smarter Visitor Management System
(1 Ratings)

Spectra Visitor Management pricing: Spectra Visitor Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Spectra Visitor Management and how does it work?

Spectra’s Visitor Management System is extremely simple, ensuring the check-in of a visitor in just 5 clicks. Alternatively, it can be configured to implement the highest safety and compliance. Options of hassle-free visitor authentication through OTPs, and visitor data-collection such as fingerprints, photos, and assets are some of basic features. This makes our software one of best visitor management systems in India. It is capable of allowing only verified visitors to gain entry into the facility, protecting against the challenging geopolitical environment. show more

CI Visitor - Visitor Management Software

CI Visitor

Easy-to-use visitor ID printing and verification program
(2 Ratings)

CI Visitor pricing: CI Visitor Offers Custom plan.

What is CI Visitor and how does it work?

Quickly capture a visitor’s picture and signature for visitor pass printing with a driver license scanner. Add visitor types, branding or other elements to your visitor passes that add an extra layer of security. You can also add expiration dates and times to prevent passes from being reused. Check your visitors against watch lists that you create or check against offender databases provided by a third party. Creating watch lists is easy with CI Visitor. show more

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List of Visitor Management Software

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Vizito 5
Veristream BreezN 5
Autonix 5
SwipeOn 4.9
VisitUs 4.9
Envoy Visitors 4.8
The Receptionist 4.8
Lobbytrack 4.7

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