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Updated on: May 24, 2022

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software tracks and records information regarding a visitor or an employee of a public building. It can record and document a visitor’s whereabouts in the building premises. Visitor management software provides you with maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, therefore keeping the building premises as well as the employees safe and secure. These systems can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and biometric scanners, ensuring a high level of security. Visitor management software can include features such as visitor screening, pre registration for some guests before the visit, ID scanning, visitor tracking or reporting and notifications for visitor checks ins.

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Sign In App

The smart and safe way to sign in
(2 Ratings)

Sign In App pricing: Starts at $380.0.

Sign In App is packed with features that are included in the site subscription at no extra cost. You can set up multiple visitor groups, create bespoke terms & policies and even get signed NDA's in one seamless process, all whilst complying with data regulations. We provide tools that make your... read more

OnGuard Visitor

client enables the attendant
(8 Ratings)

OnGuard Visitor pricing: OnGuard Visitor Offers Custom plan.

The OnGuard next generation visitor management portfolio is a comprehensive visitor management solution that provides unparalleled ease of use, increased mobility and seamless integration across a range of devices and applications, extending from mobile to desktop. OnGuard Visitor is a... read more


Experience the convenience of automated visitor management with Vizito
(22 Ratings)

Vizito pricing: Starts at $29.95. Offers Custom plan.

Vizito is a thoughtfully developed visitor registration platform that comes equipped with two different parts. The first one is specifically a tablet or a kiosk computer that gets securely mounted on a stand. While the second one is a back-office website generally taken care of by the reception... read more

Veristream BreezN

Designed to help you reopen safely
(1 Ratings)

Veristream BreezN pricing: Veristream BreezN Offers Custom plan.

BreezN is our cloud-based visitor management system that lets you reopen with confidence by managing all visitor and employee check-ins. BreezN to push the capabilities of visitor management beyond the industry standard. We designed this software to put security first and to provide all of our... read more


Automated Solution to Optimize the Visitor Management Process
(1 Ratings)

piLOBI pricing: Starts at $9.99.

Pilobi is a visitor management system that permits automated visitor sign-in and maximizes the front desk’s efficiency. It even improves the safety and security of the user’s facility while ensuring regulatory compliance. The visitor registration system is simple, flexible and safe to install... read more


Visitor Management System
(2 Ratings)

FTPASS pricing: FTPASS Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

We provide Power-grade Visitor Management System and process optimization products. This is a cloud-based platform and resides on a tablet-powered kiosk situated at a company's entrance and provides more hassle-free and efficient access to the facility. This automates the complex process of... read more


Visitor Check-ins Made Simple
(3 Ratings)

Autonix pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Autonix software is a platform used to gain insights with an easy-to-use visitor check-in system. The software offers tools to measure the activity for a given location or event. Get a detailed visit log to find specific customers, customers during a specific time-frame, or for future re-marketing.... read more


Change the way you work
(222 Ratings)

SwipeOn pricing: Starts at $49.0.

Swipe On is a visitor management system that makes your workplace sign-in system adaptable. It allows you to quickly screen visitors by asking them questions to determine whether they constitute a threat to the security of your company. With Swipe On, you can send notifications to your selected... read more


Upgrade to a safe and secure workplace
(15 Ratings)

VisitUs is trusted globally in managing site attendance, evacuations and compliance. Our Visitor Management system is super simple to use for both you and your customers alike. It frees you up to provide a warm and long-lasting experience or welcome.


System for managing visitors
(105 Ratings)

Greetly pricing: Starts at $79.0.

Greetly is a smart, adaptable guest management software that represents your company and takes care of all of your reception requirements. It makes your workplace safer, more compliant, and more productive than ever before with visitor reports at your fingertips. With Greetly, you can make sure the... read more

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