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Updated on: July 28, 2021

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software tracks and records information regarding a visitor or an employee of a public building. It can record and document a visitor’s whereabouts in the building premises. Visitor management software provides you with maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, therefore keeping the building premises as well as the employees safe and secure. These systems can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and biometric scanners, ensuring a high level of security. Visitor management software can include features such as visitor screening, pre registration for some guests before the visit, ID scanning, visitor tracking or reporting and notifications for visitor checks ins.

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Visitor Check-ins Made Simple
(2 Ratings)

Autonix pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Autonix software is a platform used to gain insights with an easy-to-use visitor check-in system. The software offers tools to measure the activity for a given location or event. Get a detailed visit log to find specific customers, customers during a specific time-frame, or for future re-marketing.... read more

Envoy Visitors

Visitor management system
(401 Ratings)

Envoy Visitors pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Envoy Visitors is the visitor management tool trusted by thousands of businesses in industries such as manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Set criteria visitors must meet to come on-site and check if they appear on internal or third-party watch lists. Create multiple sign-in flows that ask... read more


Digitized and Smart Visitor Check-in App
(19 Ratings)

Vizitor pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Vizitor is a next-gen visitor management solution that helps hotels and organizations to smoothen their guest arrival and check-in systems through by leveraging digitization. This helps them move away from the manual process of handling paperwork, paving the way for paperless operations. The tool... read more


An Enterprise Visitor Management Tool
(571 Ratings)

Proxyclick pricing: Starts at $100.0.

Proxyclick software is a platform used to automate visitor experience by streaming your front desk. The software offers Self check-in and check-out and Kiosk branding to modify text, logo, background image of choice, and button colors to represent your brand. Recognize visitors and can send... read more


Visitor Management Software For All Kinds of Businesses
(34 Ratings)

Lobbytrack pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Lobbytrack is powerful visitor management software that can be used to check a visitor's identity in the office space of users. Once installed on a tablet or a mobile, the software will keep a track of all the visitors and send visit confirmations to the user. It is effortless to install, setup,... read more

Happy Visitor

Enterprise Front Office Automation Solution
(2 Ratings)

Happy Visitor pricing: Happy Visitor Offers Custom plan.

Happy Visitor is a smart and clutter-free visitor management software. Imagine standing in long queues to sign-in to a register to enter your meeting venue. With Happy Visitor, replace all paper-based visitor registrations with a completely automated visitor management system. By adding a Kiosk at... read more


A Compliance Tool for Visitors
(8 Ratings)

TIKS pricing: Starts at $1.0.

TIKS software is a platform used to monitor the end-to-end compliance solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. The software offers tools like Dynamic Checklists, Time attendance, Induction and Training, and more. Manage contractors with work orders and live permit approvals to... read more


All-in-one Solution to Manage Workplace
(566 Ratings)

Sine pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

Sine software is a solution to manage visitors to automate the workflow. Check-in visitors, staff, deliveries, track assets and manage contracts from Sine Web. Generate reporting and analytics to monitor the performance of your team. The software integrates with Procore, Eventbrite, Slack, and... read more


Manage All Your Visitors and Residential Society Needs

NoBrokerHood pricing: NoBrokerHood Offers Custom plan.

NoBrokerHood offers innovative features to improve safety standards around its users' residential community through its inbuilt security and community management tools like amenities management, accounting, compliant management, much and more. It helps users keep track of cabs, visitors, and... read more

One Tap Check-In

A Simple Solution to Make Check-Ins

One Tap Check-In pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

One Tap Check-In software is a platform used to eliminate the manual process of entering records and simplify your check-in process. Upload excel files with profiles or members register on-site. Access your data in real-time and download reports with the click of a button. Small, Medium and Large... read more

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