Safety in any institution is of utmost importance as you never know when something may go wrong. This includes keeping tabs on who goes in and out of your company building and for how long they have stayed in the premises.

How to ensure safety using Visitor Management Software?

Visitor management software lets you do that efficiently and with utmost priority. It records information pertaining to any visitor or employee of any public building. It gives you a ton of control over who is accessing your facilities, giving you and your employees the feeling of safety. Here are the top visitor management software:


Autonix is a free visitor management software that has some paid subscriptions too. It is a simple check-in system along with a really easy-to-use interface. The software provides insights based on the information it collects and also measures the activities that happen in certain locations (according to your subscription). It is a wonderful software for all kinds of businesses, be it small, medium, or big businesses, as it also provides a guide to future re-marketing to the visitors that visited your premises.

Here are the salient features of Autonix:

  • The software provides four plans: the free plan or the basic plan, which is worth $29, the standard plan, which is worth $49, and a premium plan, which is worth $199.
  • The free plan provides 100 check-ins per month, monitors one location, and provides a unique QR code and visitor export tools.
  • The other plans provide add-ons to the free plan, which are necessary if you are running a big business. Although there is no custom plan available, you can enable SMS check-ins for your business by paying an additional $19 for 1000 SMS check-ins.

Envoy Visitors

Envoy Visitors is a simple check-in software that is trusted by thousands of people in businesses where visitor management is of utmost importance. These businesses include healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. The software creates a sign-in flow that asks the customer (the visitor in this case) multiple questions and redirects them to the necessary place. It also provides insights into the visitor volume, tells who is hosting them, and lets the business add upcoming visitors.

The following are the salient features of Envoy Visitors:

  • The software provides a free plan, two paid plans worth $99 and $299 per month billed annually. It also provides a custom plan for your business.
  • The free version lets you have unlimited visitors and email notifications. The paid plans build upon this and let you use badge printing, custom branding, and directory integrations.
  • The custom plan means that you can tailor the plan to your needs. You can add guest wifi integrations and access control integrations via the custom plan.


Vizitor is a mobile visitor management application that helps institutions like hotels smoothen and manage customers and visitors by digitizing the whole process. This makes the whole process a thousand times more efficient and gets rid of all the paperwork that exists in assigning rooms or any other service the business provides. The software provides alerts that let the hosts know that the guests have checked in and also lets the business send invites to various customers. Once the customer enters the premises, their details are immediately saved.

Here are the salient features of Vizitor:

  • The software provides a free version and two paid plans worth $20 and $40. The service doesn’t change much in the paid versions; it just has increased capacity, which is viable if you are running a big business.
  • The free version provides 100 check-ins per month. It also provides the visitor’s photos, visitor badges, and feedback from the customers. The paid versions increase the number of check-ins per month.


ProxyClick is a paid visitor management software that helps automate the whole visitor management process by streaming from the front desk. The software allows customers to self-check-in and checks out easily, as a matter of a few clicks and taps. You can recognize your visitors and send them mail via ProxyClick and have customized messages which can include the host’s contact details. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Calendar, and various other software.

Here are the salient features of ProxyClick:

  • ProxyClick is a premium software that has a subscription worth $100 per month. It helps enhance the visitor experience and secures assets.
  • The subscription allows the users to have unlimited customers, hosts, and kiosks. It also enables custom branding of the business the user is running and a receptionist dashboard. It lets the users have email and text notifications along with multiple integrations to make life easier for the users.


LobbyTrack is a really powerful visitor management software that can help in the checking of the visitor’s identity in the user’s office. It can be installed on any device and notifies the user of all visitor activity in their office. It has an easy-to-use interface, paired with easy installation and highly efficient software. Users can easily upgrade safety by adding peripherals like ID card printers and driver’s license scanners. It can also be easily integrated with various other software for extra safety, as you never can be sure enough.

Here are the salient features of LobbyTrack:

  • The software provides a free version, two paid subscriptions worth $50 and $100, and a custom plan. 
  • The free plan provides 100 visitors per month, unlimited hosts and users, and no contract. It also takes photos and prints badges.
  • The $50 subscription provides email support, and the $100 subscription provides a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The custom plan makes sure that the needs of the user are met. The prices are varying, but you can tailor the features of the software according to your needs.


TIKS is a software that ensures end-to-end compliance so that the requirements of your business can be met. It provides various tools to manage the same, like dynamic checklists, induction and training, and time attendance. You can manage visitors on all your sites and ensure safety across all of them by managing your contractors. For small businesses, this software provides real-time insights and helps them to improve their safety factor and measures the same efficiently and accurately.

Here are the salient features of TIKS:

  • The software provides two subscription plans with various features, from which you can choose accordingly. The two plans are worth $160 per month for small businesses and $1 per site per day for enterprises.
  • These plans provide features like timed sign-out, training videos, printable visitor identification, and it records time and attendance.
  • The $1 plan provides the same features as the other plan; it just is much more efficient for bigger enterprises.


Sine is an all-in-one solution in a workplace; it is a software that provides the features to manage visitors and automate all the work. It helps check-in visitors, manages staff details, and tracks deliveries and orders placed for your company. It saves all this on Sine Web, from where you can access all these details in a matter of a couple of clicks and taps. It helps improve the performance of your team by generating reports and giving insights to micro-manage your team. It can also be integrated with various software to improve the efficiency further.

Here are some salient features of Sine:

  • It provides two paid subscriptions worth $49 per month billed annually and $79 per month billed annually. It also provides a custom plan for the users.
  • The $49 plan provides up to 25 check-ins on average, online support, and the check-in allows visitors of all types.
  • It also enables pre-registration, reports and analytics, integrations, and brilliant support. The $79 feature provides all these features with 50 check-ins per day. This makes it a must-have for any business.

OnGuard Visitor

OnGuard Visitor enables the user to manage visitors with utmost efficiency and has a huge visitor management portfolio. It is incredibly easy to use, has high mobility, and can be integrated with a lot of software available in the market. It provides a custom plan which means that its features can be tailored according to your needs, and you need to pay accordingly.

Here are the salient features of OnGuard Visitor:

  • The software can provide smart cards and biometrics along with integration tools.
  • It also provides a video recording service with monitoring and surveillance services.


It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Visitor management software ensure that this safety is maintained no matter what, and you can keep a good track of your business. Although some businesses need to keep track of the visitors to ensure better revenue, most companies use these software for safety purposes.

A lot of visitor management software are free to use, so if you have a business in its growth stages, using those would be highly suggested. It is totally up to you, but they are essentials to any business.

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