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Updated on: May 25, 2022

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Cisco Webex Experience...

Take customer experience to new heights
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Improve employee and customer experiences and gain greater insight throughout customer journeys throughout all touchpoints. Make informed decisions on how to improve employee and customer experiences that will create positive business outcomes. Understand the full customer journey by breaking down data silos from business applications and bringing all the data about the customers into meaningful human stories. Empower contact center agents with full visibility of customer feedback, metrics, and previous customer... read more

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Upland Rant & Rave

Customer experience software for reliability
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Capture customer and employee feedback in the moment to drive positive change throughout organization. Uncover valuable insights by collecting feedback across the customer journey. Understand the emotion within each piece of feedback using a sentiment engine that turns verbatim into insights.

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QuestionPro CX

Create a unique customer experience
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Create strategies to continually meet the ever-evolving customer experience. Share insights with employees and frontline managers to design an exceptional customer experience. With QuestionPro CX software, can close the feedback loop using a ticketing system. This ticketing system can reduce the churn rate and eventually convert detractors into promoters.

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SMG - Service Management Group

Digital Experience Management
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Rapidly shifting behaviors have fast-tracked a new customer experience where digital experience management is part of almost every customer journey with the brand. Through a combination of active and passive engagement methods, they help user demystify customer intent and improve conversion, customer satisfaction, + brand loyalty. This always-on option lets customers react as they encounter issues, wish to provide feedback, or generally need assistance giving insight into the customer experience at the moment they are... read more

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Customer, Product & Employee Experience Software Solutions | Confirmit | Confirmit
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Confirmit is the world's leading SaaS vendor for multi-channel Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Market Research solutions. We provide self-service technology that lets you unlock powerful insights and tell captivating stories that fuel action. Confirmit provides an open API and expansive data collection capabilities.

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Verint: Customer Engagement Leaders
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Verint is a global leader in Actionable IntelligenceĀ®. Customer Experience experts in Automation, AI, and Cloud. Security and Intelligence mining software

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Enable your front-line staff to improve the local customer experience, every day
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Critizr is a technology company that uses customer feedback to help companies build better customer experiences. We provide a solution that enables millions of feedback interactions every month with any store manager in Europe. Critizr has deployments in over 30 countries, we are rapidly becoming the global customer experience leader.

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Wootric Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management Software | Wootric
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Wootric uses customizable Net Promoter Score (NPS), CSAT and Customer Effort Score (CES) microsurveys in any channel. AI-driven text & sentiment analytics deliver insight from qualitative responses at scale. Break down silos and get a holistic view of your customer when you see all of your VoC data into one platform -- analyze NPS data alongside AppStore reviews.

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Build your culture on continuous customer feedback
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AskNicely is customer feedback software that helps businesses improve customer experience and accelerate growth using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework. It creates a culture of continuous feedback. Automatically collect feedback from every customer at any point in the customer journey on any channel (email, web, SMS). Empower every team member with the feedback they need to make every experience great. Automate customer reviews, referrals, and retention. Use workflows to automate acts of advocacy like online... read more

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Make every experience count
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Create live, virtual and hybrid experiences and build lasting relationships with customers. At scale. Unite workflows and programs, cross-team and cross-function. Unlock the power of scaling efficient, effective experiential marketing. Eliminate marketing guesswork. Transform branded experiences into data and actionable insights at every step of your customer journey. Easily analyze ROI and meaningfully grow your business. Empower teams to channel creativity into driving measurable results.

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