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Vacation Rental Software

Vacation rental software helps vacation rental businesses manage, maintain and run a rental property. It provides support in booking management, billing and invoicing, facility maintenance management as well as alerts and reminders. You can choose a system that fits your business requirements, based on the size and scale of the rental properties you wish to manage or rent. Most vacation rental solutions can be integrated with online booking websites and facility management software to streamline the entire reservation and customer management process

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Lodgable - Vacation Rental Software


Market your vacation rentals better and get more bookings
(2 Ratings)

Lodgable pricing: Lodgable Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Lodgable and how does it work?

The goal of Lodgable is to help professional managers and homeowners make more money today than they did yesterday. Lodgable engages in the business of online distribution for the vacation rental industry. It markets professionally managed and privately-owned residential properties (which includes homes, condominiums, villas, and cabins) to online travel agencies like HomeAway and Expedia. Lodgable collects a small booking commission for each successful booking made via the platform. It also offers customized websites with a built-in booking engine to help hosts receive more direct bookings. show more

VacationsPal - Vacation Rental Software


Book customers easily and boost revenue
(1 Ratings)

VacationsPal pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is VacationsPal and how does it work?

VacationsPal is an advanced software for hotels, property managers and B&Bs that helps them to accept bookings from their customers’ vacations, prices, invoices and more. The software is made only for those hotels or hotel chains whose turnover exceeds 1 Million Euros. VacationsPal integrates Artificial Intelligence, PMS and Channel Manager in one place and helps users to manage their revenue. Its technology is developed on Google TensorFlow that understands users booking windows and studies their occupation to increase turnover. With its advanced analytics, the software helps hotels to know from where their bookings are coming from, who their customers are and how much commissions they are getting. VacationsPal allows hotels to manage their own sales channels. They are allowed to manage more than one rate and offer special discounts on direct bookings. VacationsPal can also be used to create a webpage or a booking engine to accept reservations from guests easily and quickly. Users can also connect their tourists’ apartments with all the sales channels and show the necessary information to their guests. show more

OwnerRez - Vacation Rental Software


Fast, flexible vacation rental software
(38 Ratings)

OwnerRez pricing: Starts at $56.0.

What is OwnerRez and how does it work?

OwnerRez is a comprehensive booking management engine, built by people who have vacation rentals of their own. It integrates with channels like Vrbo, AirBnb, and Booking.com to seamlessly synchronize availability, rates, rules and listing content while taking online bookings, managing inquiries, and communicating with guests. OwnerRez provides modern fast websites, guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements and can process payments directly, including auto-scheduled future payments. All emails sent to the guest are templatable, and you can schedule your own emails to go out automatically. OwnerRez also provides travel insurance and damage protection insurance, as well as integration with QuickBooks, property management/owner statements, and other power features. Manage many properties, automate your communication and get detailed statistics and reports without needing to hire a staff. show more

Vacation Rental Desk - Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental Desk

Inexpensive Way to Manage Vacation Rentals
(2 Ratings)

Vacation Rental Desk pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Vacation Rental Desk and how does it work?

Vacation Rental Desk increases your business by taking bookings directly through your website without paying any guest service fees or commissions charged by channels like HomeAway and AirBnB. Perfect for do-it-yourself vacation rental owners and professional property managers on a budget. Works for all types of vacation rentals including beach houses and condos, cabins and cottages, luxury homes and villas. show more

MyVR - Vacation Rental Software


Get your rental and marketing needs monitored in an organised way
(1 Ratings)

MyVR pricing: MyVR Offers Custom plan.

What is MyVR and how does it work?

MyVR is a simplified vacation rental management and marketing software that equips property owners and short-term rental businesses with the right kind of tools, facilitating seamless business monitoring. It provides a plethora of modern solutions to real estate owners and managers facilitating rapid business growth and sales optimisation in real-time. Also, MyVR is packed with a variety of essential features that enable users to streamline their business workflow in an efficient manner. Users can also depend on the same to catalogue individual units, develop a detailed inventory, define housekeeping services, rates and fee plans for all their rental services. Doubling as a channel management software, MyVR offers a built-in channel integration facility that lets users connect to over 70 leading travel sites globally. Moreover, it enables users to build their own websites with a drag-and-drop builder and get the integrated pages customised in an efficient manner. This way property managers and homeowners get to build their brand by managing several bookings, scheduling and transactions directly from the website. Also, with an accurate third-party integration facility, this platform elevates the entire property management system in real-time. show more

Bookerville - Vacation Rental Software


Manage Vacation Rental Properties with Ease
(2 Ratings)

Bookerville pricing: Starts at $50.42.

What is Bookerville and how does it work?

Streamline property management business with online automation and software tools. Premier commercial property management software that streamlines large operations. Manage check-ins/check-outs, move guests from room to room, consolidated master calendar view.

Smartbnb - Vacation Rental Software


Charm your guests with white-glove care
(66 Ratings)

What is Smartbnb and how does it work?

Smartbnb is the AI-powered solution loved and trusted by short-term rental owners and managers worldwide. Their mission is to democratize state-of-the-art technology so that all hosts can unlock the value of their properties automatically, at scale, and while offering their guests the best possible experience. Smartbnb was founded in 2016 by Pierre-Camille Hamana. It now has a fully-fledged team of specialized developers, designers, and customer success experts. show more

Beyond - Vacation Rental Software


Build Your Dream on Our Platform
(65 Ratings)

Beyond pricing: Beyond Offers Custom plan.

What is Beyond and how does it work?

Beyond is the Revenue Management Platform for short-term rental owners and managers to get, grow, and keep revenue. Our easy-to-use platform includes a dynamic, demand-driven pricing tool with extensive market data that pairs with OTA distribution and a best-in-class booking engine.

Hostaway - Vacation Rental Software


The ultimate vacation rental platform is here
(211 Ratings)

Hostaway pricing: Hostaway Offers Custom plan.

What is Hostaway and how does it work?

Hostaway is an advanced All-In-One vacation rental software, developed specifically to provide assistance to property managers and handlers in managing their vacation rental business efficiently. It automates and streamlines every element of your property management company, allowing you to expand your business in the right direction. Hostaway is a one-of-a-kind Channel and PMS Manager as, unlike other softwares, it grows with you. Each module and service is built to help you scale up your property business with progressing steps. It offers all the communication tools with an industry-leading unified inbox to level up your business. Property managers can use Hostaway's Analytics & Reporting to gain important insight into their business and automate every single tedious activity. The platform's unique channel manager provides all the resources you need to promote your properties with the care and attention they deserve. You can manage every element of your everyday operations with precision and automation, and delegate jobs with confidence. Furthermore, Hostaway provides email/text marketing tools, personalised discounts, customisable booking websites, and monthly seminars on how to increase reservations. show more

Syncbnb - Vacation Rental Software


Synchronize your BnB bookings
(39 Ratings)

Syncbnb pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Syncbnb and how does it work?

Syncbnb synchronizes all the bookings from all the channels in full 2-way real-time. They employ advanced AI, cutting edge software and human quality assurance to make sure they have all the calendars updated and synchronized. Syncbnb helps vacation rental owners manage their listings on multiple channels like Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking.com, Tripadvisor etc thus multiplying their revenue by 2X or even 3X. show more

Hostify - Vacation Rental Software


A Property Management System For Professional Hosts
(23 Ratings)

Hostify pricing: Hostify Offers Custom plan.

What is Hostify and how does it work?

Hostify is a Property Management System for hosts to streamline the vacation rental business and collect all interactions on one dashboard. It easily synchronizes data with Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, and other platforms allowing the hosts to manage all listings across these platforms. They can also use the platform to create their own modern, responsive, and mobile-friendly booking website, and get direct bookings. Professional short-term property managers and vacation rental owners can increase their business substantially by using the set of powerful tools provided by the platform. These include owners portal, property, reservations, and channel management, payment processing, multi-calendar, unified inbox, and API. Owners can automate repetitive tasks such as messaging, reviews, pricing, and payments which increases productivity. They can also get actionable insights based on smart data analysis, which will help to enhance the business. Hostify creates charts for revenue overview and breakdown, occupancy rate, revenue by channel, cash flow, potential revenue by property, and much more. These features allow owners to work smarter and increase their revenues. show more

Rentlio - Vacation Rental Software


Property Management System and Channel Manager
(5 Ratings)

What is Rentlio and how does it work?

Rentlio is a cloud-based app tailor-made for vacation rentals owners, hostels and small hotels. Channel manager synchronization with Booking.com, Expedia, AirBnB and many others, ligthspeed check-in with real-time ID cards & passport scanning feature, invoicing, statistics, guest profiles. Save time on administration, get rid of errors and stress. Focus more on sales and planning. Focus more on guests. show more

iGMS - Vacation Rental Software


Boost your short-term rental business with iGMS
(109 Ratings)

iGMS pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is iGMS and how does it work?

iGMS is a compact vacation rental and property management software for short-term rental businesses. This particular solution is known to serve businesses present across 133 countries all around the globe. Businesses can depend on iGMS to streamline their vacation rental properties across multiple channels and eliminate double bookings by embracing automation. The software comes with a unique guest communication system of its own, helping out businesses in automating tasks like ticket assignment and guest communication reporting. Moreover, businesses can also manage their day-to-day activities, calendars, and routine tasks via a single dashboard. Pop-up notifications offered by the same, helps businesses with seamless property management, as cleaners and housing staff get access to real-time messages from the onboarding guests and function accordingly. Further, native integration facilities with external platforms like Stripe helps with seamless booking management on Booking.com and direct payment collection in real-time. Other notable functionalities include automated guest reviews, a personalized label creation process, and prebuilt messaging templates. show more

stays - Vacation Rental Software


Increases bookings on autopilot
(2 Ratings)

stays pricing: Starts at $25.65.

What is stays and how does it work?

stays is a complete vacation rental all in one solution, which helps you to gather more and to manage better. A single “stay” involves many layers of activities, a combination of acquisition, service, organization, and execution. stays were designed to help you to reach the excellence of a “stay”, for your business, your investors, and your customers. show more

iStateSoft - Vacation Rental Software


Easy and Fast Bookings with Time-Proven Software
(1 Ratings)

iStateSoft pricing: Starts at $399.0.

What is iStateSoft and how does it work?

iStateSoft Property Manager is a good alternative to vacation rental websites that charge you regular membership fees or deduct commissions from your bookings. Pay once and use it forever. Whether you are a newcomer in the vacation rental business or an experienced vacation rental guru, with iStateSoft Property Manager your daily routine is effectively organized and easily managed. It’s simple and clear for any level of rental professionals. show more

AvailabilityCalendar.com - Vacation Rental Software


The best availability calendar for your holiday home website
(12 Ratings)

AvailabilityCalendar.com pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is AvailabilityCalendar.com and how does it work?

When you own a holiday home, an availability calendar is a must-have. With AvailabilityCalendar.com usercan create, edit and publish one or more available calendars on your website, and you can do all of this with only a few clicks. Forget about FTP, CSS, or databases. We'll make sure it's working! You only have to sign-up, create a calendar and embed it on your website with a simple iframe or javascript code. Don't have a website? Then you can share your calendars with an HTML link. show more

Your.Rentals - Vacation Rental Software


Let’s make renting simple
(5 Ratings)

Your.Rentals pricing: Your.Rentals Offers Custom plan.

What is Your.Rentals and how does it work?

Enjoy the ease of listing your property on dozens of vacation rentals websites with just one Your.Rentals account. Connect to all the major channels, plus niche and local sites to maximise your exposure to guests and increase your bookings. All bookings, requests and payouts are managed through Your.Rentals. show more

Smoobu - Vacation Rental Software


Short Term and Vacation Rentals
(13 Ratings)

Smoobu pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Smoobu and how does it work?

Smoobu is the all-in-one vacation rental management software. Smoobu syncs all your booking portals, such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Trip.com, Agoda, Expedia etc, automatically, so you no longer need to worry about manual reservations and double bookings. One subscription, all tools. PMS, Channel Manager, Website Builder, Unified Inbox, Payments, Online Check-In, as well as a Dedicated Guest Portal that will make your reviews go up. show more

BookingSync - Vacation Rental Software


Property management software for all short-term rentals managers
(12 Ratings)

BookingSync pricing: Starts at $347.0.

What is BookingSync and how does it work?

BookingSync is a cloud-based vacation rental system that serves as a friend to owners, managers, and agencies during each step of the vacation rental management process. With the help of a robust developer API and the BookingSync App Center, companies of all stripes VR marketplaces, rates engines, guest and cleaning services, among others can build integrations that extend the functionality of BookingSync. At heart, we’ve developed a simple and easy-to-use software that is bringing openness and connectivity to the vacation rental community. show more

Tokeet - Vacation Rental Software


Vacation Rental Management Software
(14 Ratings)

Tokeet pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Tokeet and how does it work?

Tokeet offers a complete, fully integrated, and best-in-class suite of products for all aspects of your rental business. Our platform contains all the tools you need to grow from 1 to 1K rentals. We are the only full-stack platform on the market. Tokeet is your one-stop shop for vacation rental management software solutions. A suite of powerful tools for channel management, rental automation, owner management, and more. Tokeet is the perfect choice for vacation rental managers & owners who need total control. show more

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List of Vacation Rental Software

Lodgable 5
VacationsPal 5
OwnerRez 5
Vacation Rental Desk 5
MyVR 5
Bookerville 5
Smartbnb 4.9
Beyond 4.9
Hostaway 4.9
Syncbnb 4.8

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