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Updated on: January 27, 2020

Auction Software

Auction software is a tool that enables a seller to vend products via auction on the internet. It incorporates a spectrum of features that helps to automate auction with the utmost efficiency. Most of the auction software is offered as a computer/mobile application and web service (SaaS), as well. Irrespective of type, the critical functionality doesn’t have any discrepancy. It allows the user to create an online marketplace to bring all the bidders and the seller on a common platform to facilitate real-time bidding on products. Using relevant auction tools, one can host several types of auction, such as forward auction, reverse auction, penny auction, and silent auction. You can even customize your marketplace with products, schedule bids, and reserve bidding for absentees. With integrated payment gateway support, bidders can pay for the product online, which is transferred directly to the seller’s bank account. Some of them also come with multi-currency and multi-language support so that you can expand the bidding base.

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Auctria - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Maintain professionalism while organising online auctions

Auctria makes organising online auction easy for the sellers. It helps you to design catalogs for your products, which are needs to be sold. The catalog can be sent online including on social media platforms or can be printed as forms to be handed physically to the bidders. The app can also be used... read more

Auction Software - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com

Auction Software

Host different types of auctions in the same marketplace

Auction software is probably the most versatile tool of its kind in the industry. To start with, it allows you to conduct multiple forms of auctions on your marketplace. This includes forward auctions, reverse auction, penny auction, and all such types. The software is easy to install and runs... read more

BiddingOwl.com - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Manage auctions and raise funds efficiently

BiddingOwl is a feature-packed online auction solution, which is popular with a number of non-profit organizations. The interface is easy and clean, that allows both the bidders and the seller to manage things efficiently. Besides regular forward, the seller can also host silent auctions, which... read more

ClickBid - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Bidding that raises more made easier

ClickBid is an online marketplace making software that allows you to host auctions in order to sell products with maximum price. It is popular with the organisation owing to the transparent price structure, user satisfaction and improved productivity. This software claims to provide the best... read more

SchoolAuction.net - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Allow bidders to bid from anywhere

SchoolAuction is one of the most easy-to-use e-auction organizers in the market. Although not for commercial purposes, it quenches most of the non-profit, charity and school auction needs. It gives your bidders the ability to make bids even using an Android or iPhone device. Notifications are... read more

Maxanet - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


E-auction made easy with a bunch of useful features

Maxanet is a popular and one of the industry-leading online auction software. Providing solutions since 1997, it equips a robust set of auction organising tools that are enough to manage everything related to hosting auctions on website. It works efficiently on desktops, tablets and smartphones,... read more

ReadySetAuction - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Organise auction events and promote them to get maximum bidders

ReadySetAuction helps you to create a marketplace to sell your products via e-auction. It uses all the information entered by you to create catalogs for the items to be sold. That’s not all, you can deploy custom templates and even use the ones from Microsoft Word to design the catalogs of your... read more

AuctionMethod - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Software service for auction websites

AuctionMethod offers a service that provides companies with a complete solution for conducting online auctions on their website. The service includes enterprise auction management software and professional website hosting.

Silent Auction Pro - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com

Silent Auction Pro

Simplify the entire process of running your fundraising event

Silent Auction Pro is a multi-user, internet-based auction software system that provides a complete solution for charitable fundraising organizations. Silent Auction Pro is the perfect solution for school auctions, church auctions, service club auctions or any organization wishing to raise money... read more

BidJS - Auction Software : SaaSworthy.com


Host auctions and access them from multiple devices

BidJS enables you to commence online bidding with easy setup and low cost compared to other players of the industry. The software is built to reflect changes in real-time across the number of platforms, on which it is being used. Apart from bidding, one can even sell products directly and even... read more

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