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The Best Quiz Maker for Business & Education
(25 Ratings)

ClassMarker's secure, professional web-based Quiz maker is an easy-to-use, customizable online testing solution for business, training & educational assessments with Tests & Quizzes graded instantly, saving hours of paperwork.

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The MAP Suite - NWEA
(36 Ratings)

The MAP® Suite is an assessment system that’s all about measuring what matters—so you can support growth and skill mastery for every student.

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ExamView | Test Generator | Turning Technologies
(18 Ratings)

Looking for an easy-to-use quiz or test generator? ExamView from Turning Technologies is the industry-leading test generator software that supports content for any subject area. ExamView allows teachers to build assessments & quizzes, create assignments, & collect real-time responses. Learn more about ExamView today!

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DnA: Illuminate Data &...

Illuminate DnA Student Assessment Data Management - Illuminate Education
(16 Ratings)

Illuminate DnA provides easy access to student assessment data. Learn more about the next generation of assessment data management systems.

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Student-friendly Online Remote Proctoring Solution
(6 Ratings)

Proctortrack is a digital remote proctoring solution that makes use of an automated and proctorless approach that offers convenience, comfort, ease of use, and security. Users can easily take exams from the comfort of their homes by scheduling the required anytime and anywhere. The tool functions as a low-cost solution with Automated remote proctoring that can deliver results at scale. Users need to simply launch Proctortrack from inside their LMS to take the exam. This helps students to achieve a more valuable degree and achieve better academic integrity. With the Automated Proctorless™ Approach, all manual elements can be eliminated for a more comfortable proctoring experience. The tool also ensures privacy since all the data is handled in compliance with FERPA regulations. Data is protected with military-grade encryption. Other leading features are Browser Agnostic & Cross-Platform Compatibility, Online Remote Cognitive Proctoring, Auto Online Proctoring Services, Cheat Proof Online Proctoring Exam, and more. show more

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Stand out from the crowd with best features
(170 Ratings)

Classplus was born out of an urge to redefine classroom engagement in this country. A tutor's activities should be simplified, a kid's learning curves should be personalised and a parent should be continually notified. That's the step 1 of our mission. And they are always on the lookout for high energy, creative hustlers who can repel boundaries and dent one of the toughest education markets in the world.

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Think Exam

Create Online Tests and Exams in Minutes
(3 Ratings)

Think Exam software is a platform used to engage your candidates to increase performance with a highly interactive platform and simplify the assessment cycle. Generate scorecard and collect feedback boost your skills and grades. Educational Sectors, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

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Watermark Approach to Educational Intelligence
(9 Ratings)

When You Work with Watermark, You Work with People Who Believe in the Value of Meaningful Assessment to Improve Student Learning, Program Quality, and Effectiveness. Contact us Today to Learn How we can Help Your Institution.

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MasteryConnect | Formative Assessment Strategies & Tools
(22 Ratings)

Drive student growth with software for innovative assessment, curriculum planning, benchmark assessment, and free apps for teachers.

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Assessment Maker | Quiz Software | Create Test | QuestBase
(2 Ratings)

QuestBase is a web-based, cross-platform software application maker that provides everything you need to create your assessments, tests, quizzes and exams, both on-line and printed.

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Strategic talent management
(0 Ratings)

It can be found somewhere in the middle. Between psychology and technology. At Talogy, they are an alloy of both. Psychology and technology combined to solve the talent challenges.

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(0 Ratings)

Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric tests or survey/ feedback forms, Yomark reads everything for you. Capture any kind of data i.e. candidate signature, photograph, and contact details. Flexibility to get tabular and graphical reports of your requirements. Well Organized, uncluttered, consistent, and easy to use screen layout. Highly compatible with any of the normal ADF scanners. Evaluate and set any marking scheme.

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Exam on Air

Online Test Platform Software
(0 Ratings)

Most sophisticated, innovative and user friendly online test platform and promises to its clients to help them automate their online examination process completely. From registrations of students to creating test paper for them by uploading of question paper on its own - everything is in the control of our clients. Deliver any form of tests and assessments to suit your testing needs such as school or institute assessments, tests for skills assessment, certification, pre-hire testing, and employee evaluation.

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Conduct Exam

Managing Online Exams Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

Conduct Exam software is an Web-based Online Exam software to conduct online tests. Create offline exam, computer-based test, center-based exam, online assessment software, online examination system, and much more. Manage exams on the booked date and time through enrolled login and can conduct the best online test software. Measure the performance of candidates with marks. It supports Mobile Android/iOS mobile app for automating workflow in minutes. Educational institutions, Colleges make use of the software.

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Online Exam Portal | Online Exam Software | MegaExams
(0 Ratings)

Online exam software allows to create, conduct and evaluate exams online. It provides a comprehensive question bank with 500,000+ question for all major competitive exams.

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Online Testing | Computerized Adaptive Testing, Educational Assessment | Assessment Systems
(1 Ratings)

Online testing software with the best technology: adaptive testing, item response theory, LOFT, and more.

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Course Evaluation and Course Feedback Survey Solutions for Higher Education
(6 Ratings)

Course Evaluation and Course Feedback Survey Solutions by Watermark Helps Institutions with Features Designed to Simplify Processes for Faculty, Administrators and Students.

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Lumos StepUp

Best Online Assessment Practice and Intervention Tool for Educators | Lumos Learning
(9 Ratings)

Lumos StepUp is a proven study program that provides state assessment rehearsal and path-breaking remedial practice powered by AI. More than 300,000 students in hundreds of schools throughout the country use it.

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Online Grading Software for Instructors
(1 Ratings)

Crowdmark is a collaborative grading and analytics platform for higher education that streamlines assessment, increases productivity and provides personalized learning. The mission is to enrich the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.

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Skyfactor Benchworks

Why Choose Benchworks Assessments | Skyfactor Benchworks
(1 Ratings)

Professionally-developed assessments, with an intuitive results dashboard. Make informed investment decisions, serve students and improve your program.

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List of Assessment Software

ClassMarker 4.4
NWEA MAP Suite 3.7
ExamView 4.2
DnA: Illuminate Data & Assessment 3.9
Proctortrack 4.2
Classplus 4.8
Think Exam 5
Watermark 3.5
MasteryConnect 3.8
QuestBase 2.5