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Board Management Software

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Board Management Software
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BoardEffect’s board software supports modern governance best practices within and across each cycle of board activity. Board governance is oriented around a regular meeting cycle that can be quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, or sporadic in its timing. A large number of boards’ responsibilities are annual in nature and carried out over the course of a yearly cycle. This tracks with the length of a single board member’s term and ensures the board’s sustainability and continuity over time.

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IntelligenceBank Boards

Board Management Software for Director Meetings - IntelligenceBank
(1 Ratings)

Board Meetings & Governance Software. Board Meeting Tools for Directors and Board Meetings. Meeting Agenda Builder, Paperless Meeting Software + iPad App

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Azeus Convene

Efficient, Easy, and Safe
(123 Ratings)

With more than 30 years of expertise effectively delivering IT solutions to 60 government agencies around the world, Azeus is the world's premier IT services supplier. We've created a solid track record of constructing large, sophisticated IT systems for both the public and private sectors throughout the years. We've enhanced our sound integrated operations model by merging the knowledge of our own industry experts with the movers and shakers in other industries to provide a well-rounded service to our clients. We have excelled in supplying software applications and product development, integration, support and maintenance to improve the functions of game-changing firms, thanks to our unrivaled specialty in the public sector. Over 250 IT projects have been completed in over 100 countries, and we have a large international customer base in both the public and private sectors. Users can use a secure central platform to share documents, notes, agendas, and other presentation resources. Users can make their annotations public or private, and presenters can employ technologies like virtual laser pointers and page synchronization to keep sessions interesting and productive. Users can also keep track of various events and action items, introduce resolutions and vote on them during meetings, handle approvals, and use an e-signature to sign off on papers. show more

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Meeting Management Software
(5 Ratings)

Sherpany is the leading meeting management software that makes every meeting count. Built to fulfill the needs of midsize and large organisations.

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Diligent Corporation: Secure Board Portals and Board Management Tools
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BoardPad is the industry-leading meeting and document collaboration solution. It transforms directors' devices into highly secure digital boards packs.

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DiliTrust Exec

DiliTrust - Le Leader des Solutions de Gouvernance
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DiliTrust est un éditeur de logiciels, spécialisé en solutions de gouvernance et de gestion des données sensibles depuis plus de 20 ans.

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Admincontrol: The ultimate solution for decision-makers
(4 Ratings)

Market leading Board Portal provider in the Nordics. Admincontrol is owned by Visma, and is among the most successful companies in the Visma group. Data centres stored in Norway. 90 000 users.

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Board of Directors Software to Help Make Better Decisions | Directorpoint
(2 Ratings)

Directorpoint is comprehensive board software built to simplify, streamline and enhance the way your board communicates. It features a "One View" interface that places all the information every member of the board need and demand right at their fingertips. Board administrators find it easy to prepare for any meeting with their fellow board members.

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BoardPaq Board Portal

BoardPaq® Board of Directors, Trustees app
(64 Ratings)

BoardPaq is an affordable, easy-to-use, secure board portal on iOS, Windows and Web for planning, running and managing paperless board, leadership and committee meetings. BoardPaq has an Agenda and Minutes Builder to assist administrators and board secretaries.

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More effective meetings utilising technology | eShare
(1 Ratings)

Harness the power of your SharePoint of Office 365 accounts with MeetingSquared and take back control of your meetings. Make meetings more efficient and effective

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iBabs - Board portal to organise and run board meetings more efficiently
(3 Ratings)

One shared space for meeting prep, document sharing, communication & followup. Helping everyone save time and get more out of meetings. Cheaper, faster and more reliable. iBabs gives users complete control to manage their account in a way that works for them.

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Board Meetings on Microsoft Office 365 | Easy2Meet®
(10 Ratings)

Board Meeting Software, secured by Microsoft Office 365. Use templates, create minutes and manage tasks and decisions. Join meetings with any device.

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Aprio Board Portal

Board Portal | Get Secure Board Software | Aprio
(13 Ratings)

Aprio's full-featured board portal delivers premium features without premium pricing. Aprio helps organizations large and small to achieve transparent communication, efficient decisions, and well-run board meetings.

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Tasks in a Box

Tasks in a Box | Streamline your meetings
(2 Ratings)

Tasks in a Box helps you streamline your meetings. Run highly efficient meetings, get extraordinary results. Start your FREE TRIAL now!

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The number one automation solution for board meetings
(47 Ratings)

BoardPAC is a user-friendly paperless digital board management system that provides a board portal with the greatest levels of privacy and security, as well as a wide range of user-friendly features for the efficient management of your company’s board. It offers smart tools that facilitate collaboration, faster decision-making, and simple feedback on meeting papers. Board PAC allows board directors to access board documents and extra material straight from their iPads or tablet devices, allowing them to make quick and informed decisions. It facilitates easy-to-create agendas and agenda item uploading for the success of your organization. It offers meeting minutes, as well as task and action tracking features, that are accessible throughout the meeting's lifespan. You get the BoardPAC survey module for board and executive surveys that include a larger collection of questions and responses. BoardPAC aids in the compilation of communications, from internal emails with pre-made templates and integrated results to direct access and monitoring of communication between departments and Board organizers. Additionally, BoardPAC accepts a variety of document types, including Powerpoint, Excel, and Word. show more

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A board portal solution for better board meetings | eShare
(1 Ratings)

Improve governance with our easy to use modules in our award-winning board portal. Move your board papers online to unlock the benefits of a digital board room.

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Easy Board

Easy Board - People, Meetings, and Documents - NEW
(260 Ratings)

Running a board is hard. Being organized should be easy. Meetings, people, and documents. Yes, it's easy.

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Praxonomy Board Portal

Praxonomy: Board Meeting Management Software | Board Portal Solution
(12 Ratings)

Praxonomy centralises communication and collaboration for boards in a secure and easy-to-use platform. Make informed decisions and govern with confidence.

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Technology Built to Empower Government Organizations l Granicus
(1 Ratings)

Granicus empowers modern digital government with the latest in cloud technology that connects 250 million people with over 4,500 government organizations at the local, state and federal levels.

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BlueSky Meeting Software

BlueSky | Paperless Meeting Agendas and Minutes Software
(1 Ratings)

BlueSky makes it easy to create, coordinate and conduct your board meetings and is perfect for School Boards, Non-Profits and organizations of any size.

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List of Board Management Software

BoardEffect 4.1
IntelligenceBank Boards 4.5
Azeus Convene 4.7
Sherpany 4.3
BoardPad NA
DiliTrust Exec 5
Admincontrol 4.6
Directorpoint 3.5
BoardPaq Board Portal 4.5
MeetingSquared 4