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Viewpoint For Projects

Manage Construction Project Documentation
(12 Ratings)

Viewpoint For Projects is an innovative construction document management system that simplifies project documentation. It allows users to share, control and collaborate on construction project documents and drawings with revision control. Create custom workflows to progress construction documents through review, revision and approval. The granular permissions help limit and control access to information and determine editing rights, while still capturing and storing a full revision history and audit trail. This makes it easier to track progress and ensure up-to-date project information. The search functionality makes it easy to quickly retrieve project information and minimise delays. Plus, can keep all project information in one place with the ability to view and annotate BIM drawings right from the app. With Viewpoint, stay up to date with project information, it can be accessed on desktop or mobile device in either browser or offline mode. show more

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BuildingConnected Pro

The largest construction network
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Access our network of hundreds of thousands of subcontractors and find them based on specific needs. They keep all their contact information up to date with the latest details to save user time.

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Bid Board Pro

See where everything stands
(5 Ratings)

Increase your win rate by up to 25% with the first online bid board for subcontractors. See all bid invites across your entire office or division from one place. Know what needs to get done, who’s responsible for it and when it’s due. Track project files, deadlines and more during each stage of the bidding process. Forward invites to invites@bidboard.buildingconnected.com. This one click automatically creates your Bid Board and Calendar in seconds for easy tracking.

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A Construction Bidding Software
(16 Ratings)

iSqFt offers a platform that allows subcontractors and general contractors to send, receive, review, and respond to invitations to bid. With targeted invites from the best builders in your area, you can search iSqFt's Internet Plan Room of private and public commercial construction projects, build relationships with over 1,500 GCs in the iSqFt Network, and manage your bid process more easily.

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A Construction Bidding Software
(24 Ratings)

SmartBid is the leading construction bid management software for general contractors worldwide. SmartBid allows GCs to access a web-based and mobile platform to streamline their bid project data, documents and subcontractor communications during preconstruction. This makes it easy to build custom communications or use our template library to send invitations to bid from one centralized location. With SmartBid, you can receive bid proposals, send requests for more information, and know the progress of subcontractors’ bids at all times. Send subcontractors customized access to online plan room to review project documents and submit proposals. Additionally, our centralized, online dashboard allows your bid team to efficiently manage your private subcontractor database. Organize subs by trade, location, minority status, and more. Grow your network as needed by integrating our Public Registry of Subcontractors. show more

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Quick Bid

Construction Bidding and Estimation Software | On Center Software
(53 Ratings)

Quick Bid automates material takeoff, with current vendor pricing and labor costs. Amendments before bid day are easy. The Bid Navigator or Bid Wizard has tabs for you to view equipment, labor, markups, and conditions.

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East Trades Software
(0 Ratings)

To build, to fix, to make things better. Paperwork was never part of the plan. A speedy, wisdom app, totally made for trades. Get work won, done, and paid with YourTradebase. The speedy and most secure way to get your invoices paid is online. Simple messaging and instant scheduling that keeps great new jobs rolling in.

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Find Contractors and Bid on Construction Jobs with PlanHub
(1 Ratings)

PlanHub is a project planning and quoting system designed specifically for General Contractors and Subcontractors. Offering benefits such as unlimited project posting, bid invites, team members, and more.

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Data Bid Machine

Optimize Campaigns and Grow Revenue
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Intelligently scale & simplify campaign management with our industry-leading AI tool built by top data scientists. Automate your long-tail keyword discovery and bidding with Data Bid Machine. Let us showcase how you can maximize your budget with superior results. Get more leads faster.Make suggestions on how best to optimize your page to convert at highest rate.

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Create Invoices and Estimates in Just Minutes
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JobFLEX app’s estimating and invoicing features are so simple to navigate, you’re able to create estimates and invoices in just minutes – and deliver them in no time. Between saving time, writing more estimates, and closing more sales, JobFLEX’s contractor estimate app helps you close more sales and get paid faster. Take a free trial of our online invoice maker or Android app and see for yourself.

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Bid Management System

Pre-bid and on-bid contract lifecycle
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Ensure accuracy and compliance with an intuitive guided creation flow by creating proposal templates and assigning specific roles. Manage incoming bids in a hierarchical endorsement including project or bid authorization according to rank or departmental level. Segmentize bid list and engage existing and new bidders through email notification which includes the project description, link and guidance. A dedicated vendor portal for your bidders to login to a separate and secure section of the system that is just for them. show more

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Reinventing Supply Chain
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CalcuQuote solutions begin by understanding the user's process. Technology just gets you wherever you were heading faster. So we start by making sure that is where you want to go. CalcuQuote is part of the Elisa group of companies, investing in the next generation of Industry 4.0 solutions to manufacturers across the globe.

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Estimate Rocket

The All-In-One Solution for Service Contractors
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Take your service business to the next level with the software that enables your team to create and deliver template based estimates remotely or in the field and manage your jobs from lead to paid, from anywhere. Create professional proposals, sign on the spot or online, and automatically follow up with every prospect. Reduce the hours spent doing paperwork, chasing down payments, and manually following up with leads.

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Contract administration for the built environment
(2 Ratings)

Builterra connects your entire contract administration team through one seamless platform that boosts productivity, transparency and profit. Perform quantity take-offs and get real-time cost estimates directly from within CAD or the Bid Preparation portal based on your historic pricing.

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Bidtracer - Software as a Service Pricing
(1 Ratings)

Our software is a SaaS model where you subscribe to our service instead of paying a large investment allowing you to scale up or down easily. All pricing is subject to change because we have to say from our lawyers, but we have not changed it since we started the company.

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Construction procurement has never been easier
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Browse for pre-bid, public and private project opportunities using advanced search tools, opportunity matching, and automated notifications when new projects are posted. With BidCentral you’ll never run out of projects to bid on. Gain insight into current, future and awarded bidding opportunities with quick and easy access to accurate, complete project information and documents. View the categorized documents, download, print and order the plans you need when you need them.

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Contractor Accelerator

The Leading Residential Contractor App
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Contractor Accelerator is a business management software designed by repair contractors for repair contractors. We were built from the ground up by engineers with more than a decade of experience in residential repair. Our software focuses on improving every area of your business including sales, marketing, production, and accounting.

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ProEstimate Heavy

ProEstimate Heavy vs. ProEstimate.NET | Changes We Made - Oman Systems - Your Civil Construction Software Partner
(1 Ratings)

Estimating Software. One of the most recent changes has been our estimating software upgrade from ProEstimate Heavy to ProEstimate.NET.

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List of Bid Management Software

Viewpoint For Projects 3.4
BuildingConnected Pro NA
Bid Board Pro 4.4
iSqFt 3.8
BSD SpecLink 4.1
SmartBid 4.4
Quick Bid 4.4
YourTradebase NA
PlanHub 4
Data Bid Machine NA

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