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Speech Analytics Software

Speech Analytics software is software that comes with the ability to analyze voice be it through recordings or live calls. The software is primarily used by call centers all across in order to train its employees. Speech Analytics Software is an effective AI-driven call center management tool to provide insightful data to train the call center representatives and to keep an archive of recorded calls. The software is designed to not only record but is also equipped enough to identify and understand the audio patterns and tone; this is further used to figure out the emotions in the voice. This software not only lets the user analyze millions of calls but also helps them in understanding the grievances and needs of their customers better. Example- Awaken Conversations and VoiceBase.

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Awaken Conversations - Speech Analytics Software

Awaken Conversations

Analyse conversations to provide what’s best
(2 Ratings)

Awaken Conversations pricing: Awaken Conversations Offers Custom plan.

What is Awaken Conversations and how does it work?

Awaken Conversations is the best platform for analysing conversations related to every customer and query call. The analytic mechanisms present in this platform can analyse the tiny aspects of each call. Thus allowing client companies to understand their customers better. Speech and voice analytics identify every feeling attached to the voice of the customer for the client-side, improving and retaining them for a long. Client companies that value their customers largely tend to find Awaken Conversations a reliable platform. It lets the former get a hint of what the customers want, their reason for contacting the client itself, the urgency of the issue and find a relevant solution for the same. Apart from looking after the customers, it notifies the authorities about relevant workshops for improving sales and gives an insight into the collective productivity of the workforce, all within regular intervals. This further enables the authorities to identify the lacks within the company and thus implement operational improvements wherever and whenever necessary. show more

VoiceBase - Speech Analytics Software


Convert customer interactions data into useful information
(1 Ratings)

VoiceBase pricing: VoiceBase Offers Custom plan.

What is VoiceBase and how does it work?

VoiceBase is a speech analytics software that helps companies to turn voice data into useful insights. It is an AI-powered software that is capable of understanding sentiments in customers’ voices. In this way, it enables companies to discover new ways to maximise revenue, lower call centre costs and minimise compliance risk. VoiceBase comes with Intelligence and Natural Language Processing tools that can be used to turn raw, unstructured call data into informative, structured data, which can be easily analysed. The same tools can also be used to convert speech into text. VoiceBase is capable of automatically detecting and redacting the sensitive PCI/PII data present in the audio and transcript. It comes with 40 different types of paralinguistic metrics such as overtalk, silence, sentiment and dynamism. With these features, the tool detects and predicts even highly complex behaviour with great accuracy. Moreover, VoiceBase can even analyse chat, CRM data, email and other support data to offer a complete view of customer interactions. show more

Enthu.ai - Speech Analytics Software


Drive metrics from customer conversations that lead to success
(6 Ratings)

Enthu.ai pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Enthu.ai and how does it work?

Enthu.ai is a conversation intelligence software that helps businesses to get actionable insights into their customer conversations. It uses artificial intelligence to get such metrics that can be used to drive revenue, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. The software is capable of capturing and monitoring 100% of conversations from both phone and video conferencing platforms. The useful data offered by Enthu.ai from the conversions help users to find new leads, improve sales pitches, discover compliance issues and much more. The software helps businesses to evaluate 5 times more calls. It even enables users to find out personalised coaching opportunities and allows them to collaborate across organisations using a single platform. Enthu.ai is a useful software for companies related to Banking, BPOs/Call Centres, EdTech, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Insurance and SaaS sectors. Finally, Enthu.ai is a GDPR compliant portal and promises to keep user companies' data completely safe and secure. show more

Cognitive View - Speech Analytics Software

Cognitive View

Gain insights and overviews into your firm
(2 Ratings)

Cognitive View pricing: Cognitive View Offers Custom plan.

What is Cognitive View and how does it work?

For compliance and conduct risk automation, Cognitive View is a leading communication and collaboration monitoring technology. It also gives the actionable data needed to comprehend client experience and provide quality assurance. Customer communication data is analyzed by Cognitive View to identify conduct-related risk and compliance monitoring processes are automated. Cognitive View was founded in 2018 with the belief that there is an opportunity to combine artificial intelligence with deep domain expertise in regulatory compliance to provide regulated entities, regardless of their size, sector, or geographic location, with the tools they need to create a customer-centric culture and help prevent conduct-related issues. Provides a framework for real-time management of conduct-related risk, encourages good behavior, and improves workplace culture. Helps with customer experience, churn, and complaints management. To discover compliance breaches and knowledge gaps, compliance automation and quality management are used. show more

Observe.AI - Speech Analytics Software


Supercharge efficiency with Observe.AI
(123 Ratings)

Observe.AI pricing: Observe.AI Offers Custom plan.

What is Observe.AI and how does it work?

Observe. AI is an AI-powered intelligent workforce platform for call centres. The platform changes contact centres by incorporating AI into all customer interactions, improving agent performance, and automating repetitive procedures that promote profitability and retention. It increases operational efficiency at scale by automating and streamlining procedures. Observe.AI also analyses every interaction with customers to scale greater, uniform experiences and optimise agent performance to improve empathy ratings by enhancing procedures, services, and products. It also aids in identifying the roadblocks that prevent sales agents from achieving one-call closures and advising them on how to improve exchange rates at scale. It also skillfully controls dangers and compliance, as well as redacting sensitive data to secure consumer information. Through its comprehensive view of client contacts, Observe.AI interprets and converts every encounter into business-improving analytics. It also boosts worker productivity via AI-driven assessments and coaching, resulting in a strong feedback mechanism that fosters steady learning across all client touch points. show more

Tethr - Speech Analytics Software


An AI-Powered Communications Intelligence Platform
(1 Ratings)

Tethr pricing: Tethr Offers Custom plan.

What is Tethr and how does it work?

The Tethr Platform delivers transformational insights for leading enterprises who put the Voice of the Customer at the center of their business. Tethr maintains compliance with a multitude of security, privacy, and regulatory measures to keep your data safe. This includes globally recognized standards, regulations, and requirements, including ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, and state laws. show more

CallMiner Eureka - Speech Analytics Software

CallMiner Eureka

A platform for Speech analysis
(93 Ratings)

CallMiner Eureka pricing: CallMiner Eureka Offers Custom plan.

What is CallMiner Eureka and how does it work?

CallMiner is a cloud-based customer engagement and voice analytics technology that uses AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe, and analyze 100% of your customer interactions. The CallMiner Eureka platform turns your customers' and workers' voices into operational intelligence on a large scale. Dialog and sentiment visibility, agent performance control, and sensitive data redaction are all provided by Customer Engagement Analytics. You may analyze interactions at the lowest levels with CallMiner Eureka, deciphering nuance and identifying patterns and qualities that reveal new areas of opportunity. With this software, you may enhance your omnichannel analysis. Even if your channels aren't connected, you can gain AI and machine learning-powered insights that correlate text-based and audio interactions. Get the chance to bridge the dots between human understanding and the concrete actions needed to transform it into corporate growth. For transcription, redaction, and speech analysis, you get linguistic support. Get playbooks as well, which are step-by-step guidelines for achieving ROI. Additionally, obtain a mono to stereo audio call recording converter to allow analytics to be analyzed by customer and agent voices. show more

Verint Speech Analytics - Speech Analytics Software

Verint Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics Software for Contact Centers
(16 Ratings)

Verint Speech Analytics pricing: Verint Speech Analytics Offers Custom plan.

What is Verint Speech Analytics and how does it work?

Verint Speech Analytics enables you to transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover customer insights and improve contact center performance.

SpeechIQ - Speech Analytics Software


SpeechIQ - An AI-Driven Speech Analytics Platform
(1 Ratings)

What is SpeechIQ and how does it work?

Whether you’re concerned with compliance, sales effectiveness, or customer experience, our cloud-based solution makes it easy to sort through hundreds of thousands of calls to find the data that really matters.

Nexidia Analytics - Speech Analytics Software

Nexidia Analytics

Customer Engagement Analytics | NICE
(3 Ratings)

What is Nexidia Analytics and how does it work?

Nexidia provides the most innovative interaction analytics solutions available. Works with some of the world's largest contact centers, media and entertainment companies, government agencies, and legal firms.

Record - Speech Analytics Software


Resolve user issues in minutes
(0 Ratings)

Record pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Record and how does it work?

Introducing Record, a powerful productivity tool that helps reduce the time it takes to identify user issues and find solutions. Record gathers all the necessary information in one place, so the team can quickly recreate and resolve common problems. They make it simple for them to toggle widgets directly on the product, share data with internal teams (e.g., product and R&D), and use native integrations to save time. Record enables the team to go beyond traditional analytics by automatically analyzing the data obtained from users. This allows everyone on the team to gain a deeper understanding of user issues, so they can not just address existing problems but also anticipate future ones. Whether they were a larger organization seeking greater efficiency or an individual looking for ways to level up, Record is here to help streamline the workflow and increase customer satisfaction. Think of it as an intuitive way of combining prevention and solution: two goals that they believe are essential for ensuring long-term success. show more

Picovoice - Speech Analytics Software


Cost-effective audio transcription
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Picovoice pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Picovoice and how does it work?

Picovoice is the end-to-end platform for adding voice to anything on terms. Match the accuracy of cloud-based speech recognition with on-device ASR, with no compromises. Adopt models specific to domain to boost accuracy even more. Transcribe at a fraction of cost while maintaining ownership of data. Make audio files searchable and discoverable with direct audio indexing, without relying on transcription. Achieve superior accuracy and speed compared to any speech-to-text solution. Find keywords, including proper names in audio files. show more

Prodigal - Speech Analytics Software


Turn consumer finance interactions into outcomes
(0 Ratings)

Prodigal pricing: Prodigal Offers Custom plan.

What is Prodigal and how does it work?

Prodigal is a Consumer Finance Intelligence solution that analyzes customer and patient interactions to supercharge profits and customer experience. Built on decades of industry and data science expertise, Prodigal’s real-time and post-engagement apps give lenders and healthcare providers the power to turn insights into measurable outcomes. Loan servicing and collection contact centers trust Prodigal to boost productivity, effectiveness, and compliance by optimizing operations and quality assurance. Nearly one in five U.S. borrowers have engaged with Prodigal over more than 200 million interactions. Prodigal's industry specialized AI decision engine powers the solution’s three core apps: ProAssist, ProNotes, and ProVoice. ProAssist prompts agents in real-time to say and do the things proven to collect more and increase first call resolutions. ProNotes auto-writes call notes in seconds so agents can focus on customer experience and get back hours in their days. ProVoice analyzes and scores 100% of calls for compliance, reducing risk and increasing QA effectiveness. show more

NeoSound Intelligence - Speech Analytics Software

NeoSound Intelligence

To optimise customer contact
(0 Ratings)

NeoSound Intelligence pricing: NeoSound Intelligence Offers Custom plan.

What is NeoSound Intelligence and how does it work?

NeoSound Intelligence is a voice analytics programme that aids call centres in improving the calibre of customer discussions. NeoSound can help contact centre quality managers identify the most important attention-seeking requests amid hundreds of other calls by employing a multitude of elements. The software also gives customers the option to listen to call recordings again and review words, phrases, and inappropriate stop-words used during a discussion. It makes it simple to evaluate the quieter and more emotional aspects of a call in addition to keeping track of the script, ethical adherence, and commercial quality standards. The dashboard function makes it simpler to collect all of the aforementioned data in one place, as well as identifies areas for improvement and highlights the most profitable trends. Any personal information is automatically found and removed from the transcription scripts and audio files. The software is therefore extremely secure and compliant. show more

Poised - Speech Analytics Software


Win your next interview
(0 Ratings)

Poised pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Poised and how does it work?

Poised is the AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity. Private and secure, an essential tool for digital-first workplaces. Poised gives real-time feedback on everything from words most spoken to filler words, confidence, energy, empathy, and more.

SmartSpeech - Speech Analytics Software


Excellent In Class Analytics Software For Contact Centers
(0 Ratings)

SmartSpeech pricing: SmartSpeech Offers Custom plan.

What is SmartSpeech and how does it work?

SmartSpeech, is an advanced speech analytics software groups data into dimensions and measurements for unfolding complex relationships between business variables. SmartSpeech can help to monitor the agent’s performance, their challenges and train them for improve on them.

Neuraswitch RedaXion - Speech Analytics Software

Neuraswitch RedaXion

This software delivers compliance
(0 Ratings)

Neuraswitch RedaXion pricing: Neuraswitch RedaXion Offers Custom plan.

What is Neuraswitch RedaXion and how does it work?

Neuraswitch RedaXion is a speech analytics platform that uses business intelligence (AI) and Voice Data to assist enterprises to improve contact center effectiveness. They developed Intelligent Redaction, which allows for the scrubbing and replacement of sensitive information such as PCI, PII, or PHI, allowing enterprises to access their data in their chosen format while remaining compliant. This software provides numeric redaction, which removes any recognizable numbers from transcripts and recordings. Specific keyword phrases are redacted from transcripts and recordings in targeted redaction. You obtain customized redaction scripts based on customer needs using bespoke Redaction. The powerful algorithms used by RedaXion precisely identify and eliminate sensitive PHI/PII/PCI numerical and keyword data. RedaXion isn't just for calculating numerical values of sensitive data. It's fully configurable, so give your company the freedom to remove anything. Furthermore, AI-powered speech recognition, transcription, and punctuation. Organizations can tag PII data without redacting it via optional tagging. By erasing sensitive data in real-time and/or in recordings and transcriptions across the Omni-Channel, you may assure GDPR and HIPAA compliance. show more

Floatbot - Speech Analytics Software


Voice data to drive Customer Delight
(0 Ratings)

Floatbot pricing: Floatbot Offers Custom plan.

What is Floatbot and how does it work?

A conversational AI suite developed especially for insurance carriers, agencies, and brokers. AI-powered intelligent Chatbot and Voicebot help you increase digital sales of insurances by 150% and cut down customer support costs by 40%. Deploy omni-channel, multilingual Chatbot and Voicebot to automate your corporate and consumer banking operations and enable conversational banking. Let AI-powered, intelligent bots handle your banking conversations and increase your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score by 70%. show more

Aigent - Speech Analytics Software


Live Voice AI SaaS platform
(0 Ratings)

Aigent pricing: Aigent Offers Custom plan.

What is Aigent and how does it work?

Aigent is a Live Voice AI SaaS platform that quickly and easily connects to most existing premise or cloud- based telephony systems and provides real-time, content-based guidance to call center agents. Aigent allows to access all calls at once, and using our AI, enables to identify patterns to resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction. We help clients to generate new and protect existing revenue. show more

Xdroid Voice Analytics - Speech Analytics Software

Xdroid Voice Analytics

A voice analytics platform like none other
(0 Ratings)

Xdroid Voice Analytics pricing: Xdroid Voice Analytics Offers Custom plan.

What is Xdroid Voice Analytics and how does it work?

Xdroid Voice Analytics is powered by artificial intelligence for clients to achieve actionable results. The platform has reinvented emotion analytics for clients to understand their customers better and thus, provide solutions that are directly related to their problems. It further uses machine learning to identify the sentiments of the callers and speech characteristics including intonation. The engines powered by Xdroid Voice Analytics perform dual analysis of the speech subject in concern. Firstly, the engines facilitate transcription of several languages and speaker categorisation by rapid assignment of speech segments to the caller as well as the receiver. Secondly, every speech segment assigned undergoes thorough analysis for speech identifications. A capable neural network executes this action and with this, the analytic mechanisms categorise the segments into high, medium and low, based on a variety of speech styles. Once the identification is through, the segments are analysed for speech rates, volume, intonation, pitch and articulation. The platform identifies for clients those conversations that require attention more than others. show more

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List of Speech Analytics Software

Awaken Conversations 5
VoiceBase 5
Enthu.ai 4.9
Cognitive View 4.8
Observe.AI 4.6
Tethr 4.5
CallMiner Eureka 4.4
Verint Speech Analytics 4.1
SpeechIQ 4
Nexidia Analytics 2.7

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