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Updated on: May 17, 2022

Speech Analytics Software

Speech Analytics Software is helpful to record and analyze calls in real-time and analyze the emotions and performance of callers. Speech Analytics Software is an effective AI-driven call center management tool to provide insightful data to train the call center representatives and to keep an archive of recorded calls.

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Awaken Conversations

Analyse conversations to provide what’s best
(2 Ratings)

Awaken Conversations pricing: Awaken Conversations Offers Custom plan.

Awaken Conversations is the best platform for analysing conversations related to every customer and query call. The analytic mechanisms present in this platform can analyse the tiny aspects of each call. Thus allowing client companies to understand their customers better. Speech and voice analytics... read more


Convert customer interactions data into useful information
(1 Ratings)

VoiceBase pricing: VoiceBase Offers Custom plan.

VoiceBase is a speech analytics software that helps companies to turn voice data into useful insights. It is an AI-powered software that is capable of understanding sentiments in customers’ voices. In this way, it enables companies to discover new ways to maximise revenue, lower call centre costs... read more


Drive metrics from customer conversations that lead to success
(6 Ratings)

Enthu.ai pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Enthu.ai is a conversation intelligence software that helps businesses to get actionable insights into their customer conversations. It uses artificial intelligence to get such metrics that can be used to drive revenue, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. The software... read more

Cognitive View

Gain insights and overviews into your firm
(2 Ratings)

Cognitive View pricing: Cognitive View Offers Custom plan.

For compliance and conduct risk automation, Cognitive View is a leading communication and collaboration monitoring technology. It also gives the actionable data needed to comprehend client experience and provide quality assurance. Customer communication data is analyzed by Cognitive View to... read more


Contact Center AI
(123 Ratings)

Observe.AI pricing: Observe.AI Offers Custom plan.

Observe.AI transforms customer experiences and improves agent performance by analyzing 100% of calls. Businesses transcribe every call with high accuracy and coach agents while gaining full visibility into their customer service operations. Root Insurance, Alcon Laboratories, Tripadvisor, and... read more


An AI-Powered Communications Intelligence Platform
(1 Ratings)

Tethr pricing: Tethr Offers Custom plan.

The Tethr Platform delivers transformational insights for leading enterprises who put the Voice of the Customer at the center of their business. Tethr maintains compliance with a multitude of security, privacy, and regulatory measures to keep your data safe. This includes globally recognized... read more

CallMiner Eureka

A platform for Speech analysis
(91 Ratings)

CallMiner Eureka pricing: CallMiner Eureka Offers Custom plan.

CallMiner is a cloud-based customer engagement and voice analytics technology that uses AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe, and analyze 100% of your customer interactions. The CallMiner Eureka platform turns your customers' and workers' voices into operational intelligence on a large... read more

Verint Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics Software for Contact Centers
(16 Ratings)

Verint Speech Analytics pricing: Verint Speech Analytics Offers Custom plan.

Verint Speech Analytics enables you to transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover customer insights and improve contact center performance.


SpeechIQ - An AI-Driven Speech Analytics Platform
(1 Ratings)

Whether you’re concerned with compliance, sales effectiveness, or customer experience, our cloud-based solution makes it easy to sort through hundreds of thousands of calls to find the data that really matters.

Nexidia Analytics

Customer Engagement Analytics | NICE
(3 Ratings)

Nexidia provides the most innovative interaction analytics solutions available. Works with some of the world's largest contact centers, media and entertainment companies, government agencies, and legal firms.

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