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Updated on: May 19, 2022

Resource Management Software

Resource management software helps to track and optimize human and material resources required for project management. Project managers can also leverage resource management tools to create schedules and plan for multiple types of tasks and projects. This software allows users to compare resource availability, allocate them on-demand to deliver projects on time. Resource management tools are frequently compared with project management tools. However, it has confined features like resource identification, planning, and managing resource capacity as a standalone product based on their availability. In brief, resource management software can facilitate a single view of all human and material resources used by the company.

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Build custom solutions on monday.com Work OS so you can better manage all of your team's resources at a glance.
(11,180 Ratings)

monday.com pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

The single easiest way to maximize your team's resources, this drag-and-drop platform provides managers with instant clarity on their team's capacity at a glance. read more


World’s leading project management software
(84 Ratings)

Celoxis pricing: Starts at $22.5.

Celoxis is an all-in-one project management software. It helps your team plan and tracks their portfolios, projects, tasks, resources, timesheets, issues, and risks from one place. It has extensive collaboration features, including a customizable free client portal. It offers a 360-degree view of... read more


Planning en performance software
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Arinto pricing: Arinto Offers Custom plan.

Arinto has been a specialist in planning software for SMEs. Use Arinto to create optimal workforce planning, taking into account staffing requirements, labor laws, and contractual terms of customers or citizens. Thanks to Arinto, you always monitor the progression and progress of projects and you... read more

Journyx PX

Resource Management Software
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Journyx PX pricing: Starts at $5.0.

Journyx PX is a robust enterprise resource management, allocation, and scheduling software solution that will supercharge your project cost accounting by estimating and tracking at the resource level. Journyx PX provides work and financial forecasting and comprehensive project resource... read more


Resource Management Made Easy
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Retain pricing: Retain Offers Custom plan.

Retain International is a leader in resource planning software for businesses of all sizes. Improving efficiency with cost-effective and flexible solutions to allow firms to effectively manage their resources. Report on your data to management with ease thanks to Retain’s comprehensive reporting... read more

Hub Planner

All-in-one Tool to Manage Business Workflows
(17 Ratings)

Hub Planner pricing: Starts at $7.0. Offers Custom plan.

Hub Planner software is a Resource management software used to schedule resources, vacation planning and time sheets in minutes. Plan projects within budgets and dynamic billing rates. Schedule and request time off for employees directly from the request forms with the Vacation & Annual Leave... read more

Resource Guru

Image and Video analysis with Machine learning
(516 Ratings)

Resource Guru pricing: Starts at $2.5.

Resource Guru is a team scheduling software that runs on the cloud and is ideally suited to freelancers, and businesses of all sizes for gaining new insights and elevating profit rates. It offers a quick and easy way to schedule people, equipment, and other resources through the internet on a... read more


Resource Planning Tool for Project Business
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Silverbucket – the smartest project resourcing tool in the world! Silverbucket is a cloud service for resource management that suits all organisations working on projects - regardless of the branch they operate in


Your project, resource, and finance manager
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Primetric pricing: Starts at $17.1. Offers Custom plan.

Primetric is an online project, resource, and financial management platform that enables you to forecast the ability of your team, track their productive time, and understand your financial and operational performance. It assists you in resource and skills management, finance management, resource... read more


Visualize your way forward
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Dreamler pricing: Dreamler Offers Custom plan.

Dreamler is a collaborative visual planning tool created to bring more dreams and big ideas to life. Starting with project goals and thinking backward from these into the activities that need to happen to reach the goals helps a team keep the focus on doing what really matters. Collaboratively... read more

(32 Ratings)

Mosaic resource management pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Custom plan.

With Mosaic's AI-powered resource management, reporting, and forecasting software, you can better manage your work, team, and business. Mosaic's AI-powered resource management software integrates with your existing tools to automatically aggregate data from throughout your organisation to show who... read more

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List of Resource Management Software


Buyer's Guide on Resource Management Software

What is Resource Management Software?

If you wish to use the Resource Management Software, you would first need to know what it is, what it can do, and more importantly, how you can benefit from it. Resource Management Software is an efficient tool for managing and allocating human resources and schedules for a company. It helps allocate members to a team or project for fulfilling tasks and goals.

It can also help with capacity management and helping to allocate resources based on the needs and roles in a project. Therefore, Resource Management Software is a handy tool that compliments Project Management Software and can give the best results.

It would be best if you utilized Resource Management Software to get complete access to the potential of your resources without exhausting them. The scheduling feature is what makes such distributed allocation possible.

Why Use Resource Management Software?

Next, we will take an in-depth look at the reasons why Resource Management Software is an absolute necessity for you to run a business:

No more uncertainty

One of the greatest advantages you will have using Resource Management Software is to have a thorough understanding of what you have in hand and how much you can use them. This knowledge will help you plan meticulously, successfully avoiding any gaps and loops that might provide scope for uncertainty or risks.

Let's use all your available options. It is perfectly alright for projects to fail due to a scarcity of resources, and it happens way more often than one might think. What Resource Management Software can help you with is making all your available resources accessible for you. This will ensure that you have used all the ways you had at your disposal to achieve your objectives.

Prevents exhaustion of resources

One of the biggest mistakes that any project manager makes is overworking or overburdening their resources. This not only leads them to be exhausted but also degrades their quality of work. However, with Resource Management Software, over-exhausting your resources is not something that you will have to worry about.

The software allows you to see who is available and the number of tasks they already have assigned to them. This allows you to distribute tasks more uniformly, ensuring high-quality work and quick execution.

Helps in planning and execution

As mentioned above, Resource Management Software helps in the detailed planning and execution of the projects. This is the reason why Resource Management Software is highly compatible with Project Management Software. It allows you to have detailed information on your resources, which lets you utilize them most optimally. This automatically helps in better planning and execution.

Helps maintain transparency

Another good thing about Resource Management Software is that it allows transparency among the team members and other teams. This helps project managers to allocate duties properly among a team. At the same time, other teams can also look into the task allocation in your team and take decisions and assign projects accordingly. This reduces any hiccups in the flow of work and creates an efficient system.

Top Features of a Resource Management Software

If you plan to purchase Resource Management Software, you need to know about its features to utilize it efficiently. Here are the top features that you will find in Resource Management Software:

Advanced Scheduling

One of the best features of Resource Management Software is that it allows you to schedule work for your resources. That means there will be no overlapping work, no overburdening resources, and effective organizing and planning for the project. In other words, you get the best out of your resources without having much to do.

Easy access to information

Resource Management Software displays all the major information regarding a project on the dashboard itself in a centralized manner. Therefore, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you would immediately know where to find the information you are looking for. As the information is stored in a common area, all your team members will have access to them. This will make working for the project easier and more transparent.

Centralization of resources and projects

Resource Management Software allows you to centralize all your resources and projects in one area. This gives you an overview of who is available, who is working on which project, and how much task is allocated to one individual. This can help make quick decisions and cut the need for extra communication, as everything needed is centralized in one software.

Utilization and availability reports

Lastly, another significant feature of Resource Management Software is the report that it comes up with periodically. These reports give you insight into how you can improve your work and resource allocation with suggestions and tips for both utilization and availability. It also gives you insight into your resources which can be used to improve their efficiency as well.

Top Use Cases for Resource Management Software

Resource Management Software is an amazing business tool actively used in the industry, even as we speak. Let us take a look at a few top use cases.

Industry-level use cases

Human resources industry

It is obvious that the one industry to utilize the Resource Management Software is the HR industry actively. It allows the HR companies to have proper control over the designated tasks of their resources.

Retail industry

With the help of e-commerce, the retail industry is expanding, and Resource Management Software is effectively assisting it in reaching new heights.

Marketing and Sales industry

Of course, this industry has great uses for Resource Management Software. Always taking on more significant projects, Resource Management Software is an ideal tool for this industry.

Finance industry

The finance industry is a big industry that always has enormous projects being undertaken in it. With Resource Management Software managing their available resources becomes a breeze.

E-commerce industry

Another industry to actively use Resource Management Software is the e-commerce industry. With the recent surge of this sector, Resource Management Software proves to be of great aid in this industry.

Functional-level use cases

Project planning

Resource Management Software is an excellent tool for project planning. Together with the Project Management Software, it helps to create flawless project plans.

Resource allocation

With the information mentioned above, it is evident that Resource Management Software is [perfect for resource allocation and management

Team management

With the information one gets from Resource Management Software, team management becomes easy and more efficient.

Portfolio creation

Resource Management Software also helps create portfolios for future project plans and the resources that it may require.

Inventory creation

Resource Management Software also can help create resource inventory for future and current references.

Buying considerations - Resource Management Software Detailed Buying Guide

You already know the basics of Resource Management Software, but what you need to know next is the factors that will determine whether Resource Management Software is at par with your needs and the things that will affect your purchasing decision. So, here are the things that you should keep in mind while purchasing Resource Management Software:

Prioritize the features

Your software needs to perform certain activities, but a few extra features can make the real difference. Therefore, when considering purchasing Resource Management Software, always go through the features it provides.

User interface

Resource Management Software can have complex structures, but it should still be easy to use. There is no point in purchasing software that is so complicated that none of your team members can use it. Therefore, it should have a user-friendly interface.

Flexibility and customization

You would want to expand and grow your business. The software you are investing in should also allow you to do the same. Rigid software will only cost you money in the future. Also, make sure the software allows customization as per project requirements.


Lastly, the apparent factor is budget. As mentioned in the first point, features are essential. But at the same time, buying features that you do not require will make you go over your budget. Therefore, always consider your budget before making the final decision.

Making the final decision - Choosing the right Resource Management Software

Resource Management Software is no doubt a fantastic business tool that is recommended for all companies. It has the capability to solve the long-term issue of improper resource allocation with the ease of a breeze.

In today’s time, where digitalization is changing the world, the business sector is witnessing the introduction of marvelous business tools that have the capability to take businesses to another level. Resource Management Software is one of them; it is an absolute must. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase one, let this guide be your voice of reason.

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