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Jira Work Management

The power of teamwork
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We're a team of 7000+ Atlassians supporting an international group of 170,000+ customers. We build tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello to help teams across the world become more nimble, creative, and aligned.

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Prioritize Project Tasks in Minutes
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BasicOps software is platform used to manage projects, prioritize tasks, communicate in context. The software offers ready-made templates to add tasks and set due dates. Collaborate with team with alerts to automate projects workflows. It integrates with Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Okta, and more.

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Business Hub

Online team collaboration to get more done | Business Hub
(5 Ratings)

Interact with teams, customers, and partners more effectively. Whether with extranets, intranets, projects, or knowledgebases, share information and assets, collect feedback, set schedules, manage meetings, and coordinate activity.

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All In One Business Management Platform
(371 Ratings)

Agiled is an all in one business management platform which helps businesses manage all of their business operations in one integrated place. Agiled is ideal for Freelancers, Small and Medium sized businesses and Agencies who want to run their day to day operations from one integrated place.

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Protonet SOUL

Project Management and Collaboration Software | Protonet SOUL
(2 Ratings)

Protonet SOUL is social project management and collaboration for workgroup communication, file sharing, and task management.

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Traction® Teampage - Work better together
(13 Ratings)

Traction® TeamPage combines the best aspects of social media, project management software and authoring tools to create a comprehensive business solution that helps teams of all sorts stay connected and accomplish their goals.

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Bring your remote team together
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Drovio is a collaborative screen sharing app that grants super power to participants: they all get their own mouse cursors on screen and can interact with anything being shared, in real time. Bring your remote team together with Drovio.

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Project Monitoring Pricing and Plans
(8 Ratings)

Project monitoring doesn't need to be costly. Our flexible monthly and annual plans give you all the features needed to get your projects under control.

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Bubbe Plan

Discover our online project management software !
(14 Ratings)

Bubble Plan is the tool that will make your life simplier, and let you write down easily, online, the planning you have in mind

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Hello Focus

Project Management Software; Done Right! - Hello Focus
(2 Ratings)

Most project management software are not built with a solid foundation. Hello Focus was built from the ground-up based on scientific studies, to make our users more productive. The team behind Hello Focus, brought you this app based on their own frustrations with existing solutions in the market.

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MOOVIA Social Collaboration
(4 Ratings)

MOOVIA is an enjoyable and secure social environment to host your team`s projects, tasks, meetings, ideas, messages and documents.

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Online project management software & collaborative decision making tools
(2 Ratings)

Advanseez is a Collaborative Decision Making And Action Planning Software.

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Get Things Done

Project Management Tool | Accelerating Human Productivity | Getthingsdone.io
(2 Ratings)

Get Things Done is a modern metric-driven Project Management and Productivity tool that simplifies your workday. It's a graceful tool adapted to the users' will, regardless of the type of user roles.

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Winio Features | Project Collaboration Software - Winio
(4 Ratings)

Winio combines powerful task tracking with focused messaging in an easy interface to collaborate with all project stakeholders, for free.

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Digital Project manager for remote teams
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Yaraa Manager digital employee available for work 24*7. The AI-Powered business suite is ideal for Hybrid (remote + onsite) teams and effective collaboration with speech-based-touch-free, Human-System Interaction. Yaraa Manager is the easiest way to manage Remote teams, Projects, and Tasks. Yaraa is an AI-powered Business suite that Creates projects & Task Scheduling Without human Interaction. Team members can chat and talk with each other with ease. It gives teams everything they need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach their goals. show more

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The simplest tool for team collaboration
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Intranetus allows the project team to communicate in real time. Tasks can be assigned directly in chat. Task list shows the current state of the project. All tasks assigned to you are available right on the main screen. Idea list enables continuous improvement of the project. Ideas can be added without leaving the chat and a simple voting system helps choose the best ones.

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Features - Project management tool with many different features - effectlauncher
(1 Ratings)

A user-friendly project management tool with many features. Search and replace groups and users across all projects. In addition you can create idea bank.

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Pricing | TrueNxus.com
(11 Ratings)

Plan and execute projects as collaborative team real-time. Try for free. No credit card needed.

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the Mercury Platform

Mercury | Central Truth in Outsourcing
(2 Ratings)

Development outsourcing should be equal to internal dev. One central source of truth for your team to exponentially raise productivity...

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Feature Flux

Design collaboration for growing product teams
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Designing can be a long and complicated process, but with the right tools it can be much simpler. Snapshots of the design process can be taken to ensure that the design is evolving as needed. Once the design is finished, it can be locked in place to ensure that it stays the way it is intended. With the click of a button, presentations can be created to bring impactful feedback from all stakeholders. Inviting teammates is fast and easy, and they can be assigned to projects where their skills and knowledge will be most beneficial. All design decisions and feedback can be stored in a single, accessible location, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that the project is moving forward in the right direction. show more

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List of Project Collaboration Software

Jira Work Management NA
BasicOps 4.8
Business Hub 4
Agiled 4.7
Protonet SOUL 3.5
teampage 4.2
Drovio NA
Surwayne 4.2
Bubbe Plan 4.2
Hello Focus 4.5

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