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Jira Work Management logo

Jira Work Management

The power of teamwork Write a Review

We're a team of 7000+ Atlassians supporting an international group of 170,000+ customers. We build tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello to help teams across the world become more nimble, creative, and aligned.

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Carbonio Community Edition logo

Carbonio Community Edition

The free and open source email and collaboration software Write a Review

Welcome to the game-changing world of Carbonio Community Edition, where transparency and interoperability reign supreme. As the leading open-source software solution for team collaboration and workflow management, Carbonio CE empowers they to take control of their digital workspace like never before. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all software - with Carbonio CE, they have the power to customize and adapt the platform to meet their unique needs and preferences. Whether you're a growing startup or a well-established corporation, Carbonio CE is designed to seamlessly integrate into their existing systems for a smooth and efficient user experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple software installations - with Carbonio CE's Linux native packaging, they can install it once and unlock a world of features, including e-mail essentials, video-calls, file management, and collaborative editing. All at their fingertips, right when they need them. In today's fast-paced, hybrid workplace, staying connected and productive is more important than ever. Trust Carbonio CE to deliver the tools and capabilities they need to thrive in this new era of work. Join the Carbonio Community Edition revolution today and experience the future of team collaboration for them self.

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Business Hub logo

Business Hub

Online team collaboration to get more done | Business Hub 3.5 Based on 3 Ratings

Interact with teams, customers, and partners more effectively. Whether with extranets, intranets, projects, or knowledgebases, share information and assets, collect feedback, set schedules, manage meetings, and coordinate activity.

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Teamhood logo


Create a high-performing team to deliver enhanced productivity Write a Review

Introducing Teamhood, the dynamic and versatile visual project management tool designed specifically for high-performing teams. With a perfect blend of traditional and Agile project management features, this innovative tool empowers users to work in the way that suits them best. At the heart of Teamhood is its seamless integration of various task management methods. Whether they prefer the organized structure of Lists, the comprehensive planning power of Gantt charts, or the highly versatile functionality of advanced Kanban boards, Teamhood has got they covered. No matter their team's preferred approach, this tool ensures that each member can work in a way that brings out their best. One of the key advantages of Teamhood is its live reporting and customizable dashboards. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity as they stay on top of every aspect of their project. With real-time updates and detailed insights at their fingertips, they can effortlessly monitor progress, identify potential roadblocks, and make informed decisions to keep their team on track. Efficiency is the name of the game, and Teamhood delivers on that promise. By allowing they to draw task dependencies and plan their team's workload, this tool ensures that everyone is focused, productive, and working towards a shared goal. No more wasted time or missed deadlines Teamhood ensures optimal resource allocation and minimizes bottlenecks, enabling their team to operate at peak performance. Collaboration has never been easier with Teamhood's centralized workspace. From seamless communication to document sharing, this tool creates a unified environment where every team member can contribute, brainstorm, and collaborate seamlessly. No more back-and-forth emails or lost messages everything they need is right at their fingertips. With Teamhood, convenience and speed are at the forefront. This user-friendly platform provides a smooth and intuitive experience, making it easy for professionals of all levels to dive right in and start reaping the benefits. Say goodbye to complicated tools and hello to efficiency and productivity with Teamhood. In conclusion, Teamhood is the ultimate visual project management tool for high-performing teams. Its powerful combination of traditional and Agile features, coupled with live reports and customizable dashboards, ensures that they have complete control and visibility over their projects. With its ability to draw task dependencies, plan team workloads, and foster seamless collaboration, Teamhood empowers their team to work smarter and achieve remarkable results. Experience the power of Teamhood and unlock new levels of productivity today.

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Knapsack logo


A Design System for Entire Product Team Write a Review

Introducing Knapsack – an enterprise-grade design system platform that connects design and code quickly and easily. For any size team, Knapsack is the ultimate solution for achieving lightning-fast progress on development projects. Our remote, venture-backed startup team helps accelerate product development by providing a forward-thinking and highly productive environment. At Knapsack, we understand that the most successful products come from collaboration, candor and curiosity between designers and developers – that's why we've created a comprehensive platform to help foster this kind of teamwork. With our intuitive interface and comprehensive features, teams are able to create beautiful, functional design systems in less time than ever before.

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Protonet SOUL logo

Protonet SOUL

Project Management and Collaboration Software | Protonet SOUL 3.5 Based on 2 Ratings

Protonet SOUL is social project management and collaboration for workgroup communication, file sharing, and task management.

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BasicOps logo


Prioritize Project Tasks in Minutes 5 Based on 1 Ratings

BasicOps software is platform used to manage projects, prioritize tasks, communicate in context. The software offers ready-made templates to add tasks and set due dates. Collaborate with team with alerts to automate projects workflows. It integrates with Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Okta, and more.

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Agiled logo


All In One Business Management Platform 4.7 Based on 64 Ratings

Agiled is an all in one business management platform which helps businesses manage all of their business operations in one integrated place. Agiled is ideal for Freelancers, Small and Medium sized businesses and Agencies who want to run their day to day operations from one integrated place.

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Drovio logo


Bring your remote team together Write a Review

Drovio is a collaborative screen sharing app that grants super power to participants: they all get their own mouse cursors on screen and can interact with anything being shared, in real time. Bring your remote team together with Drovio.

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teampage logo


Traction® Teampage - Work better together 4.2 Based on 13 Ratings

Traction® TeamPage combines the best aspects of social media, project management software and authoring tools to create a comprehensive business solution that helps teams of all sorts stay connected and accomplish their goals.

Read more logo

AI-Enhanced Data Organization Write a Review provides an innovative solution for easily creating customized AI-powered chatbots. Its user-friendly spreadsheet interface enables anyone to train ChatGPT models on their own data, with no coding required. This produces chatbots that understand company-specific information and terminology for more intelligent conversations. Integrating the chatbot is simple using's chat widget that can be embedded into websites. Now businesses can offer 24/7 automated customer service powered by AI that sounds human yet provides accurate, customized responses. Employees also benefit from having an AI assistant ready to answer company-related questions.As an enterprise-level tool, transforms how teams leverage AI. The spreadsheet foundation means subject matter experts can continually fine-tune the knowledge base to improve chatbot performance over time. And real-time data inputs allow the AI to adapt to changing business environments. In today's world, an AI strategy is critical for staying competitive. makes it achievable for organizations of any size to build chatbots that drive greater efficiency and better decision making through data-trained AI assistance. This innovative SaaS solution is reshaping business operations for the future.

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Yaraa logo


Digital Project manager for remote teams Write a Review

Yaraa Manager digital employee available for work 24*7. The AI-Powered business suite is ideal for Hybrid (remote + onsite) teams and effective collaboration with speech-based-touch-free, Human-System Interaction. Yaraa Manager is the easiest way to manage Remote teams, Projects, and Tasks. Yaraa is an AI-powered Business suite that Creates projects & Task Scheduling Without human Interaction. Team members can chat and talk with each other with ease. It gives teams everything they need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach their goals.

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ONES logo


Advanced Software Development Management Platform Write a Review

ONES is the leading provider of software development management solutions for digitalization across a variety of industries. Their mission is to provide innovative, customized solutions that integrate concepts and methods necessary for successful large-scale software projects. Through our commitment to collaboration and creativity, they foster an environment that allows for the development of personalized projects tailored to the customer's specific needs. Their key strength lies in the ability to identify customer requirements and implement procedures to achieve their desired end goal. They strive to push beyond boundaries through creative problem-solving, brainstorming sessions, and cross-functional teams. Each member of their team is highly specialized with know-how on large-scale projects providing an effective edge when carrying out an individual project. By understanding the customers’ expectations, they were able to guarantee successful project completion every single time. If they were looking for a reliable partner that understands their needs and offers exceptional services, then ONES is the right choice for users. This end product will not only meet the expectation but exceed them - giving users consistent value throughout the entire life cycle of your project. Contact us today and let us help make your vision a reality.

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Surwayne logo


Project Monitoring Pricing and Plans 4.2 Based on 8 Ratings

Project monitoring doesn't need to be costly. Our flexible monthly and annual plans give you all the features needed to get your projects under control.

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Bubbe Plan logo

Bubbe Plan

Discover our online project management software ! 4.2 Based on 14 Ratings

Bubble Plan is the tool that will make your life simplier, and let you write down easily, online, the planning you have in mind

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Hello Focus logo

Hello Focus

Project Management Software; Done Right! - Hello Focus 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings

Most project management software are not built with a solid foundation. Hello Focus was built from the ground-up based on scientific studies, to make our users more productive. The team behind Hello Focus, brought you this app based on their own frustrations with existing solutions in the market.

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Advanseez logo


Online project management software & collaborative decision making tools 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Advanseez is a Collaborative Decision Making And Action Planning Software.

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MOOVIA Social Collaboration 4.8 Based on 4 Ratings

MOOVIA is an enjoyable and secure social environment to host your team`s projects, tasks, meetings, ideas, messages and documents.

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APITable logo


Incredibly Simple and Powerful Work Management OS Write a Review

APITable Ltd. is proud to introduce – the incredibly simple and powerful work management platform designed to support professionals in efficiently collaborating and managing their goals, projects, and data. This innovative software helps users stay organized, and gives them the power to quickly and easily attain their objectives. is the perfect tool for business professionals who are looking for a way to streamline and improve their collaboration process. From project ideation to completion, will help professionals stay on track and effectively communicate with the rest of their team. This system is also highly secure, offering users peace of mind when sharing sensitive information with stakeholders. Additionally, users can set reminders and create visual progress reports, making it easy to track what needs to be done to reach their goals.

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Morningmate logo


Simply The Team Collaboration with Morningmate Write a Review

Introducing Morningmate, the ultimate collaboration software that will revolutionize the way work. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple apps and welcome a seamless, efficient, and engaging platform that will redefine the team's productivity. Morningmate is not just another run-of-the-mill collaboration tool. It is the solution that businesses of all types and sizes have been waiting for. With its effective tools, Morningmate will not only help to organize workflow but also enhance team communication like never before. Break down barriers and foster a sense of unity among both internal and external team members. Morningmate boasts an intuitive design that offers a familiar, social media-like environment. The customers team will feel right at home as to navigate through the platform effortlessly. It believes the work should be engaging and enjoyable, and that's exactly what Morningmate brings to the table. Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses that have embraced the future of collaboration. Maximize productivity, enhance teamwork, and elevate the business to new heights with Morningmate.

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List of Project Collaboration Software

Jira Work Management Jira Work Management 0
Carbonio Community Edition Carbonio Community Edition 0
Business Hub Business Hub 3.5
Teamhood Teamhood 0
Knapsack Knapsack 0
Protonet SOUL Protonet SOUL 3.5
BasicOps BasicOps 5
Agiled Agiled 4.7
Drovio Drovio 0
teampage teampage 4.2

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