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Zoho Sprints logo

Zoho Sprints

Online Agile Project Management Software 4.4 Based on 69 Ratings

The world is ever-changing, and for businesses to be successful, their teams need to be able to embrace uncertainties and quickly adapt to change. Zoho Sprints is an agile project management tool that helps teams adopt an iterative and collaborative approach to work, allowing distributed teams to brainstorm, collaborate, and work together from any place, on any device. The social feed notifies team members of important events, and teams can comment on code changes and conduct engaging retrospectives, promoting continuous improvement which is key for successful agile teams. The status timeline helps teams identify bottlenecks and discover ways to generate the most value while eliminating unproductive activities. We know each release involves collaborating with multiple teams and tools, so we brought it all together on one platform, allowing sync to code repositories and integrate with CI/CD tools, as well as getting contextual reports for the releases. Can also get a bird's-eye view of the progress and track release schedules, compare the original timeline with the actual timeline of sprints, and get projected timelines based on average velocity.

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Excel Gantt Chart Template logo

Excel Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart Template for Excel 4.3 Based on 21 Ratings

Download a free Gantt Chart template for Microsoft Excel. A simple tool for creating and managing project schedules.

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Webforum logo


Fully-featured cloud-based collaboration tool Write a Review

With Webforum, can quickly and easily generate project reports from the Project Office Module. The task module is designed to handle all types of tasks that an organization might need help with - from change requests or bugs in IT systems, to Question/Answer sessions and changes in construction projects. Furthermore, the report and analysis tool provides a built-in decision support system to identify any project issues or project office reports that may arise. This way, managers can keep track of their projects’ progress effortlessly – making Webforum the perfect solution for structure, control and productivity. At Webforum, we understand the demands of today’s digital world and have designed the document management platform to be user friendly while still offering plenty of features.

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GanttProject logo


GanttProject: free project management tool for Windows, macOS and Linux 4.4 Based on 27 Ratings

Free desktop project scheduling and management app with Gantt chart for Windows, Linux and macOS

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JavaScript Components Library - DHTMLX Products 4.8 Based on 30 Ratings

DHTMLX UI component library helps you create web applications faster. There are more than 30 feature-rich JavaScript components with a free trial version available.

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Preceden logo


Create Visual Timelines Write a Review

Preceden is an online timeline maker that helps you quickly create, customize, and share impressive timeline visualizations. Add events to stay organized and effortlessly see what's behind user, what's ongoing, and what's coming up next. When they are ready can share timeline using a link, PDF, image, HTML embed, PowerPoint or Keynote export, spreadsheet, presentation mode, and more. By visualizing complex timelines tehy will be able to see relationships between events that may never have surfaced otherwise.

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ZenGantt logo


The Leading project Management Software Write a Review

The customer is looking for a comprehensive and powerful project management tool? Look no further! With ZenGantt, can streamline the workflows with an intuitive interface designed to increase efficiency. China's top project management software is now available in the West, allowing easily to manage all aspects of the projects. ZenGantt provides powerful tools for task tracking, agile development, and project management, giving the insight needed to create successful projects. Visualize every employee's workload and keep teams motivated by creating a clear picture of each team member's tasks. ZenGantt's predictive tools also empower by helping to identify potential issues before they can become major problems.

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Tom's Planner logo

Tom's Planner

How it works. It's this easy to create Gantt charts in Tom's Planner. 4.4 Based on 6 Ratings

Get your Gantt chart up and running today. No training required. Keep big projects up-to-date. Share your Gantt charts with anyone. Never miss a deadline.

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Software Issue Manager logo

Software Issue Manager

eMD Plugins | eMarket Design – WordPress Enterprise Apps Write a Review

Create awesome looking, performant, powerful business sites with our premium quality WordPress plugins.

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iceScrum logo


Features – iceScrum 4 Based on 13 Ratings

All you need for your Agile project management iceScrum helps you materialize your vision, makes it visible to your teams and ensures that it stays up-to-date as business knowledge grows Team oriented Communication Time saver Shared vision Manage your Backlog Create stories to represent the main features of your product and organize requirements with a…

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Planning Poker logo

Planning Poker - Sprints Made Simple. Estimates Made Easy. 4.8 Based on 3 Ratings

We’re bringing you a sprint planning tool packed with features to make agile estimating and planning fun, faster and more efficient.

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Unfuddle TEN logo

Unfuddle TEN

Unfuddle STACK - Software Project Management Online | GIT and SVN Hosting 4 Based on 2 Ratings

Unfuddle builds tools that each approach project management from a different perspective. No matter the team, no matter the project, Unfuddle helps you do your best stuff.

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ScrumDo logo


Evolutionizing the world’s relationship with work Write a Review

ScrumDo is a powerful and versatile work management and collaboration platform. It was initially created to support the Scrum management framework, but has since developed into a full-fledged business platform that can be used to replicate any traditional or contemporary management processes. This includes SAFe, Kanban, Scrumban, DAD, LESs, and many more. With its easy-to-use interface, ScrumDo helps teams stay organized, efficient, and motivated. It enables users to manage their projects, tasks, and deadlines, while also allowing them to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders. ScrumDo is the perfect tool for any team that wants to stay productive and organized.

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Project Indicator logo

Project Indicator

Give your stakeholders a voice. Try the Project Indicator for free now Write a Review

Manage projects on time, budget and quality the simple way by using the Project Indicator. Collect real human data from your stakeholders and get insightful KPIs.

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ScrumDesk logo


Manage projects, objectives and tasks 2.8 Based on 3 Ratings

ScrumDesk is a privately held consulting company, an author of agile project management solutions helping teams using Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. Permissions of users are based on the role of the user assigned in the project. Roles reflect traditional Scrum roles, i.g. Keep collaboration flowing via Slack integration. Team members are notified about changes in ScrumDesk, via Slack, browser notification, and via email. Track the implementation status of your key results to let your team focus on the top-most important.

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Ganttify logo


Use Ganttify to easily create Gantt charts from your projects 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Manage your Basecamp project, Todoist project, Google Calendar or Trello board as a Gantt Chart. See how all your activities relate in time and find bottlenecks in a matter of seconds. Try for free!

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Visor logo


Make smarter product decisions Write a Review

Whether are building a product roadmap or rocket engines, Visor can help plan, collaborate, and share what's important. Gone are the days of half-baked integrations and broken data-syncing promises. Experience-first integrations are the easiest to use and most reliable. That allows to get the data you need in front of the people want without crossing your fingers.

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QuickScrum logo


Best Scrum Software Tools, Agile Project Management Tools Free Online | QuickScrum 4 Based on 3 Ratings

Quick Scrum offers best online free scrum tool to help your organization work efficiently by agile project management tools, scrum software tools, methodology, so try tool for FREE!.

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Agantty logo


Kostenloses Gantt Chart. Kostenloses Projektmanagement Tool Agantty 4 Based on 11 Ratings

Gantt Chart olé! Agantty ist ein kostenloses und einfaches Projektmanagement Tool für unbegrenzt viele Projekte, Aufgaben und Teams. Melde dich jetzt an!

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Cheqmark logo


Free Checklist Maker Online Write a Review

Make a checklist instead of keeping everything in mind. Create a list of things to do when you get ready for a trip, a party, or even go grocery shopping. Create an activity checklist to track progress and stay on track to reach goals. Incorporate new habits, get rid of old ones. Feel the satisfaction of every job done, challenge overcome, memorable life event organized, new habits developed.

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Project management software (PMS) has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates. Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control, budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management, time management, and documentation or administration systems. Numerous PC and browser-based project management software and contract management software products and services are available. Scheduling software is one of the most frequent types of project management software. In addition, Project management software is supposed to offer information to a variety of people or stakeholders, as well as measure and justify the amount of effort required to finish the project(s)

List of Project Management Tools Software

Zoho Sprints Zoho Sprints 4.4
Excel Gantt Chart Template Excel Gantt Chart Template 4.3
Webforum Webforum 0
GanttProject GanttProject 4.4
Preceden Preceden 0
ZenGantt ZenGantt 0
Tom's Planner Tom's Planner 4.4
Software Issue Manager Software Issue Manager 0
iceScrum iceScrum 4

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