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Red Hat Decision Manager

Red Hat Decision Manager
(4 Ratings)

A business automation platform for business rules management, business resource optimization, and complex event processing.

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HappyFox Workflows

HappyFox Workflows | Build Dynamic Multi-Step Workflows
(2 Ratings)

HappyFox Workflows is an advanced workflows automation solution. It lets you build complex workflows across multiple applications like Salesforce, HappyFox, Zendesk.

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Transforming data, Transforming teams
(32 Ratings)

dbt Labs is on a mission to empower data practitioners to create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since pioneering the practice of analytics engineering through the creation of dbt the open source data transformation tool made for anyone that knows SQL they have been fortunate to watch more than 5,000 companies use dbt to build faster and more reliable analytics workflows.

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Go Canvas

GoCanvas: Mobile Business Apps and Forms on Android, iPad, iPhone
(66 Ratings)

GoCanvas is a service that helps you replace paper forms and processes with efficient mobile business apps and forms to save money and time on data collection.

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Smart Way to Connect Apps
(6 Ratings)

KONNECTZIT - World’s First No-Code Visual Builder Automation Platform. You can select, connect and automate applications in minutes without any frustration and let KonnectzIT handle your manual tasks without any intervention. KonnectzIT will let you integrate multiple web apps & automate your workflow to save time, money & effort on tedious, manual tasks.

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On-Demand Workforce Management | Natural Insight
(13 Ratings)

Improve the performance of your on-demand workforce, staff the best people for the right job faster, and automate processes such as onboarding and payroll.

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Manage your ROI, not your projects.
(0 Ratings)

Taskomat is a project management, time tracking, performance tracking, financial planning, customer management, electronic invoicing platform. Available for freelancers. Soon also for studios and agencies. With Taskomat you can manage all your workflow in a single place and - most of all - you can grow your time's ROI.

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Programmable internal tooling
(0 Ratings)

An IDE to build any internal app, workflow or job. Save precious engineering time and focus on next big product launch. Quickly build apps, workflows & jobs connected to data. Secure with Granular Permissions (RBAC), SSO, Audit Logs and Secrets Management in seconds. Deploy with Git and monitor production. Extend anything with code. No need to learn React, HTML or CSS. Drag and drop components, connect them to data and make app dynamic by triggering APIs.

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Streamline operations for your scaling startup.
(0 Ratings)

They provide the operator and the operating system to help manage all your corporate functions. Their experience, technology, and partner network provide a safety net so that users can focus on the things that matter most: user build it; user sell it; they have got everything else covered.

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Captain Data

Pick the workflow that fits your use case
(0 Ratings)

Captain Data automates the web for you so you can focus on your most important work. A SaaS platform to automate anything on the web, using the tools you use in your daily life. Our mission is to make business data accessible to anyone. Choose from hundreds of automations. From simple automations to advanced workflows that include multiple applications, Captain Data got you covered. Choose a single app for simple automation or pick multiple apps for more complex workflows.

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SharePoint Workflow...

Office 365 Workflows - VirtoSoftware
(5 Ratings)

sharePoint Workflow 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 Activities Extensions Kit by VirtoSoftware. Virto's no-code activities are designed to automate and streamline SharePoint and Office 365 system and team processes.

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Automated Terraform and Terragrunt Git flows Management
(0 Ratings)

env0 is a collaborative remote-run workflows management for cloud deployments. env0 emphasizes security in cloud management offering premier management of keys, tokens, cloud credentials, and other environmental variables at every level with a single configuration.

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Workflows by Anvil

No-code document automation for all
(0 Ratings)

Replace your paperwork with a simple, intuitive, and secure online workflow that auto-fills your forms. Seamlessly combine with Etch e-sign for a truly end-to-end solution. Build your own workflows and get 10 free workflow submissions per month. Try Anvil Workflows for yourself today. Unlimited workflow submissions, complex logic features, search submissions, and e-signature capabilities. Integrate workflows into your application. Shorten your development times and empower business teams.

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Etrieve Flow

Workflow Solution for Higher Education and K-12 | Softdocs
(16 Ratings)

Etrieve Flow, fully interactive, user-friendly workflow designer, allows institutions to automate both basic and complex business processes.

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Easy Process Automation for Busy Teams
(180 Ratings)

Wrangle can manage any process. Design and document the steps to complete your process with an easy UI. Easily assign people or teams to every step of the flow, so roles and responsibilities are clear. Model complex workflows with multiple teams working in parallel, like when your legal team reviews the contract while finance checks the budget. Track what step each piece of work is on and whether it's late or on time. One view of any work that is waiting on you for input, across all the processes in your organization.

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Free Workflow Software, Workflow Management Tool, Forms Approval, BPM, Download, Without Programming - WorkflowFirst
(2 Ratings)

Free workflow software & BPM / workflow management software to automate workflow processes. Free download!

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Handle customer requests in one place
(0 Ratings)

Move away from the old way of the email. Bring the customer and your teammates together. Increase the rate of upfront payments received. Offer a seamless Fiverr-like experience. Meet a platform that lets businesses handle customer requests in one place. Allow your team to access notes, files, and requests to provide a better experience for customers. Create unique flows for each request type you need: support, new request, custom service, you name it.

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An all-in-one workspace
(114 Ratings)

Fusioo was born out of a need we saw when working as software consultants within various industries. In 2013, while running our small software development agency, they decided it was time to embark on a new venture. Starting as a side project first, Fusioo immediately became their main focus right after they introduced it to our core group of clients. They decided to build Fusioo, primarily, out of necessity.

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Manage Business with Custom workflows
(1 Ratings)

Fuzen software is a platform used to create customized and integrated business solutions. The software connect with favorite work tools like emails, spreadsheets, shared folders, forms, mobile apps, and more. Collaborate with teams to learn and accept new solutions to meet business process.

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Approvals without the hassle
(0 Ratings)

From purchases, to content sign off, to system access, and everything in between. Approvals can handle all workflows with custom requests, standard resources, approving groups & file attachments. Requests and reviews are done directly in Slack. Whether they are at home, in the office or on the road, can access Approvals via Slack. Speed up audit process with up-to date reports on all approvals and their outcome.

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List of Workflow Management Software

Red Hat Decision Manager 3.9
HappyFox Workflows 4.5
dbt 4.8
Go Canvas 4.3
KonnectzIT 4.8
NaturalInsight 4.1
Taskomat NA
Superblocks NA
AbstractOps NA
Captain Data NA

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