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Updated on: July 31, 2021

Workflow Management Software

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Red Hat Decision Manager

Red Hat Decision Manager
(2 Ratings)

A business automation platform for business rules management, business resource optimization, and complex event processing.

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HappyFox Workflows

HappyFox Workflows | Build Dynamic Multi-Step Workflows

HappyFox Workflows is an advanced workflows automation solution. It lets you build complex workflows across multiple applications like Salesforce, HappyFox, Zendesk.

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Go Canvas

GoCanvas: Mobile Business Apps and Forms on Android, iPad, iPhone

GoCanvas is a service that helps you replace paper forms and processes with efficient mobile business apps and forms to save money and time on data collection.

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On-Demand Workforce Management | Natural Insight
(2 Ratings)

Improve the performance of your on-demand workforce, staff the best people for the right job faster, and automate processes such as onboarding and payroll.

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SharePoint Workflow...

Office 365 Workflows - VirtoSoftware
(2 Ratings)

sharePoint Workflow 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 Activities Extensions Kit by VirtoSoftware. Virto's no-code activities are designed to automate and streamline SharePoint and Office 365 system and team processes.

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Etrieve Flow

Workflow Solution for Higher Education and K-12 | Softdocs
(1 Ratings)

Etrieve Flow, fully interactive, user-friendly workflow designer, allows institutions to automate both basic and complex business processes.

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Free Workflow Software, Workflow Management Tool, Forms Approval, BPM, Download, Without Programming - WorkflowFirst
(2 Ratings)

Free workflow software & BPM / workflow management software to automate workflow processes. Free download!

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Tillr | Simple Digital Transformation
(1 Ratings)

At Tillr, we specialise in the rapid digitisation of your operational and regulatory processes using our market-leading digital transformation platform.

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Checklist Automation System

Checklist Automation System | Automation Testing Checklist

Using Vuram's Checklist Automation System Create simple, no-code customized surveys, and checklists to deliver quick & summarized responses when dealing with a large number of stakeholders.

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Free Team Task Management Software

SOPHY.COM is cloud-based process and workflow management software. Allows you to break down any process or workflow down into discrete tasks. No training or instruction manual is required to start creating tasklists and building teams. Smart notification system keeps team members updated on changes to tasks in real time. Unique task completion feature allows users to mark assigned tasks as complete from email notifications.

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