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Microsoft Project & Portfolio...

Project management built to keep track of all your work
(1,585 Ratings)

Give PMs project management software that simplifies their work. Find out how Project can help with across-device access to familiar project management tools.

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Project Portfolio Management Made Simple
(32 Ratings)

SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management is a software that helps manage projects company-wide from a centralized repository and keep the portfolio on track. It can handle project phases from structuring to visualization and support various implementation and finance management models. It can also manage effort, duration, and task scheduling and assign work to the responsible person's dashboard. The software can link the project structure to finance and controlling accounting to automate cost and revenue reporting within projects. Additionally, it can allocate human, capital, and equipment based on project requirements, qualifications, availability, and future needs. Finally, it can improve planning, monitoring, and control by creating cost and revenue plans and integrating them with enterprise accounting. show more

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Eliminate organizational fatigue
(88 Ratings)

Speed up digital transformation with Clarity, the leading investment-planning solution for the enterprise. Instead of traditional project management, they help user transition to digital product management, where they manage value streams to counter market disruptions, maximize enterprise resources, and pivot with fluctuating customer demands.

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Eclipse PPM

A Work Management Software
(11 Ratings)

Eclipse PPM is a platform that helps to manage projects and achieve better outcomes. With features like portfolio governance and oversight, can improve project management skills and ensure successful project completion. Additionally, the platform offers tools to balance capacity and demand, launch and execute projects, and manage initiatives across multiple projects. Communicate with team members easily and access project documents and artifacts easily.

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Software for project portfolio management
(4 Ratings)

Upland PowerSteering is a portfolio management tool that consolidates data from multiple sources to provide real-time performance metrics. It enables organizations to prioritize work aligned with corporate goals, track project-related costs, and forecast and plan for future projects. PowerSteering also unifies teams following different processes into a central view to improve communication and efficiency.

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Micro Focus Project and...

Project Strategy Made Simple
(29 Ratings)

Micro Focus PPM is a tool that helps manage investments and workflows to ensure they align business strategy. It uses analytics to create KPIs and what-if scenarios to determine the best mix of projects and investments. Plan projects, set up workflows, track project status, and integrate with popular agile tools.

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EPM Live

Project and Work Management Solution
(11 Ratings)

EPM Live is a Microsoft-SharePoint-integrated enterprise portfolio, project and work management solution. And it offers unique features like Expand Microsoft SharePoint capabilities, Leverage what you already own, Project Management toolset and Extend management control.

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Planview PPM Pro

Planview PPM Pro (formerly Innotas) Project Portfolio Management Software
(27 Ratings)

Planview PPM Pro enables PMO teams to focus resources on the work that delivers the most value to their organization. Project managers, program managers, PMO leaders, resource managers and CIOs can use it to gain top-down visibility into their project portfolio and align work with business goals.

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Deltek Project & Portfolio...

Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM) | Deltek
(12 Ratings)

Deltek's Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions provide effective cost management, scalable scheduling and reliable risk evaluation. Earned value management software gives you unparalleled flexibility in deployment and configuration. Deltek wInsight Analytics is the defacto standard for analyzing, sharing, consolidating, and reporting earned value management data.

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BigPicture Project Management Jira Trello Plugin by SoftwarePlant
(5 Ratings)

Project Management plugins: BigGantt, BigPicture and BigPicture Enterprise for Jira and Trello. Training, implementation, development and SAFe® services!

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Changepoint Project Portfolio...

Changepoint | Project Portfolio Management Software
(20 Ratings)

Learn more about Changepoint's purpose-built portfolio management solutions that drive strategic business outcomes.

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Camms.Project – Project Management Software | Camms Group
(1 Ratings)

Manage all aspects of a project, program or portfolio - from inception to close - with a cloud-based solution designed to work with you, whatever your process.

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RiskyProject Enterprise - Project and Portfolio Risk Management Software
(2 Ratings)

RiskyProject Enterprise is organisation-wide project and portfolio risk management and risk analysis software by Intaver Institute:

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ITM Platform

Features - ITM Platform | Projects Programs Portfolio
(13 Ratings)

ITM Platform is secure, confidential and reliable SaaS for Project Management. Ease of use, lack of installations and quick deployment guarantee that your organization will start taking advantage of its capabilities in no time. Small and large organizations can benefit alike from ITM Platform thanks to the range of features included.

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cplace Enterprise Scheduling

cplace | Projektmanagement
(3 Ratings)

The flexible cplace platform serves as the organizational basis for efficient cross-company collaboration between distributed teams. The ready-to-run apps and solution components can be directly used, combined and extended. A consistent database connects all cplace solutions in the company and ensures integrated information.

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A Portfolio Management for Business
(7 Ratings)

Shibumi software is a Strategic Portfolio Management Software for business. The software offer tools to create objectives and can customize user roles to measure the KPIs and attributes for tracking. Collaborate with teams to track activities, milestones and score opportunities based on projected business. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

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Triskell PPM

Project Portfolio Management | Triskell Software
(2 Ratings)

Triskell is a SaaS Project Portfolio Management ( Cloud PPM ) software providing total visibility into your programs, projects, and resources.

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PPM Express

Manage Project Portfolio in Minutes
(4 Ratings)

PPM Express is an integrated project portfolio management software. The software offers tools to visual resource utilization charts to plan and track key dates, milestones, and release dates for projects and portfolios. Collaborate with teams to capture customer feedback and suggestions to meet the project needs. It integrates with Jira, Monday.com, MS Teams and more.

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Features of our suite of project management tools | Psoda
(2 Ratings)

Our project management tools cover the entire lifecycle, from rideas capture, equirements gathering, project & program delivery to product release & beyond.

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Project Monitor

Project Monitor - Virage Group
(10 Ratings)

Project Monitor is an easy to use, complete and customizable projects portfolio management software. Discover how can this simple tool can help you deal with your projects management.

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List of Project and Portfolio Management Software

Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management 4
Clarity 3.7
Eclipse PPM 4.4
PowerSteering 3.9
Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) 4
EPM Live 3.8
Planview PPM Pro 3.8
Deltek Project & Portfolio Management 4.1
BigPicture 3.9

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