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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Software provides businesses the most efficient and user-friendly utility tools to track sales and affiliates partners. A Partner Management Software helps sales managers, specialty retailers, and value-added resellers at each critical step of the partner life-cycle with all the required campaign materials, documents, deals, and opportunities. Sometimes, the portal is useful in onboarding, provide training, and certification of partners. A typical PRM Software offer portal to track partner and co-brander partner activities, exchange information, and deliver the optimal partner experience.

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PartnerPortal.io - PRM Software


Improve working relationships with your channel partners and close more deals
(11 Ratings)

PartnerPortal.io pricing: Starts at $333.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PartnerPortal.io and how does it work?

PartnerPortal.io is an intuitive partner relationship management (PRM) software that enables companies to share access to useful resources and services with their channel partners. In this way, it helps to increase companies’ efficiency levels as well as working relationships with their respective partners at the same time. Companies can depend on the software to track submitted leads and pay their partners on time. Moreover, users can also create a database of their own, to take care of the relevant information and digital assets that their partners could need. PartnerPortal.io is a fully customizable software that can be personalized as per the specific needs of individual users by adding custom domains, logos and colours. It also allows businesses to connect with top CRMs before proceeding with deal registration, agent adding, payment deduction, and commission tracking. QuickBooks, PayPal, HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, and RESTful API are some of the main integrations that PartnerPortal.io supports. At last, dedicated live chat and email support offered by PartnerPortal.io is made available to individual businesses between 9 AM to 7 PM as per Eastern Standard Time. show more

Kiflo PRM - PRM Software

Kiflo PRM

An innovative way to manage your partners
(47 Ratings)

Kiflo PRM pricing: Starts at $269.0.

What is Kiflo PRM and how does it work?

Kiflo PRM is a PRM software, developed specifically for freelancers, small, medium, and large-sized businesses to suit all of their business requirements. It optimizes and maintains all your partnerships in one platform. It offers an all-in-one solution that users desire to acquire the most out of their partners. With Kiflo PRM software, users can quickly create and prosper their partner ecosystem and improve their brand awareness. This modern PRM tool helps expand the sales footprint and enhance customer support by creating referral sales, affiliate, or reseller partner programs with the software's easy-to-use and innovative features. Moreover, Kiflo PRM offers the user's partners access to a secure and customizable portal that manifests their experience. It efficiently shares documents and training with the user's partners to maintain everyone on the same platform at all times. Kiflo program connects feasibly with all the other major CRM software on the market. Users can build and scale their partnerships without creating channel conflicts with this software. Kiflo PRM software offers a free trial and follows a subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

Allbound PRM - PRM Software

Allbound PRM

A SaaS Platform To Accelerate Growth Through Sales And Marketing Partners
(218 Ratings)

Allbound PRM pricing: Allbound PRM Offers Custom plan.

What is Allbound PRM and how does it work?

Allbound Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform simplifies and digitizes the user's entire partner lifecycle, starting from partner onboarding to enablement, collaboration for marketing, and deal registration. Allbound PRM allows seamless integrations to users' existing technology stack and straightforward onboarding process. It provides a dedicated Customer Success Manager ensuring users that the people, processes, and technology driving their channel’s success are optimized to deliver measurable outcomes. Users have access to a portal that provides security and partner-centric experience. Users can access an in-built training program that helps ramp partners successfully. The resource library can store unlimited content and users can organize how their partners share and view it. Using Allbound's Market Development Funds program, users can drive more qualified leads. Users' existing manual and untracked processes can be automated using MDF. It enables CRM integration, pre‑set request templates, document sharing, and email notifications. show more

Magentrix PRM - PRM Software

Magentrix PRM

Boost your channel program and get partner satisfaction enhanced on the go
(76 Ratings)

Magentrix PRM pricing: Magentrix PRM Offers Custom plan.

What is Magentrix PRM and how does it work?

Magentrix PRM is a partner relationship management platform that helps companies onboard partners and loyal clients to manage opportunities, share leads and close more deals. Users can also depend on the platform to create a channel program, improve collaboration, enhance productivity and grow revenue. Further, with Magentrix PRM, companies can automate manual processes related to their day-to-day partner maintenance. Thus saving channel managers time and keeping them focussed on strategic business activities. It also automates a variety of manual processes like data re-entry and management, saving out the precious time of individual users. Also, Magentrix PRM enables channel partners to speed up tasks and enhance revenue growth by offering access to on-demand training and certification programs. It can be used to improve partner skills leveraging a fully integrated eLearning environment where users are entitled to get lessons, courses, quizzes and certifications as per need. The platform also helps companies to drive better performance by automating the entire Market Development Funding (MDF) process compatible with various activities related to marketing. show more

Channeltivity - PRM Software


All-in-one Channel Management Software
(21 Ratings)

Channeltivity pricing: Starts at $1199.0.

What is Channeltivity and how does it work?

Channeltivity is a partner relationship management software platform that helps companies build strong relationships, optimize partner productivity and support new sales. Channeltivity is easy to use, fast to set up and connects to Salesforce.com. Channel Management modules include a robust Partner Portal, Deal Registration, MDF Co-op fund management, Lead Distribution, Joint Business Planning and much more. show more

Reditus - PRM Software


Advanced Referral Marketing
(2 Ratings)

Reditus pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Reditus and how does it work?

Reditus is a referring software designed for B2B Saas companies to expand their business via a partner channel.Companies can find and manage new partners easily using Reditus. You can start in very few easy steps – you just have to register an account, select a Saas program, and start sharing referrals.Its vast list of features includes – It provides more than a one-time commission; you can possibly get a commission for years. For companies they provide User level tracking which helps them to know which user is generating the most paid referrals. You can easily join multiple partner programs via their marketplace and find out the exact terms of the Saas Companies. They comply all GDPR rules and provide full privacy.One of their most essential features is their unified portal. You can work on multiple partner programs for different companies right through the Reditus Marketplace. It prevents the hassle of switching from one partner program login to another.They provide real time analytics to review your progress along with insights into your work to improvement. Real human in-app support is also available. show more

Mindmatrix - PRM Software


Experience the industry's most comprehensive, end-to-end enabling platform
(103 Ratings)

Mindmatrix pricing: Mindmatrix Offers Custom plan.

What is Mindmatrix and how does it work?

Mindmatrix is a sales enablement platform that combines Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Asset Management, Channel Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Sales Enablement to help sales and marketing teams be fully enabled. The software is created by a team of different, customer-focused individuals who all have the same purpose in mind: to help users sell more effectively. Mindmatrix is the market's only solution that provides a united platform empowering direct sales and partners. One such platform reduces the cost of ownership and analyzes prospects from start to finish. It gives users complete transparency across the platform. The software allows customers to incorporate marketing resources into their sales environment, resulting in a tenfold increase in operational effectiveness. This technology also controls everything from recruiting and coaching to solution selling on a single platform. Mindmatrix is also the only company in the industry that provides multichannel interaction and adoption solutions. This service aids in the rapid engagement of partners. show more

Impact.com - PRM Software


Great collaborations help you build your business
(385 Ratings)

Impact.com pricing: Starts at $500.0.

What is Impact.com and how does it work?

Impact.com, the world's top relationship management software, has revolutionised how businesses handle all forms of collaborations. The world's largest partnership management platform, impact.com, is revolutionising how organisations manage and optimise all types of relationships, including traditional rewards affiliates, influencers, commerce content publishers, B2B, and more. Customers trust brands and communities to make purchases, get information, and entertain themselves at home, at work, or on the go, and the company's powerful, purpose-built platform makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, and scale an ecosystem of partnerships with the brands and communities that customers trust to make purchases, get information, and entertain themselves at home, at work, or on the go. Automate all types of partnerships and expand to new heights. Every sort of collaboration, including affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, publishers, and more, can benefit from partnership automation. Impact.com's partnership platform can help you grow your business quickly. show more

LogicBay - PRM Software


Partner Relationship Management
(0 Ratings)

LogicBay pricing: LogicBay Offers Custom plan.

What is LogicBay and how does it work?

LogicBay’s cloud-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform is designed specifically for manufacturers to manage and grow their dealer network. Managing your distribution channel is complex, and each part of your dealer network is unique and presents different challenges. Recruiting new dealers is an ongoing process for manufacturers, especially those looking to grow their business. Enablement and training take extra time, so their value has to be made apparent, and accessing them has to be easy. show more

Allianceboard - PRM Software


Manage all alliances on one platform
(0 Ratings)

Allianceboard pricing: Allianceboard Offers Custom plan.

What is Allianceboard and how does it work?

Allianceboard is used to manage an infinite number of partnerships in one place- Single and multi-partner collaborations, Automated plan items and collaboration workflows, Governance committee management, Risk analysis, KPIs and reporting, and much more. Optimize- Create an alliance function infrastructure that is robust and sustainable; reduce decision-time by managing all collaborations and opportunities across teams and in one place; and prove your impact through detailed alliance KPIs, reports, and analytics for all your different stakeholders. Automate- Save time by embedding pre-defined workflows and consistently tracking all relevant alliance data; instantly create and maintain partner evaluations and health checks; create reports and dashboards at the click of a button. Scale- Reinvest time saved into high-impact work; deliver on your partnering business model - for innovation, growth, and other strategic goals; jointly manage your alliances with your most important partners through a secure platform with granular sharing options. Alliance Risk Management- you can proactively manage risks and mitigation strategies for your alliances and individual collaborations. Analytics & Reporting- maintain granular insights and create C-suite reports instantly. show more

MyPRM - PRM Software


Best Partner Relationship Management software
(0 Ratings)

MyPRM pricing: MyPRM Offers Custom plan.

What is MyPRM and how does it work?

myprm is the platform which will help to supercharge partners’ management strategy. myprm got created as an alternative to traditional PRM platforms: more flexible, business-oriented and fun modules and features to help organisations leverage the power of channel, and that’s what drives us every morning. show more

PRMDeals - PRM Software


Simple Partner Relationship Management Software
(0 Ratings)

PRMDeals pricing: Starts at $19.99.

What is PRMDeals and how does it work?

PRMDeals is delivered as a SaaS solution so organizations large and small can improve their partner or channel revenues. With PRMDeals, it is able to streamline all partner relations so that the customers can get the benefit of a well organized sales and partner program.

Partner Insight - PRM Software

Partner Insight

Accelerate Partnership-led Growth
(0 Ratings)

Partner Insight pricing: Partner Insight Offers Custom plan.

What is Partner Insight and how does it work?

Partner Insight SaaS helps tech companies accelerate partnership-led growth. It bring all partnership details in one place, engage both sides and spotlights what needs attention. Our beta has been used by several dozen companies and is covered by Forrester.

Elioplus PRM - PRM Software

Elioplus PRM

Software to boost your network of partners
(11 Ratings)

Elioplus PRM pricing: Starts at $298.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Elioplus PRM and how does it work?

Elioplus PRM is a cloud-based partner management solution that helps companies with deal registration, content management, and lead distribution, among other things.Vendors can use the programme to check current and prior deals, set timelines, and track duplicate deals in order to approve or reject them. Elioplus PRM assists firms with creating a custom partner portal, providing marketing materials to channel partners, evaluating their performance, and managing commissions. Supervisors can track the effectiveness of partners based on sales, revenue creation, or the number of active partners using the channel analytics module. Vendors can engage with partners in real time, check messages or resources that have been downloaded, and prepare different groups.Integration with third-party systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, HubSpot, and Salesforce is available through Elioplus PRM. Monthly memberships are offered, and assistance is provided via chat and email. Vendors can divide channel partners into tiers and offer incentives such as rewards or access to special services. It allows users to speak with partners in real time, track messages or materials downloaded, and create groups to transmit various materials to different partners. show more

Qollabi - PRM Software


Where joint action plans become predictable
(0 Ratings)

Qollabi pricing: Starts at $63.0.

What is Qollabi and how does it work?

Qollabi Business Relationship Management Software (BRM) makes partner & account plans work; Its mission is to connect companies and teams to collaborate on joint action plans making them more productive & successful. It is made by and for teams working with partner plans, business plans, and key account plans. First, you need to set up a plan- Make your strategy actionable. Flexible and easy configuration. Integrate data with your other systems. Then, collaborate on joint plans- All your partners in 1 place. Easy portfolio management. Give strategic context to your decisions. Make it a two-way collaboration. Don't miss any update. Then lastly, connect the dots-Clear results visualisation. Aggregated view for all your partners. All relevant data centralised. Qollabi has customers that are mostly large corporations and multinational enterprises that expect functionalities, cybersecurity, and data privacy that are aligned with their standards. Qollabi uses a successful OKR framework that makes plans actionable and measurable. show more

Eval by Vivun - PRM Software

Eval by Vivun

A shared space for buyers and sellers to build strong relationships
(0 Ratings)

Eval by Vivun pricing: Eval by Vivun Offers Custom plan.

What is Eval by Vivun and how does it work?

Eval by Vivun is a partner relationship management software that enables companies to engage with their customers over a digital workspace. With this engagement, both the user companies and their customers can create a strong relationship from which both get benefits. This space also promotes transparent communication for both parties and offers them a great place to collaborate on their requirements and find ways to fulfil them. With Eval by Vivun, companies can manage changed requirements from the customers’ side, create agreements faster and close more deals that drive their overall progress. Customers can invite guests and internal stakeholders to join the workspace just to build trust and ensure that both the parties are aligned. The software allows users to create, assign and monitor actions that need to be completed by external guests and internal members. Apart from that, audit trail, presentation mode, attachment, library, archive and notifications are the other features of this software. show more

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List of PRM Software

PartnerPortal.io 4.9
Kiflo PRM 4.9
Allbound PRM 4.7
Magentrix PRM 4.6
Channeltivity 4.4
Reditus 4.4
Mindmatrix 4.4
Impact.com 3.5
LogicBay NA
Allianceboard NA

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