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Fresh Web Explorer logo

Fresh Web Explorer

Find Mentions of Your Brand - Help Hub 4.3 Based on 13 Ratings

Your SEO strategy may involve monitoring when and how people are talking about your brand. This guide walks through how to use the Moz Pro tools to track down mentions of your brand that don’t have links to offer insight into your overall brand awareness and provide link building opportunities.

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Sprinklr Modern Research logo

Sprinklr Modern Research

Research, Analytics, Data & AI: Modern Research 4.6 Based on 10 Ratings

Sprinklr's Modern Research software provides enterprise brands with research, analytics, data, ai, competitive intelligence, and social listening to hear the voice of the customer and deliver better customer experiences with the power of AI. Features include product, location, service, image, content, and audience insights, and so much more.

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Blackbaud logo


Software for Nonprofit & Social Good Organizations 2.8 Based on 2 Ratings

Blackbaud's nonprofit & social good software is designed to support you in advancing your organization's mission. Find your solutions today!

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Planoly logo


Simplify Social Marketing 4.3 Based on 39 Ratings

Social media can be hard to keep up with, but workflow doesn’t have to be. Ideate, schedule, and organize social content (from Instagram to TikTok to Pinterest) all in one place. Social media can be hard to keep up with, but workflow doesn’t have to be. Ideate, schedule, and organize social content (from Instagram to TikTok to Pinterest) all in one place.

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Keyhole logo


Hashtag Analytics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook 4.2 Based on 52 Ratings

Keyhole's real-time dashboard shows how many people posted with your hashtag, along with the number of Retweets, Likes and Impressions your campaign is generating. Use Keyhole's dedicated Influencers metrics to analyze advocates talking about your hashtags.

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Digimind Social logo

Digimind Social

Digimind | Social Listening & Market Intelligence Platform 4.6 Based on 173 Ratings

Digimind is the leading social media monitoring and competitive intelligence software. Recognized by Forrester and Gartner, Digimind's technology transforms social and online data into actionable business insights.

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NewsWhip logo


Real-Time Social Media Monitoring Tool 4.8 Based on 5 Ratings

NewsWhip offers real-time media monitoring platform with alert system designed to give the communications team the edge they need to respond quickly and effectively to any situation. With its predictive media monitoring platform, can stay ahead of the curve by keeping tabs on breaking news stories and staying informed about trending content in real time. Its Highlights feature allows to easily identify important information from dashboards without having to spend long hours combing through data. NewsWhip's content feeds from across the web and social media come with predictive interaction data, enabling to examine real-time and historical performance in detail. This makes it easy to compare campaigns and events over time, allowing to make informed decisions on how best to move forward. Can also use NewsWhip to rank the Reddit communities that post and comment about a particular brand, giving the valuable insights into how people feel about a certain product or service.

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HowSociable logo


HowSociable | Social Media Trends, Reviews, Tools, How-To`s 5 Based on 2 Ratings

We are your guide to the social media world. Get reliable advice, how-to guides, reviews, and much more from HowSociable social media enthusiasts!

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Linkfluence Radarly logo

Linkfluence Radarly

AI-Powered Social Media Intelligence Platform - Radarly | Linkfluence 4.1 Based on 111 Ratings

Linkfluence is an AI-enabled consumer insight platform. Radarly provides quantitative and qualitative intelligence that is both actionable and explorable. The platform plays a key role in helping organizations operate efficiently. We serve over 200 brands internationally, from Luxury & Beauty and CPG to Wine & Spirits, Automotive & Mobility, and Sports.

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Dataminr logo


Real-Time Event and Risk Detection | Dataminr 4.4 Based on 7 Ratings

Dataminr Pulse leverages AI to give you the earliest indications of business-critical information about risks to your people, your brand, and physical and virtual assets.

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OBI Brand Monitor logo

OBI Brand Monitor

Realtime Media Monitoring | OBI4wan 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Verkrijg relevante data en manage jouw merkreputatie in één overzichtelijk dashboard. Plan direct een afspraak voor een gratis demo!

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Twilert logo


Twitter Alerts ? 1 Free Daily Alert On Any Topic You Want! 4.8 Based on 3 Ratings

Twilert Twitter Alerts and Monitoring System - Monitor Twitter 24/7 with Twilert's professional twitter alerts and notification system. Never miss a mention for your brand or business.

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TrendSpottr logo


Welcome – TrendSpottr 2.8 Based on 3 Ratings

TrendSpottr: Predictive trend intelligence for brands, marketers & PR pros. Discover emerging trends, viral content & key influencers for any topic

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Coosto logo


Coosto | Social Media Management Software 3 Based on 2 Ratings

Coosto is a single solution for social media applications. Organisations can use this solution to monitor their brand and reputation. The user-friendly interface and unmatched data quality ensures that many people choose Coosto.

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Mediatoolkit logo


Mediatoolkit Online Monitoring Features 4.8 Based on 37 Ratings

Mediatoolkit's powerful social listening and analysis features give your brand the online reputation dashboard it deserves.

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Infegy Atlas logo

Infegy Atlas

Infegy Atlas - Social Listening 4.6 Based on 29 Ratings

Infegy Atlas takes the hard work out of making sense of social data. It enables brands, agencies, and researchers to understand consumers better and faster than ever before.

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Ubermetrics Delta logo

Ubermetrics Delta

Ubermetrics - Media Monitoring Tool 4.6 Based on 39 Ratings

Ubermetrics's monitoring technology integrates information analysis across sources and media channels. It identifies emerging risks, potentials, and trends to help companies optimize their business responses. Ubermetrics helps companies across industries and departments by monitoring, e.g., company image, supply chains, and customer satisfaction.

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TellFinder logo


TellFinder® | Uncharted® 4 Based on 1 Ratings

Use TellFinder to search vast areas of the deep web or other media troves for connections to known subjects. Discover network personas in a fraction of the time.

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Locobuzz logo


Engage and keep your consumers on a single, unified platform Write a Review

Locobuzz is a next-generation digital customer experience management tool that radically changes your company and helps you develop everlasting client connections like never before by putting your communications, performance, brand, visibility, customers and appeal all in one place. It provides powerful business insights on a unified CX management platform by allowing organizations to monitor performance analytics, brand insights, competition insights, and customer behavior across all critical digital channels in a single perspective. With the help of current social listening, you can get a real-time awareness of your influencers, consumers, campaigns, and rivals. You can capture trends, market movements, and crucial social data to get actionable insights that can help you enhance your brand's tactics, health, and entire digital presence. For strategic and actionable business choices, you can get quantifiable, relevant, and rich insights. While you concentrate on enhancing engagement productivity, Locobuzz manages activities, assigns cases, and streamlines data intake in real time. Additionally, you can plan your content on a centralized schedule, access an easy-to-use content repository, and manage your brand's social campaigns with ease.

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Devi AI logo

Devi AI

Monitor Facebook Groups Write a Review

Track conversations to get high-intent leads ready to buy. Select any Private or Public groups that you want to monitor. Add lead keywords or brand names so that Devi monitors them. Save 1-2 hours a day from manually monitoring posts and get notified when leads are identified. Sell, support, and educate your business audience with comments and messages.

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List of Social Media Monitoring Software

Fresh Web Explorer Fresh Web Explorer 4.3
Sprinklr Modern Research Sprinklr Modern Research 4.6
Blackbaud Blackbaud 2.8
Planoly Planoly 4.3
Keyhole Keyhole 4.2
Digimind Social Digimind Social 4.6
NewsWhip NewsWhip 4.8
HowSociable HowSociable 5
Linkfluence Radarly Linkfluence Radarly 4.1
Dataminr Dataminr 4.4

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