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Amazon Display Ads logo

Amazon Display Ads

Amazon DSP - Create programmatic ad campaigns 4.3 Based on 8 Ratings
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Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads. Start automating your advertising today.

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Quantcast Platform logo

Quantcast Platform

Know and grow your audience to deliver outstanding business results Write a Review
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Stay on the pulse of ever‑changing consumer behavior. Bring your strategy to life with ease and precision in a single platform. Experiment as fast as you can think and get smarter. Thrive in a world without third party cookies.

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Quantcast Advertise logo

Quantcast Advertise

Quantcast Advertising - Find New Customers. Grow Your Brand. 4.3 Based on 15 Ratings
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Quantcast provides online advertising services to brands with digital marketing experts who oversee campaign optimizations.

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Criteo Audience Match logo

Criteo Audience Match

Customer Targeting Solution | Criteo Audience Match | Criteo 3.5 Based on 3 Ratings
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Criteo Audience Match drives sales against diverse marketing objectives. Capitalize on industry-leading match rates of over 60% by linking with our global, shopper-focused Criteo Shopper Graph. Gain the broadest reach and visibility across web, mobile browser and apps.

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BuySellAds logo


Diversify your advertising approach with a single advertising platform 3.8 Based on 12 Ratings
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BuySell Ads is an online advertising platform that makes it simple to connect with a large number of IT audiences for advertising purposes. It allows you to reach crypto enthusiasts, developers, early adopters, designers, and other technology-savvy groups in a single platform. BuySell Ads native advertisements are built for performance marketers that want to create quantifiable business results without disturbing consumers. Brands can engage audiences with sponsored content without distressing the customer experience or getting tensed about ad blockers with BuySell Ads. You can investigate chances on popular podcasts with millions of listeners and choose from over 12,000 premium publications for placements, pay a set CPM, and target the precise audience that generates results with BuySell Ads. BuySell Ads assist you in putting your direct sales plan into action. You can choose from a choice of high-performing verticals' email newsletters. You can use in-email and dedicated spots to get your message into the inboxes of potential consumers. Additionally, with the BuySellAds Marketplace, you can connect with leading companies and make frictionless direct transactions.

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PropellerAds logo


Smart user acquisition for media agencie 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Introducing PropellerAds: the revolutionary multisource advertising platform that can help them reach billions of users and grow their business! With PropellerAds, they get access to exclusive audiences and supply partners that can help them scale user acquisition. Utilizing their network, they can combine and test different sources to gain more conversions. PropellerAds helps them drive success while giving them the confidence they need to expand their business. Their solutions and services are tailored to meet their specific needs, whether they’re a beginner or an experienced marketer. With PropellerAds, they're in the driver’s seat and ready to take their business to the next level. Discover the power of PropellerAds today and begin growing their company now!

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GumGum logo


Analyze digital media in a whole new way Based on 1 Ratings
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GumGum has perfected its content analysis capabilities, using the latest in deep learning technology. That’s why our contextual intelligence platform is the only one that scans text, images, videos and audio when evaluating online content. Drive attention with beautiful, dynamic ads served where users are most likely to see them. Our contextual technology uses computer vision and natural language processing to scan images, videos, audio and text.

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Admixer.Creatives logo


? Admixer.Creatives - Content-rich ad serving // Admixer 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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Admixer.Creatives features an extensive creative library with hundreds of ad templates for multiscreen online advertising. Omni-channel ad serving is included. Create and store ad creatives, analyze, and improve performance.

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Converting Ad Creatives by AI Write a Review
Visit Website gives their business an unparalleled advantage with its highly accurate and effective creatives / banners. Created by thier state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence model, these creatives have been designed to drive immediate conversions. Thanks to the detailed insights collected through Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED and Zapier integration, their AI model is able to optimize each of their creatives for superior performance permanently without any manual intervention. their creatives are known for giving up to 14x better conversion rates than those designed without use of data-driven approach a reflection of their accuracy and efficacy in driving more suitable business results. Embark on a creative journey with today and take their business to new heights!

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ownerIQ logo


ownerIQ | Second-Party Data Solutions 4.3 Based on 12 Ratings
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ownerIQ, or "The Q" is at the forefront of a digital disruption, helping retailers and brands form natural marketing partnerships. OwnerIQ was recently named in the Ad Age BtoB Best Awards, CIOReview Magazine's Top 50 Retail Solutions, Boston Business Journal's Hottest Tech Companies to Watch, and Editor's Choice Award from Shopper Marketing Magazine.

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ReTargeter logo


Products | ReTargeter 1.3 Based on 2 Ratings
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Reach your audience - no matter where they are - with highly targeted, data-driven, programmatic advertising. The combination of ReTargeter’s proprietary ReTargeting technology and data integrations provide marketers with the key to unlock audience acquisition.

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Carbon Ads logo

Carbon Ads

Reach developers and creators effortlessly Write a Review
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Carbon offers exclusive advertising access on 600+ hand-picked websites and apps in the design, development, and tech spaces. The network is segmented by audience so you can run targeted campaigns at scale. Reach tech audiences through an exclusive network of design, development, and tech websites. When you run a Carbon campaign, your brand appears across hundreds of communities, blogs, resources, and tools that your audience uses to level up their work.

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AntVoice logo


Saving time for your teams Write a Review
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AntVoice helps brands and merchants to identify and target new clients through weak signals analysis and artificial intelligence. Target consumers before your competitors. More performance for your acquisition budgets. Saving time for your teams. Qualitative environment for your brand.

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Adblade for Advertisers logo

Adblade for Advertisers

Adblade - Advertisers - Advertiser Solutions 4 Based on 2 Ratings
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Adblade provides unique advertising and monetization services, for both advertisers and publishers

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Oncord logo


Build an online presence, not just a website Write a Review
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Build more than a website. Build a customer database, communicate with marketing and sell online. Custom tools and features for web and marketing agencies to deliver amazing client outcomes. Find out why the world's best agencies use Oncord.Oncord allows small and medium businesses to take control of their digital presence and create amazing online experiences for their customers.

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2Share logo


Drive highly responsive customers to your site Write a Review
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More than just a media agency, at Sub2 we believe in marketing to people, not segments, and your customer is at the heart of everything we do. Through the intelligence of 2Share, we can deliver marketing solutions that are insight led and data informed, while advanced technologies like multi-touch attribution and cookieless tracking allow us to truly understand the media investments that drive wider business outcomes.

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AdPlayer.Pro logo


Comprehensive ad delivering solution for brands 4.6 Based on 7 Ratings
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AdPlayer.Pro is an advanced video advertising solution that enables brands to display custom ads over video content without disrupting the playback. Using the AdPlayer.Pro HTML5 video ad player, enterprises can deliver fast and optimized ads across all major platforms. This lightweight and highly responsive player launches only when in-view and collapses instantly upon ad completion. There is also an option for the viewer to mute/unmute the ad sound. AdPlayer.Pro supports a wide range of video ad formats both for outstream and instream ads. One can deliver InPage, InView, Sticky, InBanner, InApp, and Rewarded video ads easily to the viewer. The tool can also be integrated easily with third-party ad server solutions. With a comprehensive ecosystem to create intuitive outstream ads, ad designers can design engaging ads that can even improve traffic to the website. All these features along with powerful real-time error reporting options and 24/7 dedicated customer support make AdPlayer.Pro one the best ad delivering solutions in the market.

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Contobox logo


Engagement Management Platform | Bring your ads to life 4.8 Based on 3 Ratings
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Contobox empowers advertisers to build and deliver engaging digital campaigns that collect first-party data to power personalization and retargeting.

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Cybba Ads Retargeting logo

Cybba Ads Retargeting

Dynamic Display Ads Generate Qualified Audiences Write a Review
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Display advertising attracts new audiences who are likely to engage with your brand. Behavioral, demographic, location, and contextual targeting strategies drive new user acquisition and build brand awareness. Behavioral, contextual, geolocation, and demographic targeting put your brand in front of the best audiences. Take advantage of multiple sources of intent data to attract the hottest prospects. Extend your reach with the most extensive and diversified media network and data partnerships.

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Hockeycurve logo


Dynamic Ad Serving Write a Review
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Data-driven ads boost programmatic media performance. Dynamic creative possibilities are limitless we have just scratched the surface. Our, product easily integrate with DSPs, DMPs, 3rd party APIs, advertisers website/app to generate dynamic ads in real time. Brands use this to create & show data based relevant ads. Generate User product feed based on his online and offline activity. Every user is unique, hence every ad for every users should be unique. Media Buying Automation for Bringing Speed, Scale & Driving Performance.

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List of Display Advertising Software

Amazon Display Ads Amazon Display Ads 4.3
Quantcast Platform Quantcast Platform 0
Quantcast Advertise Quantcast Advertise 4.3
Criteo Audience Match Criteo Audience Match 3.5
BuySellAds BuySellAds 3.8
PropellerAds PropellerAds 4.5
GumGum GumGum 0
Admixer.Creatives Admixer.Creatives 5 0
ownerIQ ownerIQ 4.3

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