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AppNexus Marketplace logo

AppNexus Marketplace

Xandr | Make Advertising Better 3.8 Based on 13 Ratings

AppNexus Publisher SSP provides advanced controls that let you use your proprietary data to manage your demand partners. Lee Callagher: We required an automated solution that could crunch through the massive data sets to individually set price points.

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Adform Publisher Edge logo

Adform Publisher Edge

Integrated Advertising Platform for Publishers 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings

At the heart of our approach is enabling your ability to monetize. This means creating individual products, connected through a unified dashboard, which work seamlessly to identify threats and opportunities.

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PubMatic logo


Programmatic Marketing Platform | Programmatic Ad Stack 3.2 Based on 11 Ratings

Make smart, strategic decisions with PubMatic's full programmatic ad stack. Learn how our programmatic marketing platform can help optimize your performance.

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Sharethrough logo


Delve into a largely human-centric experience 4.5 Based on 75 Ratings

Sharethrough offers an adequate human-centric programmatic advertising facility. It is an omnichannel supply platform based on stellar RTB technology and elevated ad experiences. The platform is thus a budding one for journalists, application developers and content creators. The greatest approach taken by Sharethrough is that they tend to put the customers first. This ensures that the needs of immediate customers are all satisfied and thus, customer loyalty is kept intact. The platform thus strives to build the products and services of its clients in a way that attracts more leads, enhances sales. Human-centric advertising has essentially put open Internet in front of users as it is nothing but a basic human right. Sharethrough is an organisation that has been built based on scale, innovation and performance. It advances advertiser creatives to enhance the advertising experience and thus, in turn, provide a stellar user experience. The tools built on Sharethrough are all focused on direct connections and scale, made compatible for both today and tomorrow.

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Adsterra Network logo

Adsterra Network

Ad Network for Advertisers Write a Review

Adsterra’s advertising platform (SSP) is a platform used to measure the performance marketing and digital advertising strategy. The software offers a vast variety of web and mobile ad formats: Popunder, Push Ads, Native Ads, Banner Ads, Social Bar, Direct Link and VAST video. The Anti-Adblock solution used to increase conversions to higher CTRs.

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360 Polaris logo

360 Polaris

360 Polaris - Improve Digital 4.1 Based on 4 Ratings

360 Polaris an all-in-one solution for content providers offering unparalleled transparency and control, no matter what their sales strategy.

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Admixer.SSP logo


Supply Side Platform (SSP) | Admixer 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Admixer SSP is a gateway to Admixer programmatic ecosystem for publishers, app developers, ad networks, sales houses who want to sell their inventory and audience via OpenRTB or Header Bidding connections. Main benefits: - Access to 100+ top-rated DSPs through a single account.

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Discover Deep Native Advertising! 5 Based on 1 Ratings

The ADYOULIKE Native Technology Platform and Network allows brand advertisers to scale their native advertising campaigns across premium and niche publishers with ease from a single point of entry using the ADYOULIKE DNA Marketplace, the leading global Native Advertising SSP

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Ad inventory and campaign management Write a Review

Ibillboard - Maximization of advertising profits for publishers and purchase and management of ad campaigns on premium positions via the RTB for advertisers

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Adtelligent SSP logo

Adtelligent SSP

Best Supply Side Platform Write a Review

Adtelligent SSP is an advertising technology solution for ad inventory management, revenue optimization, and connections between supply and demand partners

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SmartyAds SSP logo

SmartyAds SSP

Supply Side Platform (SSP) | Holistic Ad Serving SSP 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

SmartyAds Supply Side Platform is a publisher-focused solution designed to streamline the process of cross-channel media-selling and inventory management. In real-time SmartyAds SSP provides publishers with a holistic overview of their inventory performance. It delivers effective bid optimization through header-bidding technology that maximizes demand and naturally grows the level of yields.

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PubWise logo


Smart Path Optimization Technology Software Write a Review

PubWise is used for Publishers and advertisers deserve Radical Observability of the entire digital advertising supply chain. The patent-pending Smart Path Optimization Technology uses machine learning to increase publisher revenue by as much as and reduced bid volumes . Let us show you how to reclaim your value.

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WideOrbit logo


WideOrbit: The World's Leading Premium Ad Management Platform 3.9 Based on 32 Ratings

WideOrbit helps media companies do more business by making it easier to buy and sell advertising. Customers include NBCUniversal, Viacom/CBS, Fox, Entercom Communications, Nexstar, Hearst, Univision, Gray Television, TEGNA, DirecTV.

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Operative.One logo


The OS for AD Revenue 2.2 Based on 3 Ratings

Operative.One helps to maximizing yield across channels, creating bulletproof inventory and pricing strategies, streamlining tracking and billing

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Automatad logo


Full-stack Programmatic Monetization Solution Write a Review

Automatad, Inc. is a digital media products Co. that provides a suite of programmatic monetization solutions that drives efficiency and superior monetization at scale. Using our platform digital publishers can create, monetize, and optimize for the best ad experience.

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Ad Serving System Write a Review

REXRTB is a Digital Advertising Platform, Ad Serving System bringing all feature-rich tools for advertising needs together in one place. The platform is designed to comply with all possible formats (Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Pop under/Popup), channels, and models.

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Shipsy logo


The Smart Logistics Management Platform Write a Review

They believe that AI-powered technology is the answer for modern day businesses looking to optimize their logistics and supply chain operations. this platform is designed to help companies simplify their end-to-end processes, from tracking and tracing goods to automating processes and keeping costs low. this AI-powered platform enables businesses to access real-time data, get insights into their operations and manage their logistics operations in an efficient manner. They are committed to delivering first-class customer service, tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. With this AI-powered platform, customers can access a wide range of features, including automated tracking and tracing, freight optimization, cost reduction, and analytics. this platform also empowers businesses to manage their inventories and stock levels, ensuring goods move quickly and efficiently. At Shipsy, They strive to provide this customers with the best possible solutions to enhance their end-to-end logistics and supply chain operations. With this AI-powered platform, businesses can access reliable, cost-effective solutions to streamline their operations, improve customer experiences and drive growth.

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TheViewPoint logo


Greater Control. Better Ads. Higher Yield. Write a Review

TheViewPoint gives CTV publishers total control over their ad space inventory, so they can sell more, earn more, and grow more. The technical support team is available for 24/7 to make sure any issues that may arise are resolved quickly.

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CatapultX logo


On Stream Video Monetization Write a Review

CatapultX - On-Stream Video Advertising is an ad format powered by AI and integrated within a video. Our AI analyzes videos across the web to make the best contextual match with your product, brand or service.

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Specle logo


Ad Specifications & Delivery Write a Review

Specle brings together media owners, creatives, and advertisers through smart technology

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List of Supply Side Platform (SSP) Software

AppNexus Marketplace AppNexus Marketplace 3.8
Adform Publisher Edge Adform Publisher Edge 4.5
PubMatic PubMatic 3.2
Sharethrough Sharethrough 4.5
Adsterra Network Adsterra Network 0
360 Polaris 360 Polaris 4.1
Admixer.SSP Admixer.SSP 5
Adtelligent SSP Adtelligent SSP 0

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