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Email Encryption Software

With so much communication happening over emails, it's important for businesses to ensure that email communication is secure. Enter email encryption software, which ensures that there's no data theft and the emails follow end-to-end encryption so that they are opened by the intended recipient only. As usual with encryption capabilities, email encryption software offers public and private keys to make this happen. Such software also makes sure that the data is secure between the email server and the recipient too with transport-level encryption. Another benefit of such services is that they ensure that the computer isn't infected by malware or ransomware.

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SenditCertified - Email Encryption Software


Secure Email Solutions For Every Business
(1 Ratings)

SenditCertified pricing: Starts at $14.50. Offers Custom plan.

What is SenditCertified and how does it work?

SenditCertified offers cloud-based file storage, electronic signatures, voice and video messaging, detailed reporting, message recall and more. With no costly IT investments or lengthy installation processes, SenditCertified can be rapidly deployed, even in the largest of organizations. SenditCertified, a cloud-based system that enables subscribers to securely send and receive encrypted email messages and large files online. Whether a subscriber is using web-based SenditCertified or the SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook feature, sending encrypted email is as simple as using traditional email. SenditCertified meets NIST standards and Meaningful Use requirements for HIPAA compliance. show more

Paubox Encrypted Email - Email Encryption Software

Paubox Encrypted Email

HIPAA compliant email solution
(179 Ratings)

Paubox Encrypted Email pricing: Starts at $10.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Paubox Encrypted Email and how does it work?

Paubox eliminates the hurdles of extra steps for your recipients too, making email a secure and easy way to send messages and attachments. No wasted time or errors dealing with scanning, manual entry, and chasing down faxes. Paubox seamlessly integrates with business email platforms like G Suite, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. They take compliance seriously and have taken the extra step of becoming one of the only encrypted email providers to obtain HITRUST CSF Certification. This means Encrypted Email solutions have met key regulatory requirements and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk. show more

NeoCertified - Email Encryption Software


The best email encryption platform that companies use
(93 Ratings)

NeoCertified pricing: Starts at $59.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is NeoCertified and how does it work?

NeoCertified is a secure messaging platform that helps companies to send emails through a secure channel without leaving their own browser. The platform can be integrated with Office 365, Outlook, Edge, Google Chrome and other apps that enable companies to send secure emails and protect their own data as well. Further, with NeoCertified, companies can also send HIPAA-compliant documents and HIPAA-sensitive messages in a seamless manner from its Secure Email Portal or with Outlook and Gmail-integrated buttons. Its Secure Web Form feature allows website users to send sensitive information in a protected way. NeoCertified Secure Email Archiving solution allows companies to store, deliver and access archives of their previously sent and received encrypted email messages and attachments. With the Encrypted Email API, the platform provides an opportunity to individual businesses to get access to Secure Email Services directly from users’ business applications to send and receive secure emails. show more

Encyro - Email Encryption Software


Share your files in a secured and encrypted way
(34 Ratings)

Encyro pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Encyro and how does it work?

Encyro is a compact platform offering easy-to-use secure file-sharing and email encryption services. The solution can be used by law, finance, insurance, health care and real-estate businesses. Thus enabling them to get access to 16 layers of top graded security facilities without creating any shared folders or client accounts. Users can also make requests for electronic signatures backed by facilities like finger drawing without touch-screens, tamper verification, access control, and, encryption. Active compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act, etc., helps enterprises keep their clients’ data safe and secure. Encyro lets users review account-related activities on their own, to identify any doubtful movements, including file downloads, logins, or changes within settings. Employers can add partners and employees into the platform to let them share files with clients in a safe and secure way. Moreover, Outlook Addin, Ample Storage Space, Auto-Encryption, Multi-location Encrypted Backup, etc., are other available advantages. show more

Proofpoint Email Encryption - Email Encryption Software

Proofpoint Email Encryption

Email Encryption Software
(18 Ratings)

Proofpoint Email Encryption pricing: Proofpoint Email Encryption Offers Custom plan.

What is Proofpoint Email Encryption and how does it work?

Email Encryption simplifies secure communications and leaves you in control. All email encryption policies are centrally managed and enforced at the gateway. A convenient graphical interface helps you define email encryption policies, which can be triggered by messages containing regulated information or intellectual property. Email Encryption eliminates the administrative overhead of key management. Email Encryption makes the most of your existing investments in Email and Information Protection solutions. show more

Mailfence - Email Encryption Software


Keeps your communications private
(49 Ratings)

Mailfence pricing: Mailfence Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Mailfence and how does it work?

Malifence is an encrypted email service providing software that facilitates private and secure email communication. The software is operated under the Belgian privacy law. Emails exchanged within the portal get freedom from government surveillance, spams, ads, and any kind of backdoor tracking. End-to-end encryption provided by Mailfence prevents third parties or hackers from accessing essential content. Senders can digitally sign individual emails, eliminating all chances of fraudulent activities and false sender addresses. The software enables enterprises to manage, create, publish, and import OpenPGP keys. With the intuitive calendar integration offered by the particular, users can upload their appointments and work accordingly. Further, business houses can import contacts from multiple accounts and create groups to share critical data in a secured manner. They can utilize Mailfence to store, edit, and share documents online. The software offers organizations a host of functionalities including access to external mailboxes, unique domain name, web, IMAPS, SMTPS, POPS, mobile accesses, etc. The browser-based solution is compatible with all kinds of screens and demands no add-ons or plugins. show more

ZixEncrypt - Email Encryption Software


Break through obstacles with ZixEncrypt
(191 Ratings)

What is ZixEncrypt and how does it work?

ZixEncrypt is email encryption and data loss prevention software that provides individuals, their workforce, and their administrators with unrivalled support overcoming the issues of protection and regulation. The software safeguards interactions by analysing mails for established policy restrictions. It ensures precision because it is the only company that offers fully visible email encryption. For both senders and recipients, the visibility feature eliminates unnecessary procedures and credentials, enabling secure email as simple as conventional email. Furthermore, the platform ensures compliance by eliminating the complexity of encrypted email, providing users with a sense of security that their important data is safe. Because ZixEncrypt runs in the backdrop, it has little effect on clinician and employee processes because no additional steps are necessary. Employees easily generate a message and click the send option to send an encrypted file. The rest is handled by the content filtering tool. Employers, partners, and consumers may readily access the password-protected mail on any platform, anywhere, which ensures transparency. show more

Egress Protect - Email Encryption Software

Egress Protect

Secure your data with Egress Protect
(33 Ratings)

What is Egress Protect and how does it work?

Egress Protect is an intuitive email encryption management software that offers a plethora of influential tools to protect vital information. With this government and industry-certified secure software, companies can prevent potential data breaches, besides integrating the particular with existing workflows to understand the level of risk and avail easy-to-use, flexible email and file encryption tools. Also, Egress Protect offers the option of secure email encryption at both desktops and email gateways. It turns out to be helpful in controlling access to messages in shared mailboxes. Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 facilities incorporated within allows users to secure and share data effortlessly. Egress Protect provides message-level protection via an on-premise, cloud or hybrid solution. Furthermore, with Egress Protect, users can also add watermarks and restrict printing to keep the documents safe. Accredited by industry bodies and governments, Egress Protect provides top-notch email services to the world. show more

SendSafely - Email Encryption Software


Send emails and files with robust security
(12 Ratings)

SendSafely pricing: Starts at $10.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SendSafely and how does it work?

SendSafely helps users send encrypted files and information to anyone irrespective of the platform. Users can use the tool’s highly secured file sharing platform to send files from any browser and email platform. The receiver does not need to have SendSafely in order to download the sent file. Moreover, one can even create a personal URL to request files from others. The robust OpenPGP encryption with AES-256 builds a completely secure file sharing channel. The software also has a Secure Email module that facilitates the exchange of confidential emails and sensitive attachments. Major email clients only provide encryption in transit. SendSafely adds another layer of security to that and encrypts information right from the point of sending and keeps the entire information encrypted even after being received. Notably, the process is not even a bit complex as the software has plug-ins both for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Additionally, it also offers a serverless email gateway that allows transparent encryption of outbound emails based on policies defined by the user. One can also integrate SendSafely's Dropzone widget with any web platform, thanks to the embeddable API support. show more

Virtru - Email Encryption Software


Secure End-to-end Email Encryption For Email and Files
(124 Ratings)

What is Virtru and how does it work?

Virtru is a tool that provides secure email and attachment protection with end-to-end encryption and advanced controls. The tool has a thoughtful and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to roll-out to users. It consists of on-demand client-side encryption and a frictionless system that ensures enhanced security awareness as well as user adoption. This tool is programmed to view who has read your emails and has control access, read the emails directly from your inbox and respond to them, get end-users running in minutes through seamless deployments, and search encrypted emails without giving access to external parties. Virtru enables users to have the ability to maintain control over their sensitive data by giving them audit trails. They can revoke access anytime by setting an expiration time or ability to disable forwarding even after the recipient opens the data. The tool protects your organization's compliance requirements for HIPAA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations. Virtru is a member of Microsoft Accelerator Program and Google’s recommendation for email encryption. show more

Echoworx - Email Encryption Software


Make sure that your emails are completely protected against fraudulent activities
(2 Ratings)

Echoworx pricing: Echoworx Offers Custom plan.

What is Echoworx and how does it work?

Echoworx is a customizable email encryption platform that enables companies to deliver protected messages, documents and files, to anyone over any device of their choice. The solution comes equipped with offers 8 different and easy to deliver secure email functionalities, 7 authentication options and support for 27 languages as well. Moreover, while using the platform users can also select a unified delivery method of their choice and customize the particular accordingly. Echoworx is capable of handling a considerable amount of emails and files at once, thus helping companies to forward numerous protected emails, along with attachments. Inbuilt functionalities like Shared Secret Passphrase, Self-Registration, SSO, Social Login using OAuth, System Generated Verification Codes, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Biometrics assures seamless protection from unwanted threats. Lastly, an integrated report and audit trail feature provide an adequate amount of transparency over message delivery success rates, by displaying details about individual messages. show more

Appriver - Email Encryption Software


Cybersecurity, Productivity and Compliance Solutions
(24 Ratings)

Appriver pricing: Appriver Offers Custom plan.

What is Appriver and how does it work?

AppRiver, a Zix company, is a channel-first provider of cloud-enabled security and productivity services. The company’s brand is built on highly effective security services backed by 24/7 white-glove Phenomenal Care customer service and with Zix + CloudAlly Secure, automated cloud-to-cloud backup with unlimited data retention for M365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Box, and more. show more

Tutanota - Email Encryption Software


Secure Mail Services through Tutanota
(32 Ratings)

Tutanota pricing: Tutanota Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Tutanota and how does it work?

Tutanota is an end to end encryption email service which tries to provide its users with a safer email environment. It has built-in encryption which they guarantee cannot be decrypted by anyone. The goal of Tutanota is to respect the privacy of its users, because of which it does not track them. It is an open-source software, so security experts can verify the code that protects the emails of the user. Tutanota is available as an app on both iOS and Android platforms. It offers a secure email service that is free from advertisements and focuses on more relevant elements. It comes with an encrypted calendar where the event notifications and reminders are sent end to end encrypted. The tool even asks for a relatively lesser number of permissions to keep the level of privacy of the user to a maximum. Tutanota uses symmetric (AES 128) and asymmetric encryption (AES 128 / RSA 2048) to encrypt emails end-to-end. On top of this, it features STARTTLS, Perfect Forward Secrecy, DNSSEC, DANE, DMARC, and DKIM for security. show more

CTemplar - Email Encryption Software


Email privacy protector based on enhanced encryption
(2 Ratings)

CTemplar pricing: Starts at $6.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is CTemplar and how does it work?

CTemplar is an email security management software, offering anonymous end to end encrypted protection to individual users. The particular is designed according to the most robust Icelandic privacy law, featuring an instant delete option. It does not store or stockpile users data facilitating zero data leakage. With state-of-the-art technologies and robust encryption, CTemplar assures complete confidentiality of each message. Moreover, the 4-Wall protection feature of the software guarantees comprehensive wall to wall security. Users also get protected from malicious JavaScript injection. The use of SRI makes the solution resistant to harmful scripts and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Further, users can set a phrase within their account, which will act as an alert during phishing attempts. Besides, serving organizations with 100% open-sourced and audited code, CTemplar also allows them to make anonymous transactions using Monero. Other highlighted features of the software include Zero-data-access, Zero-knowledge password security, Community audited code etc. show more

DataMotion Secure Email - Email Encryption Software

DataMotion Secure Email

Secure Email Exchange
(0 Ratings)

DataMotion Secure Email pricing: DataMotion Secure Email Offers Custom plan.

What is DataMotion Secure Email and how does it work?

DataMotion's SecureMail provides a straightforward and secure solution for exchanging confidential, regulated emails, messages, files, and forms. It features FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, a zero-trust design, and an easy-to-use interface. All of these features provide organisations with a powerful tool to comply with government regulations, while retaining user-friendliness and convenience. SecureMail's advanced security protocols ensure that data is kept safe from unauthorized access, providing organisations with peace of mind when it comes to their data security. show more

Telios - Email Encryption Software


Private Email Service Software
(0 Ratings)

Telios pricing: Starts at $3.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Telios and how does it work?

Telios is a private email service that allows you to securely send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails over a peer-to-peer network. It provides a complete ownership of the data by encrypting and storing everything on the local devices.

Salu Mail - Email Encryption Software

Salu Mail

Take Control of Privacy
(0 Ratings)

Salu Mail pricing: Salu Mail Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Salu Mail and how does it work?

If the customer is looking for a way to take email security and privacy to the next level? Meet Salu Mail - the perfect solution for today's modern privacy needs. From robust encryption protocols to per-site email support, Salu Mail has revolutionized the way think about email security. With Salu Mail, can take control of privacy and be confident that data is safe. Gone are the days of worrying about phishing attacks and hackers. Salu Mail's sophisticated encryption and support will keep emails secure and private, without sacrificing convenience. It's the perfect way to make privacy simple without sacrificing speed and ease of use. Salu Mail: experience effortless security and peace of mind for emails.It's for anyone who values their privacy and is tired of compromising their security. Whether business professional exchanging sensitive information, a journalist protecting sources, or simply an individual who wants to keep their personal communications private, Salu Mail is here to give the peace of mind deserve. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to privacy. Experience the power of seamless encryption and per-site email support with Salu Mail. emails, security, simplified. Try Salu Mail today and discover the next level of email privacy. show more

DeliverySlip - Email Encryption Software


Build a trusted brand Protect the customers
(0 Ratings)

DeliverySlip pricing: DeliverySlip Offers Custom plan.

What is DeliverySlip and how does it work?

Deliveryslip helps to get better security for the files that to share, right from the inbox. Include attachments of unlimited size from Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint or the local drive and overcome inbox file size restrictions. File formats supported include: Documents, Spreadsheets, PDF’s, Powerpoint Presentations and Images. Securely collect electronic signatures and approvals from the inbox. Verify the authenticity of signed documents as well as the identity of the endorser. DeliverySlip supports wet signature (stylus or finger), stamp (handwritten signature image), typed signatures, advanced PIN, or SSO re-authentication. show more

Beeble - Email Encryption Software


Private Secure Email and Encrypted Cloud Storage
(0 Ratings)

Beeble pricing: Beeble Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Beeble and how does it work?

Introducing Beeble: the most secure and reliable way to store and manage their digital information. At Beeble, they recognize how important security is, and that’s why they make sure that their data isn’t stored, sent, or processed in an open form. They don’t have access to their passwords and encryption keys as they are always encrypted on their device. This means that they/ and no other third party, have the ability to decrypt and access the contents of their files or letters without their knowledge or permission. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that their data is safe and secure at all times with Beeble. show more

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List of Email Encryption Software

SenditCertified 5
Paubox Encrypted Email 5
NeoCertified 4.8
Encyro 4.8
Proofpoint Email Encryption 4.7
Mailfence 4.6
ZixEncrypt 4.4
Egress Protect 4.4
SendSafely 4.3
Virtru 4.1

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