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Updated on: May 13, 2021

Email Encryption Software

With so much communication happening over emails, it's important for businesses to ensure that email communication is secure. Enter email encryption software, which ensures that there's no data theft and the emails follow end-to-end encryption so that they are opened by the intended recipient only. As usual with encryption capabilities, email encryption software offers public and private keys to make this happen. Such software also makes sure that the data is secure between the email server and the recipient too with transport-level encryption. Another benefit of such services is that they ensure that the computer isn't infected by malware or ransomware.

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Secure Email Solutions For Every Business
(1 Ratings)

SenditCertified offers cloud-based file storage, electronic signatures, voice and video messaging, detailed reporting, message recall and more. With no costly IT investments or lengthy installation processes, SenditCertified can be rapidly deployed, even in the largest of organizations.... read more

Paubox Encrypted Email

HIPAA compliant email solution
(159 Ratings)

Paubox eliminates the hurdles of extra steps for your recipients too, making email a secure and easy way to send messages and attachments. No wasted time or errors dealing with scanning, manual entry, and chasing down faxes. Paubox seamlessly integrates with business email platforms like G Suite,... read more


Share your files in a secured and encrypted way
(23 Ratings)

Encyro is a compact platform offering easy-to-use secure file-sharing and email encryption services. The solution can be used by law, finance, insurance, health care and real-estate businesses. Thus enabling them to get access to 16 layers of top graded security facilities without creating any... read more

(13 Ratings)

Email Encryption simplifies secure communications and leaves you in control. All email encryption policies are centrally managed and enforced at the gateway. A convenient graphical interface helps you define email encryption policies, which can be triggered by messages containing regulated... read more


Keeps your communications private
(38 Ratings)

Malifence is an encrypted email service providing software that facilitates private and secure email communication. The software is operated under the Belgian privacy law. Emails exchanged within the portal get freedom from government surveillance, spams, ads, and any kind of backdoor tracking.... read more


Automatic email encryption and data loss prevention
(166 Ratings)

ZixEncrypt is an email security software. Trusted by the nation’s most influential institutions in healthcare, finance, and government, Zix delivers a superior experience and easy-to-use solutions for email encryption and data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, archiving and bring... read more

Egress Protect

Secure email, email encryption and secure file sharing
(32 Ratings)

Egress Protect offer government and industry-certified security that provides total control over shared information, so the user can effectively secure sensitive data and prevent a breach. This solution integrates seamlessly with their existing workflows to understand the level of risk and provide... read more


Build a trusted brand Protect the customers
(40 Ratings)

Deliveryslip helps to get better security for the files that to share, right from the inbox. Include attachments of unlimited size from Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint or the local drive and overcome inbox file size restrictions. File formats supported include: Documents, Spreadsheets, PDF’s,... read more


Send emails and files with robust security
(6 Ratings)

SendSafely helps users send encrypted files and information to anyone irrespective of the platform. Users can use the tool’s highly secured file sharing platform to send files from any browser and email platform. The receiver does not need to have SendSafely in order to download the sent file.... read more


Secure End-to-end Email Encryption For Email and Files
(86 Ratings)

Virtru is a tool that provides secure email and attachment protection with end-to-end encryption and advanced controls. The tool has a thoughtful and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to roll-out to users. It consists of on-demand client-side encryption and a frictionless system that... read more

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