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Vulnerability Management Software

Vulnerability Management Software helps businesses to assess, identify, and fix potential cybersecurity breaches by applying security patches.

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Nucleus - Vulnerability Management Software


Level-up vulnerability response with Nucleus
(3 Ratings)

Nucleus pricing: Starts at $11.0.

What is Nucleus and how does it work?

Nucleus provides enterprise vulnerability management solutions via data unification and smart automation of tasks throughout the entire workflow. It unifies existing tools in an enterprise’s security stack, creating a centralised hub to control the chaos, triage and vulnerability analysis. Furthermore, the platform ingests and normalises all of the vulnerability data, besides enabling a company to organise their assets, measure key performance indicators and search out vulnerability information. When it comes to prioritising vulnerabilities, every company’s approach is different. Nucleus lets all these companies customise the vulnerability prioritisation and risk scoring algorithm based on the attributes that are most important to the vulnerability management team. Also, it provides accurate risk reports based on vulnerability intelligence. The remediation process is the most time-consuming phase of vulnerability management. Everything needs to be tracked once the remediation process occurs. It is Nucleus that automates the entire process. Furthermore, it offers real-time views of all active vulnerabilities and their current remediation status. Integrating with over 100 scanners and external security tools, Nucleus mitigates vulnerabilities 10x faster. show more

Snyk - Vulnerability Management Software


A Tool to Fix vulnerabilities in minutes
(37 Ratings)

Snyk pricing: Starts at $98.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Snyk and how does it work?

Snyk software is a platform used to Identify container image vulnerabilities and auto-upgrade to the most secure base image. Monitor applications dependencies to automatically find and fix new vulnerabilities. Manage License compliance with legal risk associated with your dependencies and drive license compliance throughout your SDLC. It integrates with Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and more. For Developers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Threatwatch - Vulnerability Management Software


Next generation threat protection for all attack surfaces
(6 Ratings)

Threatwatch pricing: Threatwatch Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Threatwatch and how does it work?

ThreatWatch can help detect and prioritize the impact of critical threats up to 3 months earlier than leading scanners without the need for redundant scanning or having to deploy black-box agents. Secure your entire DevOps pipeline as an asset. Protect your source code repository, open-source dependencies, containers, and production cloud against malware, vulnerabilities, security misconfiguration, and information leaks (secrets in source code). Model virtually any kind of asset including network devices, IOT devices, golden images, and other assets that are hard to scan or out of reach of traditional scanning tools. show more

Nessus - Vulnerability Management Software


You are safe with Nessus
(269 Ratings)

Nessus pricing: Starts at $2790.0.

What is Nessus and how does it work?

Nessus is an industry leading vulnerability assessment tool that can help you automate vulnerability scanning, save time during compliance cycles, and engage your IT staff. Nessus, which is powered by Tenable Research, provides the industry's largest vulnerability coverage, with new detections being introduced to the platform on a regular basis. It offers predictive prioritization that prioritizes the most essential security concerns and quickly comprehends and effectively conveys the top ten high, critical, and most common vulnerabilities discovered after a scan. By integrating data science, threat intelligence, and vulnerability information, the Tenable VPR (Vulnerability Priority Rating) lets you home in on the most critical vulnerabilities. In order to target your repair efforts, it provides suggestions on which vulnerabilities represent the highest risk. It additionally offers pre-configured templates for a variety of IT and mobile assets that are supplied out of the box, ranging from patch management effectiveness to configuration audits, to assist you rapidly identify where you have vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can create reports quickly using customizable views, such as specific vulnerability categories, vulnerabilities by host, or vulnerabilities by plugin. show more

Netsparker - Vulnerability Management Software


Get access to enterprise-based security management
(40 Ratings)

Netsparker pricing: Netsparker Offers Custom plan.

What is Netsparker and how does it work?

Netsparker is a robust application security testing solution helping out enterprises to reduce the risk of online attacks with its accurate and automated application security testing functionalities. The scalable solution is equipped with automated security testing capability, allowing companies to secure their SLDC. For remediation, critical vulnerabilities can be seamlessly assigned to the team. Netsparker’s automation significantly saves time and eases their workload. Companies can gain total visibility on the app security and also find lost web assets. Further, an interactive scanning approach makes it possible for the platform to proceed with consistently detected vulnerabilities and fewer false positives. Also, a combination of signature and behaviour-based testing functionality provided by the same assures seamless business. Netsparker allows admins to take control of huge workloads with scalable security testing, saving time while controlling permissions for users. Moreover, its proactive security codes are capable of preventing vulnerabilities in an efficient manner. show more

Kenna Security - Vulnerability Management Software

Kenna Security

Remediate faster and more efficiently
(122 Ratings)

Kenna Security pricing: Kenna Security Offers Custom plan.

What is Kenna Security and how does it work?

Kenna.VM combines real-world threats and exploits intelligence and advanced data science to determine which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk and which you can deprioritize. Using proven data science algorithms, Kenna.VM analyzes rich internal and external data to determine the risk scores of each unique vulnerability, asset, and a group of assets. With Kenna.VM, security and IT teams can finally align around the common goal of reducing risk in a practical and efficient way. Determine risk and prioritize remediation efforts across a multi-vendor environment. show more

InsightVM - Vulnerability Management Software


A complete vulnerability assessment platform for you
(118 Ratings)

InsightVM pricing: Starts at $22.0.

What is InsightVM and how does it work?

Rapid7's Insight platform combines Rapid7's library of exposure analytics, global attacker behavior, vulnerability research, Internet-wide scanning data, exploit knowledge and real-time reporting to provide a fully efficient, scalable and smart way to collect and analyse your vulnerability data. It provides live vulnerability and endpoint analyses by collecting data from all of your endpoints, even those from distant employees and sensitive assets that can't be actively scanned or only join the corporate network on rare occasions. InsightVM offers smart tools and anyone, from system administrators to CISOs can simply design custom cards and customize dashboards, using easy language to monitor the progress of your security program. With threat feeds and business context to back it up, InsightVM allows you to prioritise vulnerabilities like an attacker would. With Insight VM, your security teams can use Remediation Projects to assign and track remediation tasks in real time, giving them constant visibility into how successfully issues are being resolved. Additionally, users can connect InsightVM with IT's ticketing systems, allowing remediation to be effortlessly integrated into their regular tasks. show more

BeyondTrust Vulnerability Management - Vulnerability Management Software
(4 Ratings)

BeyondTrust Vulnerability Management pricing: BeyondTrust Vulnerability Management Offers Custom plan.

What is BeyondTrust Vulnerability Management and how does it work?

BeyondTrust is the first vulnerability management system built from the ground up to give context-aware vulnerability assessment and risk analysis to enterprises. Retina's results-driven architecture collaborates with users to proactively discover security vulnerabilities, assess business impact, and plan and implement remediation across network, online, mobile, cloud, virtual, and IoT infrastructure. Learn about network, online, mobile, cloud, virtual, and Internet of Things infrastructure. Assess asset configuration and risk, as well as identify vulnerabilities, malware, and assaults. By separating high-risk assets and using advanced threat analytics, you can assess threat potential, return on remediation, and more. Integrate patch management to address vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities, compliance, benchmarks, and other information should be reported. Endpoints should be protected from client-side attacks. Simply trusting users and systems isn't enough in a world with stolen identities, phished credentials, and sophisticated fakes. Our Universal Privilege Management technology provides trusted access that is monitored, managed, secured, and delivered just-in-time, protecting your business while allowing it to operate efficiently. show more

Qualys VM - Vulnerability Management Software

Qualys VM

Get protected against attacks at any time from anywhere
(108 Ratings)

Qualys VM pricing: Qualys VM Offers Custom plan.

What is Qualys VM and how does it work?

Qualys VM is an appropriate vulnerability management software offering scalable, advanced and extensible solutions against threats. Enterprises can use the software to get a detailed view of their IT assets, their vulnerability position along with accurate protection options. The software when teamed with Continuous monitoring technology, sends proactive alerts to InfoSec teams, about potential threats before they get turned into breaches. It uses Six Sigma accuracy to run detailed and continuous scans protecting the IT assets of the enterprises located in the clouds, on-premises and mobile endpoints. An executive dashboard within, the software displays a detailed overview of the security postures along with comprehensive remediation options. Organizations can also use Qualys VM to detect forgotten devices and visualize their network map. They can uncover multiple access points, devices and web servers which can leave their network vulnerable to attacks. Admins can configure the hosts and their scanning options. The software also offers manual, scheduled and continuous vulnerability scanning options. show more

Tenable.io - Vulnerability Management Software


Analyze Everything But Predict What Matters
(109 Ratings)

Tenable.io pricing: Starts at $2275.0.

What is Tenable.io and how does it work?

Tenable.io is a vulnerability management solution that lets users get a risk-based view of their entire attack surface from IT to cloud to containers. This enables them to identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities quickly. It provides comprehensive vulnerability coverage with the ability to predict which security issues to remediate first. Users get unified visibility and a continuous view of all of their assets (known and previously unknown) through active scanning, agents, passive monitoring, cloud connectors, and CMDB integrations. Tenable has an extensive CVE and security configuration support to help users understand all of their exposures; it provides coverage for more than 55,000 vulnerabilities. It enables users to quickly assess risk and know which vulnerabilities to fix first by combining vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science. They can also integrate Tenable.ot with Tenable.io, allowing them to gain full visibility of their OT risk and manage their environment from the cloud. show more

Flexera Software Vulnerability Management - Vulnerability Management Software

Flexera Software Vulnerability Management

A powerful solution for security patch testing and vulnerability management
(1 Ratings)

Flexera Software Vulnerability Management pricing: Flexera Software Vulnerability Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Flexera Software Vulnerability Management and how does it work?

Flexera Software Vulnerability Management helps companies identify, publish and prioritise patches to handle more third-party security updates and reduce risk. It helps companies to establish a solid, recurring process to manage vulnerability risks with ease. Also, industry-leading insights provided by the software, enables users to prioritise patching efforts that are crucial for the security of the company. It also helps users to focus on those areas that can be easily exploited with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning by the malicious people sitting over the open, dark and deep web. With Flexera Software Vulnerability Management, companies can keep their deployment activities at a manageable level and focus more on issues that need immediate attention. Detailed reports and dashboards offered by the same comprise the information required to understand the current vulnerability status within company environments. Also, users can automate patch specific deployments to meet the established criteria of individual companies. show more

Evolve VM - Vulnerability Management Software

Evolve VM

Manage Endpoint Vulnerability for Business
(0 Ratings)

Evolve VM pricing: Evolve VM Offers Custom plan.

What is Evolve VM and how does it work?

Evolve VM software is a platform used to manage Endpoint vulnerability for network-wide assessments.The software offers pre-packaged endpoint vulnerability checks that can be run on-demand or on a scheduled basis. It offers a real-time remediation actions to fix security issues in seconds. The Evolve VM Visual Workflow is used to create custom compliance and security checks without code to automate workflows. Measure the performance in real-time information on checks and remediation via Dashboard. show more

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus - Vulnerability Management Software

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

A Software For Assessment, Remediation Of Threats, And Visibility
(0 Ratings)

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus pricing: Starts at $695.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus and how does it work?

Vulnerability Manager Plus is a strategic tool designed for security configuration management. The tool identifies and assesses real risks from a plethora of vulnerabilities that are spread across networks. It seamlessly downloads, tests, and deploys patches to multiple operating systems and 250+3rd-party applications. The inbuilt patch management module helps users automate complete patching while letting them customize every aspect of the patching process. Users can keep track of configuration drifts and deploy secure configurations to eliminate security loopholes. It comes with features to identify and mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities with pre-built tested scripts. The tool constantly assesses the system and hardens the defenses. It detects and remediates expired SSLs, inappropriate web root directory access, and other web server flaws. The solution analyses and uninstalls software that is unsafe, unauthorized, and unsupported by the vendor. Users can get information on systems in which antivirus is absent, not-up-to-date, and inactive. The tool monitors ports in use and processes running in it and also identifies unintended ports that may be activated by malware. show more

Astra Pentest - Vulnerability Management Software

Astra Pentest

Trust in business’s security
(0 Ratings)

Astra Pentest pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Astra Pentest and how does it work?

Fix every single vulnerability before it hurts business and achieve your compliance goals, with Astra’s comprehensive Pentests. Astra helps team work together by enabling developers to integrate security in CI/CD. We also make it easy for CXOs to track progress via Slack and from product managers to collaborate and flag vulnerabilities through Jira. show more

Exiger - Vulnerability Management Software


Transforming the way global organizations manage risk
(0 Ratings)

Exiger pricing: Exiger Offers Custom plan.

What is Exiger and how does it work?

Exiger's combination of purpose-built technology and practical expertise arms companies with modern solutions to solve their biggest compliance challenges. Exiger combines purpose-built technology with practical expertise to illuminate risk around the world. This teams bring a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to create innovative solutions to tackle the most complex compliance challenges. show more

Microsoft Threat Vulnerability Management - Vulnerability Management Software

Microsoft Threat Vulnerability Management

A dashboard that flashes an organization’s future right before your eyes
(0 Ratings)

Microsoft Threat Vulnerability Management pricing: Microsoft Threat Vulnerability Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Microsoft Threat Vulnerability Management and how does it work?

Microsoft Threat Vulnerability Management (TVM) as a comprehensive security solution employs a risk-based methodology to find, prioritise, and fix endpoint vulnerabilities and configuration issues. The solution is capable of reducing cyber exposure, discovering real-time vulnerabilities across the stack, prioritizing the right things with business and threat context, besides connecting security and IT. Periodic scans are obsolete now: thanks to continuous, real-time vulnerability and misconfiguration evaluation, which allows teams to repair security gaps and eliminate blind spots. Even when devices are not linked to the corporate network, built-in and agent-based sensors can detect vulnerabilities. Moreover, vulnerabilities are also prioritised based on threat intelligence, breach likelihood, and investment growth, allowing businesses to analyse the underlying threat to an organisation and decide on the best mitigation strategy faster. Coming to the remediation process, the platform reduces risk by bridging the gap between security and IT teams with a built-in remediation approach that includes appropriate mitigation alternatives like configuration adjustments. show more

Unified VRM - Vulnerability Management Software

Unified VRM

Risk Prioritization Tool
(0 Ratings)

Unified VRM pricing: Unified VRM Offers Custom plan.

What is Unified VRM and how does it work?

Unified VRM by NopSec software is a platform used to prevent attacks with prioritization. The software offers Machine Learning tools to prioritizes risks with vulnerability fatigue to fix critical vulnerabilities. The automated attack simulation provides evidence-based risk quantification and can measures the efficiency of technology, people, and processes. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Aquila I - Vulnerability Management Software

Aquila I

Prevent cyber threats with Aquila I
(0 Ratings)

Aquila I pricing: Aquila I Offers Custom plan.

What is Aquila I and how does it work?

Aquila I delivers comprehensive solutions to assess, monitor, prioritise and prevent modern-day cyber threats. It seamlessly helps maximise one’s ability to secure people, infrastructure, brand and business communication. With this threat protection solution, a team of experts help users gain actionable threat intelligence and prevent cyber threats from impacting a business. Furthermore, businesses can also depend on expert-curated threat intelligence programs to assess, train, monitor and prevent cyber threats, safeguarding their organisation’s critical assets. The platform understands different threats demand approaches and thus it creates a secure environment against future cyber threats. Furthermore, it ensures mitigation of the current cyber security posture that is attained to the best possible scenario. For employee vulnerability Aquila I ensures cyber-attack simulation and cyber awareness. In case of infrastructure vulnerability, the system features vulnerability scan and incident management. For brand vulnerability, Aquila I focuses on brand monitoring and social media monitoring. Additionally, the system pays attention to DRAMC and BIMI for business communication vulnerability. show more

ThreatSpy - Vulnerability Management Software


AI enable vulnerability scanner
(0 Ratings)

ThreatSpy pricing: ThreatSpy Offers Custom plan.

What is ThreatSpy and how does it work?

ThreatSpy is a Next-Gen AI enable vulnerability scanner that enables you to predict the potential threat and provide you real-time vulnerability assessment reports across Technology Stack. Multiple scanning mechanisms which can be used based on the level of threat. Schedule scans on your web application at regular intervals to stay updated. Get instant scores for your web application and servers depending on the threat levels. Easy to use interface that enables you to visualize assessment reports effectively. show more

Tanium Comply - Vulnerability Management Software

Tanium Comply

Converged Endpoint Management platform
(0 Ratings)

Tanium Comply pricing: Tanium Comply Offers Custom plan.

What is Tanium Comply and how does it work?

Tanium Comply conducts vulnerability and compliance assessments against operating systems, applications, and security configurations and policies. It provides the data necessary to help eliminate security exposures, improve overall IT hygiene and simplify preparation for audits.

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List of Vulnerability Management Software

Nucleus 4.8
Snyk 4.6
Threatwatch 4.4
Nessus 4.4
Netsparker 4.3
Kenna Security 4.3
InsightVM 4.3
BeyondTrust Vulnerability Management 4.3
Qualys VM 4.2
Tenable.io 4.2

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