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Endpoint Protection Software

Endpoint protection software provides a security solution to the devices that are connected to a private network. The security measures include protection against cyber attacks, hacks, and other threats. The endpoint protection platform is a centralized interface that includes a heterogeneity of safeguarding solutions like antivirus, firewall, or VPN (virtual private networking), anti-spyware, kernel-level protection, and common threats. Endpoint protection software can pair with other security solutions to offer much deeper protection and enforce strict security protection by controlling the security applications.

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ESET Endpoint Security - Endpoint Protection Software

ESET Endpoint Security

Protect your devices from cyber attacks
(440 Ratings)

ESET Endpoint Security pricing: Starts at $190.0.

What is ESET Endpoint Security and how does it work?

ESET Endpoint Security is a multi-layered security management platform used by various organizations to protect their devices from cyber-attacks, identify malicious activities, and access immediate remediation capabilities. Users can manage multiple security components from a unified console. Also, the software acts as a multilayered defense system providing additional protection across different platforms. It helps users detect malware during the entire lifecycle of any execution, ensuring the highest security level possible. ESET Endpoint Security also comes with mitigations for detecting hijacked or malformed applications and protects against fileless attacks. Based on the threat intelligence information collected across the globe, the endpoint solution offers effective protection against the latest threats. Furthermore, enterprises get access to a special security layer for their browser, safeguarding their organizational assets & critical data. The Network Attack Protection solution is capable of detecting any network-level vulnerabilities in real-time. Additionally, the Botnet Protection feature within the software is capable of identifying malicious information used by botnets, besides detecting the offending processes. show more

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection - Endpoint Protection Software

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

A Simple Endpoint Protection Tool
(445 Ratings)

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection pricing: Starts at $150.0.

What is Webroot Business Endpoint Protection and how does it work?

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection software is an Endpoint protection tool used to manage business with critical systems, customer data, and other cyberattacks. The Webroot Evasion Shield used to protects file-based and fileless script attacks to detect scripts running in their environments in minutes. The software offers a next-generation protection of contextual threat intelligence to streamline management of workflows. It offers integrations with RMM, PSA & BI. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Cisco AMP for Endpoints - Endpoint Protection Software

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Recover from security threats with Cisco
(65 Ratings)

Cisco AMP for Endpoints pricing: Cisco AMP for Endpoints Offers Custom plan.

What is Cisco AMP for Endpoints and how does it work?

Cisco AMP for Endpoints detects, responds and recovers from attacks with a cloud-native solution. It further reduces remediation times by 85%. The sooner Cisco AMP detects threats, the faster businesses can recover. It offers advanced endpoint protection across control points, enabling businesses to stay resilient. With Cisco AMP for Endpoints, businesses can stop threats and manage endpoint detection and response, as well as integrated-based vulnerability. It also offers an Orbital Advanced Search capability that streamlines investigations. With Cisco AMP for Endpoints, businesses can get a unified view, automated playbook, and simplified incident management. A resilient business is proactive. This security system thus offers a built-in secureX threat hunting to locate Thwart attacks. Powered by Cisco Talos, this system blocks more threats than any other security provider. With this security system, businesses can take advantage of the ability to simplify security investigations. Its advanced endpoint protection and response, help to access malware easily. Cisco AMP for Endpoints also offers high-fidelity alerts with remediation recommendations. show more

VMware Carbon Black Cloud - Endpoint Protection Software

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Enhance Your Security Levels With Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection
(47 Ratings)

VMware Carbon Black Cloud pricing: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Offers Custom plan.

What is VMware Carbon Black Cloud and how does it work?

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is an endpoint protection platform that helps users transform their security by their needs. The platform enables users to modernize their endpoint protection by spotting minor fluctuations that hide malicious attacks and also tailors prevention in response. It analyzes the attacker’s behavioral patterns to detect and prevent never seen before attacks. VMware Carbon Black Cloud integrates multiple endpoint security capabilities by making use of one endpoint agent and console. This enables management to minimize the system downtime responding to critical incidents and return CPU cycles to business. The platform consolidates multiple endpoint security capabilities throughout. It operates faster and more effectively by bringing the users with next-generation antivirus and behavioral EDR. It gives the user-managed detection through alert monitoring and triage, allowing them to perform real-time device assessment and remediation. VMware Carbon Black Cloud also provides enterprise EDR through threat hunting and containment. show more

Kaspersky Endpoint Security - Endpoint Protection Software

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Enables adaptive endpoint security and hardening
(145 Ratings)

Kaspersky Endpoint Security pricing: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Offers Custom plan.

What is Kaspersky Endpoint Security and how does it work?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business has resulted in providing end-to-end security that’s optimised for performance efficiency. The team of this security system combines research-led customer-driven technologies making it a flagship product. With Kaspersky Endpoint Security’s 7billion+ attacks library, any ransomware that passes malicious actions gets blocked and reversed automatically for the customers over the past decade. Furthermore, this cyber protection system showcases real customer reviews that have confirmed how effective it is in protecting against file-less threats. Kaspersky Endpoint Security’s strong EPP is the foundation for future EDR or cloud security deployment as well as generating high levels of ROI as confirmed by Forrester TEI interviews. To help provide full transparency, Kaspersky Endpoint Security facilitates adequate transparency centres. These centres further help customers to access reviews of product code, updates and threat detection rules. Furthermore, this system aims to deliver painless, streamlined task automation beyond traditional endpoint protection for branches and home offices. It also features an enhanced cloud mode for endpoint components with minimal impact on PC resources. show more

FortiClient - Endpoint Protection Software


Get endpoints secured in real-time
(192 Ratings)

FortiClient pricing: FortiClient Offers Custom plan.

What is FortiClient and how does it work?

FortiClient is an intuitive fabric agent offering endpoint security. Users can avail the software with three capability levels, like Endpoint Security and Zero Trust Security along with Cloud-based Endpoint Security. The solution is capable of reducing the surface of an endpoint attack besides managing endpoint-borne risks as well. Moreover, flexible patching and vulnerability scanning are other integrated options offered by the particular. FortiCLient merges endpoint within the Security Fabric besides offering relevant metrics like endpoint telemetry, protection status, users identity, risk scores and more. Further, VPN or ZTNA encrypted tunnels, SSO capabilities and two-factor authentication facilities assure secured remote access programs. FortiClient’s meaningful integration with Security Fabric is also capable of mitigating unpatched vulnerabilities, sending timely alerts besides allowing users to push compromised or risky endpoints into quarantine. It assures complete protection against malicious scripts, detection of pattern-based malware, unpatched vulnerabilities, document-based attacks and more. show more

SecPod SanerNow - Endpoint Protection Software

SecPod SanerNow

Mitigate risks and other security-related issues adequately
(18 Ratings)

SecPod SanerNow pricing: SecPod SanerNow Offers Custom plan.

What is SecPod SanerNow and how does it work?

SecPod SanerNow is a security risk, compliance, and endpoint management software helping enterprises build an unreachable defense. Businesses can utilize the particular to assess risks, analyze threats, detect vulnerabilities keep devices updated, manage IT assets and fix misconfigurations accordingly. The software gets powered by SecPod Labs’ Intelligence, providing access to a comprehensive library containing 160,000+ security checks, more than 500 address exploit kits, 24 - 48 hours of vulnerability coverage, more than 39k identified vulnerabilities, and 8000+ supported products. A unified dashboard view provided by SanerNow helps users address multiple use cases from a single interface. Other essential features served by SanerNow are compliance management, asset management, patch management, threat detection and response monitoring, endpoint management, etc. its integrated solutions include incident detection and response, system hardening, continuous compliance, cyber hygiene automation, endpoint visibility, and control, besides vulnerability and patch monitoring. A dedicated team of cybersecurity experts committed to developing pioneer solutions is the backbone of SanerNow. show more

Symantec Endpoint Protection - Endpoint Protection Software

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Get ultimate security with Symantec Endpoint Protection.
(665 Ratings)

Symantec Endpoint Protection pricing: Symantec Endpoint Protection Offers Custom plan.

What is Symantec Endpoint Protection and how does it work?

The Symantec Endpoint Security software is a platform for providing endpoint security. Malware, credential theft, fileless threats, and more are all detected by the software. Multi-layer attack prevention utilising Machine learning algorithms on cloud-based detection techniques is used by Symantec Endpoint Protection to identify developing threats across device kinds, operating systems, and applications in real-time to protect endpoint integrity and minimise negative consequences. To remediate – retrieve files and blacklisting to automate business operations, the Integrated Response takes immediate action on the endpoint. Symantec specialists fortify SOC teams to fulfil client needs without recruiting additional manpower, thanks to intelligent automation and AI-guided policy management. With comprehensive attack analytics and prevention of AD credential theft, it detects and remediates persistent threats. Symantec specialists strengthen SOC teams so they can satisfy client demands without adding more staff. Furthermore, its Integrated Cyber Defense Manager (ICDm), a single cloud management console that increases the entire endpoint security posture, allows you to control everything from a single location. show more

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform - Endpoint Protection Software

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform

Automate Endpoint Protection with AI
(84 Ratings)

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform pricing: SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform and how does it work?

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform is a Cyber-security platform used to prevent, detect, respond, and hunt in the context of all enterprise assets. The software offers Multiple patented AI algorithms to protect against threat vectors in real time. Devices self defend and can enforce the enterprise IoT footprint with file integrity and compliance to manage the workflows of business. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Carbonite Endpoint Protection - Endpoint Protection Software

Carbonite Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Production For Distributed Network
(0 Ratings)

Carbonite Endpoint Protection pricing: Carbonite Endpoint Protection Offers Custom plan.

What is Carbonite Endpoint Protection and how does it work?

Carbonite Endpoint offers all-around endpoint protection for mobile workforce. With Carbonite Endpoint, organizations have complete confidence they can back up data on their laptops and desktops and recover it easily after any data loss event.

Morphisec Guard - Endpoint Protection Software

Morphisec Guard

Breach prevention made easy.
(0 Ratings)

Morphisec Guard pricing: Morphisec Guard Offers Custom plan.

What is Morphisec Guard and how does it work?

Morphisec Guard is the only solution designed to protect critical applications from the advanced threats that evade detection-based solutions. All without the need for prior knowledge.

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Security - Endpoint Protection Software

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Security

Secure the business at the endpoint
(0 Ratings)

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Security pricing: F-Secure Elements Endpoint Security Offers Custom plan.

What is F-Secure Elements Endpoint Security and how does it work?

F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection is cloud-native, AI-powered endpoint protection that can deploy instantly from browser and manage easily from a single console. It integrates across all your endpoints, keeping the organization fenced in from attacks.

Qustodio Schools - Endpoint Protection Software

Qustodio Schools

Online student safety & content filtering tool
(0 Ratings)

Qustodio Schools pricing: Qustodio Schools Offers Custom plan.

What is Qustodio Schools and how does it work?

Web filtering, student monitoring and intelligent reporting for all your school’s devices. Get full visibility on how students use devices and what they use them for to proactively address potential academic performance and wellbeing issues. Help detect indicators of self-harm, addiction, bullying, abuse and radicalization. Protect your school as well as your students. show more

Heimdal Threat Prevention Network - Endpoint Protection Software
(0 Ratings)

Heimdal Threat Prevention Network pricing: Heimdal Threat Prevention Network Offers Custom plan.

What is Heimdal Threat Prevention Network and how does it work?

Heimdal Threat Prevention Network is a platform used to manage threat hunting and ultimate visibility over entire network. The Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) for increased security against malicious activities, granting extended cloud app curation granularity and eliminate unsanctioned apps from cloud environment. The software offers a centralized dashboard is available to measure the status with reports. show more

Cybeats - Endpoint Protection Software


Build protected and secure IOT devices with Cybeats
(0 Ratings)

Cybeats pricing: Cybeats Offers Custom plan.

What is Cybeats and how does it work?

Cybeats is a smart and integrated security solution that offers a comprehensive security platform for securing and protecting high-value connected devices. It enables device makers to create and maintain safe and protected devices in a fast and cost-effective way with its innovative strategy, which prevents cyber-attacks influenced device downtimes. With the Cybeats platform, you can identify security flaws and errors early in the development process so that the security is incorporated into the connected device rather than added afterwards. It offers trusted device profiles that are updated in real time to defend against aberrant device behavior, and enables fast reaction with minimal downtime for you. You can ensure the security and protection of deployed devices, including secure firmware updates and controlled provisioning with Cybeats. Cybeats security intelligence ensures that the gadget is safe before it is manufactured by providing security awareness throughout the development process. Cybeats sentinel is compact and quick, requiring little hardware and bandwidth. Additionally, Cybeats gives you the tools you need to keep your deployed devices secure and sound, including safe firmware upgrades. show more

RevBits Endpoint Security - Endpoint Protection Software

RevBits Endpoint Security

Detect, Quarantine, and Eliminate Endpoint Threats in Real-Time
(0 Ratings)

RevBits Endpoint Security pricing: RevBits Endpoint Security Offers Custom plan.

What is RevBits Endpoint Security and how does it work?

RevBits Endpoint Security is a high-performing security management software that offers real-time protection against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. With its unique three-phase threat analysis mechanism, including metrics like machine learning, behavioural analysis, and signature scanning, the platform assures maximum accuracy against malware identification and minimum false positives. Users get to possess complete visibility and control over their security system, covering areas like thread, filesystem, registry, kernel, and more. Further, RevBits Endpoint Security, features a modern web interface of its own, offering real-time visualization of threats. Besides, an executive dashboard provides historical data regarding all executables in a simple form, along with single-click hash blacklisting or whitelisting options. RevBits Endpoint Security is capable of identifying, classifying, reporting, and blocking multiple common exploit attempts, like buffer overflow, heap overflow, use-after-free, memory corruption, heap spraying, RoP gadgets, in an automated manner. Moreover, enhanced endpoint protection featured by the software, helps organizations get access to a safer network by blocking malware from successful lateral movement in the environment. show more

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List of Endpoint Protection Software

ESET Endpoint Security 4.6
Webroot Business Endpoint Protection 4.6
Cisco AMP for Endpoints 4.5
VMware Carbon Black Cloud 4.4
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 4.3
FortiClient 4.2
SecPod SanerNow 4.2
Symantec Endpoint Protection 4.2
SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform 3.2
Carbonite Endpoint Protection NA

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