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Updated on: July 30, 2021

Data Center Security Software

Data center security software helps companies ensure their networks and physical computing infrastructure remain secure and functional. It provides a server firewall and malware prevention to detect and stop threats or unauthorized access. Companies with their own data centers or third party infrastructure providers use these tools to make sure their services are delivered firmly. Organizations utilize data center security tools to maintain websites, host databases, deploy applications and for optimizing many other computing services. It’s a key tool which facilitates enforcement of security standards and assists in security risk analysis. 

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Algorithmic Data Monitoring and Prioritization Tool
(6 Ratings)

Unomaly pricing: Unomaly Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Unomaly is a smart next-generation tool that leverages algorithmic system monitoring to sift through user data. With the resulting analysis, the tool learns and detects the generally associated data trends. A great tool for data centers, it constantly delivers automatic log analysis that evolves to... read more


Managing Data Security Made Simple
(3 Ratings)

CipherCloud pricing: CipherCloud Offers Custom plan.

CipherCloud software is a platform used to provide end-to-end data protection. The software offers an Multi-Cloud Security Compliance Solution with advanced threat protection, and comprehensive compliance capabilities for enterprise cloud-based applications. The cloud native CASB+ platform provides... read more

HashiCorp Vault

Store and Secure Your Valuable Data in A Vault
(51 Ratings)

HashiCorp Vault pricing: HashiCorp Vault Offers Custom plan.

HashiCorp Vault securely controls, protects, and secures access to passwords, certificates, tokens, encryption keys for secrets and other user-sensitive data using a UI, CLI or HTTP API. It uses a dynamic infrastructure, which has multiple clouds and private data centers without a clear network... read more

Symantec Data Center Security

Complete server protection, monitoring, and workload micro-segmentation
(10 Ratings)

Symantec Data Center Security pricing: Symantec Data Center Security Offers Custom plan.

Symantec Data Center Security is an online-based Data Center Security Software. Optimize security performance in VMware environments with agentless antimalware protection, network intrusion prevention, and file reputation services. ICDx simplifies product integrations and accelerates customer time... read more

Cisco ACI

Facilitates application agility and data center automation
(14 Ratings)

Cisco ACI pricing: Cisco ACI Offers Custom plan.

Cisco ACI is an online-based Data Center Security Software. The Cisco ACI application-driven policy framework automates provisioning and managing of resources, thereby delivering a network that is deployed, monitored, and managed in a fashion that supports DevOps and rapid application change. Take... read more

AppViewX ADC+

Simplify Multi-Cloud Application Delivery
(2 Ratings)

AppViewX ADC+ pricing: AppViewX ADC+ Offers Custom plan.

AppViewX ADC+ provides GUI-based, API-driven, out-of-the-box solutions that simplify and speed up ADC lifecycle automation. Enable users to create custom automation workflows using a simple, drag and drop interface and task library. Allow app teams to provision and automate ADC services,... read more

ServerProtect for Linux

Stops malware from spreading through Linux Servers
(1 Ratings)

ServerProtect for Linux pricing: ServerProtect for Linux Offers Custom plan.

Trend Micro ServerProtectâ„¢ for Linux 3.0 offers comprehensive real-time protection for enterprise web servers and file servers, preventing them from spreading viruses, spyware, and other Web threats to internal or external endpoints. Real-time, on-demand and scheduled scanning use the latest... read more


A Enterprise Data Security Solution

Kogni pricing: Kogni Offers Custom plan.

Kogni Data Security Solution is a platform used to manage all sensitive data with your data-centric security goals. It is compliance with CCPA, GDPR and other regulations easy and custom data classifications. Monitor sensitive data alerts so you can manage policy violations. Small, Medium and Large... read more


Secure Data Sharing

VoltShare pricing: VoltShare Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

VoltShare helps you securely share your critical data while ensuring compliance. Send and store confidential information with end-to-end encryption that eliminates the age-old problem of shared secrets and public-key mgmt. Maximize the privacy of your information. Then confidently share information... read more

VMware AppDefense

Workload Protection Software

VMware AppDefense pricing: VMware AppDefense Offers Custom plan.

VMware AppDefense is a new approach to workload protection that models intended application behavior and identifies anomalous activity. Enable application control and allow listing and patch risky software sooner by continuously scanning workloads to highlight vulnerabilities in the OS, hypervisor,... read more

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