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Updated on: April 9, 2020

Data Center Security Software

Data center security software helps companies ensure their networks and physical computing infrastructure remain secure and functional. It provides a server firewall and malware prevention to detect and stop threats or unauthorized access. Companies with their own data centers or third party infrastructure providers use these tools to make sure their services are delivered firmly. Organizations utilize data center security tools to maintain websites, host databases, deploy applications and for optimizing many other computing services. It’s a key tool which facilitates enforcement of security standards and assists in security risk analysis. 

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Unomaly - Data Center Security Software : SaaSworthy.com


Algorithmic Data Monitoring and Prioritization Tool
(6 Ratings)

Unomaly is a smart next-generation tool that leverages algorithmic system monitoring to sift through user data. With the resulting analysis, the tool learns and detects the generally associated data trends. A great tool for data centers, it constantly delivers automatic log analysis that evolves to... read more

HashiCorp Vault - Data Center Security Software : SaaSworthy.com

HashiCorp Vault

Manage Secrets and Protect Sensitive Data
(31 Ratings)

HashiCorp Vault builds tools to ease decisions by presenting solutions that span the gaps. These tools manage both physical machines and virtual machines, Windows, and Linux, SaaS and IaaS, etc. And they are committed to supporting next-generation technologies, as well.

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