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Encryption Software

Encryption Software ensures that file(s) can't be read by anyone else than the intended recipient. This software does that by using cryptography, which ensures that the sensitive data doesn't get compromised by prying eyes. The encryption technology can be applied in the communication layer, databases, or the individual files themselves. Such software can be integrated with a particular application itself, such as email, messaging, document, etc. or work independently too. These files can only be decrypted with the encryption key.

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SecureDocs Virtual Data Room - Encryption Software

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room

The Fastest Virtual Data Room to Get Deal Ready
(40 Ratings)

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room pricing: Starts at $250.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is SecureDocs Virtual Data Room and how does it work?

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room offers quick setup, industry-leading security, low, and unmatched service. Control access to confidential company information with permission-based user roles to define full access, no access, view only, or download. Detailed audit logs keep administrators informed of all data room activity. Includes date and time stamps and optional daily reporting. Find any document in your virtual data room fast with advanced search capabilities, including OCR text search. show more

Biocoded - Encryption Software


Insecure is not an option
(8 Ratings)

Biocoded pricing: Biocoded Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Biocoded and how does it work?

Biocoded is a secure communication and file storage software with end-to-end encryption which can be used both on the cloud or install on-premises. Its security protocols and implementations are audited by independent security agencies. Biocoded is based on the double ratchet protocol that ensures that new encryption keys are continuously derived anew and never used. You get features like encrypted private messaging group chats and chatrooms, and voice and video conferences. It also offers features like time-limited self-destructing messages; confidential end-to-end encrypted live streaming with video on demand replay option; tamper-proof end-to-end encrypted loT access; location services. Biocoded also provides you with a secure gallery for easy access to all your shared media, files, and links. You get complete control of your data and an understating of the cyber landscape and connected risks. In case your phone gets stolen, you can deny access and wipe data of the biocoded app because half of the key is stored in the device and the other half on the biocoded server; neither can access data in isolation. Both are required. show more

TokenEx - Encryption Software


A futuristic tokenisation facility for differential businesses and their ever-changing needs
(17 Ratings)

TokenEx pricing: TokenEx Offers Custom plan.

What is TokenEx and how does it work?

TokenEx is an independent token service provider, helping out companies enhance their customer payment experience and choose any out of all the available third party providers alike. Companies using TokenEx get to add value to their own business by executing complete control over the tokens available and enjoy greater ownership of the entire payment process at the same time. Also, the platform is safe and secure incorporated with a variety of diverse schemes and universal token criteria to meet differential business needs. Regarding data share and transaction facility, TokenEx is compatible with multiple APIs comprising the desired combination of PSPs and other needed technologies of choice. Companies can even keep sensitive data safe and secure with omnichannel acceptance for batch-wise transactions. Organisations serving payments, retail, travel and insurance mostly depend on TokenEx to get their day to day tasks streamlined in an efficient way. show more

Encrypted Work - Encryption Software

Encrypted Work

File delivery made secure and straightforward
(3 Ratings)

Encrypted Work pricing: Starts at $17.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Encrypted Work and how does it work?

Encrypted Work is a cloud-based Saas (Software as a Service) solution software that helps organisations to meet their external data transfer needs. The software makes sure that the data transfer is performed abiding by the data privacy laws such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It protects the data of the user companies with the latest AES 256 encryption both in transit and at rest. Companies can exchange encrypted messages and files of upto 5GB, by using a web browser. The software’s unique identity verification feature allows the companies to view the identity of the sender and recipient of any messages or files. Encrypted Work offers a single branded solution to the user companies with which they can secure their business communications and increase employee productivity at the same time. With Encrypted Work software, there is no limit on the number of people that can send files to its user companies. The user company only need to have a license for their own account. show more

ESET Endpoint Encryption - Encryption Software

ESET Endpoint Encryption

Identity and data protection
(23 Ratings)

ESET Endpoint Encryption pricing: Starts at $56.15. Offers Custom plan.

What is ESET Endpoint Encryption and how does it work?

Seamless and fully validated encryption and two-factor authentication are solutions to ensure an organization's data is protected in accordance with compliance requirements. Minimize risks of business continuity disruptions and ensure the organization and the data are protected anywhere and anytime. Whether encryption or authentication, both solutions are tailored to keep setup time to the absolute minimum. show more

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption - Encryption Software

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption

Keep your database and files protected from misuse
(9 Ratings)

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption pricing: IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption and how does it work?

IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption is an advanced protection suite for important files and databases. The software comprises an integrated suite of products built on a shared infrastructure and achieves different capabilities such as data access, tokenization, audit logging, data masking, key management, and more. It also enables users to meet various rules and regulations, including CCPA, HIPPA, and GDPR. IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption further provides its users with centralized access controls and key management features for different encryption environments. It helps users to simplify the operations and reduce costs. The software enables data protection across hybrid multi-cloud environments, ensuring top level data security irrespective of their location. Business owners can use IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption for multiple purposes, like encrypting databases, containers, files, and applications. Businesses can encrypt key storage and manage different users’ access policies with the same. Moreover, the software also comes equipped with a cloud key orchestration facility. show more

IronKey EMS - Encryption Software

IronKey EMS

Secure & Advanced Storage Management Console
(1 Ratings)

IronKey EMS pricing: IronKey EMS Offers Custom plan.

What is IronKey EMS and how does it work?

IronKey EMS helps to quickly and easily establish a secure storage command center for administering and policing the use of IronKey Enterprise encrypted flash drives, DataLocker Enterprise encrypted hard drives, and DataLocker Sentry EMS or Sentry ONE encrypted flash drives through this advanced management console. Securely manage all of your organization’s IronKey enterprise secure storage devices and DataLocker or Sentry ONE secure storage devices with cloud-based or on-premises management. show more

KI Anonymized Analytics - Encryption Software
(1 Ratings)

KI Anonymized Analytics pricing: KI Anonymized Analytics Offers Custom plan.

What is KI Anonymized Analytics and how does it work?

KIProtect software is a secure and privacy-focused platform for data workflows. Anonymize all your structured data and can protect data from CSV files, databases, message queues or external APIs. The software uses three independent privacy mechanisms (cryptographic transformation, aggregation and randomization) to protect your data. Generate feature-based datasets for machine learning or probabilistic analysis. show more

Dell Data Protection - Encryption Software

Dell Data Protection

A Cloud Data Protection Tool
(24 Ratings)

Dell Data Protection pricing: Dell Data Protection Offers Custom plan.

What is Dell Data Protection and how does it work?

Dell Data Protection software is a Protection tool for your Cloud Organizational Data. The software offers automated data protection for VMware hybrid cloud environments and Tanzu modern applications from cyber-attacks. It has built-in backup appliances with cost-effective data management and protection solutions to meet the requirements for business. IT infrastructures, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Keybase - Encryption Software


End-to-end encryption for things that matter
(33 Ratings)

Keybase pricing: Keybase Offers Custom plan.

What is Keybase and how does it work?

Keybase is secure messaging and file-sharing. Keybase works for families, roommates, clubs, and groups of friends, too. Keybase connects to public identities, too. You can connect with communities from Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere. Don’t live dangerously when it comes to documents. Keybase can store your group’s photos, videos, and documents with end-to-end encryption. show more

AxCrypt - Encryption Software


Advanced encryption in a superbly simple setting
(7 Ratings)

AxCrypt pricing: Starts at $3.75. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is AxCrypt and how does it work?

AxCrypt is an award-winning startup company providing strong and simple encryption software. It all started in 2001, when AxCrypt 1.x was initially created. AxCrypt has since then grown to be one of the world’s most popular encryption software with over 20 million downloads worldwide. The initial author Svante Seleborg teamed up with serial entrepreneur Zebastian Victorin in 2014 to commercialize the product and founded AxCrypt AB to take AxCrypt to the next level. show more

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption - Encryption Software

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption

An end to end encryption management portal at your service
(27 Ratings)

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption pricing: Sophos SafeGuard Encryption Offers Custom plan.

What is Sophos SafeGuard Encryption and how does it work?

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption is a name that is highly regarded for the unparalleled central device encryption solution it has to offer. Device encryption is the first step towards high-security defence against all sorts of malware and unsolicited practices. Disk encryption ensures total protection for the device regardless of the operating system, which is managed along with the cybersecurity portfolio. The interface of Sophos SafeGuard Encryption is largely intuitive, thus making it easy to set up and manage. There is no server required for deployment or the need for users to configure backend servers accordingly. As remote work schedules are on the rise, it has thus become mandatory for client organisations to keep themselves updated with the regular status of data encryption and thus, demonstrate the necessary compliance. The Sophos SafeGuard Encryption platform, of course, provides all these features along with many other essential functionalities. Moreover, its functional self-service portal enables companies to reduce IT helpdesk related tasks and help their end clients to regain access to devices on the go. show more

Boxcryptor - Encryption Software


A simple and advanced security solution for your cloud storage
(31 Ratings)

Boxcryptor pricing: Starts at $12.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Boxcryptor and how does it work?

Boxcryptor is a cloud encryption software that helps individuals as well as companies to protect their cloud storage including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more. The software comes loaded with leading end-to-end encryption technology for more than 30 cloud providers, File Server, NAS, local data and more. The security of Boxcryptor is backed by Kudelski Security. The software encrypts the data within users’ devices before they proceed to sync it to the cloud providers of their choice. Moreover, Boxcryptor allows team members to collaborate securely on files within the cloud while staying compliant with internal and external regulations. Companies can create custom policies, manage their users and protect their accounts using two-factor authentication. Moreover, companies can even add Boxcryptor to their SSO solution to get personal setup assistance, premium support and more. The protection of users' cloud data is ensured by Boxcryptor’s ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified servers located in Germany. It always stores the data in encrypted form, which can only be decrypted through user-specific passwords. show more

SecureDoc - Encryption Software


User data protection and encryption made easy
(4 Ratings)

SecureDoc pricing: SecureDoc Offers Custom plan.

What is SecureDoc and how does it work?

SecureDoc is a comprehensive disk encryption software helping users secure data at rest (DAR). It functions as a client and server encryption platform to configure, manage, encrypt and decrypt data across organizations. This platform is relied upon by top companies like Samsung, Lenovo, SanDisk, and Intel loaded with reliable features. It also helps businesses to gain access to simplified data security activities, save time and reduce security management costs as well. Also, the software comes equipped with enterprise-grade full disk encryption levels helping businesses eliminate needless complexities through a single console. Businesses leveraging the platform also get access to comprehensive disk encryption facilities backed with centralized BitLocker management, self-encrypting files, and pre-boot authentication systems. Also, users are allowed access to endpoint encryption servers that are compatible with external platforms like Windows, FileVault 2, Linux, and Lenovo. SecureDocs also delivers high-end encryption for physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers to further boost enterprise security levels. Beyond this, a detailed file encryption policy accompanied by a seamless user interface lets users streamline security-related functions with ease. With a simple drag-and-drop approach, users can encrypt specific files and folders reducing complexities. show more

Ubiq - Encryption Software


Encryption made simple for developers.
(0 Ratings)

Ubiq pricing: Starts at $0.01. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Ubiq and how does it work?

Their mission is to enable developers to easily and quickly integrate encryption directly into their applications - without requiring any prior encryption knowledge or expertise. Removing the barriers to encryption enables broader adoption, saves developer time, and eliminates downstream security costs, allowing organizations to reduce risk and focus their time and resources on growing their business. show more

Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault - Encryption Software

Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault

An excellent data privacy vault to protect your customer data
(0 Ratings)

Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault pricing: Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault Offers Custom plan.

What is Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault and how does it work?

Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault helps to enhance innovation by ensuring data privacy, compliance, and security. It also offers a faster time to market so that one can achieve full compliance- GDPR, PCI, CCPA, etc. Besides faster market time, Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault provides unassailable data privacy. Its customer data management feature handles customer data with care and sensitivity. Skyflow PII Data Privacy Vault further stores customer data using multiple encryptions and tokenisation techniques for optimal security. Also, one can use access control and mask rules to maximise customer data privacy. Skyflow is specifically intended for PII data and PII processes, with strong capabilities that allow it to safely access, analyse, and exchange data without ever decrypting or jeopardising privacy. Its unique approach to data security utilises multiple encryptions that ensure faster performance and high levels of safe data usage. Its vaults are placed anywhere in the globe while providing complete control over data residency and access. show more

Seald SDK - Encryption Software

Seald SDK

Avoid data breach with Seald
(0 Ratings)

Seald SDK pricing: Seald SDK Offers Custom plan.

What is Seald SDK and how does it work?

Seald is a certified end-to-end encryption SDK that unifies the highest level of security in apps. The platform helps every industry to achieve its trust and reduce the risk of data breaches among its customers. These industries include legal, insurance, collaborative work, and telehealth. It is designed for the companies that make data security a crucial priority. Seald has no backdoor as it offers ANSSI-certified robust encryption. It is easy to integrate into apps without having any special knowledge. It provides a transparent experience when used in apps. Not even the servers will be able to have access to data even in the event of a server attack. The privacy of customers' data is assured with its high-quality technology for minimizing its risks. By using it, data becomes safe on the customer side before being sent to any third party or the servers. This way, not even a hosting provider will be able to read or access anything. show more

Cloud Alert - Encryption Software

Cloud Alert

End-to-end Encryption Tool
(0 Ratings)

Cloud Alert pricing: Cloud Alert Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Cloud Alert and how does it work?

Cloud Alert is an interactive instant notification system for mobile devices. The software offers transactional alerts for marketing tasks. Report a fraudulent transaction, send a one time password (OTP), and seek customer approval for a transaction in real time. Build better customer experiences with Push Notifications and SMS Messaging to automate business workflows. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. show more

Icedrive - Encryption Software


Next-gen Cloud Storage with Drive Mounting Software
(0 Ratings)

Icedrive pricing: Starts at $1.67. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Icedrive and how does it work?

Icedrive is a cloud storage platform for both individuals and businesses to manage and update unique cloud storage that functions as a computer hard drive. This is made possible through a revolutionary drive mounting software that imparts the functionality of a physical drive to the cloud storage. Users receive an extensive range of cloud storage applications that can be used in conjunction with a variety of platforms. Team members can easily comment and post suggestions on documents and the showcase page for easier collaboration. With dedicated apps for all leading platforms, Icedrive storage can be directly integrated into the existing technological workflows of the users. The apps are provided on all three major channels including web app, desktop, and mobile. Users can easily sign up and receive up to 10 GB of cloud storage. And with Twofish Encryption, the storage becomes even more secure than AES/Rijndael. show more

VKrpt - Encryption Software


Powerful media encryption service for all media types
(0 Ratings)

VKrpt pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is VKrpt and how does it work?

VKrpt is a powerful media encryption tool that allows businesses to encrypt any media type of their choice and prevent people from downloading content through simple API requests. The particular tool is compatible with multiple media types, which eliminates the need of looking for different encryption tools for different media content. VKrpt creates a highly secured, encrypted connection between its API and users, using powerful SSL Encryption. Users also get a dedicated support team to assist them at any time, providing adequate resolutions. The tool comes with a fast JSON API that offers 100% guaranteed availability of media encryption with scalable volumes and responses within milliseconds. The files uploaded over VKrpt are so secure that they cannot be downloaded using popular software/browser extensions/plugins. Moreover, it is a very simple tool that can be installed in real-time and gets ready to use within 2 minutes. show more

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List of Encryption Software

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room 4.9
Biocoded 4.8
TokenEx 4.6
Encrypted Work 4.5
ESET Endpoint Encryption 4.2
IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption 4.1
IronKey EMS 4
KI Anonymized Analytics 4
Dell Data Protection 4
Keybase 3.9

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