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Child Care Software

Child care software caters to the needs of staff members in a child care center or preschool. Whether you want to automate attendance, track the learning process, or improve parent and teacher communication, such software can do it all. Child care software also helps with classroom management along with maintaining student profiles, and thus ensure that teachers can spend more time with children rather than focusing on administrative tasks.

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Jackrabbit Care - Child Care Software

Jackrabbit Care

Online Childcare Center Management Software
(2 Ratings)

Jackrabbit Care pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is Jackrabbit Care and how does it work?

Jackrabbit is the industry’s most responsive, reliable and robust class management software for gymnastics, dance, swim, cheer, music and care. Worldwide we’ve transformed more than 12,000 schools, helping owners take complete control of their business so they can focus on what they love – teaching. Serving over 5000 customers in 25 countries. show more

Sawyer Tools - Child Care Software

Sawyer Tools

Powerfully simple children’s activity management
(6 Ratings)

Sawyer Tools pricing: Sawyer Tools Offers Custom plan.

What is Sawyer Tools and how does it work?

Sawyer Tools was built by parents in partnership with the educators who use it every day. From managing families and caregivers to taking attendance and flagging allergies, every solution is built with children’s activities in mind. Bad software shouldn’t ever be a barrier for children to access activities like yours. With mobile responsive design, seamless integration right into your website and a delightful interface for both parents and providers, they’re your best friend in the business. show more

ChildDiary - Child Care Software


Easy to use learning journal to track children
(2 Ratings)

ChildDiary pricing: ChildDiary Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ChildDiary and how does it work?

ChildDiary each child has their own private journal and you can share daily routines and learning stories with parents, inspiring confidence and trust. Parents will love you. Even if you manage to get all the documentation done it is never easy to file and store everything. You also need to ensure that the documentation is always available for inspections. show more

Sandbox - Child Care Software


Easy Child Care Software for Center Management
(20 Ratings)

Sandbox pricing: Starts at $47.0.

What is Sandbox and how does it work?

Sandbox Software is an all-in-one management tool for childcare centres. Managers and business owners can manage various aspects of administrative tasks such as family profiles, automatically sending and managing invoices, receiving payments from parents, and generating all the necessary operational reports. The admin staff can easily connect with parents, empowering them to receive updates, photos, and messages from the classroom. This helps them to learn the progress of their children. Users can manage profiles of both children and staff members, enrollment status, online registrations, and more. Sandbox also includes an attendance tracking system with staff hours and online kiosk. And there are more than a hundred types of reports included for a comprehensive overview of all activities. With the Automated Fees Management System, the management can calculate the fees and add it to the invoices early. Other features include easy messaging, child activity tracking, and more. show more

iCare - Child Care Software


Impactful Business Benefits for Childcare Centers
(3 Ratings)

iCare pricing: Starts at $50.0.

What is iCare and how does it work?

iCare Software is a cloud-based web application, to ease the administrative and managerial tasks of the education centers worldwide. iCare software manages enrollments, scheduling, attendance, accounting, payments, and parent-teacher communication at your institution. An all-in-one product, iCare is mature and has been developed to meet the high standards of child care programs all over the globe. The product is ever developing and our team is continuously working on Deep Learning methods to make the application smarter. show more

EZCare - Child Care Software


Hassle-free management of your childcare, preschool and aftercare programs
(213 Ratings)

EZCare pricing: Starts at $59.0.

What is EZCare and how does it work?

EZCare is a flexible childcare management software that can be completely customised to the requirements of almost every type of preschool, childcare centre and school-age program. EZCare comes with an integrated payment gateway that helps service providers to get paid faster, make electronic payments, give parents more options to pay and update payment records accordingly. The software also offers various useful reports that provide complete flexibility to find out the exact information that is required in real-time. Moreover, EZCare also allows preschools and childcare service providers to record attendance with convenient and professional solutions that include contactless check-in and check-out recording facilities. To enable easy registration of children, the software provides users with online enrollment forms where preschools and childcare centres can even add their address, logo and other important information to the header and footer part. Other essential features served by the same are custom emails, staff and teacher ratio tracker, immunization record monitor, child schedule and online parent portal. show more

Daily Connect - Child Care Software

Daily Connect

An easy and effective way to manage your daycare centre
(130 Ratings)

Daily Connect pricing: Starts at $7.0.

What is Daily Connect and how does it work?

Daily Connect is a comprehensive task management app that helps childcare centers and preschools to manage their day-to-day processes. The app can be used to share real-time updates including videos, photos, and meals so that parents get to know the timely activities of their children. It allows coordinators to track classroom-wise activities, create reports required by regulators and send checklists to teachers to manage childcare centers efficiently. The app includes a contactless sign-in and attendance tracking feature that enables parents to sign their children in, using a unique PIN or QR code and automatically mark their attendance. With Daily Connect, child centers get access to advanced learning and assessment reporting tools that can be used to record observations and assessments, prepare lesson plans and organize parent-teacher conferences. The app creators have also taken COVID-19 safety protocols under consideration and have added features like health screening questionnaires, child temperature reports, contactless sign-in and more. show more

Illumine - Child Care Software


For superstar centers, an all-in-one childcare software
(86 Ratings)

Illumine pricing: Starts at $5.49. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Illumine and how does it work?

Illumine is a comprehensive childcare management software that includes all of the features that daycare and preschool owners require. The daycare app allows directors and teachers to manage administrative reporting, program planning, billing, parent communications, and more. Illumine is a one-stop shop for all your childcare administration needs, including features like parent communication, billing and payments, lesson preparation, digital attendance, virtual classrooms, and kid assessments. Illumine, ranked #1 in childcare software by Software Advice, Capterra, and GetApp, provides you with a simple way to handle your daily administrative tasks. The platform allows you to keep track of your daily activities at your fingertips. Illumine assists you in saving time and energy by allowing you to go totally digital. The childcare management app, which is used by over 850 preschool and daycare centers across the world, is meant to make the lives of directors, instructors, and parents easier and simpler. It also allows everyone involved in a child's development to deliver the greatest possible daycare and education to the children. show more

HiMama - Child Care Software


An all-in-one solution to manage daycare centres
(22 Ratings)

What is HiMama and how does it work?

HiMama is a comprehensive childcare app for daycare centres to facilitate open communication with families and proceed with contactless business operations in a seamless manner. It facilitates hassle-free communication between parents and caregivers via text, email or in-app messaging service. Also, daycare centres can share photos and videos in real-time to keep parents well updated about the hourly whereabouts of their children. In addition, parents can also check in with their children from their mobile devices and even track the time for how long their child has been at the daycare. HiMama comes with an easy-to-use interface where users get to share reports and pictures with parents in real-time. Moreover, it also allows directors and supervisors to monitor classroom activities without much of a hassle. Digital daily sheets available within the same can be used to keep track of meals, child activities and naps in an efficient manner. At HiMama, every child receives her own development report that includes teachers’ notes across different learning domains. Finally, the app also helps daycare centres to set flexible tuition plans, prepare and send custom invoices, create reports and track student wise billing activities as per convenience. show more

Foundations - Child Care Software


Childcare software has never been so easy
(168 Ratings)

Foundations pricing: Foundations Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Foundations and how does it work?

Foundations is an online childcare app that is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Use it when on the go or in the setting. Share beautiful moments with parents, become GDPR compliant, and leave your hefty paperwork behind. Childcare providers typically save 15 days per year on admin tasks alone using Foundations. Make communication a breeze and increase parental engagement with the award-winning ParentZone app. show more

brightwheel - Child Care Software


Child Care Management Software
(2,871 Ratings)

brightwheel pricing: brightwheel Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is brightwheel and how does it work?

Brightwheel is an innovative Child Care Management Software solution that lets users manage attendance, enrollment, learning plans, billing, and parent communication. It is easy to use software that allows users to save up to one hour of their time per day per staff member. The tool is built to work on any device, reduces users’ paperwork, and saves time and money. Users can effectively manage their classroom by letting them streamline their daily schedule using the software. Managing attendance, capturing learning milestones of each child, everything is straightforward and easy with Brightwheel. Brightwheel also helps users with licensing requirements, saves time and effort by automating bill pay and invoicing. The tool also allows users and admins to keep parents updated with information and their child’s growth. It lets them send photos, videos, and messages to parents. Brightwheel keeps staff and students safe by allowing contactless check-in. It stores everything related to children and their family emergency details for users in one secure place. show more

Kangarootime - Child Care Software


For next-generation childcare management
(27 Ratings)

Kangarootime pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Kangarootime and how does it work?

Kangarootime is a childcare management software that is designed to improve business. The software is mostly preferred to facilitate connectivity and communication between different centres. Kangarootime is used by owners, directors, teachers, parents, after-school programs and enterprise centres. With in-depth reporting, invoicing, automatic billing and an all-in-one parent app, Kangarootime has everything that a childcare centre needs to succeed. It allows users to view data and information for multiple centres, resulting in greater connectivity and reporting. With Kangarootime, now users can make informed decisions and optimise business. Kangarootime makes staff’s jobs easier while increasing parent communication and saving administrators’ hours each week. The software’s beautiful interface comes loaded with accurate features that make the best childcare solutions for many centres. Kangarootime also creates efficiency across classrooms and centres. From child attendance, child scheduling and child enrollment, to menuing, child health checks and event calendars, this software handles it all. In addition, Kangarootime’s subsidy billing tool allows administrators to manage the subsidy payment process with ease. show more

Parenta Abacus - Child Care Software

Parenta Abacus

Nursery management software can help you gain more
(9 Ratings)

Parenta Abacus pricing: Parenta Abacus Offers Custom plan.

What is Parenta Abacus and how does it work?

Abacus is an award-winning nursery management software that allows concentrating on providing a warm and loving environment for children, by taking the pain out of carrying out routine administration tasks which take up too much time. To gain more hours during the week to enrich children’s learning opportunities and work in a setting where there’s no time to spare, then Abacus is the perfect nursery software solution. Like every child, the setting is unique and the difference Abacus makes to the way you work becomes clearer over time. Parent provides software management solutions that reduce admin time significantly and offer a free recruitment service to help settings invest in tomorrow’s generation of childcarers. show more

Famly - Child Care Software


Closer to parents and makes it easier to run
(93 Ratings)

Famly pricing: Starts at $80.0.

What is Famly and how does it work?

Famly is simple to use from day one, while being powerful enough to do what you need, whenever you need it. It gets you back to the ones who matter the most - the children. Invoice parents with just one click, and share moments from the children’s day. Send observations and create learning journeys. Generate straightforward reports to review cohort tracking, revenue and occupancy. Plan your days better with staff ratios and child information at your fingertips. show more

KidKare - Child Care Software


Build software to help get more healthy meals to kids
(521 Ratings)

KidKare pricing: KidKare Offers Custom plan.

What is KidKare and how does it work?

KidKare is the industry leader in easy-to-use daycare management software solutions for the child and adult care food program (CACFP). Our tools help streamline the task of processing monthly CACFP claims from sponsors and enable childcare providers and parents to stay connected throughout the child’s stay. show more

Procare - Child Care Software


Ideal child management software
(38 Ratings)

Procare pricing: Starts at $69.0.

What is Procare and how does it work?

Procare is proven to be the most trusted and web-based childcare management software solution. Over 35000 child care experts trust this software as it excellently improves child and parent communications, maintains every segment of their daycare, and automates the entire payment process with tuition express. It provides customized modules for handling all the critical functions of early education facilities. Users are able to track down the tool of choice for children-centered businesses like yours. It streamlines the cash flow, saves time, and minimizes their paperwork with ultimate safe and secure payment accommodation. With the Procare cloud management, users can quickly access their data on the go, anytime and anywhere. It simplifies their reports and center security with incorporated hardware solutions. Moreover, this tool completely controls the users building security by using keyless entry systems, easily automating user's reports with Procare's touch tool, or proof positive fingerprint pads for all-in-one payment and report solutions. Overall, it is an ideal tool for monitoring and managing staff and child reports for proper development all while meeting the necessary state requirements. show more

Educa - Child Care Software


Make Learning Visible
(20 Ratings)

Educa pricing: Educa Offers Custom plan.

What is Educa and how does it work?

Educa is an early childhood education software platform for documenting and sharing learning stories and educational programming. Using Educa, teachers can record milestones and share special moments with families using photos, videos, and written updates. Families can access their child’s profile any time, making comments, leaving feedback, and supporting learning at home. Educa facilitates open to feedback, communication, and collaboration to enhance each child's learning journey. show more

Smartcare - Child Care Software


Your go-to childcare management software
(272 Ratings)

Smartcare pricing: Starts at $59.0.

What is Smartcare and how does it work?

Smartcare is a child care management software that makes running preschools, day cares, and other childcare programs easier. It aids in the development of stronger ties with both parents and children, assuring long-term partnership and a profitable business model. Smartcare offers advanced technologies and training that help employees and parents communicate more effectively. The Smartcare program is mobile-friendly, that offers real-time data, simple connection with parents, reliable kiosk check-in and check-out, attendance monitoring, and detailed reporting, all at one place. The platform facilitates secure data management and secure record keeping. You can monitor class ratios, store medical information, and automate tuition invoicing. Parents can pay their bills online, track potential families, make agency payments, and access a multi-site dashboard. With overview information and reports, you can improve your multi-center operations. With one simple management system, you can get rid of the burden of invoicing and late payments. You can open up new lines of contact with the parent portal, resulting in a stronger connection every day. Additionally, with Smartcare’s robust API connectivity, you get a larger toolkit at your disposal. show more

Child Paths - Child Care Software

Child Paths

Stand out from your competitors by moving your service online
(15 Ratings)

Child Paths pricing: Child Paths Offers Custom plan.

What is Child Paths and how does it work?

Our easy-to-use app was designed to take parents on a journey through their child’s early years and school education. It allows teachers to communicate in real-time quickly, effectively, and efficiently with parents about their child’s achievements, milestones, interests, learning, development, and more. We provide software with features that will allow you to reduce costs, improve productivity, be inspection ready and eliminate repetitive, time-consuming paperwork and document filling. Our app will support, assist and educate parents in understanding more about what they can do at different stages of their child’s life to help with their learning and development by becoming more actively involved. show more

KidCheck - Child Care Software


Easy, Fast, Secure Children’s Check‑In
(4 Ratings)

KidCheck pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is KidCheck and how does it work?

KidCheck, Inc. provides web-based, secure children's check-in solutions for churches, fitness facilities, activity centers and child care organizations. Our solutions help streamline the check-in process and improve child security. KidCheck offers complete children's check-in solutions from easy-to-use software to check-in stations, check-in computers and associated supplies and accessories; all backed by expert, personal service and support. show more

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List of Child Care Software

Jackrabbit Care 5
Sawyer Tools 5
ChildDiary 5
Sandbox 4.9
iCare 4.8
EZCare 4.7
Daily Connect 4.7
Illumine 4.7
HiMama 4.7
Foundations 4.7

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