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Training Management Systems

Training Management Systems are precisely software used by organizations in order to keep a track of the status of their employees going under training programs. The software lets the company monitor the training stages of the employees extensively. It also allows the company to refer to the training reports generated by the software and thus move forward to examine the performance and the capability of the candidate. The software also makes it easier for the organization to organize training curriculums, generate schedules and give out gradings. Overall, the software is known to streamline and automate the process of training in order to give out efficient results with minimum human effort.

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Award-winning training software for businesses looking to deliver top-quality employee, partner, and customer training.
(632 Ratings)

TalentLMS pricing: Starts at $69.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is TalentLMS and how does it work?

TalentLMS makes online training easy. An award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) to build premium courses in minutes, add multiple file types and multimedia easily, and go live fast.

Assima - Training Management Systems


Deliver The Most Powerful Systems Training At Scale
(2 Ratings)

Assima pricing: Assima Offers Custom plan.

What is Assima and how does it work?

Assima is a Training Management Systems. Assima only captures user interface objects, not your production system’s source code or database. For new software roll-outs, deliver training even before your application goes live. Create training by capturing what’s ready and mockup any changes post-capture. Speed up international system roll-outs by translating not just the instructions in your lessons, but your entire user interface in any language. Track actions and content usage in real-time down to every click and input field. No coding is required. Pinpoint where training and day-to-day operations can be improved. show more

AVANTI E-training System - Training Management Systems

AVANTI E-training System

Easily meet recurrent training requirements
(0 Ratings)

AVANTI E-training System pricing: Starts at $3.32.

What is AVANTI E-training System and how does it work?

The web-based training system designed exclusively for the workplace, AVANTI has the easy-to-use features and functions you need to quickly convert your training materials to effective online courses. Just use the same, easy online editor to make questions that can include any kind of web content you like, then type or copy in the possible answers and click to tell the system which is the correct one. Use your Question Bank to quickly find questions on certain topics to populate into your quizzes and exams with a couple of clicks. show more

Teach n Go - Training Management Systems

Teach n Go

School Management Software Simplified
(26 Ratings)

Teach n Go pricing: Starts at $35.10.

What is Teach n Go and how does it work?

Teach n Go is the simplest and most effective Learning Management System in the market. They are redefining how technology can best serve educators worldwide. The friendly dashboard is the heart of your school management system allowing you to see what is going on in your school in real-time. Because the software and your data are stored on the cloud, you can access it from any computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. At the beach - no problem, quickly pull up your phone and check attendance, payments and so much more. show more

myQuest - Training Management Systems


Meaningful learning that goes way beyond content
(31 Ratings)

myQuest pricing: myQuest Offers Custom plan.

What is myQuest and how does it work?

myQuest is the first-ever action-based learning platform that delivers real, engaged learning. AI algorithm identifies the right person in the organization that is available and can help with the challenge and then connects the two employees through your communication platform. Managers receive reports and intelligence around skill gaps employees have and who the key employees who help close these gaps are. Once a challenge is resolved, the person who helped to solve it receives positive recognition and is able to showcase their expertise and contribution to the organization. show more

Digiforma - Training Management Systems


Compact Solution Software
(0 Ratings)

What is Digiforma and how does it work?

Digiforma is a software that approach's all the excellent training tools which is in the internet. Digiforma Supports that support clients in the issues like administrative management, customer relationship management, accounting, e-learning, marketing, quality, and compliance approach. And it manages all sizes of business categories. show more

Skills Caravan LXP - Training Management Systems

Skills Caravan LXP

Learning Experience Platform
(0 Ratings)

Skills Caravan LXP pricing: Skills Caravan LXP Offers Custom plan.

What is Skills Caravan LXP and how does it work?

Skills Caravan is challenging the traditional approach to corporate workplace training in India. They believe in an innovative ‘Pull-Based Learning Approach’, which facilitates 100% adoption and engagement for corporate partners. To achieve this, utilise Artificial Intelligence to design personalised micro-learning paths and journeys. Additionally, provide dynamic skill assessments and gamification to make learning enjoyable and align with corporate objectives. By partnering with us, corporates are able to access a streamlined, highly efficient and cost-effective platform for workplace training. Furthermore, our Pull-Based Learning Approach makes learning accessible and stimulating, resulting in an increased engagement rate and better-trained personnel. show more

ADE Enterprise - Training Management Systems

ADE Enterprise

Training businesses and corporate universities
(0 Ratings)

ADE Enterprise pricing: ADE Enterprise Offers Custom plan.

What is ADE Enterprise and how does it work?

ADE Enterprise is an online-based Training Management system. adesoft is a constraint-based training logistics solution publisher acting at the heart of the HRIS of large companies to plan, simulate and schedule training, in addition to centralizing certification and expertise. You adapt and optimize your resources (instructors, classrooms, equipment) to training course requirements. show more

Devonway Workforce Solutions - Training Management Systems

Devonway Workforce Solutions

Give your employees the digital tools they need to work effectively
(0 Ratings)

Devonway Workforce Solutions pricing: Devonway Workforce Solutions Offers Custom plan.

What is Devonway Workforce Solutions and how does it work?

DevonWay’s Workforce Solutions automate what were once manual tasks, eliminating quality and safety issues, work bottlenecks, unnecessary costs, and missed opportunities. The solution ensures that IT’s hands are no longer tied in an endless cycle of server maintenance and ERP upgrades, allowing them instead to focus on supporting an evergreen platform that gets everyone on the same page, increasing productivity. Easy configuration of mobile apps and data entry forms ensures that critical operational data doesn’t go uncollected. show more

ISOtrain - Training Management Systems


The LMS that first your goals
(23 Ratings)

ISOtrain pricing: ISOtrain Offers Custom plan.

What is ISOtrain and how does it work?

ISOtrain has occupied a worldwide leadership position in the regulated Life Science Industry. It is a dynamic product designed to measure up with an ever-changing environment. Administrators proactively manage course content's full lifecycle, assign them to employees, monitor their Training Program, and know at any time: past, present, future their Qualification Status. Use ISOtrain no matter where you are. Through a personalized Dashboard and Android/iOS Mobile features, you can remotely control automated Reporting, automated Training, Qualification Notifications and integrated Knowledge Assessment. show more

Hickory - Training Management Systems


Make every employee an expert
(5 Ratings)

Hickory pricing: Hickory Offers Custom plan.

What is Hickory and how does it work?

Hickory is the only training tool focused on retention, turning your sales and customer service staff into brand experts. Hickory’s proprietary algorithm predicts when your employees are likely to forget their training, and follows up with exactly the right review, at exactly the right time. Hickory predicts what your employees are likely to forget, and follows up with targeted re-training to ensure it doesn’t happen. Increase retention to 90% or higher with just a few minutes per week. Plus, see detailed data on how your training affects key business metrics. show more

GoToTraining - Training Management Systems


Deliver remote and blended learning with GoToTraining
(118 Ratings)

GoToTraining pricing: Starts at $109.00.

What is GoToTraining and how does it work?

GoToTraining is an online training software that is associated with delivering remote and blended learning with just one solution. This all-in-one training platform helps users to access it anytime and anywhere while enhancing customer relationships. Whether a user is an amateur or a professional, GoToTraining serves as the right tool for virtual and blended learning. In fact, it helps users to keep attendees involved with the in-session collaborations, breakout sessions, surveys and more. This online learning platform assists one in three ways, that is, the ‘beginning session’, ‘during the session’ and ‘after the session’. At the beginning of the class, it lets users understand their audience by custom registration, RevStream Payment Processing and content sharing techniques. Next, during the class, GoToTraining tries to improve customer engagement by various tests and poll sessions. It also helps to engage in in-session activities, and pay attention to Whiteboard sharing and exchange information in real-time. After the class, however, the software helps users to figure out what students have learned, and prepare a detailed report based on the same, send emails and reward their attendees. Thereafter, users can record and upload training sessions to the cloud for further use. GoToTraining has become an ideal method of conducting distance learning for students. show more

Skillup - Training Management Systems


Reconcile your employees with HR processes
(4 Ratings)

Skillup pricing: Skillup Offers Custom plan.

What is Skillup and how does it work?

Skillup offers integrations with any payroll tool and Core HR. If a user is added to the database, it is automatically added to Skillup. Hot assessment and cold assessment, a guarantee of the quality of your training actions. Engage employees in their development project, Give HR departments an impactful role by reducing admin management. Visibility on the campaign completion rate and automatic reminders. Space for monitoring ongoing interviews and history of interviews carried out. Collaborative interview allowing manager-employee iterations. show more

Whale - Training Management Systems


The knowledge and training platform for fast-growing teams
(19 Ratings)

Whale pricing: Starts at $119.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Whale and how does it work?

Whale is the easiest way to onboard and train your team on your every playbook, process, SOP, and policy. Centralize and manage all of your tribal knowledge, processes, procedures, and step-by-step instructions in easy-to-digest playbooks. Whale’s editor helps you create training manuals that your employees actually love. Use video, images, Gifs, screen recordings, and more to bring your content alive. Easily train and retrain your employees on your latest process improvements. Create assignments, set due dates, and track the progress of your learners to ensure they never miss important training. show more

Moodle Workplace - Training Management Systems

Moodle Workplace

Transform workplace learning
(1 Ratings)

Moodle Workplace pricing: Moodle Workplace Offers Custom plan.

What is Moodle Workplace and how does it work?

Cultivate a culture of learning to upskill and transform your workforce with Moodle Workplace the customizable platform streamlining onboarding, workplace learning, automation of common processes and compliance management. Moodle Workplace desktop, tablet and mobile app easily enable learners to locate their learning programs, create viewing preferences, review due dates, track their progress and complete requirements for certifications, courses or set of courses within a program. In working toward achieving competencies, learners can view their progress and access their profile to view grades, badges, diplomas or certifications. show more

Beetsol - Training Management Systems


Create, Brand, and Promote your online events
(1 Ratings)

Beetsol pricing: Beetsol Offers Custom plan.

What is Beetsol and how does it work?

Beetsol is an online-based Training Management system. Post-event follow-up is an important drill. Using the tools, you can provide the event recordings to the registrants by a single click. Have a listing page for all your paid and free events, creating a catalog of future events and past event recordings. Define every aspect of your online events, from hosting URL to registration pages, from email templates to listing pages. Using API, your registrant and attendee data can be pushed to Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Hubspot, Marketo, and others. show more

ATMS - Training Management Systems


All-in-one Training System for Audit-ready Compliance
(0 Ratings)

ATMS pricing: ATMS Offers Custom plan.

What is ATMS and how does it work?

ATMS is a globally recognized leader among training management systems and is among today’s best training systems for military and civil aviation training, as well as other highly regulated training programs. ATMS is the ideal training software for managing compliance and safety training. Supports the development of training programs for all personnel that requires qualification-based, periodic training. Provides advance warning of training expiration dates to allow managers and administrators to take preventative action. show more

Metrics That Matter - Training Management Systems

Metrics That Matter

The Learning & Development Effectiveness Solution
(8 Ratings)

Metrics That Matter pricing: Metrics That Matter Offers Custom plan.

What is Metrics That Matter and how does it work?

With Metrics That Matter, you can continually measure, evaluate, and increase the effectiveness of your organization’s learning portfolio at driving employee performance. Metrics That Matter has the world’s largest validated source of learning impact benchmarks based on the latest research in learning analytics. Minimizes efforts to identify areas of wasted investment and scrap learning and distributes insights to decision-makers with embedded recommendations from measurement experts. Metrics That Matter integrates with your organization’s existing enterprise software systems (LMS, HRIS, Talent Management Suites, etc.). show more

ZipTrain - Training Management Systems


Online training and proficiency system
(0 Ratings)

ZipTrain pricing: ZipTrain Offers Custom plan.

What is ZipTrain and how does it work?

ZipTrain is an online training and proficiency system that's easy to use. Customers receive their own completely customizable website. The system manages trainee login, tracking of progress, proficiency test delivery, and more. Proficiency tests are straightforward to enter and edit. There can be as many different tests as you'd like, and you can create multiple attempts of each test in case a trainee does not pass on their first attempt. As an admin, you can dive deeper into each user's account and see the tests they've submitted, how much time they spent on a training section, and their login history. You can also change any of their account information or reset their password (though there's a self-serve option as well). show more

TrainVirtually - Training Management Systems


E-Learning Training Solutions
(0 Ratings)

TrainVirtually pricing: TrainVirtually Offers Custom plan.

What is TrainVirtually and how does it work?

TrainVirtually is an advanced online e-learning platform and a sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS). Companies or individual trainers can use TrainVirtually to offer training in a wide range of topics to employees or students. The virtual training platform can be used to prepare high potential employees for higher roles by providing managerial and leadership training. Employers can teach their managers how to stop managing and start leading a critical component for success. Investing in leadership training will help build a strong management foundation which will lead to better company performance and results. show more

Adaptive - Training Management Systems


Engagement and Accountability in People Development
(6 Ratings)

Adaptive pricing: Starts at $4800.00.

What is Adaptive and how does it work?

Adaptive is an ecosystem of development tools to enable continuous improvement and growth in individuals and companies. The Adaptive process helps you develop a learning culture where managers are directly involved in engaging your team members so that learning gets scaled across your entire organization. Adaptive shows you quantifiable, measurable, and trackable results related to your learning and development objectives. show more

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List of Training Management Systems

Assima 5
AVANTI E-training System NA
Teach n Go 4.9
myQuest 2.8
Digiforma NA
Skills Caravan LXP NA
ADE Enterprise NA
Devonway Workforce Solutions NA
ISOtrain 4.4
Hickory 4.3

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